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  • Hidden

    by Melissa A. Ivanco-Murray

    The second novel in the Circle series brings you back to Aorea, where science and magic intermingle, and the line between reality and dream disappears. An unknown shadow brews in the West, clouded from the Spinner's sight. Laria calls the Destined back to Aorea to find and face the darkness she cannot see. Join Mari, Gren, Ruv, and their newest friends as they hunt the source of the mysterious shadow across inhospitable lands, where no one has tread for eons...or at least, so the... more

  • Bound

    by Melissa A. Ivanco-Murray
    Rediscover the world of Aorea, where science and magic intermingle, and the line between reality and dream disappears. Two years after Destined left off, Mari, Gren, and Ruv return to Aorea to pay a debt. However, their plans quickly go awry, and they find themselves caught up in yet another adventure. Join the trio as they shapeshift their way through magical forests, challenge a trickster to a battle of wits, and meet a pair of siblings who could either become powerful new allies or deadly ... more
  • Destined

    by Melissa A. I. Murray
    Step through the Circle and immerse yourself in a world where science and magic intermingle, and the line between reality and dream disappears. Mari, Gren, and Hal were making the most of the last summer before their senior year. But then Mari met Laria, and the entire world changed.With only a few half-remembered dreams to guide her, Mari leads the group on a quest across unknown lands in a desperate race against the clock. They encounter allies and enemies along the way, including a group o... more
  • Entanglement: A Dystopian Sci-fi Thriller

    by Alina Leonova
    There is no distinction between the virtual and the real here, and simulations are a way to escape into an alternative reality. An inexplicable plague has turned plants deadly, and people have to build on top of old structures in hopes of temporary salvation. Cay is fleeing his home, cutting his very identity from his palm along with his implant. Something strange is happening to him, urging him to leave his life behind, but is it real, or is he stuck in a simulation? Vietra has had enough... more
  • Call of the Storm Sorcerer

    by Susan Stradiotto

    A murdered empress. A missing emperor. Mairynne Evangale called them Mother, Father.

    The country mourns while rumors of unrest stir. The sorcery castes struggle for power, and the casteless riot in the streets. Conflict hadn’t escalated this rapidly in Nantai since the Ryū Wars more than five ages past. The people need a new imperial leader.

    Mairynne’s soul yearns for many things, but she never wished for the duty her Father assigned.

    <... more

  • Shadowspeak

    by Raven Eckman
    Once there was a girl who spoke to shadows… Rune’s mother is uncaring and her brother is too young to protect her, so when Rune’s father sells her to the depraved city of Wraith at the young age of ten, no one stops him. His last words to her are of a debt he cannot pay. The shadows who’ve kept Rune company as long as she can remember seem to know what he speaks of and yet they keep their silence. And so Rune grows up living in servitude to Wraith’s brothel and its manipulative mistress, ... more
  • Your Service Is Required

    by Jeff Walker
    From the author of the Outer Red series and the novella of The Long Lost War. Jeff Walker brings you a vision of a dystopian society in the far future where machines now rule over humanity. It’s George Orwell meets The Matrix in this science fiction drama about one man trying to survive in robot dominated world. Earth is now under the control of two artificially intelligent rulers. Angela and Malcolm - they govern the planet and use humanity to service their needs. David 00472 is one of those... more
  • Stranger Danger

    by Michaelbrent Collings
    He will teach you the lesson... ... he knows you’re dying to learn. --- Legion is a teacher. An avenging angel. A murderer. A madman. Raised in the underground hideout of an insane father, he searches for those who keep secrets and sins. Then he teaches them how to leave those mistakes behind. Even if it means killing them to do it. Because sometimes murder is the cost of a proper education. -- "Outstanding!" (The Reading Nook) -- That's why, when he comes to a neighborhoo... more
  • Beyond: A Tale of Discovery on the other Side of Life

    by Ruth Mitchell
    Laura is a successful fantasy writer who needs to get sober. She lives in a haunted hotel in San Francisco with her beautiful white German Shepherd who can see the ghosts. When Sean Wilson appears in her life, everything changes. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence Sean and his crew revolutionize how ghostly apparitions are perceived. This leads to discovering who Laura's mysterious grandfather was and sparks an unlikely romance. Will Laura and Sean live happily ever after? As Laura so... more
  • Cosmopolis

    by Jeffery K Strumski
    In a society with a large Hispanic under-class, Jason Menounos is framed for a terrorist attack. The attacks are somehow linked to a criminal gang, so he goes undercover to take them down, expose the truth and clear his name.
  • Revenge Soldiers

    by Dan Pagano
    "Revenge Soldiers" is a tale of orphans who were raised in total seclusion, trained to become perfect killers, protectors of the world from unseen arcane threats. Their powers are varied and supernormal, but as they grow one of their own leaves the fold, going rogue. Johannas seizes power in the wake of the end of the Destroyer War, and within months he runs the world, answerable to none. But now the dreaded purge has begun, his weeding out of the undesirables, the weak. So his surroga... more
  • Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled, Book One

    by M.L. Williams
    Marauders from a renegade planet attack an Earth colony ship forcing landing parties to split into two groups in a desperate attempt to escape. The attackers are killed but the colonists pay a terrible price. Their vessels are destroyed stranding them without their technology on either side of an imposing mountain range on the planet Verde Grande. Descendants of a mysterious Seer now protect their people but become the bane of the hunter society on the other side of the mountain. For two c... more
  • A Most Promising Planet

    by M.L. Williams
    What gave our world its first drink of water? Who inspired that first human to use symbols to write the first words? Where did the gods of mythology really come from? Inspired by a Native American creation story, A Most Promising Planet peeks back in time to offer another view of Earth’s beginning and illuminates some of mankind’s most significant moments in history. Who inspired one man of the Tewa Pueblo to orchestrate the first American revolution in 1680? Was it an accident that two or... more
  • Amon Prince of the Black Carnage Series: 1 Savus's Adventure/ 979-8-5814-1258-9

    by Jacklynn Portis
    Amon Prince of the Black Carnage is the first novel in a fantasy series were written by Jacklynn Portis. The story takes place in Darkwood, also known as Myrvior. It is about the adventures of Savus traveling with a scouting party to explore new lands for the Iyaenid Empire. He follows a man who makes decisions that determine the survival of everyone involved. However, things seem to go wrong under his leadership, and Savus stands up against the injustice created by the Claster. When Savus speak... more

    by Lillian Hoskins
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  • The Summerlands

    by Susan Butler Colwell
    Hunky archangels, the four elementals, the afterlife, souls on missions in human form, demons, magic, witches, dragons, immortals, God/Goddess/Source, and the King of the Underworld—Colwell’s prose is a magical joyride through mystical worlds, dark secrets, spiritual truths and every kind of love.