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  • Recast Light

    by Rose Corcoran
    Diplomacy, Double-Cross, and the Domino’s last stand—out of the shadow and into the fire! Though Chiaroscuro is safe from the crumbling shadow that once surrounded it, it is now threatened by a massive, Gremlin-made bomb with no one to stop it but Delilah, Emmaline, and… Balder Spleenbeck? Sebastian is in no position to help his city. As his contract with Alcea goes into effect, she controls his actions and forces him to go after friend and foe alike. In order to rescue Chiaroscuro’s ex-k... more

    by José Potter
    Pilip is tired of working a meaningless job. He works at a gold mining business owned by the revolting Mr. Sweeney. So when Pilip overhears the rumors of a thief, he decides that there is nothing better to do than to start investigating. He heads off to the peach farm owned by the cantankerous Ms. Sweeney where he meets Bernita, who tells him the story of a little girl, her talking mouse, and a magic peach that grant anyone the fantastic ability to speak Spanish!
  • Kargaroth: A Tale of the Great Onion Knighthood

    by Mark Frost
    Centuries have passed since Elzaniru stripped the gods of their powers and sealed them away, ending forever the war of Light and Dark. In the absence of their divine wills, mankind has thrived. Great military nations have arisen and technology has advanced, the new gods of the land. But when one man unearths Kargaroth, the Unholy Blade, the spectre of the old gods will rise once more as Elzaniru's children battle for the future of Morolia. When rumors fly of a demon terrorizing the forest surro... more
  • Radioactive Evolution

    by Richard Hummel
    How far would you go to change humanity's fate? Jared Cartwright has spent the last two years delving into the twisted, scarred wastelands of an earth ravaged by nuclear war. The rich and powerful have taken to the oceans and skies on floating utopias, escaping destruction and leaving the rest of humanity to fend off the mutated creatures that roam the earth. To face his new reality, Jared must become an apex predator if he hopes to survive. He must evolve beyond human limitations to confront ... more
  • Code: Revelation (The Emporion Chronicles, #1)

    by Boris Sanders
    Introverted computer scientist Maximilian Gutenberg had no intention of acquiring a crystal with a being trapped inside, especially not one with the power to save— or destroy—humanity. Her name is Lucy, and she cannot escape her prison until her mission is complete. A mission she keeps secret from everyone, even Max. But she needs his help. To gain his trust, she offers to get rid of his abusive boss in one week, and get him that promotion he always wanted. She’ll make him the hero of ... more
  • War-Sworn: A Military Fantasy Novel (The Warring Realm Series Book 3)

    by Aaron D, Schneider
    Broken people with sharp edges can carve their own destiny. Luce isn't just hurt, he's broken and he's not alone. The Twilit Kingdom is in flames as the Gythraul Legions play out their death throes across the vulnerable countryside, while Queen Meabh turns her attentions to dissidents at Mount Falchrreg. An ancient and long-absent power returns––shaken and confused––while an elder evil seeks to realize an apocalyptic vision. Luce still hasn't picked up all the pieces, but Armageddon waits... more
  • War-Torn: A Military Fantasy Novel (The Warring Realm Series Book 2)

    by Aaron D. Schneider
    It’s amazing what you can do when you have no heart. Things haven't exactly been going Lieutenant Lucius "Luce" Bollham's way. Sure he beat back the Gythraul Legions, the forces he's trained are chasing them across the Twilit Kingdom. But Luce can't even celebrate the victory since the Queen decided to bury a soul-sucking artifact in his chest. With the Gormstone enslaving his will and eating his emotions, Luce discovers there really is no rest for wicked. Growing more ruthless and poison... more
  • War-Born: The Warring Realm (The Warring Realm Series Book 1)

    by Aaron D. Schneider
    For Lieutenant Lucius “Luce” Bollham, things have been going from bad to worse since the caves of Afghanistan. First, ostracized by his brothers in arms, now the possibility of being tried as a war criminal. You’d think getting away from it all would be a relief, but where you escape to matters. Luce's “escape” takes him to the magical Twilit Kingdom of Other-Realm where he finds himself thrust into the midst of a war nearly two thousand years old. And he thought Afghanistan was tough... ... more
  • The Mark and the Match (Struck Series Book 2)

