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  • The Silver Prison

    by Peter Shokeir

    In a war-torn future, a mysterious man wearing an indestructible helmet that cannot be removed must protect a ragtag group on the run from rogue supersoldiers.

  • Artefactum

    by J.E. Tobal

    "Sam was only seven-years old when he destroyed his first universe. He didn't do it on purpose, though. In fact, he had no idea what he was doing."

    So begins the story of Sam, a sarcastic bartender who one day accidentally stumbles upon the means to travel to alternate realities by way of an Aboriginal fertility sculpture. But after the sudden and untimely death of his girlfriend, Una, Sam's sanity becomes a wobbling tightrope act as he convinces himself that Una ... more

  • In the End, Nothing: A Short Story Collection

    by Michael Patrick Hicks
    “Undeniably talented, Michael Patrick Hicks shows evidence of a rather deliciously depraved mind." (SciFi & Scary) With In the End, Nothing, Michael Patrick Hicks has brought together a number of dark, strange and moving short stories, collected here for the first time. Join six guests for a remarkably disturbing twelve-course meal. Venture into the far reaches of space where, aboard an abandoned mining station, a team of scientists make a surprising discovery about the origin of life. Wat... more
  • The Cemetery 6: Festival of Fear

    by David B Bond
    Death wanders among the graveyard and each soul has a story to tell. The ‘Cemetery 6’ find themselves curiously drawn to these spirits unresolved stories in hopes that they can bring them the peace that they seek. Preparing for another night of telling spooky stories, a spirit named Kit appears before the ‘Cemetery 6’. Despite Kit’s confusion on the group’s ability to see him when no one else can, he is reluctant to share his problems with them. He doesn’t want their pity and he doesn’t truly be... more
  • The Perpetual Now

    by Jerome J Bourgault
    Ferguston, Ontario, is an angry little town full of dark secrets, a place where keeping your head down is never a bad idea. That’s fine with Justin Lambert, an introverted, biracial 12-year-old who generally prefers books to people anyway. Against all odds, Justin has found a new friend. Her name is Billie. She’s sweet, precocious, and a bit feisty. She also isn’t human. David Raymond, on the other hand, is all too human. A brutal, volatile thug and celebrated public nuisance, he was the o... more
  • Determined

    by Kandi Wyatt
    When your nightmares waken, where do you find rest? Eighteen-year-old Siobhan had lived a sheltered life until the Navwood attacked and a dragon bonded with her betrothed. Living with the remnant terrors of two abductions has left its mark, and that cut is getting deeper as she tries to adapt to life as a queen, a wife, and a mother. Her husband is more interested in spending time with his dragon than being with her—or fulfilling his duties as king. Siobhan’s jealousy over their bond feeds... more
  • Grave-Reaping Hermit

    by Everlyn C Thompson
    When self-professed hermit Theodora Edwards is attacked by a dark fae and infected with his magic, she finds herself thrust into the supernatural spotlight as the first possible changeling in centuries. As if surviving the transition isn’t hard enough, Theo has to deal with an attempted abduction by her newly turned vampire ex-husband, unwanted courting offers from salacious fae suitors, and her growing attraction to the guardian of the gate to Fairie. Caught in a cruel tug of war between the q... more
  • Three Grams of Elsewhere

    by Andy Giesler

    Fifty years ago, a new civil war fractured the United States into a mosaic of polarized nations. Ever since, Harmony “Bibi” Cain has isolated himself: from society, from technology, from family. A powerful empath weary from the constant intrusion of others’ emotions, he’s finally cloistered in his rural Wisconsin retirement community. He hopes to find, if not peace, then at least a little quiet.

    But when four impossible-seeming killings shake North America, Bibi ... more

  • The One A Deedra Lee Sage

    by Donna L Hammond
    Deedra Lee has had visions of faces and locations that she didn't recognize. For many years, always having a déjà vu moments, she hears others' thoughts. Her dreams are a kaleidoscope of landscapes only found in the northwest. Deedra enrolls at the University of Washington. Hoping to follow a vision of the carvings she has seen on the library door on the campus brochure. She is looking for explanations for her dreams and the voice in her head. At times, she feels as though she is losing her min... more
  • Bearly Gold: A Goldilocks and the Three Bears Reimagining (Fairy Tale Fatale)

    by N.D. Jones
    On Earth Pact, no species is as feared as the Impundulu shifters of the United Wake of Benekal. For Fayola, a veteran nearing the end of her compulsory military service, being a soldier had never been more than reluctant duty. As she prepares for her final special operation, her goal remains the same: Complete her mission so she can return home to her father. Tasked with rescuing a humanitarian doctor from a war zone, but not the orphaned children under her care, Fayola must decide how much s... more
  • Stewart

    by Andrew Zellgert

    Alone in space, Stewart dwells.

    Lost, rejected, overwhelmed.

    On a journey through outer space,

    To discover if life is worth his fate.


    A story about depression and loneliness.

  • Upon a Waking Dream

    by J. S. Bailey
    Open these pages and delve into new worlds where… -A Flat Earther gets abducted by aliens -A college dropout gets by with a little help from her imaginary friend -A woman obsessed with her favorite actor creates a new universe just to meet him -A magic pen bridges the gap between generations -Thirteen isn’t an unlucky number…or is it? Upon a Waking Dream contains twelve science fiction and fantasy tales from the mind of J. S. Bailey, ten of them never before published.
  • What Lies Beyond the Realms

    by Ashley R. O'Donovan

    Young, beautiful, and without an ounce of magic…

    Lyra Lewis, a courageous eighteen-year-old princess, has lived a life of oppression under the rule of her abusive Sorcerer stepbrother and neglectful mother. She meets a mysterious man at a palace banquet—a Faery unlike any she’s ever seen before—but before she can say anything she’s taken away by a dominating Lycan king with dark intentions.

    As her stepbrother stages a violent coup, the faery comes to... more

  • Perfect Sacrifices

    by Diane M. Johnson

    Book 3 of the Perfect Prophet series, now available. Faith healer Alec can never forgive his brother Lucas for the scars he was left with after the Temple of Adonis Christian commune massacre. And Lucas doesn't want to be forgiven. The fallout from their longstanding feud puts the lives of others at risk, as the Satanic cult that Lucas once led seeks to regain its former glory. Those lives include a father who seeks retribution for his paraplegic daughter, and Alec's wife and son who ... more

  • Dark Magic

    by Raluca Narita
    Primrose Titan is the Goddess of Death, an ancient deity who reaps the souls of the dead and rules the Underworld. When the Devil escapes his prison in Hell, Primrose must team up with one of the fabled Grimm Brothers to hunt Lucifer down and prevent his murderous rampage. In a world of magic and deception, they must face the supernatural creatures sent from the Devil himself, along with political enemies acquired over the millennia.
  • The Exile of Zanzibar

    by Daniel Maidman

    Claire built a device to fold space and time. It had a flaw...

    When the smoke clears, she finds herself halfway across the world, thousands of years in the past, and no device in sight.

    In bronze-age Florence, war has lasted for generations. All Claire wants to do is get home, but she’ll need help from the locals. She wins an ally in Marcus Diophantus, a pickpocket turned soldier turned general, who hopes to turn into someth... more