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  • Zilly's War

    by John M. Broadhead
    Eve is alone in orbit around a distant planet, nicknamed "Zilly," which is home to an alien strain of plant life. Her existence is a solitary one, despite the comforts afforded by the design of the ship, which includes an interactive A.I. meant for recreation. When the A.I. begins to make unexpected decisions on its own, threatening the delicate balance between life and death that exists on the planet’s surface, Eve finds herself making discoveries both exciting and terrifying while her own memo... more
  • Seven Keys to Ending the World

    by S.E. Zell
    An immortal creature, a nineteen-year-old girl. and her dead best friend must combat a millennia-old blood spell and return magic to the earth. Indiana Jones meets Shadow Hunters
  • The North Woods

    by Douglass Hoover
    Over three million acres of dense woodlands make up the North Maine Woods. There are no major towns. No public roads. Nothing but forest for as far as the eye can see. When two Marines and their Corpsman reunite after a decade apart, they find themselves caught up in the mystery of their former squad leader’s disappearance. With little more to go on than a handful of disturbing charcoal sketches and the whispers of a local legend, they plunge into the depths of one of America’s last truly wil... more

    by PS RAAZ
    Secret organizations like the Freemasons and Illuminati are probably familiar to you but are you familiar with the Secret Society of Great Ashoka? There is also a private organization in India, “The Nine Unknown Men,” founded by the great Mauryan emperor Ashoka in 270 BC. The Nine Unknown Men was a secret club that significantly influenced social, political, economic, and scientific progress. Ashoka ordered his nine unknown soldiers always to remain confidential, and it is believed that they sti... more
  • The Dryad's Crown

    by David Hopkins
    Silbrey returns to the port city where she was first taught to kill. While there, she discovers there is more to her troubling past, something magical and foreboding, far beyond the familiar cobbled streets. Silbrey must decide if she'll take her revenge against the cruel guildmaster who trained her-or is mercy even an option? What begins as a fairy tale transforms into a sweeping multi-generational epic about love and loss-and a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.
  • Blackmoore (Book One in The Blackmoore Legacy)

    by Marcus James
    Welcome to South Hill, a neighborhood of wealth, secrets, gracious Victorians, and austere manor homes overlooking the port of Fairhaven and the dark waters of Bellingham Bay. Seventeen year old Trevor Blackmoore has lived here is entire life, shunned and feared, along with the rest of his clan, by the elitist and superstitious families that surround them and who regard the Blackmoores as the devil's concubines. As a young clairvoyant-medium dealing not only with the dark secrets of his family ... more
  • Onero's Hunt: A Dystopian Sea Adventure

    by J. R. Devoe

    In a decimated world, two Antarctic nations wage war over food. Their only hope: a seed vault in the Arctic, and an outcast who must cross the ravaged world to reach it.

    Toris Onero spends his time illegally scavenging wrecks for the black market, hoping to earn enough money to buy his sister a seat at the Academy. Struggling to get by in the remains of an iceless Antarctic, life is tough and every day could be his last.

    When widespread crop failures spark a bruta... more

  • Open House

    by Nico Bell
    Realtor Caleb Birch is on the precipice of earning everything he’s ever dreamed: a partner position at his prestigious realty firm, financial stability that would make his mother proud, and a respectable professional reputation amongst Los Angeles’s wealthy and elite. All he has to do is nail his open house and secure a contract. Enter a mysterious woman with an air of familiarity claiming to be the perfect buyer. Her ruse dissolves revealing nefarious intentions and a twisted game that Caleb mu... more
  • Dead Weight (Magic, Mayhem, and the Law in Precinct #153 Book 1)

    by G.P. Robbins
    Newly promoted Detective Jace Smithson has his hands full with solving the murders of ten men and the kidnapping of a unicorn capable of producing diamonds. On the surface, the crime appears to be a classic tale of greed and violence, but digging deeper reveals something sinister has come to Cauldron City. Securing the safety and security of those he swore to protect is only the beginning of Jace’s problems. Add in his relationship with the dragons of Cauldron City along with a few personal s... more
  • Scourge: Triskellion Book One by Rodney McWilliams

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews, Promotions & Author Spotlights
    Some fear the dark. Others embrace it. Rookie detective Angela Benson and her partner, Joe Anderson, have discovered a group of killers targeting the homeless of New York City. Desperate to prove her worth, Angela knows identifying the perpetrators of these heinous crimes is her best shot at earning the right to be called one of the city's finest. As the murders move beyond the homeless, Angela and Joe begin to unravel an ancient mystery, revealing there's more to these killers than meets ... more
  • The Sins of Kings

    by Daniel Thomas Valente

    “A gripping fantasy set in a beautiful world of castles, tournaments and magic. The Sins of Kings will pull you in from the very first page!” ––Kate Sorenson, author of No Coding with Kate


    “Suspenseful read that will keep you turning the pages” ––Silvia Villalobos, author of Stranger of Friend



    Gardens of the Moon meets The Blade Itself in this... more

  • A Mission of Mercy

    by Zachris of Hillsend
    Low fantasy with mystery elements. Main character first person narrative strictly enforced. Secondary character a mentor figure that turns into a friend Part 1: setting out -Main characters meet -A fight with goblins -Preparation for journey, bonding Part 2: journey through wilderness - Being hunted - Fighting - Meeting unnatural elements of the world - River journey Part 3: separated in a hostile stronghold - Breaching stronghold alone - Exploring stronghold - Social engineering ... more
  • Polar

    by Johan Edfeldt
    In Polar, an epic fantasy tale unfolds across a frozen world where Aether—the Liquid Flame—sustains life, and only the mythical Forever Bracelets and true love can keep you warm. When two yeti-hunting dwarves, Bragen and Grogg, embark on a quest to slay the Frost Dragon Claymore, they set off a chain of events that brings together an unlikely group of heroes. Among them are a princess seeking adventure beyond her city's walls, a farmer's boy on a mission for vengeance, and a mysterious bare m... more
  • The Adoption of Lilith Kane

    by Kyle Tabone Betts
    Reality is an illusion; illusion is reality. This is what Samuel Kane is told before being plunged headfirst into a conflict that has existed ever since the master architects started bringing order to space and time. He learns that there is more to reality than humans originally thought, more to life—especially to his life. Meanwhile, in the distant magical realm of Falandar, the war priestess Ravéna has no option other than to confront her lifelong nemesis, the necromancer Gretchyn. Con-ne... more
  • Find Them

    by Julia Ash


    Generations pass and the estate’s directive is overturned.

    Situated on a grassy hilltop overlooking a lake and wildlife preserve, the 30-acre parcel is perfect for Nora and Dex. They’ll escape their city’s rising crime, build a home with an amazing view, work remotely, and start a family.

    Only, their idyllic sanctuary becomes anything but.

    A troubled spirit haunts the land, forcing Nora to find cl... more