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  • The Immortal

    by E. G. Creel
    Emma just turned forty and has finally decided to begin living her best life. She books a vacation at a resort on a French Polynesian island only to find herself on the dinner menu of an immortal Viking. If she keeps her wits, and with a little luck, maybe she'll make it off the island alive. Spoiler alert: Don't fall in love because the ending will rip your heart out.
  • MANDRILL P.I. Volume 1: Rook Takes The Queen

    by Christopher Brimmage
    Who stops cartoons when they turn criminal? MANDRILL P.I., that’s who! MANDRILL P.I. is a hardboiled, hard-drinking private detective, and in this tale, he must solve the case of a beast that's devouring people at night. But as he investigates, he learns the obvious suspect may not be the culprit, and a monstrous conspiracy festers behind the scenes. Will he stop it in time? Or will were-beasts unleash their vicious appetites on everyone in the city? ---- If you enjoy werewolves, ... more
  • Sovereign Servants - The Sending

    by W.C. Jasper
    In a perfect world, undefiled yet by the baneful touch of man, can mankind protect and preserve the Virgin Earth's maiden glory? What or who can protect this Virgin Earth from the inevitable corruption and wickedness of mankind that is doomed to defile and disfigure this perfect world? An Epic Fantasy set in a prehistoric Earth. A time when the earth was yet undefiled. A time of which no history remains. A tale of destiny and purpose; told through scrolls of prophecy, action, emotion,... more
  • Warded

    by JB McDonald
    It came out of the jungle. It decimated the village. Somehow, Jahal escaped. Now he's risking everything to rescue other survivors with the help of the enigmatic warder, Dalak. Survivors don't matter to Dalak. One instinct drives her: kill the demon, regardless of who dies along the way. Anaye has never seen a demon; the warder has kept her tribe safe for generations. But as the warder's tenuous link to society, Anaye goes where Dalak goes – and Dalak is going with Jahal. Saving anyone,... more
  • Rvwaa: The Rise Of Mother Goose

    by Zephyr Dorsey

    The Enlightened, who believe that government knows best what is good for its citizens, have ruled the archipelago of Rvwaa with authoritarian completeness for a full generation. But when several young rebels meet at a reconcentration camp for the perversely heretical, they begin to form a plan for freedom. Can one Elf change the world?

  • Plumb Out of Time

    by Michael Biddison

    Night-time meandering along the Colorado River on a motorcycle has unexpected consequences, as Nat discovers when a bizarre accident forces him off the road and into unfamiliar territory. His confusion grows upon meeting up with a local Mojave hunting party, who look as though they belong in another century. They view him much the same way, but choose to keep him close, rather than kill him. He is resigned to stay with the Mojave while he ponders his fate, but is soon distracted after glimpsi... more

  • The Water Tower

    by M. A. Csortos
    After thirty years of Public Punishment the New World Order has subjugated many of its citizens to abandoned water towers to die from exposure and thirst. It is a slow and agonizing death watched on live video feeds. The termination of the sitters is witnessed and wagered for entertainment and profit. But not all water towers are scrutinized. The water tower in the town of Vickeroy is mostly ignored. The sitters are placed on the dull silver dome and left to die with little notice, their bones c... more
  • Eclipso's Happy Quest: Book I: Goosed by an Iguanodon?

    by David M Taylor
    Led by the reclusive Eclipso Sunray Smith, a motley crew go searching for a surviving non-avian dinosaur. But hoaxers might be afoot, and weapons supplies are mysteriously vanishing worldwide, with more useful items left in their wake.
  • Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies

    by Cyra King
    Double shifts and burnout are all in a day’s work for Nurse Megan Cole. No one’s going to die on her watch. Then a viral apocalypse kills all her patients and turns her into a sentient zombie, forcing her to re-evaluate both her life goals and dietary habits. Fast-forward a year, the city is ruled by the ruthless Salt Lake Z Council. But with her boyfriend Mike by her side, things are okay—until the Council sends Mike to infiltrate the army. When Megan discovers a mangled corpse days later, h... more
  • Please Evacuate

    by Johnny Townsend
    A gay, partygoing New Yorker unconcerned about the future or the unsustainability of capitalism is hit by a truck and thrust into a straight man’s body half a continent away. As Hunter tries to figure out what’s happening, he’s caught up in another disaster, a wildfire sweeping through a Colorado community, the flames overtaking him and several schoolchildren as they flee. When he awakens, Hunter finds himself in the body of yet another man, this time in northern Italy, a former missionary ab... more
  • The Universal Vaccine

    by Nancy Smith

    A University of Texas at Austin art student comes home to find police on her doorstep. They tell her that her microbiologist mother and engineer father as well as all of her parents’ coworkers are dead. She wants to understand what happened. She enlists the assistance of an investigative journalist to find out. The pair have no idea where this search will take them.

  • Temple of Valor

    by Joe Lyon
    Astar has unbelievable powers he can barely control. As a new terror rises from the depths, he is joined with a magical dagger, reuniting the final piece of the ancient God inhabiting him. Astar becomes the most powerful creature in the Universe, and using cunning and raw power, he is capable of shaping world events according to his will. But some things are beyond even Astar’s reach in the Temple of Valor.
  • End Game

    by William Bahl
    Survivors battle infected and each other in a bitter quest to discover technology that can save them from certain doom.
  • 2081 Soulcroft

    by Yu Ben Ja
    In the struggle of a new order in post war deteriorated world, three brothers in the Degod family grew their ambition to build a scientific organisation which served initially to build souls for android machines named D-con organisation. Joining hands with the local rebels, the trio were joined by Li Sane and Duff Ripon whom also at their teenage years begun gather troops in the name of the Sonet Alliance to overthrow the royal family which had power over the only land on earth left prospering i... more
  • Twisted Fate

    by Shana Vernon

    She’s a witch with a target on her back…
    … He’s a prince from a powerful dark coven.
    Can she accept his help while denying the sizzling chemistry between them?

    I should have known my life would come crashing down when I met a mysterious masked man in the gardens of the ball, and kissed him. Or rather… he kissed me. Passionately.

    Before I had a second to catch my breath, we were attacked by rogue witches. And his mask slipped. Only my luck... more

  • Da Vinci on the Lam

    by B.D. Booker
    One week. One chance. Earth is dying as a fungal ‘grit’ and dust storms smoother crop lands and destroy the oceans. The rich flee into space, leaving the poor to die off. If gunslinger Artis Quinn delivers a priceless da Vinci artwork to an offworlder hub on the other side of the country, his family will get tickets off-world. Yet the final end of civilization might arrive sooner than expected and Quinn will have to fight his way through the ruthless Onyx Group to succeed.