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  • Lies, Lust, and Larceny

    by Lisa Marie Shaver
    What if you could have all the comforts of a home without having to pay for them? Follow Lilah and Laylah Larceny, identical twin sisters from Buffalo, New York who are getting ready to retire from their careers as hairdressers . One day, Lilah comes up with a brilliant plan after watching a YouTube video that gives her an idea about how she can retire comfortably for free! Then, unbeknownst to Lilah, her twin sister manages to uncover her plan to retire in comfort and takes off to Scandinavia w... more
  • Madness From the Sea: Cthulhu's Lure

    by Jonathon T. Cross
    Madness From the Sea: Cthulhu's Lure picks up 100 years after the events of The Call of Cthulhu. The stars are nearing alignment once again, and Cthulhu’s telepathic reach has ignited. New England is drowning in madness, and one Bostonian woman, an online influencer named Frances, has become enamored with her visions. She garners an online following mighty enough to rival the once mighty Cthulhu Cult and sets off on an ill-fated voyage to awaken Cthulhu at any cost. Madness from the sea is a lov... more
  • Witch Fire (The Sundancer Mysteries Book 3)

    by Juliet Freyermuth

    While fighting an ancient, primordial god known as the Green Man, Nick St. James found out a secret that would change his life forever. A secret that explained why alcohol and abuse filled his childhood. He thought he could leave it all behind. Then someone or something attacks his mother and puts her into a coma. Now Nick must head to Las Vegas and confront both his strained relationship with her and a shadowy cartel that wants her dead. With the help of his voodoo practicing girlfriend, his... more

  • Legends of Andolin

    by A. M. Portman

    Adella's life had been peaceful on the frontier of Valenna. But when mysterious raiders attack and burn her town down, her brother goes missing. Leaving everything behind, she sets off in a desperate ride across the plains to find him.

    Kol, a highly-skilled Sornian soldier, needs Adella's help if he wants to live to see another day. A traitor to his country with nowhere else to turn, he agrees to guide Adella across the wilderness of the Campos. 

    When Adella is captur... more

  • Phantom Ultra

    by Kenton E. H. Ward

    My muscles were fine, my skills still sharp, but my mind… my mind belonged to Phantom.


    It was on that planet that Tommy Cade took part in a military operation that went horribly wrong and culminated in a terrifying otherworldly encounter.


    Despite later becoming a war hero and a renowned golem hunter, Tommy has long struggled with traumatic flashbacks of the event—eventually forcing him to seek out a more peaceful existence. However, any hope of a quiet lif... more

  • Hounded

    by Frederic H Martini
    It is 2066, twenty-five years after the Immune Collapse decimated the world population. The survivors spend as much time as possible in VR rather than in the real world. Vic Malone is a newly-promoted detective assigned to robbery-homicide in the Brooklyn Police Department. He finds himself tangled up in a case that involves murder, illegal software, blackmail, and the mob. Fortunately for Vic, his partner is Officer Louis, a Neo-9. Neo-9s are genetically enhanced dogs, and Louis’ mom was a blac... more
  • The Afterlife Project

    by Tim Weed
    With humanity facing imminent extinction, a team of scientists uses technology originally designed for interstellar travel to send a test subject ten millennia into Earth’s future. Marooned in an uninhabited wilderness, microbiologist Nicholas Hindman is charged with the task of searching for remnants of the human race. Meanwhile, back in 2068 A.D., Nicholas’s partner, the team’s head physicist, Natalie Quist, leads a small crew on a transatlantic voyage in search of a second viable test subject... more
  • Phobos VII

    by Bruce Bland

    Phobos VII is a tragedy set in a doomed dystopia of magic and marble. The young protagonist, Stas, is a promising arena fighter at the start of his career. After a conflict with a peer caused by his naïve idealism, Stas ventures out of his gilded cage and learns of the cracks in his society. Lured in by charismatic revolutionaries and a gruff serial killer, he embarks on a foolish mission to fix the broken world and defeat the immortal monster that rules it.

