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  • Panglossian: Quasi-Daisy

    by M. K. Bingman
    Faith, an anomaly to the human race, must defend herself, her world, and her universe from certain doom after accidentally injuring a monster she runs into at her high school graduation. Her adventures lead her and a Watcher known as The Man, to the planet Quii, a city-planet outside her own universe that potentially holds a key to stopping the end of planet Earth. On Quii, secrets come out and they learn truths about the mysterious Rymuth Elves, the planet's only inhabitants.
  • Nightstalkers: The Extinction Event

    by Jasper T. Scott
    Everything changed the day that they arrived… Adam and Kimberly Hall are enjoying a quiet suburban life when an emergency message flashes up on their phones—meteor impact imminent, seek immediate shelter. The shock wave rages through South Austin like a hurricane, and then horrific creatures come crawling out of the impact craters.
  • Blaze of Anger

    by Melanie Bokstad Horev
    A Dystopian Thriller about the Bionic Boy of the Union In the divided world of Eden 4023, anger is illegal, hidden, and suppressed. Doctor Tanger, the new hunter of angry people, is struggling to cope with the loss of a boy who changed his life. With the help of an orphan girl, Dancer, Tanger embarks on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers secrets about his past, the world he lives in, and the unexpected places where anger blazes. As Tanger is torn between loyalty and love, he encounters t... more
  • Angels

    by Len Gizinski
    In this thrilling sequel to The Metal Within, Simon commits two full CYBER teams to take down a warlord pimp of a vast trafficking cartel operating in a place only known as Witch City, but the mission escalates beyond what they anticipated.
  • The Metal Within

    by Len Gizinski
    An action-packed sci-fi saga. In a dystopian future, six upstanding survivors from varied backgrounds are kidnapped by a covert government agency - to be recruited for its next autonomous team of cybernetic agents.
  • We The People

    by Michael Raymond
    In a world teetering on the edge of annihilation, the devastating aftermath of nuclear bombs lays waste to countless cities, plunging economies into chaos and governments into a frantic scramble for survival. Amidst the chaos, a clandestine force known as 'The People' emerges, demanding the disarmament and dissolution of all militaries. Meet Cliff Tanner, a brilliant CIA operative thrust into a desperate race against time. As governments reluctantly comply with The People's demands, Tanne... more
  • Far Removed (The Apidecca Duology Book 1)

    by C. B. Lansdell

    On the moon of Knyadrea, the sea yields intelligent life. For a species shaped by tides, change is the only constant.

    Charismatic and innovative, Oklas Sayve has risen to prominence in Apidecca, the moon's capital city. A politician and college director, he has the resources to effect the changes he envisions for the world. But the sovereigns he serves oppose him at every turn and his status cannot protect the low-strata students attending his college. After a young knyad i... more

  • Subjugation

    by Erik A. Otto

    Subjugation follows Proliferation as the third installment in the Detonation science fiction series, taking place a hundred years after a civilizational fall. In Subjugation, the Essentialist—Spoke war continues in the east, while in the northwest a tense escalation of arms can only lead to more conflict. The fate of the continent depends on the endeavors of Pyke, a cursed advocate for foreign dignitaries in game show-governed Aspen, and Cecile, a long-time Spoke supporter from Quebec C... more

  • Cyrus Stone: Hunter of Evil

    by Adam Cagley

    Cyrus Stone, a fearsome but childish monster hunter, must save his unfortunate hometown from a doomsday preacher with suspicious motives and an even more suspicious origin in this genre-bending horror-comedy inspired by "Army of Darkness", "Hellboy" and "The Dark Tower". 

    There’s a hole like a pit in the desert. At the bottom rests a town that time forget. They call it Gulchy’s Gulch and some folk say its a breeding gr... more

  • Falling Stars

    by Julie Rogers
    Tommy Lucas needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. But he's convinced his cancer is a curse on his bloodline, that he's a vampire. His mom June is an oncologist and allows soft practice of his fantasy because she doesn't want him to lose hope. Tommy’s stoked when he discovers a five-part series in an online pulp fiction magazine about urban legend Viscount Claudius Fallon. Fallon, a dhampyre from Cardiff, traveled to Eureka Springs seeking a cure for his own leukemia during WWII. Tommy... more
  • Chasing Shadows: Convocation

    by Zachariah Jones
    After solving the case of Sarah O’Connell’s death in Saint Paul, Jarek Videni is back and ready to work on his next assignment. He has been summoned to Deadwood to seek out a woman named Ulrika Johnston. However, it doesn't take long for Jarek to realize there is more at play in this small western town than just the single case. Jarek uncovers a far more sinister mystery of almost fifty young women gone missing. The town is shrouded in darkness, and Jarek's abilities are threatened as his que... more
  • Silence of the Stars

    by Patrick Leitzen
    Brought back from the brink of death and separated from his son, archaeologist James Enoch finds himself forcibly conscripted into a mission that has taken him six lightyears from Earth. Lania Surkov, the crew's lead engineer, wants nothing more than to finish her job and repair her tarnished standing with the Terran Coalition. After a series of critical failures, they find themselves at the center of an interplanetary conflict that will not only decide their fates, but the very fate of humanity... more
  • Where Madness Lies

    by Heidi K. Allen

    Her visions foretell darkness…but no one believes.

    Alex is cursed and miserable. Hospitalized once again for the devastating visions she struggles to control, the lonely mortuary technician longs for her safe and quiet life away from the living.

    But after befriending a depressed, anorexic waif in her ward, Alex is stunned when the stranger reveals herself as Artemis…the former Greek Goddess of the Hunt.

    Alex agrees to help her distraught new friend uncover the ... more

  • Burning Man

    by K. Pimpinella
    Book #2 of the Time Ranger Series Commander Sawyer and his team are back. Weapons from the future have infiltrated the American Revolution. What lines will be crossed to save the future of Utopia? And which future will Commander Sawyer save?
  • Eminence Rising

    by Thomas Owais Campbell
    Orphaned and alone. Eros Wolf is a brilliant, gifted, but socially awkward, misunderstood young student. Determined to succeed and armed with only sheer will, he learns to control his dangerous potent abilities before they consume him. Graduating from law school at the age of nineteen. He quickly gains fame and attention when his past unexpectedly comes back to haunt him in horrifying ways. Eros must control his abilities, while combating his enemies without losing all he is and those he love... more
  • The Blessing Giver

    by Cindy Gunderson
    The Blessing Giver is a fantasy romance novel. Rayelle, born to dedicate her life to service within a magical order is faced with a man, Paladin, being sentenced to death on her consecration day. She has to choose whether to follow the path she's been taught or question it and endanger the realm in order to help him survive.