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  • Against the Grain: A Contemporary Witchy Fiction Novella

    by Melanie Harding-Shaw
    A celiac mountain biking witch from New Zealand finds a dash of romance while facing a dark trap with her snarky demon familiar.
  • Iron Will

    by Rebecca Flynn
  • The Mountain

    by Matthew C. Lucas
    An aspiring young commissar, a restless king, and a sardonic judge find themselves in the throes of a civil war that is tearing their commonwealth apart. An epic fantasy, The Mountain combines high action and deep intrigue.
  • Albert

    by Joe Clark
    Mary Hendricks lives a sedentary life in her declining years. A large, black German Shepherd, takes up residence with her - at least from dawn to dusk. She call it Albert. A caregiver becomes friends with the dog after some initial hesitation. Her son never learns to like the monster. When Mary has a heart attack and collapses on her front porch, someone calls 911. She wakes up in the hospital. That afternoon a doctor walks into her room and announces that he is Albert. He's a vampire who offe... more
  • Daniel O'Neill and the Future Generator

    by Joe Clark
    Daniel O'Neill. an aging engineer takes an afternoon off to work off frustration and tension. He stumbles on a woman who is selling a Future Generator which looks like an elaborate globe capable of projecting a holographic image. He takes the globe home. That night he interacts with the hologram which offers to fulfill three wishes. O'Neill wants to change the Government to one that reflects his values and he wants to end uprisings in the Middle East. In quick order the President and VP die in ... more
  • The First Empire

    by Robert D Gallagher

    Sam McCall is a thief, and he would say an exceptional one. However, his last job had some unexpected consequences and ended badly. Well, that’s what happens when you get infected by a homicidal brain wiping fungus and trying to kill an Archangel of Death. All that aside, he managed to escape from an inescapable prison. The downside is that he had to take the people he had rescued to another prison suspended over the same black hole to save a friend.

    Not too bad, considering ... more

  • Cromby's Axiom

    by Gary J. Kirchner
    Earth. The near future. Internet technology has evolved to the point where humans are connected without intermediary devices. Communication is instant. Social interaction is incessant. The wealth of human knowledge is accessible with a thought. Tommy Pierre Antikagamac, the world’s most popular athlete, finds himself suddenly detached from the Hive and captured by a tiny group of free-thinking radicals. The unfamiliar emptiness and silence in his unattached mind is agonizing. As weeks of captivi... more
  • AfterLife: An Undead Space Opera

    by BL Craig
    William Butcher is Dead . . . but there's still work to do. Forever removed from the love of his life and the future they planned to build, the young navy pilot must now spend the remainder of his existence in service to the leviathan AfterLIfe Corporation. With a crew of fellow reanimates, William is sent on a secret mission into alien space. Their job, to determine if a rival species plans to invade a vulnerable Earth colony. It is a journey that will challenge the very heart of what... more
  • The Atonement

    by Bill Thompson
    Paranormal investigator Landry Drake and his team take on a malevolent child spirit seeking revenge at Merilee Plantation, an ancient mansion on Bayou Teche. When several people are found hanged from the same chandelier in an upstairs hallway, Landry goes to Merilee, only to become a pawn in a bizarre game. He is kidnapped and taken to a rusty trawler near the Gulf of Mexico. When he escapes, he learns he’s a suspect in yet another bizarre death inside the decaying mansion. Not until the end—wh... more
  • Weatherman

    by Price Doom
    Heart and her father are on the run from God. At least, that’s what her father, Sonny, tells her. Young Heart believes Sonny’s stories of dying suns and scientists with tranquilizer guns, parachuting out of planes in pursuit of them. Sonny believes only the elements in his body can save the sun, and Heart grows up in fear of the boogeymen from Sonny’s stories—and Sonny himself. After years without proof and questions about Sonny’s mental stability, Heart makes her escape.
  • Bloody Puzzle

    by Andrea Merchak

    Like 'Dexter' meets 'Zodiac' - but when Daniel comes for you, no one will hear you scream!

    Daniel is back, and he’s more evil than EVER!

    Oakville is in another panic! The most hideous serial killer the city has ever known has returned with a new theme.

    The murders are more violent. The deaths are more gruesome. Where will it all end?

    Follow the clues that Daniel leaves at each crime scene, and try to unra... more


    by DJ Adamson
    A storm strikes and a mystery deepens at a lighting pace. One of three boys missing shows up in Sheriff Boggs’ office. What the boy tells sounds farfetched. A man of reason, Boggs thinks a hoax has been played. The story evolves from boys missing, to a kidnapping by an alien. Then, from an alien to the kidnapper’s name, Ted Templeton. Boggs realizes all may not be a teenage prank. And he may have more on his hands than he first thought. The mystery deepens when a stranger shows up at the se... more
  • Semper Indomitus

    by Robert W. Brady, Jr.
    The surprising conclusion to the Fovean Chronicles - Randy Morden has taken on the world, and now the world is fighting back! Enemies must now become allies, and friends enemies, as Randy fights not just to appease the god War, but to keep his family intact and, no matter what direction he turns, it looks like he must lose it all.
  • The Warning Signs: Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy

    by M. Ainihi
    Don't ignore... ...the warning signs Something lurks beneath the waves on an island where the sun never sets; a ghost tries to stop an up-and-coming serial killer; a heartless sorceress is thrilled when she finds access to the human realm; a boy tries to win his crush's heart by challenging a horrifying local legend. Delve deep into the shadowy, unexplored territories of the imagination with these short stories that are sure to frighten and enchant.
  • The Interstellar Police Force, Book One: The Historic Mission

    by Raymond F. Klein

    This science fiction-action-comedy, set on present day Earth, begins in a far-off galaxy. Prodor Moffit and four other prisoners have escaped to Earth and it's up to two IPF Agents to find them. But, right off they have problems. The first is that they have limited info on the human race that only dates to the late 1950's. And the second is that the Agents are alien in appearance and must replicate themselves into humans. The commander's replication succeeds, but due to a computer... more