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  • This One's Gonna Hurt

    by Cody J. Thompson
    As five friends travel through the isolated California desert towards a popular music festival, their trip is interrupted thanks to our modern world's ever-evolving state of technology... Stranded and alone needing to recharge their electric vehicle. When the group of teenagers settle on a remote parking lot in the middle of nowhere, it isn't only a charging station they find. They also uncover pure, unrelenting evil. Hiding in the shadows is a maniac. Searching endlessly and without discrimi... more
  • Nightwave: Book One of The Ilioneus Chronicles

    by Austin Buhl
    For Sarah Brincenn, life has always been about one thing: survival. On the hunt of a lifetime in search of a treasure destined to grant unfathomable riches, she discovers a weapon unlike any other - a sword possessed by the spirits of the late Satarian Gods. Armed with her newfound companion - and a load of experience from a past stretching far beyond her age - Sarah embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will send her on the ultimate test of endurance. How far will someone go to e... more
  • Severed Roots

    by Nego Huzcotoq
    In an alternative contemporary reality, Nick Wong is a product of the Children’s Centres –government-run residential schools designed to prevent all forms of patriarchy and help usher in an unprecedented age of world peace. While girls are groomed for leadership, boys are taught subservience. As is the case with most male graduates, Nick’s emotions are stunted and he feels little connection to others. Nevertheless, his innate curiosity and his desire to do the right thing spur him on a per... more
  • Moon Mountain

    by Jess Porto

    (Moon Mountain Trilogy, Book 1)

    The year is 1997. It’s a Friday night with a full moon in the sky. And it’s Halloween.

    Morgan Thomas and her best friend and roommate, Sheridan, plan to make it a night to remember. Having recently started her senior year at Clarkes College in the inimitably charming country town of Moon Mountain, North Carolina, Morgan feels this year could be her best yet.

    But Morgan’s world begins to unrav... more

  • Legacy of Seven: Darkness Falls

    by P.J. Flie
    After the harrowing trials she underwent in the series’ first chapter to keep her magic from spiraling out of control, Ondreeal rests easy knowing she’s finally managed to keep her powers in check. But as the young wizard becomes plagued with dreams of a nightmarish future that she can’t remember upon waking, she begins to doubt whether her powers are really as controllable as she thought. A nagging urgency pulls her back to Bastion, a free city of light and a beacon of hope for all peoples, and... more
  • Void

    by David Haltinner
    Darren was just getting settled into life at college when his world was turned upside down. After he and his research partner stumble upon a network of tunnels beneath the campus, his research partner goes missing. Now the faculty are covering it up. After Audrey steps into his life and into the tunnel with him, the pair try to uncover what they soon realize is bigger than anything they ever expected. Something lies in the darkness of the tunnels. Something that is growing. Something... more
  • Dead and Alive

    by David Haltinner
    Mike Banner heard the words that no parent wants to hear. His son is dead. Tommy was only six years old when his life ended tragically. Attacked while playing with his friends on the playground at school. His neck torn open and eaten. But Mike didn't believe it. He couldn't believe it. And when he saw his son's body move in the morgue and no one believed him, he had no choice but to get Tommy out of there before he was buried alive. Now, on his own, with the police on his trail, M... more
  • Whisper

    by David Haltinner
    When a witch tells you to help her, you do what she says. Not because she's beautiful, but because you don't want to live the rest of your life as a frog, or something worse. Whisper was living a normal life among humans until a group of witch hunters show up in the city and begin killing off her kind. Now they have their eyes on her, and she finds that magic alone is not enough to keep her alive this time. She needs help, and the only person that can help her survive is a human. Ben Bau... more
  • The Borderlands of Forever

    by Jeff B Willey

    What happens when humanity confronts forces beyond understanding, pulling it towards different eternities? One of its own making—the vast synthetic intelligence known as machinu—and another arrived from realms long suspected, but ignored by conventional science: interdimensional entities. The Borderlands of Forever weaves through time, from the near future to the 32nd century, as its characters confront shifting realities. We meet Lila Sandcherry, agent with the Bureau of Sen... more

  • The Control Problem

    by Norah Woodsey
    Vera Elpis is a quiet young woman with a desk job, two friends, and a cozy apartment. On the surface, her life is easy. Children adore her, her inheritance sustains her, and she is safe. The only blight is her unexplained infertility, a condition that shames and enrages her. In her lonely quest for motherhood, Vera fails to appreciate her own peculiarity. What happened before she moved here? How does she always know the weather forecast? And why doesn’t her cousin Jennifer, an executive at a ... more
  • The Noble Villains (The Forge Born Trilogy Book 1)

    by Seth Wildschut
    Ex-soldier Darragh Moonford operates in society as an outlaw after being cast out by a kingdom that no longer needs him. As technology advanced, magic-enhanced soldiers became obsolete leading to many becoming criminals. Using his forge-enhanced abilities he takes jobs outside the law to provide security and income for himself and his partner Orion. Soon they stumble onto a plot that could destroy every kingdom and the world itself.
  • The New Empire

    by Alison McBain
    The world undergoes a drastic change in the fourteenth century when Chinese ships land in what is currently known as the Bay Area of California. Fast forward four hundred years to a much different America than we know, a land dominated by a tribal confederacy grown out of a strong alliance with Beijing. Told from the main perspective of Jiangxi, a Chinese slave, it’s an epic story that highlights the experiences of characters often overlooked in the history books. In doing so, it tells a unique—... more
  • The Broken Darkness

    by theresa braun
    In her debut collection, Theresa Braun explores the inner workings of the human heart and what it is we most desire—forgiveness, acceptance, love, fame, or merely to escape who we really are. Whether we are battling ghosts, demons, mythical monsters, the past, or other dimensions, we are really facing the deepest parts of ourselves. These thirteen tales of horror and dark fantasy may appear to be a matter of good versus evil, but they are all a reflection of the hidden corners of the soul that a... more
  • The Price of Rebellion

    by Michael Bland
    It’s 2047. Secrets have been revealed. And Washington wants revenge. Dray Quintero learned an ugly truth: the leaders in D.C. are fake. Using his technology, they’ve stolen the identities of those duly elected to Congress and are determined to stay in power. After revealing the dangers of their government-mandated implants to his fellow citizens, Dray joins the already-underway rebellion. But his joining is as much to free the United States as it is to avenge his daughter’s death. Before he ca... more
  • Celestial Academy: Essence (Afterworld Book 1)

    by Olivia Pharos
    Orphan. Slave. Drug dealer. As a Demon-Owned human, in an Afterworld that has Hell and Heaven on Earth, Wen White is the lowest a being can be. Her life is one of drudgery, degradation—and mortal danger. And that's before she started dealing Angelescence. Unlike anything in existence, it's a drug only she can produce, and everyone would kill, or die for. With decommission and execution closing in, she’s desperate to buy out her and her best friend’s Indentures. But upping her operations on... more
  • Still Hungry

    by Bob Reiss
    A waitress faced with the most terrifying customer she’s ever encountered. A bully who meets the world’s shyest supernatural creature. A biologist summoned to a military base where a strange phenomenon is occurring. A global leader trapped 28,000 feet above earth. Best selling novelist and world class story teller Bob Reiss has been a lifelong fan of the original Twilight Zone TV series. Here he presents his first short story collection; odd tales of eight characters resembling people we’ve a... more