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  • Independent Delhi Escorts

    by Jeny Roy
  • Conquer

    by Edward M. Erdelac
    From the pages of Occult Detective Quarterly... CONQUER! Calm, Cool, Collected. In 1976 Harlem, He’s the man you call when your hair stands up… He’s JOHN CONQUER, P.I. From Hoodoo doctors and Voodoo Queens, The cat they call Conquer’s down on the scene! With a dime on his shin and a pocket of tricks, A gun in his coat and an eye for the chicks. Uptown and Downton, Harlem to Brooklyn, Wherever the brothers find trouble is brewin,’ If you’re swept with a broom, or your tracks have b... more
  • Black Bubbles

    by Kelli Owen
    Horror is pessimism at its bleakest. Worst-case scenario. The darker side of reality. The glass half-empty. The situation unfathomable. In Black Bubbles, Kelli Owen presents classic genre tropes—ghosts, murderers, zombies, what you'd expect (sans sharks)—but it's the characters, rather than the tropes, that experience the story, speak of the horrors, and sometimes survive the inevitable. Sometimes. A decades-old crime shocks a family as evidence points to one of their own…An ancient evil hitc... more
  • Burner

    by Robert Ford


    It’s terrifying how quickly everything can be taken away from you. Iris learns this agonizing lesson in the blink of an eye. Her future dreams. Her past life. Everything gone in a storm of pain. But this pain is only the beginning.


    Audrey had the perfect life. Great husband, beautiful daughter, lots of money. Except her husband isn’t the man she thought he was. Her dead husband’s burner phone was bad. The Polaroids were worse. But the secrets sh... more

  • Orange City

    by Lee Matthew Goldberg
    Imagine a secret, hidden city that gives a second chance at life for those selected to come: felons, deformed outcasts, those on the fringe of the Outside World. Everyone gets a job, a place to live; but you are bound to the city forever. You can never leave. Its citizens are ruled by a monstrous figure called the "Man" who resembles a giant demented spider from the lifelike robotic limbs attached to his body. Everyone follows the man blindly, working hard to make their Promised Land stronge... more
  • The Gods of Ahman-Tahk, the Prologue

    by Maria Mathis

    The Gods of Ahman-Tahk, the Prologue is the first book in a series about Tuyouk, an alien warrior who has the misfortune of crossing paths with the evil empress, Belall. When Tuyouk betrays her domineering affection by leading her enemies in a coup, Belall vows to make him suffer. Told hundreds of years later by Tuyouk's younger brother, this story moves between Tuyouk's twisted relationship with Belall on Ahman-tahk to modern day Oakland, California where he continues his war wi... more

  • The Artifacts: A Flint Hills Story

    by Eric T. Reynolds
    The abandoned house in the country. In a state of decay, its walls have witnessed the triumphs and tragedies of generations. There’s nothing left but memories forgotten. If you believe that, you haven't been inside. . . Kayla buys a house in the Flint Hills town of Sycamore Falls, Kansas. The property includes a dilapidated old house out back. Within its deteriorating walls, she gains insights to the old house’s past, of Sycamore Falls, and perhaps ways to help revitalize the town, which ha... more
  • A Hymn for the Dying

    by J. L. Doty
    At sixteen years of age, Mathius’s life is focused on scrounging bits of food in the midst of a five-way civil war on the planet Novalis III. Two government factions and three rebel factions are all hell-bent on killing one another, and the civilian population is caught in the middle. If Mathius doesn’t find food, he and his father, mother and sister will go hungry for the day, a not unusual occurrence. Mathius must also avoid the rebel factions, who frequently kidnap young boys and force them t... more
  • Iron Dogs

    by Neil Chase
    In 1873 New Mexico, six outlaws find themselves trapped in a freshly deserted town, only to be hunted by a malevolent creature that seemingly cannot be killed. Thinking it to be a Strigoi Morti, a monstrosity that can only be harmed while feeding on the living, the surviving few are faced with an agonizing choice. Who will they sacrifice so the others may escape alive?
  • The Dead Don't Drink at Lafitte's

    by Seana Kelly
    I’m Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd owner of the Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. Things have been busy lately. While the near-constant attempts on my life have ceased, I now have a vampire gentleman caller. I’ve been living with Clive and the rest of his vampires for a few weeks while the Slaughtered Lamb is being rebuilt. It’s going about as well as you’d expect. My mother was a wicche and long dormant abilities are starting to make themselves known. If I’d had a choice, necromancy wou... more
  • Ghost River

    by Chad Ryan

    Everything dies in the desert.

    Orphan Rock, that little sundown town in the middle of the Ghost River Nation. Locals call the land haunted. Wiser folk call it cursed.

    Whatever the case may be, something evil’s stirring under the dirt. This is the story about the folks who still live out there.

    And the dead ones too.

    Part horror, part American magical realism, Chad Ryan’s Ghost River is a dark, gritty, and desolate journey into the peaks and gulches of the h... more

  • The Curse of the Nine

    by Luna Stone
    Embark on a journey infused with magic, destiny, and suspense. Witness two strangers form an unlikely fellowship forged out of the necessity to evade a common foe.
  • Mortal Blow

    by Eliza Hendrix
    She's feisty. She's fearless. And her weapon of choice is sex. Thousand-year-old succubus Alexis Rayne is a hired killer with a long history of legal name changes, a severe drinking problem, and the ability to bring any man or woman to their knees. During a recent job, however, she screws up big time; someone sees her, and now she’s forced to track the bastard down to tie up loose ends. During all of this, her boss calls her up to offer her the job of a lifetime. The only problem is, th... more
  • The Tannhäuser: A Swan Knights Story

    by Stefan Scheuermann

    The Tannhäuser, a legendary knight, poet, and lover, roams through an adventurous life.

    Wikerus, a young German noble joins the Teutonic Order of knights and fights in the Fifth Crusade. He meets the Swan Knight, the sworn protector of the Holy Grail, and becomes his steward. After the crusade, Wikerus lives in a secluded Bavarian valley with the Swan Knight’s family. He finds love and fear, bliss and more war. He escapes his previous life and roams the Holy Roman Empire as a... more

  • Sanctuary (The Dark Days Series Book 2)

    by Christopher Cole
    In the midst of looking for sanctuary in the badlands, Sonny and his friends make it to Fort Gold Rush. A militarized city providing protection from the zombies and predators beyond its walls. However, the military leaders recognize the city’s safety as a sanctuary is only temporary unless they train the next generation of defenders. It’s there that Sonny is introduced to Grim, an unlikely anti-hero who becomes the singularly most important influence in Sonny’s life.As he and his friends adapt t... more
  • Luray

    by Dennis Haupt

    One of humanity's colonies makes contact with an alien civilization that calls itself the Aurigan Empire. The empire politely demands the United Earth Military's unconditional and immediate surrender and sends wave after wave of warships.

    Strangely, the Aurigan ships are technologically inferior, lack any sort of effective weaponry and are easily shot down - or so the UEM claims. When the colony's investors start getting nervous, acclaimed risk assessment agent Luray Ulyssa ... more