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  • The Mind-Reading Hat

    by Lois Wickstrom
    This year, Caspian's Grandfather gives him a hat for his UnBirthday. Wearing it lets him hear what people are thinking. Mom doesn't want him to know what surprises she has in store, so she sends him next door to talk to their neighbor Geraldine. He wonders if she has surprises for him. Then he hears a turtle talking.
  • Monsterly

    by Brandon Jimison
  • The Christmas Curse of Krampus

    by Devin Arloski
    The strange light in the forest was calling to 11-year old Max. Beckoning him to step away from the crowds of the festive Christmas market in Germany. No sooner does he enter the woods than he realizes it may have been a huge mistake as an ear-splitting shriek pierces his skin and causes the hair on his neck to tingle. Through the mist, the horns of a terrifying beast with glowing eyes could be seen. Running for his life, he happens upon a strange but friendly man offering safety. Entering a wor... more
  • DeadSteam II

    by Bryce Raffle
    Just when you thought the nightmare was over, what was dead comes crawling back from the beyond. We warned you not to open that fateful tome. But you just couldn't resist, could you? Back with more chilling tales of the dark and supernatural, the anthology of dreadpunk, gaslamp, and dark steampunk returns to haunt you with mummies, witches, vampires, gorgons, ghosts. The second installment in the DeadSteam series from Grimmer & Grimmer Books, DeadSteam II promises an even darker, grimmer goth... more
  • Hex Kitchen

    by Stephanie Fazio
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets The Hunger Games in this mouthwatering, magical, and murderous fantasy. Hex Kitchen is a once-a-decade tournament where contestants have to cook magical dishes that are to die...and maybe even to kill...for. Kenzie has perfected the art of outrunning her past. New city, new tattoos, new name. No one from her former life as a chef at one of Manhattan’s top culinary hot spots would think to look for her in the middle-of-nowhere Tennessee. When Kenzie’s... more
  • Land of the Haunted Dolls

    by Susan Whigham
    A horror drama about an FBI agent who doesn't believe in the paranormal and she's about to have her beliefs tested. Five word synopsis: Detective battles supernatural and skepticism. The story has characters of many different races and religions, and is also LGBTQ-inclusive. It has some food for thought on the topics of trauma and addiction. Not for the diversity-intolerant.
  • Plenum: The First Book of Deo

    by Geoffreyjen Edwards
    Vanu Francoeur is a gender-neutral novice in the Kinship of the Suffering God, whose mandate is to seed new stars within a stellar nursery. Hir encounter with an exotic outsider stirs up a storm of conflicts within the usually quiet community, as well as creating havoc in Vanu's relationships with hir sibs. In protest towards the Kinship's heavy-handed reactions, zhe and hir sibs are drawn towards a dramatic resolution deep within the fires of a star, with consequences that could stretch across ... more
  • Sneezy Part 1. Symptoms and Medication

    by Aga Kim Galena
    Inspired by real-life events and need, Sneezy is an illustrated fantasy series for children aged five and above. It combines the magical world of dragons with trauma healing and health-promoting interventions. Various therapeutic approaches such as mindfulness, body-based therapies, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, or Family Constellation offer clues that support the development of deeper and healthier insights. Part 1. Symptoms and Medication Sneezy and his parents try to find some help for ... more
  • Magon: Magon

    by Andrew McIntyre

    Drawn from the superhero genre, MAGON will introduce you to a collection of new Celtic characters.

    MAGON explores the consequences of mixing ancient DNA into the modern world. It is the crossroads of a genius mind and a scientific experiment gone wrong.

    The dreams and aspirations of a young genetics student, confronted with the terror of a bullying roommate, who forces his victim to consume the results of his experiment - with catastrophic results.

    It is a dark world of scie... more

  • Clouds

    by Anna M. Rogers-Artis

    What do I see as I look up at the sky watching the fluffy white clouds drift by? A little girl discovers that clouds are more than fluffy white objects in the sky. Clouds will spark your child's imagination.  The colorful pictures and unique cloud illustrations will welcome children into exploring and discovering  beyond the surface of clouds.

    Illustrated By:  Anna M. Rogers-Artis and Donya E. Prioleau


  • Turmoil: Descent into Madness

    by S S Hawkins
    Two brothers find themselves standing on opposite ends of the world. One guided by four Divines to become a champion of the light to vanquish evil. The other, led astray by four Tormentors, becoming a vessel of darkness bent on destruction.
  • The Humble Warlock

    by Omar Daniels

    The story begins with Jason and Vera. A young witch and warlock with an insatiable appetite for folly. Together they wisk away their victims while satisfying themselves, all through the night.

    Next is the story of Victor, a young Vampire whose long-lost girlfriend returns to haunt him, and his brethren, as they continue to survive undetected by the human world.

    After that is a dish of candy. Taffy is known to make people disappear and Gavin likes keeping his enemies at bay. T... more

  • UE1:

    by T. M. Ely
    A diverging Fictional reality, UE1: The Secret Revealed is a thrilling read on the infamous Roswell incident. Most people have heard of the famous crash sight at Roswell NM. What most people have not heard of was the first contact with aliens, bringing the science fiction world to the forefront. UE1 brings to light the UFO crash and gives a plausible explanation as to what took place. Follow the U. S. Government in the recovery of the UFO, the secret movement from Roswell to Groom Lake... more
  • Night of The Reading Dead

    by Bryce Craps
    What do you do when you're stuck in a city full of zombies? You run of course! But when all else fails, little Henry has to figure out a new trick to keep the zombies at bay!
  • Just Add Water

    by Ashley Good

    It’s 1994: Grunge is all the rage, malls are the place to be, and Grow a Friend toys are just about to hit store shelves…

    Born and raised in the middle of nowhere, thirteen-year-old Taylor jumps at the chance to move to the city of Kelowna with her big sister. She soon meets Mischa, a spunky goth girl with the confidence of a talk show host, and Alexander Charming, a TV-addicted prince who Taylor accidentally brings to life. High school is going to be more interesting than ... more

  • The Tale Of Brian And The House Painter Mervyn

    by Lance Lee
    When 9 year old Brian is confined to his 4th. floor room in his family's Goodly Home he laments because it is white White WHITE, for the doctor has ordered he must have no excitement while he tries to find out what is wrong. But when Brian's father hires the lowly house painter Mervyn to paint Brian's rooms with familiar scenes, a fateful complication follows. Mervyn paints everything so well he creates a new world even better than the one we take for granted. Brian is entranced, and Mervyn sudd... more