    by Rachel Langley
    Struck introduced readers to Laney and Leela, twins who, except for a birthmark, are identical. When the people from their small town disappeared, they traveled to a different dimension—Antonia—to save their friends and family from slavery. Antonia strives to be a perfect society, but beneath the surface, there’s an underground resistance, rumors of a sickness spreading among the people, and a king who is trying to maintain the chaos by breaking an ancient curse. To complete the mission, Leela t... more
  • The Autopsy of Planet Earth

    by R. J. Eastwood
    A single extraterrestrial arrives on Planet Earth claiming his race created mankind only to have abandoned them early in their evolution. The alien has returned to reverse man’s downward spiral by transitioning humans to a new dynamic of peace, harmony, and balance... but at what cost? Gabriel Ferro, Chief of Staff to the United States President, and Dr. Catherine Blake, are unwittingly drawn into a world beyond their wildest imaginations, a world beyond Earth, beyond the Milky Way—the first hum... more
  • Healer

    by Sharilyn Skye
    Surviving the transition from human to supernatural life is looking like a walk in the park compared to what happens when your Faerie Grandmother finally catches up to you. Wild magic and displays of raw power have brought the Tuatha de Dannan to Lara Hennessey's door. They want to explore the extent of her power and aren't taking no for an answer. So she runs to the only place she has ever felt safe; Pawley's Island, South Carolina. The thing is, safe is relative. With an angry... more
  • Echo and the Sea

    by Matthew Phillion
    Echo always knew the ocean was in her blood. It isn’t until the day tragedy struck, though, that her ordinary life in a New England seaside town is torn apart and she finds out just how much her fate is tied to the sea. Monsters, real monsters, crawl out of the ocean looking for her, and suddenly she’s swept up in a swashbuckling tale of magic, myth, war, and fear. Joined by her best friend Yuri, the smuggler and magician Barnabas Coy, and Artem, the last son of the Amazons and greatest ... more
  • Like a Comet (the Indestructibles Book 4)

    by Matthew Phillion
    The Indestructibles: Jane, the solar-powered girl; Kate, the ballerina vigilante; Billy, who shares his brain with a cosmic-powered symbiotic alien; Titus, a werewolf with confidence issues; and Entropy Emily, a Whovian with a black hole where her heart should be — together with their mentor, the magician Doc Silence — have saved the world from a sentient hurricane and a living plague. They've even traveled through time to rescue an alternate timeline. But now they face their greatest challe... more
  • The Entropy of Everything (the Indestructibles Book 3)

    by Matthew Phillion
    Time travel is a long-standing tradition among superheroes, and so when Anachronism Annie, a friend and ally of Doc Silence, asks the Indestructibles to journey with her to save an alternate future where everything has gone terribly wrong, the team agrees. In this other timeline, a few small decisions have led to a much darker and more tragic world, and the adult versions of themselves the Indestructibles meet—Solar, the Dancer, Straylight, Whispering, and Entropy Emily—are nothing like they... more
  • the Indestructibles: Breakout

    by Matthew Phillion
    The Indestructibles -- Solar, the Dancer, Straylight, Fury, and Entropy Emily -- saved the day more than a few times last year, and the world took notice. When Doc, their mentor, went missing, the five teenaged heroes did their best to make the world a better place, stumbling from adventure to adventure without an overall strategy. The general public seems to be cheering them on, but a shadowy government agency lurking in the background, wants to round them up and force them to play by their ... more
  • the Indestructibles

    by Matthew Phillion
    A solar powered girl. A ballerina vigilante. A boy with an alien sharing his brain. A girl with a black hole for her heart. And, a werewolf with confidence issues. This is the next generation of heroes Doc Silence has gathered together, a random collection of amazing kids he hopes to train to make the world a better place. But Silence isn't the only one collecting super-powered teenagers. In the shadows, a dark organization — long thought destroyed — has been building a better monster, combining... more