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  • The Jode: Part 2: Awakenings Reckoning

    by PJ Selarom
    War looms... Gen. Ygl of the Lorel Elves and a few allies suffer through various forms of awakening as he attempts to forewarn more Zaendaran estates about the Jode’s impending danger, from the Giants’ scented plantations to the Ogres’ stony empire. He suffers more than the rest struggling with his identity. Will they rise above their revelations or drown in the deluge? The awakenings’ reckoning will astonish all—and leave many wishing for an end as Xurchon's evil influence grows and grows. An... more
  • ODDITIES: 22 Stories

    by Lisa Mason
    Here You Enter Yesterday, Tomorrow & Fantasy When Lisa Mason was mulling over stories to publish in her second story collection, she noticed the stories fell into historical, futuristic, and fantasy categories. ODDITIES: 22 Stories includes those previously published in Omni Magazine, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Full Spectrum 5, The Shimmering Door, Peter S. Beagle’s Immortal Unicorn, David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible, Not On... more
  • Oleander: Memories Are Deleted in Space

    by Ryan Armstrong

    From USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Armstrong, a scientist journeys through space to discover alien life, and recover her loss of what defines us – memories.

    I’m Emily Bircher. A scientist. My memories were deleted.
    I don’t remember, but my feelings remain. I’m traveling space, to study alien life. Hoping feelings stop at the speed of light.

    2095: Dr. Emily Bircher is the most brilliant, celebrated research scientist on earth, a botanist... more

  • Werewolf Nights

    by Mari Hamill
    It's not easy living in a small town where everyone knows your high school sweetheart disappeared and your husband died in a boating accident. That's what Catherine Mercy, star of this new novel, faces every time she goes on a date.But the small-town bakery owner is drawn to Greg Byron, a sexy movie star in town to film the story of Wereville's werewolf legend, and gets closer to him when she's cast to replace the female lead who vanishes. Fate steps in, however, and the legend becomes more than... more
  • Hell Fighters

    by Bil Richardson
  • Takakush - Genus Magica Book One

    by Rain Reiter

    Evil stalks the rainforest.
    Under Olympic Forest’s old-growth cedar and towering Douglas fir, an ancient horror rises. Driven by insatiable hunger, and supernatural purpose, it prowls the wilderness killing native game and livestock with no fear of man.
    The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) sends Conservation Agent, Boone Anderson and his bear hunting dog, Ohto, to investigate.
    Puzzling evidence baffles the agent.
    A young woman is torn to pieces so Bo... more

  • Gnome Schooled: CLAW & WARDER Episode 6

    by Erik Henry Vick

    In the NYPD's Supernatural Inquisitors Squad, a Warder has no higher calling than to protect her Claw.

    She uses magic, guile, physical weapons--anything required--and her razor-sharp focus never blurs. Drusilla Nogan exemplifies this grand tradition...

    Except when there's a cute gnome to talk to.

    With a notorious gnome gang on the loose, committing crimes all over Manhattan, Leery plays bad cop. The gnomes respond with raw, unfettered violence.

    ... more
  • They Ate Gatsby: CLAW & WARDER Episode 5

    by Erik Henry Vick

    The Dead Set defines high society in the Locus of New York. Lavish soirees, formal dinner parties, decadent blood tastings, debutante balls, black-tie charity galas…the vampires do it all.

    When socialite J. Gatsby goes missing, only one detective has the background, the breeding, and the poise to go undercover to root out the truth.

    Of course, Leery brings Dru along for good measure.

    And it's good he did, because when the blood lords grow suspicio... more

  • Silkie Stalkings: CLAW & WARDER Episode 4

    by Erik Henry Vick

    After three bodies surface in the Hudson River in three weeks' time, Oriscoe and Nogan catch the case.

    Nothing seems to connect the three men until the detectives discover they all used Sinder, the online dating app. Their digital footprints reveal a common thread--a penchant for supernatural women.

    The catch is, Lucifer owns Sinder. It runs on a proprietary mix of devilry and technology, and the Dark Lord wants to keep his secrets, even if it is his favorite ... more

  • Mitzvah: CLAW & WARDER Episode 3

    by Erik Henry Vick

    Everyone has a past, even Hassidic werewolves. Leery's past has a taste for blood and wants revenge.

    There's a killer running wild in the East Village, and according to the witness, it's Leery Oriscoe in wolf form. When Van Helsing puts him on a desk, Leery storms off, leaving Dru to prove his innocence. But to do it, she will need help from her mother, and that means a trip to Hell.

    It looks like Dru picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

    ... more

  • Arms Dealers: CLAW & WARDER Episode 2

    by Erik Henry Vick

    She's an expert spellslinger. He's a grizzled detective with a wolfish side. Dru and Leery are a match for anything.

    Faced with a pair of armless bodies and an unlikely pair of criminal masterminds—a Norwegian wood troll and an Unseelie—Leery knows the right people to help sort it all out.

    There's only one hitch--the Zombie mafia. Full of danger and mystery, the case keeps everyone involved on edge.

    Leery even takes a break from drink... more

  • Seduction: CLAW & WARDER Episode 1

    by Erik Henry Vick

    Leery Oriscoe is just a conflicted New York cop who got hit by the Hassidic bus—only the bus was driven by a werewolf. There’s bound to be a little crazy under his black hat.

    His life just got ten times more complicated. His new half-vampire and half-succubus partner is smart, sexy as Hell, and keeping a big secret from everyone.

    Oh, and their lieutenant? She's the ghost of a Van Helsing.

    Their case? Tracking down the entity responsible for l... more

  • Wild Hunt

    by Erik Henry Vick

    The epic conclusion to the award-winning Blood of the Isir trilogy!
    Who controls the strings of fate? Who controls time?

    Ripped from Hank's grasp by her duplicitous minions, the Dark Queen has disappeared. But her most devoted, most powerful minion leaves a trail for Hank to follow—one that winds through the fabric of the universe and leads him into grave danger.

    Hank discovers great evil at the heart of ... more

  • Rooms of Ruin

    by Erik Henry Vick

    Winner of the 2019 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Gold Medal for Fantasy!
    Does destiny set the course life will take, or does life dictate a man's fate?

    He rescued his family from the clutches of the Dark Queen, but in doing so, Hank Jensen trapped them in her realm. She has rallied her armies against him…and sent a traitor to guide him. Enigmatic figures swathed in dark power grapple to manipulate the threads o... more

  • Blood Sine Qua Non

    by Raven Belasco
    Covered in blood, a knife in one hand and a gun in the other. This rescue attempt has gone terribly wrong. I was finally getting used to life among the am’r (the name vampires use for themselves) in Romania, archiving a library of ancient texts, learning how to fight, and having lots of quality time with Sandu—who used to go by the name Dracula—perhaps you’ve heard of him? But then the dreams started. Bagamil, the maker of Sandu (and, ahem, also my lover—life has gotten a lot more exciting rec... more
  • Our Lady Chaos

    by Erik Henry Vick

    Beautiful on the outside, deadly evil on the inside.

    Throughout Eddie's childhood, two things remained constant: cold, hateful violence and the vicious smiles of the Scary Lady who haunted him. The love of his adoptive parents shielded him from her horrible influence--at least for a time.

    Years later, the Scary Lady returns, prompting Eddie and his wife Amanda to join the group of demon hunters from Oneka Falls attempting to banish evil forever. But t... more