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  • Home Rule (The Tribal Wars Book 3)

    by Stella Atrium
    Photojournalist Hershel Henry witnesses the self-torchings of tribal women protesting to the oppressive rule of Rabbenu Ely. While Brianna Miller seeks peace among the tribes, Kelly sets the bride price for a wedding at Stargate Junction.
  • By a Silver Thread (DFZ Changeling Book 1)

    by Rachel Aaron
    BY A SILVER THREAD is a fast-paced Urban Fantasy featuring cunning fae, a kind heroine, and a magic so destructive that using it even once will stain your soul forever. Buckle up for a wild ride through a near-future, magical Detroit where urban legends ride the streets, fairy queens have mansions uptown, and the City is an actual deity you don't want to cross. This book takes place in the world of the DFZ and continues the story of the setting. New readers can jump right in without knowing ... more
  • Hole House

    by DM Sinclair
    Two strangers, Mae and Guy, find themselves unwitting co-owners of a decrepit mansion in the middle of nowhere. While attempting to renovate it so they can flip it for a profit, they uncover a bottomless hole in the basement floor. It soon becomes apparent that something dark and ancient dwells deep in the hole, and will never let them leave the house unless they give in to its malevolent demands.
  • The Veil Between Worlds

    by K. M. McFarland

    You Don't Find Voodoo — Voodoo finds YOU!

    • A strong female MC who sees and communicates with the dead.
    • A rock star with blood on his hands and a debt to settle with a Voodoo Loa.
    • What happens when their paths cross in this tale of Voodoo, reincarnation, love, and destiny?


  • Trine Revelation: The Kinderra Saga, Book 3

    by C.K. Donnelly
    Now is the moment of choice... Betrayed by the man she once worshipped, Mirana Pinal must finish the quest for Jasal’s Keep with the help of an enemy. As she races to save her people, the Fal'kin infiltrate the Dark Trine's stronghold to discover the warlord's plans for conquest. For Teague Beltran, however, the mission is much more personal. His mother has been captured by the Ken’nar, and he will stop at nothing to rescue her. If Mirana gives the Dark Trine the key to the Keep’s power, she ... more
  • Hotbed

    by Bryan Cassiday
    The nightmare of the quarantine of a virus that triggers cannibalistic madness in its victims begins without fanfare in the small Southern California town of Costaguana. Phoebe suspects her husband Jason, the mayor, of cheating on her with a prostitute, which is all the more shocking because Jason has the reputation of being an incorruptible mayor. Trailing him Phoebe watches him pick up a hooker in the red-light district on the Strip. She later goes to the hooker’s motel room to confront... more
  • Son of Horus: Daughter of Isis Series Book 2

    by Reina Cruz
    When a monster is released from the OtherWorld, reality twists until the world becomes unrecognizable. The gateway to the OtherWorld had been opened, releasing terrifying creatures into the living world. Sunday Elm has the power to see these creatures, but her Sight can't keep her from getting trapped in the web of the Sifka. Through illusion and trickery, the Sifka ensnares her victims. The stakes are raised when her victims are found drained of all life. Sunday must find a way to save he... more
  • Daughter of Isis

    by Reina Cruz
    Sunday Elm has the Sight. Creatures from a parallel universe visit her unannounced, compounding everyday anxieties and making for strange houseguests. After an accident claims Sunday's father, the boundaries between this world and Other World blur without him to shield her. When Sunday meets a mysterious man with the Sight, she learns that the recent deaths of fellow Seers could be linked to something more sinister. Together with a strange group of newfound companions, Sunday is pitched in... more
  • Cursed Are We

    by M. K. HALL
    Is it wise to seek the truth about an ancient magic residing within one’s soul? Is it safe to unravel mysteries of legends lost so long ago, they’ve faded into myth? And what if the only person who could make sense of it all has no memories? Despite the lingering fear that she’ll never get answers to her past, Reya has settled into a complacent way of life. But when Varick appears, he shatters the fragile wall she’s built around herself and forces her to confront the tragedy of her past. S... more
  • The First Sin: South of Eden

    by Lisa Beth Darling

    Drop Your Religious Baggage at the Door When Lucifer Returns to Eden

    What if everything you were taught about The Bible was a lie and those you were taught to fear were anything but?

    In this creative and often humorous re-envisioning of the Christian Creation Story, Lucifer is unceremoniously yanked out of Hell by his Father so he can return to his old job in the Garden of Eden. When he arrives, broken, battered, and bleeding, he falls into the arms of Eve w... more

  • Ravenbourne Slavery

    by Benjamin Barnette
    Before the Age of Iron, a young warrior from the fallen city of Opar is wounded in battle and condemned to virulent slavery, along with the women, children, and the few remaining men. Finding unforeseen fortune, Kaelin saves the life of the powerful “Lord of Ravenbourne” and recruited into his elite army of Ravenbourne Warriors; the most feared warriors throughout the Empire. \tSent to the rich and wonderous land of Ravenbourne—created by the Goddess Asa—worshiped by women throughout the Empir... more
  • A Nocturne in Red

    by Court Ellyn
    Sanjen Laurelius, a lute-wielding bard, is a rising star. He’s also wanted by the emperor. When he calls upon his special brand of song-magic to fight off a rampaging harpy, he finds himself the object of unwanted attention: a powerful officer in the emperor’s service hires Sanjen to find the cure for a curse that has transformed a favored concubine into a blood-thirsty monster. But Sanjen’s past is catching up with him. He must find a way to save the victim of the curse before his em... more
  • Deadmann Conflict

    by Angel Gonzal
    A drifter with a troubled past crosses paths with an unlikely stranger, unbeknownst to them, their fates are somehow connected in a very complicated manner. A town plagued with evil holds the answers they seek and the redemption they've been longing.
  • The General's Son

    by Charlotte Goodwin
    Two worlds, one wormhole and magic that spans galaxies. Garrad doesn’t know how to wield magic; his skill with a blade is enough. He just wants to be a soldier, but his bloodline sees him given a role he didn’t expect. He is charged with protecting two wayward princesses: two women who don’t need a minder – or so they think. Garrad had no idea there was life on other planets and he’d never heard of Earth. But when the princesses are captured by an old enemy, he has no choice but to follow ... more
  • The Neon God

    by R.M. Gayler

       Computers and phones across the globe suddenly erupt with dazzling neon light, hypnotizing billions of users worldwide. In the quiet aftermath of a global catastrophe four survivors navigate a world ruled by an enigmatic Alternate Intelligence.

       Jessie Aguilar emerges from her subterranean hideaway, seeking revenge for the atrocities she witnessed. Inexplicably assisted by a computer system controlling all technology, her ambitions cloaked with mistrust and dece... more

  • Master of Music

    by Marla Himeda
    Not long after the Druids came to Eire, the Bards mysteriously vanished from the annals of history, fleeing their native shores to begin life on a remote chain of islands … the Bardic Isles. Over two hundred years later, a village boy is born with a gift of music that hasn't been seen since the exodus from Eire. Not understanding what he possesses, seven-year-old Kaelin is convinced his music is responsible for an unforgivable act. Suffused with guilt, he plays his homemade flute only in the pri... more