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  • Shadows That Speak

    by Gitte Tamar
    Daniel Manley did not experience a single moment of human kindness when cast out as a child onto the merciless cobblestone streets of 19th century London. One unsympathetic evening, while he lay cold and alone in a dark alley, he pleaded for death over living his abhorrent life a single moment longer. Upon taking his last gasp of frigid air, a mysterious voice emanates from the alley's darkest corner, stopping his despair. Daniel scans the darkness for the voices' origination. His fear t... more
  • From the Ashes

    by Danielle M. Orsino
    Queen Aurora and King Jarvok are finding that there is a thin line between love, hate, and Oblivion. The war between the Court of Light and Dark has finally ended, and peace reigns. The Court of Light continued advising the human monarchs of Europe while the Court of Dark kept to themselves, intervening only to act as the humans Dark Gods and Goddesses. The two Courts were both upholding their respective duties as written by the Treaty of Bodhicitta, until Queen Mary the first of England reneg... more
  • Thine Eyes of Mercy (Birth of the Fae Book 2)

    by Danielle M Orsino
    Queen Aurora, of the Court of Light Fae, and King Jarvok, of the Court of Dark Fae, are exhausted and battle-worn after centuries of fighting. The attrition has taken its toll upon their kin and power bases. What happens when you have to give in to your enemy? All wars eventually end, even magical ones. The Dark and Light Fae have set their elemental magick and weapons down, but, all is not quiet in the Veil... King Jarvok was confident his army could win the war, but at what cost? It was tim... more
  • Locked Out of Heaven

    by Danielle M,. Orsino
    Ride on the backs of fire-breathing dragons with the Dark Fae and watch the Light Fae play in the shadows of primitive humanity as they build their magical world. Abandoned by their creator, two factions of powerful angels remain on earth after the Great War with Lucifer. They struggle to comprehend their Creator's plan while their angel wings, a symbol of their angelic lineage, slowly and painfully decay. With no hope of returning to the Shining Kingdom, two groups of angels denounce their ang... more
  • Sins of the Father: The Story of Silas

    by C.R. Rice
    There’s a Ghost haunting the Realm From the moment of his birth, whispers fluttered in the wind, condemning his very existence and throwing him into exile. For even in a world of magic, the teal of his eyes spoke of a chilling destiny. Silas Frost lived out his first years in a town tucked deep within the mountains. His days were spent surrounded by hateful stares and venom-dipped words—none of which could eclipse the love and warmth that his mother had poured into him. But one mome... more
  • Broken Beginnings: Story of Thane

    by C.R. Rice
    Thane Matthias: adoptive brother to lost heir of the Realm, best friend to a man of questionable taste in desserts, uplifting light to all who know him, and swordsman extraordinaire. But before he took a free dive into the world of magic and war, he was an average kid of above average height. His days were filled with sports, friends, and spending time with the world's coolest mom. In short, Thane's life was perfect. Only perfection isn't meant for this world and his happiness is brought to a ... more
  • Denial

    by C.R. Rice
    Averie Hale is a blissfully normal girl that lives an incredibly safe world. At least if you ignore her strange ability to manipulate water, the constant ache in her chest, and the strange boy she dreamed of standing in front of her claiming she is the key to ending the magical war claiming another Realm. Normal. Totally Normal. Follow Averie as she struggles between maintaining her normal life as she struggles to control the power attempting to swallow her whole. Will she be able to come ... more
  • The Marksmen Guard

    by Nathaniel E. Troupe
    The main character is charged with the murder of his father in law and outlawed. While he tries to clear his name he becomes embroiled in an ancient almost forgotten cultures return. He, and his small group of friends, try to stop the return of this species, but are surprised by what they find waiting for them.
  • The Pirate Horde

    by Tianna Blackboot

    What seventeen year-old doesn’t dream of acquiring a ship and sailing the high seas, seeking adventure, and dodging pirates at every turn? Me. That’s who. I did not set out to do any of this. I’m just an orphan girl from a tiny port town that isn’t even on most maps. Sure, I may have spent most of my childhood in the company of street thugs, murderers, and worse, but even I know that being beaten and left for dead is a sign it’s time to leave home. Now, I’m... more

  • Love in the Face of Death

    by Claire E. Jones
    “She needed to leave the ghosts behind and weave a new destiny for herself…” After losing the last of her family, Kelah must leave her war-torn home and embark on a dangerous and thrilling journey that forces her to navigate the turbulent waters of love and death. Join her as she survives a shipwreck, washes up on an island, gets into a whole lot of trouble, and finds her true path. It is book one of an eight book series that is set in a fantasy world where there are eight different cla... more
  • Secrets of Mother

    by Sirrah Medeiros
    Witches. Demons. Ghosts. Ritual Sacrifice. Cristiane Bradford returns to her home town of Andover. As anticipation builds toward her initiation, Cristiane faces disappointment as High Priestess Sarah Killian refuses to admit her into the coven. Shocked, Cristiane learns that her mother is a practicing witch. Until the coven leader is convinced Cristiane is not involved in her mother's dark magic and cult activities, she is not welcome. Devastated but determined, Cristiane pursues the truth... more
  • Leviticus: An alternate timeline scifi thriller (Dictates of the Servators Book 1)

    by Kallen Samuels

    In a high-tech antediluvian timeline riddled with thin spaces where kin worlds of the multiverse touch, a savant named Leviticus Radix and his fellow graduate students have developed technology that garners the unwanted attention of mysterious opposing factions. To make matters worse, he’s manifesting abilities that haven’t been seen in 1700 years. One ancient order wants to enslave him, the other says he’s the chosen one who will save the world.

    “A book for ... more

  • I Look Forward to Further Collaboration Between Our Species

    by Edward Ringel
    A stoned-out, alien bionic robot named Reldap makes an emergency landing at a small airfield in rural Maine. Staggering from his half-wrecked ship, he sets out to complete his mission: develop friendly relations with the people of Earth on behalf of his home planet, Lattern, 25 light years away from Earth. Given the unusual circumstances of his arrival, this turns out to be harder than anticipated. Backwoods Maine is not exactly the center of the world’s space program, and he takes whatever hel... more
  • The Bully

    by Wiley March
    Never safe for a moment, Carissa Locke learns from too young and tender an age, that she is all alone in the world. Her protectors were her enemies, sold, beat down, and abandoned, a young girl struggles to survive against all odds, struggles to find balance and peace between anger and indignation.
  • Servitude

    by Costi Gurgu

    In the near future, in Europe, corporations have the legal right to sell people into slavery if they have outstanding debts and a special Police force implements that law. On a visit from America, BLAKE, an undercover cop affected by OCD and his wife ISA, witness firsthand an American family with two kids being taken into debt servitude. Blake meets SAMUEL BRIT, a known socialite with close ties to the BSX (British Servitude Exchange) and agrees to work for the English slavers. That is becaus... more

  • War for Magic and Freedom

    by Braxtom Stewart
    "First, it was your father. You are next. The war will make you perish along with all of Abika."After his father's death, Cya Sya Do IV decidedly steps down from his noble duties, Choosing instead to serve the people he was to rule. In the vacuum of power, he creates a tyrant takes the throne, immediately banning magic and forbidding travel outside the kingdom of Abika.Chaos descends on the ensconced kingdom ad the new authoritarian king imprisons, tortures, and executes those who oppose his res... more