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  • The Old Man and The Three Legged Goat

    by John Parham
    A billy goat saves an old man in the desert prospecting when he falls into a ravine knocking himself out. The goat leads him to water to revive. The billy goat then becomes caught in a wolf trap and the old man saves his life. They become inseparable companions and bring hope for life to others.
  • Galactic Kata : Bounty Hunter

    by A.G. Cole
    Galactic Kata: Bounty Hunter’s the first book of a multi-book series. Embark on an epic journey to a galaxy light-years away. The Splinter Galaxy once believed to be non-existent, now holds the fate of life in the universe. The phantom galaxy hidden within the Draco constellation is a system in conflict. See how the universe’s affected when Earthlings are abducted to fight in the war of other worlds. Only to find that wars never really end. Now, the peacekeepers create Bounty Hunters to aide in ... more
  • Choice

    by E. L. Schoeman
    Dragon Warriors, soldiers in the League of Dragons, train daily to hunt, battle, and kill supernatural creatures. Led by The Dragon and the necromancer he protects, the League strives to keep the balance between mankind and everything else. Choice is among them, and she is hunting. “Everything will be fine,” she told herself. “I will not let you die so easily.” This kind of monster is unlike anything she has ever seen before. It seems to be targeting people in the medical profession and... more
  • The Plot to Cool the Planet

    by Sam Bleicher
    Mounting Ecosystem Disruption A Notorious Murder A Rogue Diplomatic Scheme June 2020. An outspoken climate scientist is murdered. Investigators believe she was assassinated to end her forceful advocacy for untested geoengineering techniques that might slow global warming. Frequent extreme storms and rising sea levels are undermining the viability of coastal cities. Millions of subsistence farmers and fishermen are facing ruin as crops yields fall and fisheries disappear. No nation is vol... more
  • Kairos

    by Donald Morgan Edwards
    In the year 2091, the crew of Starship Destiny landed on Kairos, an unexplored planet around a distant star. They began exploring their new home with a driving desire to establish a home for themselves. They were challenged by many strange and vicious animals in this unchartered land. Fifteen years later, they anxiously awaited the arrival of the first colony ship. An attempt by a tyrannical organization on Earth to sabotage Colony One had failed. A year later, Colony Two brought word that the M... more
  • The Laws of Time

    by Andrew Pulliam
    Aaron Williams, a physics professor, creates a time machine, but vows to never use it to change history; only to observe and record history. A crime organization steals the machine and kidnaps Aaron after killing people close to him. They force him to use the machine to help them drastically change the world, placing the world under their control with slavery, despair, and misery reigning while the crime organization gets wealthier. They are holding Aaron prisoner until he trains a replacemen... more

    What if - the end of the world was the best thing that could happen to you? Trapped in a sex shop by post-apocalyptic, bloodthirsty, gay mutant creatures, a polysexual group of survivors are faced with rescuing a party of homophobic Christian fundamentalist, or trying to survive the night with a psychotic, gay serial killer among them.
  • Apex Five

    by Sarah Katz
    For millennia, the people of the Plane have worshipped five megaliths as relics of the mysterious Zaam. In recent years, the nation of Tabira has employed remarkably advanced technology to subjugate the entire Plane and eradicate all belief in the Zaam. Now, the three remaining nations must uncover the secret behind Tabira’s sudden forward leap in civilization. At the forefront, a doctor, three intelligence officers and a freedom fighter embark on their respective journeys to restore a balance... more
  • Abaddrel's Return

    by Calvin Montgomery Keeling

    Abaddrel is an Old Testament Serapahim Angel trying to adjust to a New Testament existence. Personal relationships are not his strong point. As a Daemon earth-bound Angel Abaddrel has been charged by the Heavenly Host with assisting a young woman locate and rescue her high school aged sister from an occult group. The young woman, Diana, believes Abaddrel a human skilled in finding missing teenagers. All hell is about to brake loss.

  • Nightscript Volume 4

    by CM Muller
    An annual anthology of strange and darksome tales, which this year profiles the work of 21 contemporary scribes: V.H. Leslie, J.T. Glover, Joanna Parypinski, Steve Rasnic Tem, L.S. Johnson, Daniel Braum, M. Lopes da Silva, Mathew Allan Garcia, April Steenburgh, Charles Wilkinson, Farah Rose Smith, Armel Dagorn, Cate Gardner, Jackson Kuhl, Christi Nogle, Ross Smeltzer, Jennifer Loring, Tim Jeffreys, Elana Gomel, Mike Weitz, and Kirsty Logan.
  • Hidden Folk: Strange Stories

    by CM Muller

    Hidden Folk collects twelve previously published "strange and darksome" tales by C.M. Muller, editor of the award-winning Nightscript anthology series. These stories first appeared in venues such as Shadows & Tall TreesSupernatural Tales, and Weirdbook.

  • Operation Ragnarok

    by Kevin Coolidge
    Operation Ragnarok is a fantastical adventure with comedic elements about a group of gamers going through a mid-life crisis, instead of the little red corvette, they decide tosteal a Viking longship from a museum. It's a story of friendship, sacrifice, and unleashing Hel on Earth..."
  • Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles

    by CM Muller

    Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles features 22 unique visions of the "double-goer" (i.e. doppelgänger), with stories by Tim Jeffreys, Clint Smith, Patricia Lillie, Chris Shearer, Shannon Lawrence, Charles Wilkinson, Craig Wallwork, David Peak, Jason A. Wyckoff, Esther Rose, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jack Lothian, Gordon B. White, Nina Shepardson, Timothy B. Dodd, Farah Rose Smith, Tom Johnstone, Jess Landry, C.C. Adams, Tim Major, J.C. Raye, and Erica Ru... more

  • Future World Rolls!: We Are Family

    by Terry Tumbler

    This Space Opera is set to Rock n’ Roll and classical music, many of the songs being entirely original and composed by the author.

    It starts in the mid-20th century with two talented FBI Special Agents being tasked with recruiting people to undertake a really unusual mission. In the process, they are themselves abducted to take a leading role in that mission, which is intended to save the human race from alien conquest.

    It involves time travel into the future, as they lead t... more

  • The Trials of Arden: Shadow of the Darkwood

    by Andrew Alexander Miller

    Heir to his father’s throne, Arden has always lived a sheltered and protected life until one day he and his best friend Taril sneak away to seek out the lost city of Talindor.

    Escaping the watchful eyes of their protectors, they use the city’s secret tunnels to reach the fields beyond the great walls of Tyare. While exploring in Verin Forest, they find signs of the ruins of the ancient city, but grave danger lurks in the Darkwood.

    In Tyare, children have been going mis... more

  • Dimensionally Speaking...

    by Sara Lynn Inman
    A collection of short Sci-fi tales for the adult reader.