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  • Voice of Vengeance (Kingdom of Destiny Book 3)

    by Andi Neal
    Xander has spent eleven years running from his past. Only to have it circling around on him in a dangerous matching of wits between him and the ruthless emperor of Jaguria. Finding himself appointed as the leader of a rebellion he never meant to start, he must face his past mistakes if he will have a chance to right those long ago wrongs. With the rebellion’s victory against the Southern Palace of Jaguria still echoing through the land, Xander scrambles to pull his people together against the... more
  • Dawn of Defiance (Kingdom of Destiny Book 2)

    by Andi Neal
    Ryder has spent all of his life dreaming of what lies beyond his father's small Baricoan farm. But when a mysterious man falls at his feet from the sky, he finds himself caught in a whirlwind of dangerous adventure that transports him beyond any dream he could have imagined. Now he has no choice but to venture into the unfamiliar territory of his kingdom's greatest enemy. Jaguria is a land unlike any Ryder has ever seen, but it is ruled by a greedy, merciless emperor. With mysterious warrior ... more
  • Reign of Resurgence (Kingdom of Destiny Book 1)

    by Andi Neal
    Struggling at a crossroads in his life, recent college graduate Tristan has no idea who or what he wants to be. Until he is mysteriously thrown into the baffling but extraordinary kingdom of Barico. Now contending with an alternate world he never knew existed, he discovers a set of problems outside the scope of joining the “real world.” In the city of Lochlain, the heart of Barico, Tristan inadvertently thwarts an assassination attempt on the life of the queen. Consequently welcomed into the ... more
  • The Wells Initiative

    by Andi Neal
    What was once thought to be only science fiction is about to become solely science… When he is approached by a seemingly crazy woman claiming an assassin from the future wants him dead, US Navy Lieutenant Lyle Everett tries to patiently apply logic to her insane ramblings. Until a bullet whizzes past his head. Finding purposely vague answers at the Defense Intelligence Agency, he realizes the woman is far from crazy. And apparently Lyle’s future is one of extreme importance. But in order to f... more
  • The Subject and the Scientist

    by Montana Stayer
    A morally questionable scientist accidentally created a sentient child in an attempt to save his dying daughter but his daughter died, leaving him with his "experiment".
  • No Man of Woman Born

    by Ana Mardoll
    Destiny sees what others don’t. A quiet fisher mourning the loss of xer sister to a cruel dragon. A clever hedge-witch gathering knowledge in a hostile land. A son seeking vengeance for his father's death. A daughter claiming the legacy denied her. A princess laboring under an unbreakable curse. A young resistance fighter questioning everything he's ever known. A little girl willing to battle a dragon for the sake of a wish. These heroes and heroines emerge from adversity into triumph, recogniz... more
  • Die to Live Again

    by David Crane
    Tanya Gray made a promise to her father on the day the missiles were launched. She promised to survive the unthinkable. Finding refuge inside a high-tech fallout shelter, she, along with hundreds of survivors, tries to cope with unimaginable grief and suffering. Forced to live underground in a sanctuary run by a tyrannical general, Tanya endures death and hardship, but finds love and hope. Implicated in a plot against the sanctuary's military dictatorship, she and her boyfriend are exiled to di... more

    by K.D. Kern
    When shy seventeen-year-old Riley Borden's abusive stepfather is brutally murdered before her eyes, she bravely tells the authorities exactly who did it: a monster. Not surprisingly the evidence points to her and she's shipped off to a rural Northern California mental institution, leaving her ten-year-old sister in mortal danger at the hands of her deranged aunt. Bedeviled by inmates, emotionally vanquished, Riley becomes convinced that her life is over... but when she awakens to a prese... more
  • Amazing Grace: Book Three of The Grace Lord Series

    by S.E. Sasaki
    Newcomers arrive to the Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station continuously: ships crews, new medical staff, students, casualties within cryopods, new patients, and occasionally the unexpected or unwelcome. When a ship calling itself The Inferno docks at the station, it at first garners little attention. Soon however, a series of events occur to threaten the life of everyone on board the medical station and all organic life in the galaxy. With the station AI and all androids and robots knocked out... more
  • Allyson Best, Code Name: Corn Flower - Stones in a Matrix

    by Jonathan Fore
    Beneath the overgrown aftermath of a global apocalypse, the remains of human civilization struggle and compete for precious resources. Each evacuation center, now a city-state within themselves, guards their resources jealously, violently, even at the end of a millennium of forced captivity. Among these states stood the city of Evaone. They hold the only known source of power gems, and all the other city-states want them. Reduced to steam technology and black powder weapons, power crystals ... more
  • Dove Keeper

    by Emily Deibler

    Some doors are best left closed. 

    1918. World War I. Rennes, France. Thirteen-year-old Marcy, the executioner's overprotected daughter, desperately craves companionship and latches onto the first person she meets after her home life becomes maddening. But when Marcy visits her mysterious friend's manor and curiosity takes over, what terrible secrets will she discover, and can she be saved in time?

    In the vein of Crimson Peak,&n... more

  • Blizzard

    by Mikayla Elliot
    Desperate to find her niece Neva is willing to do anything to get her back, but the path she follows unveils a dark past with volatile truths, and a present intertwined with unforgiving consequences. In a race against time and dire odds, Neva embarks on a journey that will forever change the lives of those she knows and loves, as well as her own.
  • The Knights of Betha: Volume 1: The Beast Master

    by EJ Samuwel


    If you love JK Rowling’s #HarryPotter movie series or George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones #GoT episodic book series produced by #HBO then you will love the latest New York bestsellers series from the mind of EJ Samuwel entitled “the Knights of Betha.”

    This romantic, sci-fi action saga is set in a medieval world where war is common and survival is a daily struggle. Betha must persevere to overcome beasts, barbarians, ice Vi... more

  • The One and Only (The ELI Chronicles) (Volume 1)

    by Julia Ash

    When bioterrorism threatens to obscure humanity, one woman has the power to restore hope.

    Ruby Spencer plans to resign from the U.S. Special Warfare Council. With an escalating Extinction Level Infection (ELI), the SWC needs the best minds acutely focused on the fight ahead. Yet motherhood has shifted her priorities. She’s preoccupied with her newborn’s health and safety. So resigning is the right choice.

    For her last assignment, the SWC sends Ruby and husband... more

  • The Abduction Chronicles

    by Thomas L. Hay
    Who are the abductors? Where are they hiding? What do they want? In order to prevent the extinction of mankind, Tom must embark on a mission to uncover the mysterious secrets behind his abductions. A story based on some true life events of the author blended with his vivid imagination.