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  • Disenchanted

    by Brianna Sugalski

    Tangled meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this Breton folklore-inspired dark fantasy, brimming with wry humor, epic adventure, and an irresistible romance.

    At the peak of the Breton Renaissance, Lilac Trécesson is held prisoner in her own castle after a most wicked secret is revealed on the eve of her fifteenth birthday. Years later, her Accession looms upon her father's decision to abdicate, and between town riots and the noble family bent on snatching her t... more

  • A Seat for the Rabble

    by Ryan Schuette
    Centuries ago, the peasants of Loran killed their king. The more powerful classes—lords, priests, and merchants—exacted revenge by stripping the lowborn of their seats in the Worthy Assembly, where all subjects make laws with the crown. Consumed by unchecked greed and corruption, Loran now teeters on a knife’s edge . . . and there is no end to the terror and injustice visited on Commoners. As the priestking’s loyalists ruthlessly seize peasant children and plot their coup, Jason Warchild sees... more
  • Resonant

    by Robert Leet
    As an aging mathematician and his coterie of friends begin to decipher the language of humpback whales the find their discoveries lead to new insights into the nature of numbers, the structure of matter and even the origin of the universe. They also lead to conflict with the U.S.Navy and the whales themselves.
  • Thin Places

    by Barbara Cottrell
    Bodies falling from the sky, a serial killer on the loose, and endless bureaucracy. Winter quarter has begun at Miskatonic University. Ellen Logan wants nothing more than to join the school’s “special program”, but the administration refuses to admit her. Then there’s the charismatic celebrity who’s stalking her. A man who claims he’s a demon from another world. When her friend is kidnapped, Ellen once again teams up with Professor Andrew Carter. Their investigations lead them to the s... more
  • Pacific State

    by Grant Price
    On the streets of Berlin all morals can be bought for a price, and Owen Resler sold his long ago. Once an underground dissenter, now a corporate drone, he spends his days reluctantly manipulating data for Big Pharma. Across town, notorious gun-for-hire Mia Warsaw is putting together a team to assassinate one of the city's more unscrupulous business moguls—and she needs someone to handle the ones and zeroes. When Warsaw crosses paths with an increasingly desperate Resler, she hands the former rad... more
  • Green Corrosion

    by Costi Gurgu
    The devastating Black Rain has transformed the once-lush land into an arid wasteland, turning all water into a gel-like substance across the globe. Fresh, drinkable water has become the planet’s most precious commodity, sought after by all. Some have chanced upon underground liquid reserves, while those with no choice but to drink gelled water become “Corrosives,” disfigured by a verdigrislike substance covering their bodies. The Golden Tower of Prince Boris shines above the otherwise derel... more
  • Face in the Snow

    by M. A. Csortos
    After the death of her grandmother and the disappearance of her mother, Jukie Samantha Evans quickly becomes a ward of the State and is placed with a family as a foster kid, something she never believed possible. She blames herself for her mother’s disappearance and is haunted by the manifestation that reached up from the snow and took her. Was it a demon or the part of her that directs people into believing she has the power to bring back the dead? Jukie soon learns the curse is a family heirlo... more
  • The Thirteenth Book

    by M. A. Csortos
    On his deathbed Martie Thurston’s father begs her to complete his last book. The manuscript has to be finished by her hand. The curse from years ago stipulates it to be completed before her father can be released into the afterlife. The covenant can only be broken if the thirteenth book is finished. Yet Martie is hesitant to abide by her father’s wishes. The curse has ramifications that destroyed her family and will most assuredly take her. Will she have the courage to accept the request and stu... more

    by Julea Payton


    In a realm gleaming with perpetual light, there is a portal to the world's mirror land. Sebastian.of Zelal, the Queen Regent's Assassin, knows the stories. He always believed they were a lie. He's about to find out for certain.

    The Regent wants full control, even at the expense of her son, who has yet to ascend the throne. Sebastian is given the mission to find the portal and get to its other side. Retrieving the ... more

  • Grendel Wept

    by C. P. Serret


    Juliet died for love… only twice.

    Defrocked archaeologist Dr Julian Corbin searches dead and forgotten things for signs of the unspeakable Other. Alien dreams and waking visions of lost civilisations have always haunted him, but now a serial killer is leaving a trail of grisly murals in his footsteps.

    Amid his surreality, love seems an impossible dream. But Maaike, a young Egyptologist, is too determined to ignore. She harbours he... more

  • Panglossian: Quasi-Daisy

    by M. K. Bingman
    Faith, an anomaly to the human race, must defend herself, her world, and her universe from certain doom after accidentally injuring a monster she runs into at her high school graduation. Her adventures lead her and a Watcher known as The Man, to the planet Quii, a city-planet outside her own universe that potentially holds a key to stopping the end of planet Earth. On Quii, secrets come out and they learn truths about the mysterious Rymuth Elves, the planet's only inhabitants.
  • Nightstalkers: The Extinction Event

    by Jasper T. Scott
    Everything changed the day that they arrived… Adam and Kimberly Hall are enjoying a quiet suburban life when an emergency message flashes up on their phones—meteor impact imminent, seek immediate shelter. The shock wave rages through South Austin like a hurricane, and then horrific creatures come crawling out of the impact craters.
  • Blaze of Anger

    by Melanie Bokstad Horev
    A Dystopian Thriller about the Bionic Boy of the Union In the divided world of Eden 4023, anger is illegal, hidden, and suppressed. Doctor Tanger, the new hunter of angry people, is struggling to cope with the loss of a boy who changed his life. With the help of an orphan girl, Dancer, Tanger embarks on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers secrets about his past, the world he lives in, and the unexpected places where anger blazes. As Tanger is torn between loyalty and love, he encounters t... more
  • Angels

    by Len Gizinski
    In this thrilling sequel to The Metal Within, Simon commits two full CYBER teams to take down a warlord pimp of a vast trafficking cartel operating in a place only known as Witch City, but the mission escalates beyond what they anticipated.
  • The Metal Within

    by Len Gizinski
    An action-packed sci-fi saga. In a dystopian future, six upstanding survivors from varied backgrounds are kidnapped by a covert government agency - to be recruited for its next autonomous team of cybernetic agents.
  • We The People

    by Michael Raymond
    In a world teetering on the edge of annihilation, the devastating aftermath of nuclear bombs lays waste to countless cities, plunging economies into chaos and governments into a frantic scramble for survival. Amidst the chaos, a clandestine force known as 'The People' emerges, demanding the disarmament and dissolution of all militaries. Meet Cliff Tanner, a brilliant CIA operative thrust into a desperate race against time. As governments reluctantly comply with The People's demands, Tanne... more