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  • Aftermath (Disrupted Equilibrium Book 3)

    by William Bahl
    A mysterious contagion devastates civilization. The infected are beyond count, and they are running out of victims upon which to feed. Outlaws are taking over as they plunder naïve survivors seeking shelter and protection from massing herds of mutated predators. Cowboy discovers his awakened abilities to detect the infected and keep them at bay, complicating both his shadowy past and uncertain present. Gloria establishes a refugee camp, relying on Cowboy's help to protect the few from the many. ... more
  • Tribulation of Dax (World of Trouble Book 1)

    by Thom Brannan
    The world as we know it ended, but after a brief 15-year period of rising dead and spreading chaos, things are more or less back to normal. The maps of the world have changed, now including miles-wide Black Zones, and state lines have been redrawn. In the aftermath, a game show arose: Cemetery Gates, where contestants test their mettle against the walking dead. The winners go on to fortune and fame, and the losers… well, they're taken care of by the next round of contestants. Enter Terry Dax,... more
  • 'Curse' Drakko (The Path of None Book 1)

    by Alexander Gabriel Zoderot
    In this first spiritual fantasy thriller stand-alone sequel, Drakko, a common young man ending his career, meets the One that sparks his inner journey. As Drakko’s spiritual journey began long ago without him even knowing, the encounter hastens his progression, and the many worlds slowly start to become One. Embarking on the last job, difficulties faced test his inner strength, and bring him to places – inside and out – he did not even dare to imagine… Bear witness to his transformation; f... more
  • War of Succession

    by Robert B. Marks
    The Grand Magus is dead. Under the watchful eye of the Arbiter of Succession, seven archmagi have been granted one of the powers of the Grand Magus, which they will use to battle to the death in a ritual as ancient as it is secret. But when the Arbiter is murdered, the Successors plunge the world into a devastating war. Running for his life, Tamlin, once an apprentice mage, meets a mysterious traveller who may hold the key to ending the conflict…and who carries a secret that will shake the Or... more
  • Magus Draconum

    by Robert B. Marks
    On an endless field of ice, a solitary figure stands against the wasteland. He is Delgar Daegar’s Son, the Magus Draconum, the destroyer and redeemer of worlds. This is his story.
  • Re: Apotheosis - Aftermath

    by Robert B. Marks

    The war between the creations is over. The survivors, now known as "Arrivals," must pick up the pieces and create a future for themselves.

    In the story worlds, isekai protagonist Daiki Yamato makes his long way home to his beloved Athena. But Daiki's author is dead, and it is up to him to figure out how to give his story a happy ending.

    In America, Alice Matson and her creation, monster hunter Jenny Calhoun, make a desperate call for help to mech pilot Atria... more

  • Re: Apotheosis

    by Robert Marks
    For over a century, fictional characters have been falling out of their stories into our world. Some, like mech pilot Atria Silversword and isekai protagonist Daiki Yamato, want to go home. Some, like JRPG non-player character Princess Stellaria, want a new life. Some, like superhero Captain Infinite and devil king The Destroyer, want to meet their creators. Some, like monster hunter Jenny Calhoun and super-assassin Jack Death, want justice for their suffering. And one will fight a bloody war... more
  • The Lineage of Evanescence

    by Saeed S. Alsuwaidi

    An original dark fantasy story with black and white illustrations. Indulge yourself in a world filled with sadness, rage, conflict, madness, bond and unsettling border of insanity and sanity. Agony cries within the siblings, their faces tormented by the winds of destruction, chaos, and death that seemed to follow each of them individually and haunted them as a family. Profound struggles, coupled with the conundrums that had shaped his whole life, put Ahmu in the face of unseen, unparalleled d... more

  • The Branding Ax

    by Justin Fulkerson
    For Dominic, the annual fishing trips with his grandfather Earl were usually uneventful. Now at eighteen, he knows this will be the last trip they take together because Earl has recently been diagnosed with dementia and his lucid time is running out. Clearcutting has resumed in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska and, unbeknownst to Dominic, Earl has decided to sabotage the logging equipment nearby. When Earl returns to camp in a panic, raving about being attacked by something evil in the w... more
  • The 2nd Coming of Orlando Rock

    A passionate love affair pulls Willi into Madison’s twisted past. Murder, mobsters, and revenge are a toxic mixture testing Madison’s unworldly gifts. From her sex life to her artistic life, Madison’s a powerhouse of creative energy. Her extraordinary ability to draw people she’s never seen and events before they happen lure Willi into her web of secrets. Willi’s amazing encounters with the other-worldly Orlando Rock catapults him into Madison’s world of voices and revelations, a realm he strugg... more
  • Runeheart

    by Gino C. R. Marchetti, II

    Rune is a two-centuries-old werewolf who has spent his life seeking to give meaning to his curse while atoning for the damage it has caused. Despite his efforts to resist the seductive allure of his otherworldly nature’s siren song, the monster within proves difficult to control.

    During a blizzard, a family of war refugees chances upon his secluded home while seeking shelter. Though Rune hesitates to welcome them, fearful they will discover his secrets and come to harm, he relents... more

  • This One's Gonna Hurt

    by Cody J. Thompson
    As five friends travel through the isolated California desert towards a popular music festival, their trip is interrupted thanks to our modern world's ever-evolving state of technology... Stranded and alone needing to recharge their electric vehicle. When the group of teenagers settle on a remote parking lot in the middle of nowhere, it isn't only a charging station they find. They also uncover pure, unrelenting evil. Hiding in the shadows is a maniac. Searching endlessly and without discrimi... more
  • Nightwave: Book One of The Ilioneus Chronicles

    by Austin Buhl
    For Sarah Brincenn, life has always been about one thing: survival. On the hunt of a lifetime in search of a treasure destined to grant unfathomable riches, she discovers a weapon unlike any other - a sword possessed by the spirits of the late Satarian Gods. Armed with her newfound companion - and a load of experience from a past stretching far beyond her age - Sarah embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will send her on the ultimate test of endurance. How far will someone go to e... more
  • Severed Roots

    by Nego Huzcotoq
    In an alternative contemporary reality, Nick Wong is a product of the Children’s Centres –government-run residential schools designed to prevent all forms of patriarchy and help usher in an unprecedented age of world peace. While girls are groomed for leadership, boys are taught subservience. As is the case with most male graduates, Nick’s emotions are stunted and he feels little connection to others. Nevertheless, his innate curiosity and his desire to do the right thing spur him on a per... more
  • Moon Mountain

    by Jess Porto

    (Moon Mountain Trilogy, Book 1)

    The year is 1997. It’s a Friday night with a full moon in the sky. And it’s Halloween.

    Morgan Thomas and her best friend and roommate, Sheridan, plan to make it a night to remember. Having recently started her senior year at Clarkes College in the inimitably charming country town of Moon Mountain, North Carolina, Morgan feels this year could be her best yet.

    But Morgan’s world begins to unrav... more

  • Legacy of Seven: Darkness Falls

    by P.J. Flie
    After the harrowing trials she underwent in the series’ first chapter to keep her magic from spiraling out of control, Ondreeal rests easy knowing she’s finally managed to keep her powers in check. But as the young wizard becomes plagued with dreams of a nightmarish future that she can’t remember upon waking, she begins to doubt whether her powers are really as controllable as she thought. A nagging urgency pulls her back to Bastion, a free city of light and a beacon of hope for all peoples, and... more