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  • B0B13WHSMK

    by John Palladino
    Cedain is destined to collapse. Across a world rife with blood, betrayal, and brutality, five people wade through unexpected tragedies. An egotistical student, a fleeing refugee, a nomadic warrior, a fallen noble, and a criminal in hiding navigate the sinister dealings of politicians, two sudden wars, and nefarious lies that surface at Ashmount-a university dedicated to teaching the five branches of magic. Survival means adapting or dying.
  • Clara Wu and the Rescue: Book 3

    by Vincent Yee
    Clara Wu is excited to rejoin her friends Sung Kim, Yuka Satoh and Daniel Nguyen in preparation for the next battle against the Warlock’s demon-spawned army. But a tragic mistake leaves one of her friends in perilous danger and the well laid plans for Azen’s defense are put in jeopardy. Everything hinges on Clara embarking on a daring rescue mission to save her friend, from the Warlock. - - - Clara had been silently flying atop the crane for some time. The knots in her stomach were twisted... more
  • Clara Wu and the Jade Labyrinth: Book Two

    by Vincent Yee
    Clara Wu, along with Sung Kim, Yuka Satoh and Daniel Nguyen return to Azen with guarded excitement. They learn more about the long history of Azen and the dark journey that the original Jade Warriors had undertaken to save Azen against the Warlock armies. But now, that same journey needs to be embarked upon to save the Panda Kingdom. However, that means that the Forbidden Cave to the ominous Jade Labyrinth needs to be unsealed, to reveal its secrets once more. - - - Clara’s breathing was r... more
  • Clara Wu and the Portal Book: Book One

    by Vincent Yee
    An epic young adult Asian American fantasy adventure where Clara Wu, Sung Kim, Yuka Satoh and Daniel Nguyen must battle a demonic Warlock to save the world. But they are not alone as they are paired up with their trustworthy Guardians, the panda, white tiger, red crown crane and the water buffalo. - - - Clara stared down hopelessly at the glistening shards of the Bamboo Jade that was supposed to be unbreakable. She looked up to see the rabid mayhem all about her as the elite battle pandas ... more
  • Rule Trouble: The Case of the Illegal Dragon (A Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale Book 4)

    by Laurel Decher

    Do you have to bend the rules . . . to keep your friends?

    Eleven-year-old Prince Vlad is thrilled to be appointed judge for the Magenta Educational Royal Court for Youth.

    Unfortunately, his first case is a doozy. His good friends show up in court with an illegal baby dragon! They want him to bend the rules.

    Good grief! How can the brand new judge do his duty without losing his friends?


    Whether it's speaking up at a feast, r... more

  • Skadegamutc: Monster in the Mirror

    by Diane L. Kowalyshyn
    Officer Pauline McCrory arrives at Alma Wildberry’s cabin under the impression the elder died of natural causes before her hungry one-eyed cat consumed parts of her face. When the medical examiner rules the case a homicide, Pauline must determine who drained six pints of blood and removed a pound of flesh from Alma’s head and neck. The investigation brings an age-old Passamaquoddy legend, the Skadegamutc to life, and Pauline must find the ghost-witch before it kills again.
  • Gatekeeper's Key

    by Krista Wallace
    A young warrior leaves home in search of her identity. She kills a man in a duel, drawing the attention of the exiled duke of Equart, who asks her to join his company on a mission. She earns fast friends, as well as deadly enemies, while also picking up some puzzling clues about who she is.
  • Beyond the Stars

    by Doreen D. Berger
    HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO HELP A FRIEND? Mischievous sisters Diane and Robin are already in trouble with their father, Captain William Marsh, commander of the starship Polaris, for a stunt they just pulled. Their punishment (grounded…again!) is cut short with the arrival of Jannel, a soft-spoken, shy girl roughly their age, and the future ruler of the planet Lasusia. Jannel has been sent to the Polaris for safekeeping from a deadly virus running rampant on her home world. As Diane and Robin lea... more
  • Death & Dragon: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Channeler Trilogy Book 3)

    by J. Steven Lamperti

    Dragons and dream storms are threatening to destroy Liamec. Is Anise the only one who can save her magical land?

    Anise has finished training in the magical arts at the Academy, the school where the wizards of Liamec learn to control their powers. But, one of the school’s masters, the villainous Lorenzo, has banished her to the realm of dreams, trapping her there. When she finally wakes from her years of dreaming, the Kingdom of Liamec has changed.

    Dragons are raiding the nor... more

  • The Misadventures of Finn

    by Melissa Pombo
    Ever have a pixie bite you? I have, and believe me, a pixie's bite is far worse than her annoying squeak. I am Finlay Stewart, the main character in author Melissa Pombo's epic tale The Misadventures of Finn. But please, call me Finn. I have not much time before Melissa scoots me back into the story, so I will be brief. The Misadventure of Finn is a coming-of-age saga where I encounter werewolves, vampires, witches, and of course, pixies. Oh yes, certain real-life figures from long ago make a... more
  • House of Pain

    by Karolina Wilde
    A group of students at a prestigious witchcraft university decides to summon a magical guardian to help them win the deadly Game that takes place every year. When the spell goes wrong, and a demon shows up instead of a magical guardian, the group has to navigate the difficult politics of their House, while students from other Houses are gearing up to win the Game and take their group down by targeting the weakest member -- a half-witch, Alecto Black.
  • Drawn in Ash

    by John W. Otte


    The Dynasty claims to be a veritable paradise, where a multitude of races live in peace and harmony. Everys knows better. The Dynasty has been broken since it was founded, with the human nobility oppressing many of the peoples they've brutally conquered, including her own. As an illegal mage, Everys hides in a rundown corner of the capital city, running her family's electronics repair shop, afraid to risk he... more

  • Imprint

    by Madeline J. Rose
    Paige, a young bookworm, and her friend Markus must evade two mysterious men chasing them by hopping back and forth between the worlds of books and reality. But soon Paige begins to realize that the world of fairytales isn't all that it seems. And if she wants to survive, she'll need more than just her book smarts.
  • THE HOPE (The IN-BETWEEN series Book 3)

    by Sagar Constantin
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Our world needs help. Our world needs hope. This amazing series of three books offer that hope. Read them, you won't regret it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very interesting book especially for the times we live in. The story line would have been easier to follow if I had read book 2, but it does explain enough to catch up. Life lessons taught - trust must be stronger than fear; love more important than hate; gratitude more than greed. With these there is HOPE. If the Ring's mission is to succeed... more
  • Welcome to the Free World: A Novel

    by Lloyd Raleigh
    Ecologist Lloyd Raleigh’s debut novel, Welcome to the Free World, is an immersive plunge into a visionary, creative futurescape beyond dystopia and utopia, yet containing both. Am I just typical of my generation, overwhelmed with life in a sea of problems? Will Robin contemplates. Will has inherited a violent, controlling world, forever altered by climate change, and a metaverse orchestrated by a seductive artificial general intelligence named IRIS. His perceptive grandmother asks. Will... more
  • Ghosts of Randsburg, the Madame Secrets: Ghost Huntress Diaries

    by Marie Mason

    Unlike fiction based ghost story books, Ghosts of Randsburg: The Madame’s Secret is one in which a real ghost hunter, Marie Mason, with tangible evidence in the ghost town of Randsburg, reveals secrets from the past. Ghost hunter Marie Mason can remarkably capture a ghost in color during the day. She is known for visiting a haunted place herself to discover historical ghost stories. This Madame mystery book is where she lists down and describes all her paranormal investigation missions. She f... more