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  • Niflheim

    by Maureen Stevenson
    494 years ago the World was overrun with Demons and plague. Humanity died and those few left, banded together and created the last, living village and did their best to protect themselves. Finally, 3 were born when the cosmos aligned perfectly and together with their familiars, they would be the last to save the Earth and rid the World of the Evil that has destroyed it.
  • The Pacemaker (The Pacemaker Series Book 1)

    by Imania Margria
    Minerva Walsh forgot everything about her life before her eighteenth birthday. Since then, betrayal, hardship and strife plagued her life over the last five years, and good fortune was never on her side. However, when Minerva receives a full-paid scholarship to the most prestigious school in the country, Calendula University, and is given a chance to restart her miserable life, she feels her luck has changed. But after arriving, the dark shadows and deadly secrets looming underneath the seren... more
  • The Fourth World

    by Marina Sandoval
    In a world where men are neither alive nor dead, the gods had given to the Sermerios the Stone of Destiny, which determines who comes back to life and who should die. However, when Grant becomes king of the Sermerios, he hides the Stone of Destiny. During a battle on the high seas - navy against pirates - Steven, the crew doctor, two of his comrades, Richard and Hubert, and one pirate, Thomas, drift away from the combat in a small boat. They reach a lighthouse, occupied by a curious woman named ... more
  • Morgan and the Monster of the Deep: A Magic Math Adventure

    by Addie Abacus
    Nine-year-old Morgan is helping guard a magical secret— an ancient medallion of great power. During a voyage on the high seas with her friend Rusty, the two encounter a monstrous sea creature and menacing sailors. Will they be able to save each other from the dangers facing them? And who is the traitor in their midst? Set in the early summer of 1899 off the coast of Nantucket, Morgan and the Monster of the Deep continues with the winning format of weaving mathematical theory and practice into... more
  • Morgan and the Forty Thieves: A Magic Math Adventure

    by Addie Abacus
    Nine-year-old Morgan is the daughter of an explorer and an adventurer at heart. When her father is lost on an expedition, Morgan and her mother are forced to sell their home and move in with a mysterious family they’ve never met. Morgan soon discovers that the family is hiding a great secret—and that a world of magic and enchantments might actually be real. Set in Massachusetts at the turn of the last century, Morgan and the Forty Thieves is a captivating adventure story that has problem-solv... more

    by Marsha L Ceniceros
    Imagine waking up one day realizing you are, not who you are. Our nation's Military secrets, disclosed to the select few, and the US government can’t divulge complete information about its tactics for the national defense to the people it's sworn to protect. There are just three levels of security; those are the only three known to exist. Welcome to level four.
  • Tree of Souls (The Blood Dagger Book 3)

    by Misty Hayes

    The first vampire.

    The last Nephilim.

    The end of a saga.

    The epic battle between angel and vampire begins in this third installment in the Blood Dagger series. Ever since his meeting with a group of all-powerful angels calling themselves the Grigori went awry, things aren’t looking up for Corinth Taylor or for his best friend, Larna Collins.

    After Corinth was almost stabbed to death, Alastair Iszler, Corinth&rsqu... more

  • 60,000 Light Years from Home: Stepping into the unknown is the only way home

    by Kevin Sandy
    Life is a relentless merry go round, it just took Leo a while to realise it. Born and bred in London he is beginning to feel the burden on his soul that is the rat race. His solution? To travel the world like a gap year student, but therein lay the problem. No money and no one to share his appetite for adventure. To say this period in his life had some unexpected twists in it had to be the understatement of the light year, 60,000 of them to be exact.
  • Evils Are on the Hunt

    by Jaydeep Shah

    What are you scared of?

    Hair-raising ghosts, fearsome creatures, or heart-wrenching psychopaths.


    What will you do if you are lost in the woods where the creatures lurk day and night?

    And how will you save your family after moving to a new house where the ghost of a butcher resides?


    This diverse collection of spine-chilling short stories of paranormal encounters may leave you terrified.


    Lost in the Wo... more

  • Gateway

    by Juliette L. Dunn

    The planet Migax, owner of Gateways that allow you to travel through the fabric of spacetime, is bursting with technological breakthroughs. Accepted into the prestigious Aksel school,  Summer and her new-found friend Leafsong, a member of a humanoid, dragon-like species coexisting with humans, hope they have found a chance to secure a bright future within it.

    Leafsong wants to become a Spark Watcher, a brave protector of diplomats, and Summer wants to find a way to climb out of the... more

  • Bloodlines (Empire City Special Crimes Book 1)

    by Peter Hartog

    When former hotshot homicide detective Tom "Doc" Holliday is recruited to join Special Crimes, he trades in his dead-end desk job for a second chance to do what he does best - hunt down killers. And his first case doesn't disappoint: a murdered woman, her body drained of blood, and two eyewitnesses wasted on the designer drug goldjoy claiming a vampire did it.

    For Holliday is no stranger to the unusual. He wields the Insight, a fickle clairvoyance t... more

  • Avoiding the Abyss (The Abyss Trilogy Book 1)

    by A.C. Ward
    What happens when revelations occurs in the future on another planet? Follow Aubrey's journey as she battles demons, other teenagers with powers, her mother, and herself. Will Aubrey avoid the Abyss?
  • Time Travel Rescue

    by Tom Kranz
    Twenty-third century Earth is a toxic sprawl of climate disaster. Going back in time is the only way to prevent the worst actions by the worst of mankind from bringing about slow, planetary death. Rick travels back to the 21st century to try, but his good intentions are muddled by murder, hubris, infatuation and his own lies. See what it takes to change history in Time Travel Rescue.

    by T.S. Alexander
    They went to the stars in search of Earth-like planets. They found life. They had the perfect First Contact. They are even planning the first extra-solar colony. But do they really understand the world they came to conquer? Two worlds are about to collide. And what seems to be strangely familiar may not be familiar at all. Peter Jeffries is no action hero. He’s just a regular guy, to the extent astronauts can be considered regular guys. A hyperspace expert who accidentally joined the landi... more
  • 9780463748404

    by E gourm
    An amnesiac man finds himself in what he assumes to be another world. Declared a hero by a church quickly losing power, he’s pushed to take arms against an inhuman invader. But he has no intention to fight, much less for people he can’t trust nor love. Unwelcome, unwilling, and caring for himself above all, what is he to do when his own side feels more threatening than the supposed enemy? Laev, as the main character will get to name himself, is definitely not a normal person - he has inhuma... more