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  • Earthly Vessels

    by David T. Isaak

    Some heroes need help. A lot of help.


    All cultures have a legend of a Chosen One, a Messiah, a golden child who will be born to redeem them. But thirty-something Arby Keeling is not that guy, and Earthly Vessels is not that story.


    Through a mix-up in the great metaphysical switchboard of the universe, a ritual intended to incarnate a long-awaited deity results in Arby instead. He is special, though. So, ... more

  • A History of the Multiverse: Orion Spatial

    by A S Jerickson
    After a series of inexplicable events, inept earthman Harry Patterson is abducted by Barton Plyaedes, and his unwilling crew. Harry is coerced into assisting them on a mission, traversing space and time, to track down an ancient being, leaving a trail of destructive in its wake. Under the employ of the behemoth corporate entity 'Orion Spatial' it soon becomes clear their role is not what it seems. There is more at stake than they could possibly have imagined and something far worse, it appears, ... more
  • [NSFW]

    by David Scott Hay

    Set in the world of social media moderators, @Sa>ag3 and @Jun1p3r must survive their first 90 days to qualify for health benefits and a life-changing mystery bonus. As they flag a nonstop torrent of the most heinous [NSFW] videos, their coping mechanisms expand to include on-the-job sex, pharmaceuticals, and a jellyfish.

    But when copium is no longer an option, @Sa>ag3 & @Jun1p3r turn to a more bizarre form of therapy: intimacy. Meanwhile a stream of ominous warning videos keeps popping ... more

  • The Stranger of Ul Darak: A New Epic Fantasy Series (The Lost Tyronian Archives Book 1)

    by S.C. Eston
    Sometimes saving a world means rebelling against it. In an age long forgotten, nineteen hundred and eighty-three Seals were forged—magical disks placed around the world to repel the cosmic chaos beyond. In the centuries that followed, the Sentinels were tasked with protecting those Seals. For countless generations, they succeeded. Until now. At six years old, Shéana is recruited to the order of the Sentinels. A decade later, she displays powers unlike anything any Sentinel has shown ... more
  • With Love, From Planet B

    by Zaayin Salaam MD

    We ignored the climate deadlines. The bombs made it worse. Now it’s 2085, and the 6th extinction event is unfolding.

    Zara is a master lucid dreamer, training her team in this rare skill, so that one day, if a suitable earth-like exoplanet is found, they can safely teleport there. It seems her dreams are coming true when Lex, her girlfriend and team mathematician discovers Planet B.

    But Planet B won’t let anyone enter… Join Zara and Lex on their hero&rs... more

  • The Engineer's Mechanic

    by L. K. Wintur
    Ren, a gifted mechanic, is unwittingly on the cusp of igniting a revolution that could dismantle the oppressive empire of MetiCorp. After he rescues a droid and is discovered for his talent, he embarks on a quest to reach the elusive ICON status by mastering robotics. When Ren meets a mentor and uncovers information about the legendary Engineer and founder of MetiCorp, he is drawn into a whirlwind of dangers, both in the holographic and real worlds, that throw the fate of the entire city into... more
  • Running in Parallel: Running in Parallel Book 1

    by Kara O'Toole Treece
    A waitress. A warrior. Two women. Two worlds. One goal: to stay alive. All Fara wants is to earn enough tips to pay the bills, somehow learn to stand up for herself, and eat a good cheeseburger. What she gets is a federal agent who is convinced she is hiding a dangerous device in her tiny apartment; and a new and unexplainable ability that she really could do without. All Blu wants is to restore democracy to her world, preferably without dying in the process. What she gets is the unwanted... more
  • Darwin's Eden

    by Rob Alexander
    In the far future, a colony has been established on a new planet called Natchator, but it's inhabitants have lost communication with Mother Earth. One of the nations on Natchator, Oriana, has taken over the planet through authoritarian religious force, and rewritten a false history. The hero of the story, Ben Huxley, grows up in the regime's shadow, so much so that the most powerful man of the regime, Hector Sporn, has started grooming him as his personal assistant. But then Ben learns that Spor... more
  • The Forlorn Trail: The Eye of Ur I

