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  • Sentience Hazard

    by Alexandru Czimbor
    In 2053, a tense global standoff looms as China's superior AI technology threatens to tip the scales of power. Amidst the chaos, a renegade Chinese scientist unveils vital intel, sparking a race against time. As the US scrambles for a solution, a maverick French genius and a Scottish-African professor offer controversial expertise. Love, sacrifice, and ingenuity converge in a battle for humanity's future. The US and Chinese artificial beings, developed with radically different principles, sha... more
  • Chasing the Darkness

    by Cassie Sanchez
    Pain is inescapable. Suffering is a choice. Azrael, the Angel of Death, knows pain. The deaths of his mother and sister, as well as his harsh experiences in the Watch Guard at age twelve, have brutally shaped him into the most feared assassin in all of Pandaren. Azrael’s role as a Hunter requires him to search for those with magic, called Spectrals, which he is happy to do. Hunting allows him to pursue his true goal—exacting revenge on the Fire Spectral who altered the course of his life. Azra... more
  • The Dark Forever

    by jeffrey gorsky
    In the very near future a space crew uses dark matter to power a trip to explore disturbances in dark matter they believe represents a signal from another planet's intelligent life. The ship’s designer is an expert in dark matter who had embraced Orthodox Judaism and brought his prayer group on board, and claims to be using dark matter to create wormholes in space. The ship is financed and controlled by an IT billionaire and germophobe. The ship’s captain, and the principal protagonist, L... more
  • Bitstreams of Hope

    by Andy Haymaker
    When a powerful corporate AI unexpectedly gains consciousness, its unpredictable behavior causes fear and trouble for the three main characters. Venkat, the brash tech founder who created the system, scrambles to explain and control its actions. Devyn, a humanist minister intent on putting people first and keeping technology in its place, faces tough choices when the AI offers to help her achieve her progressive political goals. Darcie, an unemployed teacher, faces dire consequences after accept... more
  • The Flawless Flesh of Angels

    by E.G. Karma, a pseudonym
    During a celebrated beauty pageant featuring tattooed contestants, the personal histories of the entrants and the emcee are revealed, including scientific miracles and secrets hidden in great works of art.
  • Grave Affairs

    by Lilith Daniels
    Following an accusation of being a necromancer with no way to prove her innocence, Detective Kirani Kinsley Ramons turns in her badge and flees to Dragon Heights, Wyoming for a fresh start. In Miami, few understand the difference between a necromancer and the descendant of dragons. In Dragon Heights, nobody cares. With weekly rains of unusual composition, dragon-kin and human alike vying for the right to become the next dragon in town, and magic lurking around every turn, there is no be... more
  • The Dread Room

    by Michael Handy

    A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an abandoned house with a haunted, windowless room.

    Kate and Derrick have just bought their first home in the sleepy town of Millston, MA. The previous owners of the house mysteriously vanished years ago, abandoning the home to foreclosure. Ready to give the house a new life, the young couple soon realize not all is as it seems. There’s a room on the first floor of the house that has been kept sealed away for deca... more

  • Above the Ashes

    by Alexander Fernandez

    "Amidst themes of loss and vengeance, this enthralling tale promises to ensnare readers in its gripping narrative until the very last page, leaving them yearning for more." --Book Nerdection

    Fleeing barbaric witch hunts in England, Sybil Cotterill sails to the British Colonies only to find herself trapped by another witch hysteria in Salem of 1692. Caught by a frenzied mob, Sybil’s witchcraft saves her from the noose; however, a gruesome man with mysterious powers defeat... more

  • Somewhere/Not/Here

    by Goblin Queen
    Join the Goblin Queen on her quest for Somewhere/not/here as she searches for the place she belongs. Visit the Road to Ruin, a strange witchy woman who reads from her book of M-Tales. Meet Shockappeal the punk faerie, hang with Halloween Jack, and fly with the Techno-Witch, but avoid buying one of her moody brooms. Travel to the lands of Love and Unlove – nice places to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there. Have a therapy session with the Magick Mirror. No appointment required. By the way,... more
  • Remnants of a Scarlet Flame

    by Cindy L. Sell
    The classic fantasy tales of Raymond Feist and Robert Jordan meet modern themes from RF Kuang and NK Jemisin in this debut epic. For two centuries, Syljians have been hunted by the Sorcerers’ Guild. Desperate to procure life-sustaining resources for his people, Syljian Alar Fellman uses his psionic powers to infiltrate the Guild’s ranks as a student of magic. The Guild’s star prodigy, Daeya McVen, cherishes her friendship with the new student. But Daeya’s secrets far surpass Alar’s inabili... more
  • Timewrecked: Collision With Destiny

    by VV Sinclair
    If you could erase EVIL from history by changing ONE THING in the past, would you do it? What if it all went horribly WRONG? Prepare for a collision with destiny! Elizabeth Sapphire, 26th century professional time traveler and temporal scientist, is on the verge of a breathtaking discovery when a rogue temporal wave hits her asteroid, stranding her and her cat in 1909, in Gilded Age New York City, without a time machine! Sapphire has only one sure way to return to the 26th century: find... more
  • Harriet's Escape: Harriet Tubman Reimagined

    by N.D. Jones
    In this alternative fantasy history, an African American historical figure is reimagined, and resistance against oppression is a deadly endeavor. Minty's transformation into Harriet, a legendary hero, is not just a change of name but a fierce battle for freedom, echoing the timeless resilience of those who seek liberation. "Harriet's Escape" is the first book in the "Seizing Freedom" Black historical fantasy fiction trilogy.
  • Slave of the Necromancer

    by Leah Nightcrest
    When field worker Evera suffers an untimely demise, she wakes up among a powerful necromancer's army of the undead. She'd rather die her second death than serve the dark ruler whose plague has killed hundreds across southern Aulderfell—including her mother. But the necromancer has plans for Evera. Plans that will put her at the heart of a years-long conflict between ruling witchblood families.
  • Blood of the Sands

    by S.C. Grayson
    Keera is an exile struggling to survive, forced to rob passing travelers or face starvation. When she steals from the wrong man—a vicious masked warrior named the Viper—his hand around her throat awakens an ancient magic within her, and she uses it to escape his clutches. Now, Keera must master her power to protect the city of Kelvadan—the only place an exile like her can find a home—from the Viper and his growing army. The Viper serves the magic of the desert, but the sins of the past threat... more
  • Pestilence

    by Patrick Sims
    Tragedy caused one man to isolate himself from the rest of the world In his isolation, the Apocalypse happened - unbeknownst to him . Years in isolation prepared him for everything in the new world; even when the dead didn't stay dead. He was prepared for everything except for people. When fate knocked on his door, he was forced to take a teenage boy to raise as his own. Years later, while they traveled to a nearby town, the duo found the once quaint hamlet disheveled from its former glory. A... more
  • Of Gods and Globes III

    by Lancelot Schaubert
    Given that we know that the moon holds sway over the ocean tides, and the almost universal testimony of the effect of a full moon on people, it seems plausible that there are planetary effects that are more mysterious than we have discovered. Does a bias against seeming superstitious or appearing to descend to horoscope folly cause the scientific community to leave such questions less explored than they should be? After all, our words "influence" and "lunacy," not to mention the names of the ... more