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  • The Light after the Orange

    by Beverley J. Hall

    Eighteen-year-old Alex Chegasa, one of the first generation to be raised on post-apocalyptic Earth, was taught to embrace her magical gifts.

    After the Orange, as the planet burned, magic trickled in. The bombs that had wiped out most life ripped open the barrier between worlds. Can the next generation, connected to the magic, be the solution to mankind’s problems or are they destined to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors?

    Did the Orange, the very thing that ravaged the p... more

  • Blanchland Blues

    by Tom Dell'Aringa
    Since being dishonorably discharged from the Star Corps, pilot John MacAlister has been struggling to make ends meet with less-than-legal cargo runs across the cosmos. He’s desperate to get his life back, but every time John thinks he’s found that “one last job,” some new disaster lands him back at square one. After he crashes on the Moon, John finds himself in debt to a shady lawyer who makes him an offer he can’t refuse: Locate teenage runaway Meryl Amelson and bring her back or rot in jail... more
  • Dark Sun

    by Melissa Marr
  • Alien Redemption

    by Gloria Oliver

    First Contact gone terribly wrong.

    All Claudia wanted to do was escape the mistakes of the past and start over. But when she answers an ad for a medical officer on a merchant ship in the Fringes, the captain recognizes her and blackmails her into taking the job.

    She finds out that not only can Captain Bennet not pass up a bargain, neither will he allow morals to hold him back from climbing the power ladder at the borders of the Dominion. Can Claudia stop the impen... more

  • Jewel of the Gods

    by Gloria Oliver

    A man unwillingly altered by magic.

    When fate sends Red and his crewmates to the coveted port of Syrras, it is an opportunity he plans to take full advantage of. Unfortunately, his search for a little adventure hands him a lot more than he ever bargained for.

    Changed by unknown magics into something other than himself, he's told a terrible secret. One he must now help protect, even as he is tasked to find those responsible. Failure will cost him his body, his ... more

  • Inner Demons

    by Gloria Oliver

    It took everything from me, except revenge!

    One moment I am sitting down to a cup of tea; the next, I'm on a dark street with a set of headlights coming right at me.

    Not only am I not where I'm supposed to be, but I have three months of missing time. In that period, I ruined my best friend's wedding, blackmailed my boss, turned my back on my family and heritage, and worse.

    I'm sure I've lost my mind until I meet Jensen White, an ex-priest... more

  • The Price of Mercy

    by Gloria Oliver

    Which is worse...the monster within or without?

    Jarrin Lestrave thought things were bad when he was forced to become a gigolo to a lusty baroness. When she drops him for a new lover, he sneaks into an imperial ball hoping to find a new patroness. Yet when the moment comes, he leaves his mystery lady with nothing more than a kiss.

    Before the next day has barely begun, Jarrin is condemned for treason, his attempted escape thwarted by the mysterious Twelve. Then he l... more

  • Vassal of El

    by Gloria Oliver

    Torn between two worlds, will he be able to save either of them?

    Torren wanted nothing more than to forget his past and endure the life it had forced upon him. One small, begrudging act of kindness, however, embarks him on a path that will bring him face to face with everything he has so heartily attempted to avoid.

    In so doing, events that seemed to have no bearing on his old life now appear to be tangled with it and his present.

    Caught between the world of... more

  • The Scepter of Amon

    by David Pontier
    Kill the treasure-hoarding monster, find the ancient artifact, and deliver it to the wizard. Every adventurer knows the drill. But what if that adventurer is a troll? The wizard has run out of heroes to send after the Scepter of Amon, so he picks Kevrin, a troll who desires to be human. He is powerful, resilient, and just a little bit scared of fire. A simple magical disguise allows Kevrin to interact with other humans, but can Kevrin fit in? He can’t read. He doesn’t understand sarcasm. And ... more
  • The Devil's Trill

    by N.B. Saltsman
    She devoted her life to studying demons. She never knew one of them was studying her. As a child, Kayla’s sister tried to scare her by showing her a horror movie about demons. Instead, it grew into a fascination, and then a career. Kayla now travels around the globe studying demonology and possession beliefs from every culture imaginable. Though enriching, her career has convinced her beyond a shadow of a doubt that demons aren’t real. Until she meets Elisa Watkins. Elisa’s possession is lik... more
  • Space Village One

    by Bob Price
    Escaping an abusive partner is as tough in 2060 as it was in 2020. You just have further to run. Running as far away as possible was top of Melissa’s list especially as her husband was President of an authoritarian regime the British Democratic Republic. Finding a neutral haven close enough to reach quickly key to her escape plan. Hence she chose Space Village One a neutral colony of settlers orbiting two hundred and fifty miles above the Earth. These days the only safe haven for anyone not wan... more
  • Up to the Challenge

    by Maria V. Snyder
    Magic, murder, mayhem and military missions gone sideways! New York Times bestselling author Maria V. Snyder has written it all, proving she’s Up to the Challenge no matter the story. Bringing together Maria V. Snyder’s many fantasy and science fiction short stories, this collection showcases her talent for crafting engaging worlds and is a perfect introduction for new readers as well as a must-have for her loyal fans. Meet Mongrel as she protects an injured “dog” from those seeking t... more
  • Ten Worlds Away

    by Christopher Mari



    A woman visits her teenage grandfather on the day he meets her grandmother. A young married couple comes to a fork in humanity’s road on Mars. A detective meets an unusual amnesiac in postwar New York City. A pair of explorers confront a frozen sky. An old man questions his sanity when he begins receiving strange calls. A little girl spends one last day with her beloved father before he goes off to war. A man loses the ability to worr... more

  • The Prince's Poisoned Vow

    by Hailey Turner
    Three separated siblings learn to live different lives on a poisonous planet where cities are walled off from the walking dead and the star gods vie for recognition and power through proxy fights. Eimarille is meant to rule a divided country, even if it means war. Soren was meant to die, but he survives in the poison fields and draws the attention of a foreign prince, further complicating Eimarille’s plans. Caris is ignorant of her past, but that won’t keep her from a future the gods have writte... more
  • Utopia Project- The Frayed Threads of Hope

    by Billy Dering
    With the earth in ruins, a small survivor group from New Jersey, led by Kid Carlson, is racing towards Vermont in a desperate attempt to save Evelyn Hyland. After the daring rescue of a survivor on a snowy mountain peak, the group is confronted by a swarm of Utopia Project mercenaries around Rutland, Vermont. Kid and his group go on the run and are chased south, back to the coast of New Jersey. After a shocking revelation, survivor Heidi Leer relives a traumatic incident from her past and be... more