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  • Samurai Barber Versus Ninja Hairstylist

    by Zed Dee
    Change is in the hair. Ninjas are wreaking havoc by cutting people’s hair without their permission. Behind this follicular terrorism is a master ninja, the Ninja Hairstylist, whose chaotic hairstyle embodies the anarchy that is about to tear the city apart. The Samurai Barber must step up and cut down the evil strands on the Ninja Hairstylist’s head. It is not just keratin that is at stake. The Samurai Barber must fight for one of the cornerstones of modern civilization; the freedom and se... more

    by Boyer Depaul
    Former LAPD Captain Jon Diaz leads a rag-tag militia of humanoid rebels against oppressive government forces in a desperate attempt to avert America’s second civil war. During the Russian War of 2060, U.S. Military scientists launched a secret program designed to create the world’s first army of AI embedded super-soldiers. When chronic, random acts of violence began to plague the subjects, the military terminated the project, releasing the defective humanoids into civilian life. The fear, preju... more
  • Apostle

    by andrew moleschi
    A global pandemic changes all the rules. Governments, corporations, and families face a new reality. Corruption, narcissism, and cruelty surround everyone. A small group of truth-seekers understand the magnitude of the problem. These are, in fact, the end times. On assignment, US military pilot trainee Abigail Parks thinks she succeeds on her mission. Instead, she learns of the highest-level backroom deals to spread the virus and collapse the world’s economy. After escaping from the asylum w... more
  • No Man's Land

    by Ben Magid
    “My name is Rebel Anne Rae… and I am the last remaining human alive on planet Earth.” When the robot uprising began, humans fled a planet in cataclysmic decline — mistakenly leaving behind a solitary girl. Marooned in a dangerous, dystopian world ruled with oppressive technology, Rebel is forced to survive and avoid detection among androids intent on hunting her down. Her only chance for safety lies with Thomas, a young Mech willing to help reunite her with her people. Caught between ... more
  • Christmas Merchandise

    by christmas Merchandise
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  • Wilbur Church (Mini)

    by Caleb Mapp
    When three boys enter a haunted house, assumed to be abandoned. They after find out, that the being is not very friendly.
  • Bound

    by P.L. Sullivan
    Shennan and Adin are two minds joined in a single body, one of the rare Bound. Bred and trained as an elite soldier, they protect the Polis’s clandestine First Contact Teams on new worlds. The Bound can be reanimated into a new body after death, and brutal deaths on hostile worlds are a price they willingly pay to protect the Polis. On Polis worlds, violence is long forgotten; equity and justice are universal. But when peaceful citizens transform into savage killers—the Mad—idyllic Polis worlds ... more
  • Venus Remembered

    by Ray Bradbury & Jason J. Marchi

    Available November 30, 2020 for the 100th anniversary year of the birth of Ray Bradbury

    ​Venus Remember - "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury and the inspired sequel "When the Rain Stops" by Jason Marchi

    ​"There's life on Venus! See for yourself... in two haunting, spectral stories of cold rain, poisoned jungle, and sickened hearts, penned by Ray Bradbury and Jason Marchi. As refreshing as an out-of-nowhere shower on a sun dazzling day." –... more

  • Infernal Stories: Book One

    by Clay Scott Brown
    The beguiling and beautiful Sue Cupperson takes our center stage in this a most pernicious tale of Infernal terror. Gideon’s Acropolis and Sue are soon to have a most grievous encounter. The Gideon Acropolis created by the Craftsman for Gideon to complete his nefarious ends was long considered destroyed. Yet how can it reside in the comfortable home of Cleve and Janey Cupperson? Two high powered Producers in Hollywood. We are soon to find out as Sue Cupperson has come of age. Sue is not th... more
  • Alien In a Small Town

    by Jim Cleaveland
    Several centuries in the future, the Mennonites of rural Pennsylvania live much as they always have, while the world around them has changed enormously. Indira left this place years ago to travel the Earth and beyond, but now for personal reasons she has returned. It is here, of all places, that she encounters "Paul" (his real name unpronounceable), a lumbering, stone-skinned, yet soulful alien who has now settled on Earth as penance for a crime he committed long ago. This is their story.
  • The Mellification

    by Nat Buchbinder

    Holly is a young transgender vampire in an underground society that values patience as their principle virtue.  But as Holly watches his community become more isolated and reluctant to act in the face of danger, he begins to question if it might be better to leave.

    THE MELLIFICATION begins with Holly’s request for a new name, a sacred rite of passage in his colony.  Holly’s request is denied, and he is told by both his spiritual leader Hierophant M... more

  • Void of Power: New Generation (Edition)

    by Andrew C. Raiford

    The Void belongs to everyone and belongs to no one. Because of the Cultural War Treaty, the federal government or any agent under their control cannot enter the Void. Ruled for nearly sixty by gangs and drug cartels, the "settlers" of the Void must live by their wits and their skill at arms.

    Raised by scientists who had been sequestered in an underground complex in the Texas panhandle, the Walsh family employs their genius and talents to forever change the quality of life for ... more

  • Empire's Gate

    by John W. Egan
    Cillian seeks his destiny on the airships of an Airborne Legion. Empire's Gate is a Gaspunk novel, set in a 6th century Roman Empire that has airships and other advances. As his legion deploys to join Belisarius at the Persian border, Cillian learns that enemy airships and armies are not the only threat he faces.
  • To Earn the Sash

    by Derrick Smythe
    Decades before Grobennar earned his place as High Priest, he was just your average seeker-in-training—sort of. Each year the best seekers of the Academy are pitted against one another in a brutal race to capture dark wielders within the city of Sire Karth. The winner earns the glory, the sash, and the assurance that he or she will rise high within the Klerol. Grobennar has rallied others to his cause, but his nemesis, Rajuban, seeks the very same prize and is not without schemes of his own... more
  • End of Pride

    by L J Duncan
    There are two choices in Soteria: follow the rules or die. Tyson Anderson refuses to conform. He needs a third choice. It’s 2059. The air is toxic. The wealthy live underground in prison-like control while the less fortunate fend for themselves on the surface. Tyson is days away from taking part in the compulsory Marriage Lottery. Can he bring himself to marry a stranger, or will he attempt the impossible and try to escape Soteria? Brie Kallas is searching for the same desperate freedom. On ... more
  • Battlefield Russia

    by James Rosone

    Is war on another front…

    …going to lead to defeat?

    Losses in the Pacific have cost the Allies.

    The stakes raise as battlefield tactics and back room diplomacy muddy the waters. Was it a mistake to engage in Russia? Will it cost the President at home? The country is divided. The casualties mount. Has the tide of war shifted from the Allies?

    As the U.S. manufacturing machine struggles to keep up with the demands, the countr... more