    Over the course of the ... more

  • Firefax

    by A.M. Vergara
    The world’s oldest family of high-profile assassins, the Firefaxes, have been killing off dignitaries—and being well-compensated to do so—for centuries. The family is thrown into turmoil by their patriarch’s death and the return of their cunning, cruel prodigal, Murdoch. With their father dead, Murdoch is the only one who knows where the Firefax wealth is, kept on a secret island. But two competing intelligence networks in the American Revolution are bent on tracking down the legendary treasure... more
  • Heavy Heart (The Road to Ragnarök Book 4)

    by Rochelle Wilcox
    Freyr and Freyja believe the time finally has come to return to Asgard with Lia and Will by their sides, offer Yggdrasill’s fruit to Lia, and welcome her to their family. But Lia’s tasks aren’t complete. If the Norse gods are to have any hope of prevailing in Ragnarök — if Freyr is to have any chance of escaping the Norns’ prophecy and sharing a life with Lia in the days after — Lia must wait. Even the dragons who have vowed to join the gods in that final battle won’t be enough to save all of th... more
  • Alive Again (The Road to Ragnarök Book 3)

    by Rochelle Wilcox
    As he threatened to do, Loki drags Lia to Helheim, hiding her with his daughter Hel — he thinks out of Freyr’s reach. But Loki doesn’t know that Lia carries the key to her escape. She’s befriended by Baldr and Nanna, gods trapped in Helheim since the worlds were young, who join her in finding a way out for all of them. As they search for Freyr, Freyja and Will, traveling through worlds long believed to be figments of imagination, Lia finds a connection to the dragons, dwarfs and elves who make t... more
  • Enemies Eternal (The Road to Ragnarök Book 2)

    by Rochelle Wilcox
    Awaking alone in a strange hotel room, her memories of the last six weeks only vague images of places and people she has never seen and does not know, Lia longs for her old life. But that life is gone. As she learns who to fear and who to trust, Lia is forced to again flee Los Angeles and seek refuge with Freyr, Freyja and Will on the other side of the earth. There, the gods who have drawn Lia into the world of myth fight the undead and even part the sea in their resolve to protect Lia from fami... more
  • The Neighbors

    by M. C. Ryder
    You are a maternity nurse. Work long hours. Stick to a strict daily routine. Content on your own. Except that you are an introvert. You sleep during the light of day. Run under the stars during the late night. Friends are few and far in between. You have an intolerance for rude people and you're not shy about giving them a piece of your mind. When your shift ends, the rest of the world's day is just beginning. So, when the new neighbors make a racket next door, you're not going to hold back from... more
  • From Legend (The Reeve Book 1)

    by Ian Lewis

    In an alternate, post-alchemy version of North America, Logan Hale is the highest peace officer in Beldenridge, a Gothic city that sits on the shores of Great Lake Peril. He's haunted by the legacy of his war hero father and the memory of Clara, a woman he once loved. While conducting a suicide investigation, he finds evidence of the Wojiin, a vicious enemy thought long extinct. He entrusts the safety of the city to a young vigilante known as the Veil an... more

  • Catalyst (Cosmos Saga Book 3)

    by Dex Devlyn
    When a world lost for a thousand years resurfaces, the race is on to reach it first. The crew of the Honey is caught in a struggle between four nations and the technological nirvana they covet. But all is not well in Cardina. Apparently, a thousand years isn’t enough to outrun your troubles. Under the looming threat of annihilation, the crew must find a way to save Cardina from a calamity a millennium in the making. With the promise of tomorrow broken and the light of hope fading quick, a spar... more
  • Cloud Parliament

    by Olivia Cole
    After decades of scandal, abuse, and drugging, horseracing was banned, sending Kentucky, once the horse capital of the world, into economic decline. But Limestone Corp’s invention of an ultra-realistic robotic horse has raised the industry from the dead: the metalbreds are a new kind of horse, unburdened by pain or fear, and guided by a new kind of jockey – most notably, wunderkind Rosario Vicario. Vicario astonished the racing industry with a home-built metalbred and became an overnight global ... more