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  • The Rapture Of Release

    by H. C. Turk
    In the 23rd century, Melody Spell is on her way to an offworld vacation when an alien thrusts the key to a lost world down her throat. Following a star map, Melody is eaten by a megabug, kidnapped by space pirates, and has to face down magic at the border of life and death. Accompanied by a half-dead alien, Melody strives to remove the key before it kills her—again.
  • War and Glory: Lokians 3

    by Aaron Dennis
    Gray mother ships have penetrated Earth's atmosphere. Intel suggests the aliens are searching for NOAHH, a Non-Organic Alien Human Hybrid, yet the Gray Agenda insinuates the aliens wish to subdue Humans; why, then, are they destroying Earth and evac ships?Riley believes only the traveler can reveal the answer, but knowledge is never what one expects.In the face of a new Lokian threat, two factions of Grays, an elusive Reptilian, and hybrids lurking within Earth's own government, Phoenix Crew mus... more
  • Nite Fire: Flash Point by C. L. Schneider - 5 Stars - Must Read

    by Jewel Hart
    Slated for execution, shapeshifting assassin, Dahlia Nite, flees her world to hide in the human realm. As payment for the shelter they unknowingly provide, Dahlia dedicates herself to protecting humans from what truly lives in the shadows. Moving from town to town, she hunts the creatures that threaten an unsuspecting human race; burying the truth that could destroy them all. But the shadows are shifting. The lies are adding up. And when Sentinel City is threatened by a series of bizarre brutal ... more
  • We Live Inside Your Eyes

    by Kealan Patrick Burke
    In the ruins of an old parking garage, there is an effigy lashed to a pillar. To anyone else, the remains of the woman with the goat skull head is a warning. To a lonely young boy looking for escape, it is a god of salvation. At its feet lay tattered old notebooks, scattered stories, tales of strange encounters, of broken people and monstrous things, and of corrupt hearts and evil minds. In order to complete his transfiguration, the boy must read these stories, but he has no idea the fate that a... more
  • They Lurk Among Us: Lokians 2

    by Aaron Dennis
    The Lokians have been defeated. O'Hara has gone AWOL. His spec ops team has been disbanded and reassigned. The President of the North American Union is working with aliens. Gray-Human hybrids are controlling the Earth from sights unseen, but hope is not lost.After recovering on Eon, Admiral Lay warned O'Hara of an impending threat, and the young captain left the new planet behind him as he flew through space-time with Adams and Franklin, agents of The Bureau. Now, The Bureau has a new mission fo... more
  • Beyond the Pale

    by Marushia Dark
    The year is 2092 and the postmodernists have won the culture war, eradicating whites, males, heterosexuals, and capitalists from the world. Those who remain now live in an age of sexual hedonism, genetic splicing, and cybernetic augmentation run by A.I. under the dogmatic control of Vindication. The story follows one former enforcer of the great purges as she now grapples with heretical questions in secret, wondering why her identitarian-Marxist utopia never came.
  • Beyond the End of the World: Lokians 1

    by Aaron Dennis
    Intelligent races travel through wormholes to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Thewls inform Humans of a looming threat. Lokians are a ravenous race of space bugs. They harvest technology from advanced civilizations and integrate with it to mass produce living ships, dangerous vanguards, and formidable legions.Captain O'Hara of Phoenix Crew travels with Thewls to retrieve an ancient vessel from a mysterious race simply known as travelers. Can a single craft be the key to saving the ga... more
  • Thelema: Book 1 - The Magician (Mystic Will)

    by Marushia Dark
    • Sequel to "Book 0 - The Fool."
    • In a world where humans must wear mystical pendants to survive, Justices of the Peace bring law and order to the land of Severa, engaging in mortal combat against living, breathing corporations while searching for their twin flames.
    • Apathy, Belligerence, Bureaucracy, Hubris, Hypocrisy, Pettiness, Pretension.  What do these seven contemptible things all have in common?
    • It's been several months since Dean Maynard and... more
  • Thelema: Book 0: The Fool (Mystic Will)

    by Marushia Dark
    • In a world where humans must wear mystical pendants to survive, Justices of the Peace bring law and order to the land of Severa, engaging in mortal combat against living, breathing corporations while searching for their twin flames.
    • Book 0: What if you were born into a world where the gods once walked among men and women? Where you wake up every morning to find a mystical pendant around your neck and know, as everyone knows, that the gods had granted you this awesome gift, to hou... more
  • Masks

    by Amara Lynn
    Avari has always been a social outcast, which is just fine by him; he has superhuman abilities and hates people. But his lab partner Chayton keeps being so friendly and Avari can't stop staring at his alluring smile. When he loses control of his abilities, Avari is faced with a startling revelation about himself—one that's both thrilling and dangerous. As Avari seeks to understand Chayton, he finds himself coming out of his shell, and his connection with Chayton grows deeper. Meanwhile, a ... more
  • A Rational Man

    by J S Hollis
    Sebastian Stanhope is playing chess at school while millions watch his father cut his mothers throat. Why would Cecil Stanhope, who aspires to be Prime Minister and is a loving husband and father, kill his wife? In a near-future society without privacy, where everyone can watch everything through the omnipresent “W”, Sebastian seeks resolution for his father’s crime. a rational man is the fascinating story of a young adult trying to find his identity in a world ruled by public opinion and in ... more
  • Shadow-Forge Revelations: Andrew's Adventure Series

    by Stephen J Bauer
    ‘Shadow-Forge Revelations’ is a fascinating science-fiction adventure that continues to explore our understanding of the universe and the theories that surround it. In this long awaited sequel to the ‘Quest of the Shadow-Forge’, this paranormal fantasy reveals the secret world of the strange and secretive guild of participants known as the Shadow-Forge. As part of the celestial nature of this supernatural world, that underlies our own universe, there is a never ending battle for control of our e... more
  • Dark Lantern of the Spirit: An Arthur Wilson & Benjamin Hathorne Novella (Arthur Wilson & Benjamin Hathorne Novels Book 1)

    by Max Beaven
    A frontier lawman encounters an evil beyond his understanding. He must turn to an old friend and scholar of the arcane, if he is to have any hope of saving his town. The first in a series, set in a late Victorian era frontier western setting. Intertwining the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft and the supernatural horror of writers such as Robert E. Howard.
  • The Black Palace

    by Josh Woods
    The Black Palace—some have called it a hidden fortress, others a labyrinth of myth, a trackless mystery. And even the witches, who built it and keep it shut, fear that through the ages it has come alive. But tonight, a sleek field agent in the Witchfinders Union, DiFranco, leads her supernatural SWAT team on a raid inside to find one of their own, bringing along a witch’s young maidservant as their prisoner-guide. Yet once across that uncanny threshold, they must confront another world of grand ... more
  • City of Thicket

    by A T Veatch
    Have you ever been given a choice that could make or break your perception of reality? If every other choice is the wrong answer, who could you trust? What if you were forced to start again? What if you could have the means to immortality? What would you do to save the ones you love? Do you know the tale of the man who tried to live forever? Sixteen years ago, Oscar Sunder's life was erased. Today, Oscar is on the cusp of loosing everything again. Grandfathered to the technology that will re-... more