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  • Transcendence

    by Johanna Kristin Ellerup

    Synopsis – Transcendence


         A pharmacist is murdered and instantly transcends through a quantum field into a simultaneous parallel universe here on earth where she meets the old woman she instantly realizes is the reason for her mission. Juxtaposed to the pharmacist, the old woman’s life and demeanor is a subtle, yet profoundly impactful one, where an innate understanding of life’s hidden meanings reside. The pharmacist initiates her missi... more

  • Transcendence

    by Johanna Kristin Ellerup
    An unusual look at life, life after death, and reincarnation as told by a murder victim's spirit as it seeks to answer the ageless question - Why are we here? A pharmacist is murdered for investigating an international cartel and descends into a parallel, quantum universe where she believes her goal is to reunite her orphaned pets with a uniquely gifted, older woman. What follows is the intermingling of the lives of otherwise unrelated people, leading to the healing of old wo... more
  • The Blue Moon

    by Christopher Webster
    It is a hopeless future. Forced to flee a toxic earth, humanity has found a new life among the stars. Some hold out hope that a new home can be found—a planet called Eden Star—but that dream is mostly forgotten. While travelling between space ports, an old laborer with nothing to live for saves two young children when their transport ship is destroyed. Set adrift in a cramped escape pod, they begin to lose hope of rescue until a strange alien moon reveals itself to them. Together, the ca... more
  • I Am Not Thirteen

    by A.O. Monk

    The day before her twenty-sixth birthday, Amy Snowberger's sister pulls a knife on her in church. She escapes, alive but wounded, and goes home to be with her mom. The next morning, she finds that her wound's healed, but she finds that everything, including her family and her own body, is exactly as it was on her thirteenth birthday. Nobody seems to remember the last half of her life. She now has the unenviable task of figuring out how she got back here, and how she can get back, if s... more

  • Earth Quarantined

    by Jewel Hart
    When the virus which killed millions of people is gone, humanity lives in a planet-wide quarantine enforced by an alien species. The year is 2355. The deadly virus that killed millions of people is gone, thanks to the quarantine measures put in place by the Criterion, an alien species who appeared just in time to save the human race. In exchange for complying with their tough control measures, the Criterion promised us the technology for interstellar travel. We’ve done all they’ve asked, yet ... more
  • Fortune's Fool: A Gideon Quinn Case (The Fortune Chronicles Book 3)

    by Kathleen McClure
    Ex-thief, ex-soldier, and ex-convict Gideon Quinn is just getting used to being Nike's first and only private facilitator when he's thrust into a missing person's case that comes with more than a few ghosts. Will Gideon be able to find Nike's lost souls without losing his own?
  • Kingdom: Tiber City Blues

    by Anderson ODonnell
    Kingdom: Tiber City Blues In a secret laboratory hidden under the desert, a covert bioengineering project—codename “Exodus”—has discovered the gene responsible for the human soul. Somewhere in the neon sprawl outside the nation’s collapsing economic core, a group of renegade monks are on the verge of uncovering a secret that has eluded mankind for centuries. In a glittering tower high above the urban decay, an ascendant U.S. Senator is found dead—an apparent, yet inexplicable, suicide. And i... more
  • Children of Semyaza (The Ambler Accounts Book 1)

    by Kevin C. Noel

    Everybody hates Garrick. 
    Garrick is a stoic teenager in 1950s New England who is constantly plagued by panic attacks brought on by peculiar dreams of a 15th century Lithuanian noble called Volant Kesgaila. 
    He struggles with the changing moods of an alcoholic father and bullying at school. At the center of all his woes is his cousin, Celina, who uses her peculiar influence over people to make his life a living hell. 
    This all changes when Garrick is approached b... more

  • The Coordinate

    by Marc Jacobs
    Logan West and Emma James grew up together but are now high school seniors going in totally opposite directions after graduation. When they are assigned to work together on one last history project, they hardly expect the monotony of high school life to change. Instead, as they decode a series of unexplained clues hidden within their history project itself, Logan and Emma manage to unfold an ancient mystery that has baffled scientists and archeologists, one with powerful implications for the pre... more
  • The Galactic Adventures of Hazel - Gurecoa

    by Starlight (Author)
    What is it like to live in 4519 AD in a suspended town in the Earth’s Stratosphere and commute to school in your Inter Galactic Vehicle? How far do the adventures take you? In this story, you will find yourself traveling with Hazel, Richie and their alien best friend, Dmitri, on an exciting roller coaster of ride of electrifying but perilous adventures from Mars to Enceladus, from Gly to Drethna. You will have to deal with the annoying doorbell, alien creatures and beings, while on a journey to ... more
  • Determinate

    by jdgray1425
    Love blossoms in a future utopian society, while evil lurks on the fringes. Half a world away, war threatens all of civilization. Humanity has learned it shares this new future with an emerging species of its own making, a species that once threatened extinction for all. But what are the true intentions of these beings? Beginning near the present day, the narrative explores the origins of preeminent technologies and the resulting political, social, and religious entanglements that follow. Four p... more
  • Deathling alters

    by zurian qariuqi
    when the body of Michael Twais,a billionaire philanthropist is discovered horribly maimed his daughter Ruby embarks on the task of finding the killer. she is however confronted with the ugly truth as she discovers that the killer is not done until all the members of the Twais family are destroyed from the face of the earth. Meanwhile the lead detective on the case is troubled as he comes to the the realization that Konza city is under attack not from an ordinary death lord but the master of them... more
  • Elysia: The Wasteworld

    by Skye Sweven
    The world is in catastrophe. The Great War has devastated the globe. All governments have lost their power and the systems that hold everything together are falling apart at the seams. And then there is Elysia--the last standing paradise on Earth. However, it is in a secluded place, out of reach of anyone who is ineligible of entering the city. Would Erik, a reckless blond boy with a Cadillac and Jessica, who grew up to be a ruthless, independent woman, be able to team up and reach Elysia in sea... more
  • Shape of Secrets (46. Ascending)

    by S.R. Cronin
    Seven year old Zane vowed to become a superhero. As a child too smart to fit in, he studied chameleons and muscle groups to learn to alter his appearance. Now Zane is starting his first job at Penthes Pharmaceuticals, where he finds layers of corporate secrets and learns knowledge can be dangerous. Good thing he excels at blending in. Once upper management discovers him, life gets more complicated. A sales trip to the South Pacific leaves Zane dealing with an unsolved murder, an unsavory boo... more
  • Convergence, A The Earthside Trilogy Novel (The Earthside Trilogy)

    by Sherri Moorer
    It’s been 129 years since humanity discovered nanotechnology and two alien races in The Earthside Trilogy. Willow Lanier, the great-great granddaughter to the leader of one of the alien movements, has been banished from Earth for launching a cybertec virus in a political statement against the cybernetic aliens. She’s sentenced to Kuiper Station One along with a scientific contingency and nine other prisoners involved in her plot. The catch: their mission is a secret study on a spatial anomaly in... more
  • Vazdrag: Silver Tears Book 3

    by Daniel J. Strait
    Three of the five members of The Prophecy have been found. Nakiata who is a Shadow of Thought or S.O.T. master along with Dravone, a Morphan which is like a werewolf, and Ka'tia, the newest member who is a princess from Zondura and a fierce warrior. They had just walked through the Black Door on Zondura and find themselves lost in the dark. Eventually the three of them loosely ally themselves with the Roarrgs who send them on a mission in exchange for knowledge about The Prophecy. Before long th... more