    by Jacob C. Sadler
    All maps end at the Forlorn Hills. The trail through the mountains is seldom taken. Those who do take the trail disappear or come back deranged. But when his children are kidnapped by a tribe known only to legends, Jessie Bingham must leave his farm and venture into the last uncharted region in the West. Aided by a mysterious relic and a group of eclectic friends, he embarks on the Forlorn Trail. If he is to rescue his children and return to his quiet life on the frontier, he will have to learn ... more
  • The Work of Restless Nights

    by M. Weald
    It's a science fiction novel inspired by the likes of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Blade Runner, and Ghost in the Shell. Set in Chicago, year 2195, it looks at what it means to be human in a world of AI and augmented reality. We follow a government agent tasked with keeping society's delicate balance in check no matter the cost, an agent whose level of implants blurs the line between human and machine. Her assistive AI whispers in her mind. Control is rarely abandoned all at once, more t... more
  • City of Rain (The Cinqhawk Saga Book 1)

    by William Lejeune

    An ancient mystery. A sorceress in hiding. And the wizards who hunt her. Daughter of a minor house and fledgling mage, Summer Fontenay yearns for a life beyond her cloistered world. But when her dying master entrusts her with a mysterious parchment, she must use all that she has learned to survive. For there are those in the imperial court who would kill to obtain it and the secrets that it holds. Suspected of murder and pursued by the emperor’s wizards, Summer must deliver the parchmen... more

  • The Reset (Time Corrector Series Book 3)

    by Avi Datta
    WHEN THE WORLDS COLLIDE, THEIR LOVE WILL REWRITE THE FABRIC OF REALITY In the shocking third installment of the Time Corrector series, super-genius Dr. Vincent Abajian finds himself in an even grander drama, and this time, the fate of his beloved daughter is on the line. The Reset is a culmination of worlds colliding, timelines interweaving, and relationships that seemed indestructible, reaching dire breaking points. Vincent gets in the midst of an international political crisis forged b... more
  • Final Warning

    by David Drum
    A zany, high-stakes, epic adventure. As aliens speed toward Earth, strange things occur. A corporation releases a dangerous technology. A female scientist fights to expose the danger. The corporate president is abducted. An experiment goes awry, a Victoria's Secret model tries to save herself, Neanderthals return, and more. A fable for our times.
  • The Vampire Jack Townson: Fame Has Its Price

    by Jack Townson
    A man down on his luck trips and stumbles into a world of bloodthirsty monsters hidden among the precipices of New York City. A chance encounter with illustrious vampire Alexander LaMont ensnares the clumsy yet hopeful James Donovan in shadow and treachery, thrusting James into his new identity, The Vampire Jack Townson. Will Jack survive the vampiric politics of Manhattan, or will final death come to claim him at the next sunrise? Welcome to New York. We bite. Jack Townson's contemporary... more
  • In Dreams, We Fly

    by Juliet Rose
    After the untimely death of her mother to cancer, Sitka thinks when she goes to live with her aunt and cousin in Wilmington, North Carolina from New York, the biggest challenge she'll face will be as the new kid in an unfamiliar area. However, when she witnesses a body being dumped in the woods, Sitka finds herself hiding in an abandoned shack from the perpetrators of the crime. A secret door she finds in the floor of the space takes her beyond her world... fifty years back in time. She finds th... more
  • Carrying the Dead

    by Juliet Rose
    Six months after the sudden loss of an unplanned pregnancy, Hannah Moore is almost ready to think about living again. That is until one fateful day when a reckless, young motorcyclist changes the course of both their lives forever. One terrible, momentary decision ends his life at Hannah's unwitting hands, sending her down a spiral she can't find her way out of. Even a brief stint in the mental hospital does not release Hannah from that which insists on haunting her waking moments, and the night... more