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    by Daniel W. Shegrud

    He was just a common man, a homeless, nameless drunk - until they came. They, the infinitely recombining, seemingly indestructible star creatures, promised the answer to every problem that has ever plagued mankind. They promised perfection, and they asked nothing in return. Except that it wasn't that easy. It never is. By the time the last question is answered, the last human will have died. Half the world is ecstatic, thinking they can stop asking questions before the stars come for them... more

  • The Tether

    by Julia Ash

    Ruby Spencer hasn’t slept in nine years.

    Which makes her dream-like visitor more peculiar. Liora, an alluring immortal, professes to know the source of Ruby’s unique blood: blood that saved humankind from a bioweapon; blood that enabled her to become the government’s warrior against ZOM-B.

    One of Ruby’s blood donors is the King of Darkness. And that’s not the only revelation sending shivers down her spine. With animals dwindling on Earth and his pl... more

  • Might & Valour: Legacy of the Kingdom

    by John Cristóbal
    Following a mysterious plague that has ravaged the land and the assassination of a sovereign political figure, the country of Atoranth now stands on the brink of collapse. Josiah Locke, noble servant to a legendary ruler finds himself at the center of this turmoil. An emboldened enemy now threatens to lay siege and capture the country’s most ancient city, Edenfield.
  • Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again!

    by Marty Essen
    Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon are back for another irreverent, liberal, twisty, time-travel comedy! This time they have Jesus Christ, the actual guy, on their side. What would happen if a profanity-loving, gun-hating, brown-skinned Jesus time traveled to 2020 America? Find out in this hilarious sequel to the Amazon #1 Best-Seller, Time Is Irreverent. Each book in this series stands alone, and a smile-inducing prologue gets readers up-to-date.
  • The Test: First Encounter (First Encounter Book 1)

    by Zach David

    Content living his life sheltered from the outside world, Ethan needs nothing but his video games, music, and internet to keep him happy. Yet when everyone in the world is suddenly frozen, he wonders if he’s being tested. Determined to find answers, Ethan embarks on a journey to figure out what is going on—and why. But as those answers arise, so do more questions—questions that rattle his life and understanding of everything. The line separating black from white diminish whe... more

  • DART

    by Dale Renton

    From the plasteel towers of New Hope to the mist-shrouded jungle of the Core, from the dizzy heights of Mons Drop to the horror infested depths of the deadfalls, Darthanil 'Dart' Black faces enemies at every turn. He has to find a way to end the three hundred years war between Formers and Sylth--and prevent a group of super intelligent machines from taking over the planet while he's at it. Not too tough an assignment for the undefeated First Blade of Sylas’s World--but there... more

  • B017TMALQY

    by J. A. Stubbs
    A witch bakes gingerbread men to serve as her workforce in a mine. Some of these cookies are unhappy with their lot and plot against her. Most of the gingerbread men no nothing about the plot. Through an unfortunate accident, one unsuspecting gingerbread man captures the focus of her ire. To survive, he must escape the witch, her servants, and her mine. But along the way he must also also learn to wield a magic token he's found.
  • Canopus and Keel - The Hive. (The Limbo Prophecy Book 1)

    by Stephen Jarrett
    The first book in the breathtaking Supernatural Thriller fantasy series about an FBI agent’s quest to avenge her Father’s soul. In 1997, FBI agents Samuel Keel and Jon Canopus battled an ancient creature that resulted in the death of Samuel. Now, twenty years later, Samuel’s daughter, special agent and dabbler in the paranormal, Carina Keel has discovered that the creature has returned and is feeding off the residents of Bonners Ferry. Carina Keel and Jon Canopus want revenge. But wit... more
  • Perfection

    by Daniel Paul
    Perfection is at once an epic gay love story and a cautionary, suspenseful tale of international intrigue and artificial intelligence technology run amok. Gay American ex-pat Mark Pappas is building an already exciting new life in exotic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when he lands a spot in an experimental AI program run by a top secret division of an international tech conglomerate. He takes delivery of his new synthetic companion Joe, and trepidation turns to fascination and then obsession as techn... more
  • André's Reboot: Striving to Save Humanity

    by Steve Coleman

    A robot possessing unique artificial intelligence and human awareness, André 1 tells the story of his creation and “growing up” in his inventor’s family. Often humorously fumbling in his interactions with people, André analyzes his experiences, attempting to understand the faults and foibles of human personality. Accompanied by his girlfriend, Dr.  Margaret 13, a droid physician of his own creation, André achieves a position as translator and self-a... more

  • Petroleum Star

    by Buff Straw
    In the future, fossil fuels won't exist anymore. But Big Oil refuses to die. They create a giant planet made of crude oil, frozen solid in the cold vacuum of space. It's a world of heavy industry, high gravity, and endless night. Petroleum people (industrial life-forms, sculpted out of solid crude) walk its airless surface and work around the clock for Chevron, Shell, and Texaco. Sci-fi bookworm Horton Sphere is accidentally thrust into this bizarre future. But it's up to him to solve the parado... more
  • The Dark Sea Beyond (The Drakkan Chronicles Book 1)

    by Rye Sobo
    Accused of a crime he didn't commit, a gnome's only refuge is the deadly sea. Ferrin Alsahar lives rockstar life. His parties are the stuff of legends–most of them he wrote. But when someone accused the young gnome of a heinous crime, everything changes. Faced with a life in an infamous dungeon, Ferrin Alsahar risks everything in a daring escape by sea. Now a thousand leagues away from his comfortable life, he must somehow prove himself and discover who wanted him out of the way. But on the... more
  • Cayneian: A Man from Blood

    by Aaron Dennis
    A man stands resolved. The blood of Daemons courses through his veins. Dysart, clan Bloodhammer, a Cayneian, has returned to Volgunther in order to purge the island of the evil called Salamandrus.After giving his tongue, so that he may speak no contracts, giving his manhood, so that he may not know his power as a man, and giving his mind, so that no God may take pity upon him, Dysart unleashes the practice of Sang Daemanus to deliver peace, but he can he withstand the bloodlust?
  • Mauna Kea Rising

    by M. W. Kelly
    Lost in the multiverse, Hellen Callahan is an unemployed, single mother trying to steer her son into adulthood. Then the lights go out. It’s the summer of 2025, in a parallel universe where the British Hawaiian Islands sit between rival superpowers, Britain and Japan. Hellen only wants to take her son on a sailing voyage to Hawaii in hopes of recapturing the bond they once shared. Isolated on the high seas, the crew of four is oblivious of a catastrophic solar flare. Throughout the Pacific, p... more
  • Women of Kern: Book One

    by Maris McKay
    A negotiator who uses herself as a bargaining chip. An adventurous spirit trapped by her culture and family. A resistance fighter leading her captors into a trap. A reclusive horse trainer swept into a quest for treasure. An elderly, overlooked servant smuggling slaves out of her country. A woman with a gift that seems like far more trouble than it’s worth. A princess whose arranged marriage puts her in the hands of pirates. A shepherdess fighting to save her sister. A belly-danci... more
  • Harvest Deep: The Descent (Harvest Deep Series Book 2)

    by Trent Pettry
    The thrilling sequel to the acclaimed horror novel, Harvest Deep. A larger threat now stirs with an insatiable hunger—leaving scores dead or missing. Armed with her dying father’s secrets, Liz, Cody, Scott and their team of rogue civilians risk everything to stop the scourge spreading towards Salt Lake City.