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  • A Gathering of Blood and Magic

    by Anne Lee
    Captain Garridan knows his enemy well. The Erepos, whose bite turns humans into zombie-like creatures, have isolated his people from the world. After one of the Infected breaches the city walls, desperation forces Garridan to do the impossible: enter a world of magic to escort his king and plea for aid from the mysterious faerie queen and her princesses, who shut their doors to humanity a thousand years ago. Raised by the cryptic sorcerer liaising the discussions between Garriden’s king and t... more
  • Beyond the Mind

    by Stephan Karen
    Ralph Adrienne is leading an aspiring project to design personality changer implants when he faces a new threat to his career. A change in priorities would impede his project, as the board of directors is planning to invest in a chipset that could record and manipulate memories. As the R&D Chief, he has to investigate the new project's scope, which leads him to get one implanted in his brain. The new chipset would soon change his perception of the world and shed light on the darkest side of his ... more
  • A Lunatic's Laugh

    by S. T. Blake

    After she died that time, she was frozen, waiting for the answer to crash in on her...

    Lilli Ashler was an actor of limited ability who found fame in a play called A Lunatic’s Laugh. Her mediocre talent led gossips to say she must have sold her soul for success. Then she disappeared from public view.

    When Lilli dies, her granddaughter, Dominique, inherits her Gothic Irish mansion. Opposite the mansion stands a notorious asylum where the writer of A Lunatic’s Laugh spen... more

  • Omog’ryl'ak

    by Mark Allen Masson
  • After Thought

    by Nate Eckman
    AFTER THOUGHT is an electrifying and unforgettable dystopian thriller that imagines what society could look like after America’s second Civil War. In the wake of unspeakable violence, the United States adopts a technology to ensure everlasting peace. But one woman, Ada, uncovering her family’s redacted past and a surveillance company’s role in the war, pushes the nation to the brink of an even bloodier conflict. What follows is the immersive account of our heroine, who realizes that she’s m... more
  • Welcome to the Silent Zone: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

    by Viktor Csák
    “You are hunted by the most dangerous animal on the planet.” Years after the outbreak of a mysterious pandemic, hardly any survivors are left in the quarantined wasteland of North America. Hunger and the menace of man-eaters are nothing compared to the ferals – those who were infected and mutated by the virus. The ferals have an unquenchable need to hunt and kill, and even a single bite will quickly transform human into a rabid beast. Two survivors, the pregnant Megan and her brother David, le... more
  • Children of the Unhomed

    by Andy C Wareing
    River should have been heir to the throne of Oceania, but she is held, a prisoner of both the rebel insurrectionists and of the prophecies concealed within her own mind, the same prophecies that hold the secret to the survival of her entire species. In a world ravaged by antimicrobial-resistant disease, a new sovereignty has risen to violent prominence, one founded on the brittle friction between ancient Māori traditions and quantum physics. River’s parents have abandoned her. Three great ga... more

    by J Z York
    Staff Sergeant Grace Woods has had enough of pain. Her assignment as a cryptographer at an underground black site lets her focus on her precision work. She’s in control, shielded from past loss of everyone she loved. But she can’t control the sun. Massive solar flares create electromagnetic pulses, killing electricity on Earth and throwing Grace into a duplicate plane, and duplicate command populated by Fae. Immersed in her new world, threads tying her to a malevolent Fae and her former wor... more

    by Megan Bledsoe

    Magical lore, all the feels, and ominous characters who haunt the page.

    GIRL, INCORRUPTED is about Daphne James, a college senior who sets out to become the kind of girl her boyfriend says he’d marry only to entangle herself with the local vaudeville star, an incorrupt corpse who thinks that Daphne can help reanimate her body.

    With minimal heat and an emphasis on horror, this love-horror hybrid is perfect for fans of dark fantas... more


    by Robert Allen Miltenberg
    Scatius Commodius Lavatorius is Rome's greatest scientist. And for all he's achieved, one question haunts him night and day: Will Rome Survive The Test Of Time?
  • Engelstatt

    by Samuel Church
    On the surface, the mountain town of Engelstatt, Austria is picture-perfect. It offers guests stunning views, fresh air, and the chance to experience an Alpine village untouched by time. For university student Jacob Liro, a school shooting survivor and aspiring artist, it is the perfect place to spend spring break with his classmates and a chance to hit the reset button on his life. What Jacob and his class don’t know is that beneath its fairy-tale facade, something sinister lies in wait in the ... more
  • Changeling

    by Arista Holmes
    Changeling, is a portal contemporary fantasy about Lizzy Hail, a fey determined to find out what happened to her mother, who went missing during a trip to the mortal realm. Only when Lizzy highjacks a portal illegally to follow her mum's trail, she and her best friend discover a world hundreds of years more advanced than their own, and full of vampires.
  • Blahom

    by April Q. Russell
    Despite the long war that rages around her, Blahom leads a sheltered but enviable life as a young Black royal until everything is shattered by a shocking vision and a single act of deception. Beautiful, poised, and adored by the Zaed society her family rules over, Blahom has spent her young life preparing for her future as a ruler and royal. The war between her people, who value a connection to God and culture, and the Delions, who aim to rule Sirius with technology, has raged on for years-b... more
  • The Two-Headed Lady at the End of the World: A Romance Hotter Than a Thousand Suns

    by Mark Miller
    The Two Headed Lady at the End of the World is an epic love story about a set of conjoined twins and the men who love them; two soldiers stranded in a long-forgotten ,underground military base; and a sentient CPU who falls for a Pentagon fax machine. Amanda and Miranda Morgan are run of the mill twins in East Texas, navigating the trials and tribulations of teen romance in the 80s. But what starts as Sweet Valley High turns into Dr. Strangelove when the secret government particle collider pro... more
  • A Crack in the World: Injira, Book I

    by Deborah L. Rhodes
    Shona was supposed to die at birth-- buried alive in an obscure grave in the mountains of her island home. The Ocan Elders, heeding the prophecies, decreed that it must be so. But Shona didn’t die. And now the Ocan people fear that their secret existence and the safety of the world are in jeopardy unless they can find her before anyone outside of their mysterious island discovers who and what she truly is. Blending elements of speculative fiction (i.e., fantasy and science fiction), A Crack... more
  • In the Woods, Dark & Deep: 9 Stories of Speculative Fiction

    by D. L. Rhodes
    Speculative Fiction is a mixed bag--sometimes it’s Horror, other times Science Fiction or Fantasy or Magical Realism or even just a touch of weirdness tucked into the corners of everyday life. This story collection runs the gamut with characters like a monstrous mother from hell and a little boy who rises from the grave, in addition to modern day witches and ogres. Some of them are deadly serious, others are playful. And then there are those who are full of the stuff of which nightmares are made... more