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  • All Hope of Becoming Human

    by Lonnie Busch

    The world is about to change in unimaginable ways…

    Earthquakes rock the planet, revealing massive metallic objects and vast subterranean graveyards. One such location is in the Arizona desert. Scientists believe this incredible discovery may hold answers to the origins of man, but when the site is suddenly shut down due to seismic activity, one researcher knows she must return. Assistant archaeologist Rebecca Duccati sneaks into the compound alone, and w... more

  • The Firefly Lantern

    by Richard Holeman
    Once upon a time, in the 1970s, a lonely, imaginative boy met a mysterious, magical girl...and such began the most wondrous of summer quests. Benny Woodson is a boy of broad imagination, content to spend his days alone in the Indian Woods, exploring the forest on make-believe adventures, filling in a handmade map of his fantasy playland, which he calls The Mystic Grove. Benny's reality becomes intertwined with Native folklore and the realms of magic when he meets Katy Shepard, his unexpected ... more
  • The Forsaken Planet

    by Bryan Wilson
    When mysterious aircraft wreak havoc across Earth’s skies, it is revealed that there are clusters of other planets where humankind resides, distant worlds where the people wield the power of the stars themselves. It is an energy force that can bring about miracles or, as the alien fleet’s ruthless leader displays, unleash horrors beyond imagination. After experiencing a loss during the onslaught, Colton Samson, an ordinary college student, vows to protect his loved ones at any cost. But to l... more
  • Gonnes Of Navarre (The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten Book 4)

    by D. E. Wyatt
    The face of war is about to change forever. The Kingdom of Navarre is developing a new weapon that threatens to upend the balance of power with its neighbors, and has sparked a mad scramble within the Boehman Empire to discover the nature of this new threat. Drawn by the promise of a windfall she cannot possibly decline, Elsabeth Soesten makes her way to the City of Carcassonne on an assignment for His Imperial Majesty. Her mission: To find a way into one of the most heavily-guarded sites... more
  • Broken Time

    by Sherri Moorer
    Is anybody listening? Dr. Alessi Byrne has spent her life studying spatial anomalies to prove string theory. It seems that her work will be nothing more than theoretical research until an anomaly opens over Antarctica and transmits a three-word message: Is anybody listening? The message isn’t the only thing to emerge from the anomaly. Something on the other side is having compounding consequences on the planet, and Alessi’s team is unable to crack the code to discover who or what is sendin... more
  • The Courage of the Commonwealth (Perseverance Andrews Book 2)

    by John Spearman
    The Courage of the Commonwealth is the second book in the Perseverance Andrews series. The action takes place in the same universe as Spearman’s award-winning Halberd series, but roughly 400 years earlier. The Courage of the Commonwealth continues the story of one of the early heroes in Commonwealth history—a woman named Perseverance Andrews, an officer in the Royal Navy of the Inter-Planetary Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is embroiled in a war against its two biggest rivals. More than just m... more
  • FitzDuncan's Hope (The FitzDuncan Series Book 6)

    by John Spearman
    FitzDuncan's Hope sees Caz sent to investigate trouble from a mage using the Dark Arts in a distant province. Upon his return to the March, he plans an ambush to greet the annual visit of the horse nomads who attack every year and gains an ally of an unlikely sort. He then travels to the southern continent for trade negotiations along with the entertaining Lord Compote. When he, at last, feels he is able to turn his full attention to projects that will benefit the March and, indeed, the entire... more
  • FitzDuncan's Gambit (The FitzDuncan Series Book 5)

    by John Spearman
    FitzDuncan’s Gambit finds Caz facing a new and deadly challenge, from the horse nomads who attack the March every year. Short of men, Caz has no room for error. At the same time, his return to Easton Manor for the first time in nearly twenty years, is well short of a happy homecoming. As usual with Caz, when one threat is neutralized, another arises.
  • Molly Molloy and the Angel of Death

    by Maria Vale
    Death needs a do-over. Azrael--Grim Reaper, Destroyer, Angel of Death--has messed up. Instead of taking Molly Molloy's soul, he accidentally saves her from choking on a chicken wing. Now she can see him. Touch him. Talk to him. Question him. Make him doubt. The Powers that Be are waiting for Death to fix his mistake but before he can, he makes one more... He falls in love.
  • Hawt Flash: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Midlife in Aura Cove Book 1)

    by Blair Bryan
    Turning 50 is supposed to be a milestone, but for Katie Beaumont, it's the beginning of a supernatural adventure that will change her life forever. Filled with hilarious revenge and outrageous female empowerment, this small-town paranormal women's fiction book will prove there is a lot of life to live after 50.
  • Oblivion's Blade (Oblivion's Galaxy Book 2)

    by Dylan McFadyen
    Facing financial ruin, Captain Shaara is forced to accept a suspicious contract on the fringes of explored space. In the vast darkness beyond the galactic core, she makes a terrifying discovery; now, she must lead the mysterious AI warship Warden, and the eccentric mercenary company that calls him home, against a foe far greater and more terrible than any they’ve ever fought.
  • Kaleidoscopic Shades

    by David A Neuman
    Twelve years after a cataclysmic event ripped apart the state of South Australia, Bob Triplow is compelled to take his son on a journey back into the horrors of his childhood, to a place truly out of this world, where Bob will learn that the past always finds a way of catching up. He will struggle for his sanity within while his son, Joshua, a mere child of ten, will have to make decisions upon which six billion lives depend.
  • The Revenant's Bargain

    by Molly Adaza
    Since her abduction as a child, Kacela has learned to be a diplomat and a warrior. She trains with the best and practices politics with the worst. As the royal commander's ward, she returns to her native war camp to strike a deal with her mother's murderers. But revenge is secondary to the ploy for female equality she's bet her life on. When Kacela becomes the first female in the annual, coming-of-age sacrament in over a thousand years, she's pit against hundreds of trained warriors whose aim is... more
  • Transcendent

    by Jay Antani
    As the lone survivor of a shocking accident on board an interstellar ship, Troy Hortman is ready to hang it up once he realizes the odds against him. But a pair of unusual events prompts Troy to battle the odds, because life is worth fighting for and saving—and because a singular celestial mystery demands investigating.
  • A Devil in Every Dark Corner

    by Amanda Braun Boe
    Thirty-two-year-old Imogen Abernathy is fed up with being a witch. And she’s definitely had enough of her family’s ghost and monster-hunting business, Otherworldly Investigations. But when her younger sister, Carmen, has an otherworldly mishap, Imogen has no choice but to return home to face her past and her deep mistrust of witchcraft. Drawn back into the world of magic, Imogen and Carmen begin investigating a series of grisly murders that may be linked to the mysterious Thistle Witch, a powerf... more
  • Storm Cloud Rising

    by Jason Edward Lancour
    No prophecy. No Chosen One. No greatest hero of all time. The fate of the known universe does not hang in the balance. A group of mercenaries is hired for what was supposed to be an easy assignment. Get in. Get out. Get paid. But like most things in life, nothing is as easy as it seems. In a world rich with history, meticulously engineered laws of magic, unique cultures and peoples (as well as the occasional whiskey joint), the “private contractors” soon find their already varied motivati... more