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  • A Veil of Gods and Kings

    by Nicole Bailey
    A god fighting his fate. A prince burdened with secrets. And a romance that could end in flames. Apollo is a deity… almost. Half mortal and refusing to take his position as god of the sun, he spends his nights drowning out haunting memories and his days avoiding responsibilities. Until his father forces him into an ultimatum: Ascend immediately. Or spend the year mentoring under the obnoxious Prince Hyacinth. Forced together, Apollo and Hyacinth grapple with their mutual disdain f... more
  • Stormsilver

    by Raven McGory
    Young is an unruly dragon god, found guilty of creating a human catastrophe and sentenced to a monitored punishment among humans. Thirty years later, he’s an amnesiac ghoul-hunter in the heart of DC—living with a god of fate, a husband and wife from the 1300s who share a body, demon sisters, a grim reaper, and more in a large penthouse he calls Calamity Cave. Forced to fraternize with the charming, ghost-seeing human Arella after she steals his sword, constantly being spied on by those overse... more
  • The Empathy Academy

    by Dustin Grinnell
    In 2032, biotech entrepreneur Sonja Woodward has created a genetic test that can identify a predisposition in teenagers for unethical behavior before they reach adulthood. Those who test positive are sent to Woodward Academy on Nantucket Island. Montgomery Hughes, a high school senior, is among the first students sent to the school. But Monty is there under false pretenses. He switched his test result with another student’s and is using an alias to hide his identity. Haunted by his disgraced... more
  • Sojourn Macabre

    by Mark A. Snyder

    Sojourn Macabre is a journey through the strange and unusual. Nine tales of horror from other worldly to taboo

  • Bright Lights Bound By Darkness

    by I.M. Savage
    In a cold universe close to death, humanity’s descendants orbit a black star. Eons ago, they retreated to the collective conscious, an artificial world that provided immortality. Millennia passed without change while people slept a dreamless state, until a distant explosion forced the ship to wake its inhabitants. Only one responded, Jerel. With the ship’s fate resting on her actions, she must choose. Leave the safety of their star, their sole companion in an empty universe, or strike out into t... more
  • B08DJBWJ31

    by Robert P. Ottone
    From waking fears to heart-breaking nightmares, this collection of short fiction is a glimpse into the terrors we face every day from the mind of Robert P. Ottone. In “The Arborist,” a woman hears the mysterious call of the forest. Five friends exploring an archipelago find themselves set upon by the island’s hungry inhabitants in “The Monitors.” A young woman confronts the mystery of her infertility in “Kelly Watch the Stars.” These works are joined by the title novella, Her Inferna... more
  • Percivious Origins

    by JJ and AJ Cook, MD

    What if we’ve never actually been at the pinnacle of the evolutionary ladder?

    As the pandemic of PERCIVIOUS INSOMNIA tightens its devastating grip on society, travel back in time and across space to uncover its secret…

    The maverick second volume in the PERCIVIOUS trilogy, PERCIVIOUS ORIGINS shatters history as we (think we) know it.

    Two hundred and eighty million years before the orig... more

  • Light Giver

    by Mike Slade

    Every generation in the secluded Kingdom of Yanasu, a child is born with the power to heal the very life force coursing through the veins of all living beings. Now Kaine, an outsider from a distant continent, finds himself at the doorsteps of Yanasu, seeking help and guidance for his newly revealed healing powers. He never expected to become the ward of the ailing High Priest, or to grow close to Na’Serra, a princess coming into her own fantastic abilities. When a deadly anti-magic cult... more

  • The Midlife Gemini's Guide to a Bad Horoscope

    by Kate Karyus Quinn, Demitria Lunetta, and Marley Lynn
    Sure, every woman has days when she feels like the only way to get things done is to clone herself...but for me it came true. I’m Maddie and I had the Pinterest-perfect life… until I found out my supposedly wonderful husband, Bert, had two other wives! Even worse, he roped all three of us into a crazy scheme involving a magical artifact. That ended poorly - Bert died while us three wives wound up with strange powers. Now, months later, my full Gemini powers manifest on my birthday. Suddenl... more
  • Replika: Sky's Mission

    by Hugo Bernard
    Earth’s ecological collapse is avoided when most of the world population agrees to permanently upload into Replika, a simulated reality maintained by the AI. But the stability of this world is threatened when a group of neuroscientists hack their own brains to interact with Replika in unforeseen and dangerous ways. Sky devotes her life to rebuilding the real world left dysfunctional from the massive exodus into Replika. But when she learns her brother, who disappeared under mysterious circums... more
  • The Nomad: Book One

    by Debra Tillar

    Zara is a star-shooter—a member of an elite class of space workers who travel throughout the galaxy delivering supplies to space stations and newly settled planets. A minor accident causes Zara’s ship to be delayed on an unexplored world. The crew is enchanted by the planet’s lush beauty, but when the star-shooters' idyllic interlude is suddenly interrupted by a distress call, they discover their paradise has a dangerous secret. After a near-death experience, Zara wakes ... more

  • Ditching The Ugly Suit

    by Ed Christiano

    A successful entrepreneur stumbles into a technology that allows people to choose new faces and bodies to swap for their own.

    He gets involved with all kinds, from those preferring to shed their droopy eyes or crooked noses to those struggling with their weight. Some want to escape disease in younger more attractive bodies, while others want to ditch their criminal identities to evade justice. The service is also popular with the famous, who opt for temporary changes wh... more

  • Dark Fangs Rising

    by C. Thomas Lafollette
    Luke Irontree is a former Roman legionnaire and an immortal vampire slayer now living in Portland, Oregon as the city experiences an upswing in vampire related violence. While he's hunting vampires, he meets Pablo--the second of a local LGBTQ+ werewolf pack who tries to befriend him. After a run in with a human hunter, a Black woman from New York named Delilah, Luke tries to dissuade her from continuing down the dark path of vampire hunting. Instead, she joins forces with Pablo, and they save Lu... more
  • Durch die Blume

    by Horst Müller
    Durch die Blume ist die Geschichte eines im Wald verirrten Floristen, der viele seltsame und beängstigende Monster entdeckt.
  • Annihilation

    by Kaylin McFarren

    The saga of Soul Seeker continues with Queen Lucinda increasing her powers by devouring the souls of demons, while plotting the destruction of Heaven in the upcoming Red War.

  • A Dragon of Turicum

    by C. R. BRACHER
    Eldred, the heir to the throne of Deria struggles to manifest the Bond, the gift the Night Mother bestowed on their people. He must gain this power before he reaches the age of ascension or he will lose all he has fought for. In the midst of his struggles, news of trouble in the distant north reaches the kingdom. Eldred must face the challenge. Deciphering the mysteries of the Wretcheds, a discarded people of the Night Mother, could spell the difference between victory and death.