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  • Journey of a Soul

    by Constance Santego
    OVERVIEW - WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? TITLE – Journey of a Soul GENRE – Fiction, Fantasy – Paranormal/Supernatural CATEGORY – Adult Fiction SERIES – The Nine Spiritual Gifts, Book 1 of 8 PLOT – Rescue SETTING – Enlightenment (1st novel – New York City, USA, October – December (Modern day) CHARACTERS – Protagonist – Lexi Constantine, Victim – her older sister Susannah, Antagonist – The underworld SYNOPSIS - Lexi is frantically trying to figure out a way to save her sist... more
  • Hour of Shadow: Book 2 of New Dawn's Light

    by Jordan Frost

    Hour of Shadow continues the epic journey of Jensen and Solana as they struggle to come to terms with their destinies. The search for the mythical Watcher's Nest, a rumored safe haven for mages, takes them across the face of the world, pushing their boundaries and forcing them to confront truths neither is prepared for.

    The path to destiny often leads where we don’t want to go.

    While searching for information on the mythical Watcher&rsqu... more

  • Whispers In The Dark

    by Jordan Frost
    Move over Tolkien, there’s a new player in town. Jordan Frost explodes onto the epic fantasy scene with Whispers in the Dark: Book 1 of New Dawn’s Light. Follow the quest of young Jensen Grooms as he struggles to discover the truth of his past while trying to survive the reality of his present. This adventure will span half the known world and lead Jensen down roads he is loathe to follow. If he survives, he will unravel a mystery that has hounded him since the day he was dropped off on th... more
  • A Simple Thought of Sanity

    by C E Huntingdon
    Brutus sees himself as just an average salaryman living in the City. Every day he puts on his alabaster Face and lives the life that is expected of him. He rides the train to work and files and files until it’s time to go home and repeat the day. Unbeknownst to Brutus, he has been picked to be the catalyst that changes the City and the lives of everyone in it. What was a chance occurrence at a café alters the course of his very identity, sending him down a spiral of self-discovery and sanity-... more
  • B08MZQFJ8C

    by Deborah Wilde
    She’s ditching her shapewear, owning her hormones, and letting her magic fly free. Underestimate her. That’ll be fun. It’s official. Miriam Feldman is killing it in the midlife crisis department. She’s mastered boredom, aced invisibility, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in smiling and playing nice in her post-divorce life. But when a drink with a “good guy” goes sideways, Miriam snaps, and in a cold dark rage unleashes a rare and powerful shadow magic. To make matters worse, her best friend... more
  • The Thief of Valsguard

    by Christopher Crochet

    The legendary Greys are back, and villages are burning with no one to stand in their way. An unlikely band of friends might have the only tools to challenge them.

    As an orphaned outsider, Damien has worked his entire life to earn a place in the modest kingdom of Lakefall. His hard work does not go unnoticed by King Simeon who has always had bigger plans in mind for the young soldier.

    Rowan left his old life years ago to settle down for a quiet life with his wife and daughter. The ... more

  • Void of Power: From the Ashes

    by Andrew C. Raiford

    In this second book of the Void of Power series, the President of the United States is compromised by a telepathic, opening the door for deep-state subversives to escalate their war on the Void. The stage is set for a recurrence of the Cultural War that destroyed civilization many decades before. The government’s chief targets are gifted children with powers to rival or surpass those of their captives.

    The Walsh family does everything they can to protect Coraline and Eli from thos... more

  • The Legend of Hobart

    by Heather Mullaly
    Tired of being teased about his name and his stutter, twelve-year-old Hobart sets out to do a few heroic deeds and earn a place in Knight School. But the local damsels he hopes to save assure him that the last thing they need is rescuing. The runaway bull he tries to catch wears him like a hat. And don't even ask about the ogre. Finally, in desperation, Hobart sets out on the most daring quest he can think of--he will slay a dragon. Or that's his plan anyway. The Legend of ... more
  • The Last of the Dream Warriors: Jeaousy

    by natalie armentani
    The Dark Lord has found a way to gain access into the Real. It is up to Nadine and Danny to find a way to expel him from her world before he hurts anyone she loves. The SLAG Nation controls who has access to the Real and they are hard pressed not to maintain the accord with them and the Dark Lord. It is not so easy when dealing with the alien race for help though. With Danny by her side Nadine must find a way to minimize the damage Lou can do while trying to keep her secret from the ones she lov... more
  • Godsquatter

    by Gerard Heidgerken
    Godsquatter is the almost-true story of the world as we know it, where everyone lives on social media, adores celebrity influencers, and places potatoes at the zenith of all human culture. It's a world that Gordon MacNamara never gave a second thought. But when a chance mishap at work places him at the center of a global conspiracy, he faces a choice—become the hero Earth needs to free us from our starchy overlords, or nah?
  • The Last of the Dream Warriors: Rise of the Dark Lord

    by natalie armentani
    The Dark Lord has been vanquished. Nadine's family waits for her to awaken after destroying her nemesis. They wait in fear because they are unsure which Nadine they will find when she wakes, the Nadine they had come to know or the old wild child they all dreaded. They are worried because Nadine has some of her memories back. Meanwhile, Nadine's friends and family in the Real have no idea what has happened to her. All they know is Nadine is in a coma and it is a mystery if she will ever wake up. ... more
  • The Last of the Dream Warriors: Two Worlds

    by natalie armentani
    A physically abused teenager has gone through life thinking the only person who truly loved her in life was her dying grandfather. Her grandfather and her two best friends. Nadine wanted nothing more than to have a normal life where she could live without fear and be able to dream. The only thing she would see when she closed her eyes though was a vortex of color she could not penetrate. After her grandfather’s death all that changed. Nadine finds that everything she knew to be true in life was ... more
  • Fallen Gods

    by Gary Szendzielarz
    Adam Slater always felt something was off about his life; that he was not supposed to be a bullied, wimpy little kid. In 1984, eight year old Adam and his friends discover an abandoned car near a large creepy work shed. Kids being kids, they decide to search, only to find the car belongs to a missing MI5 agent named Hendley. In the car, Adam finds an old leather-bound book written in a language, the likes of which he had never seen before; whilst Adam’s friend Ian enters the shed, only to su... more
  • A Troll Walks into a Bar: A Noir Urban Fantasy Novel

    by Douglas Lumsden
    Hardboiled private detective and elementalist Alexander Southerland is told by a troll, who is a detective for the Yerba City Police Department, that a beautiful sea nymph is going to come to him with a case. The troll tells Southerland to turn the case down--or else! Southerland rejects the case, but his curiosity won't let it go. Next thing he knows, he's hip-deep in corruption and murder as he comes into possession of a mysterious locked box that powerful people are willing to kill for.
  • Inna (A Maygest's Tale Story)

    by C. E. Cannery
    Being average in the court of King Nessel was the peak of power that one such Inna Goedhoagdaug could expect. Being average and young, she could walk about the Women's Quarters unfettered, free to live in her sheltered confines, and that was enough. But even this small isle of peace could not last, for young Inna was not quite as young as her large eyes belied. Now two years past her "marriageable" age and unlawfully belonging to no one, she was a hidden criminal in the eyes of Osskripi court an... more