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  • Prophecy Tested

    by Shannon Pemrick
    Everyone has their place. Or they should. Twenty-year-old Aviana isn’t so lucky. Born to a clan that lost their way long before her time, she is the product of a pairing that should be celebrated. Instead, she hid in the shadows for her own protection and watched her family’s reputation crumble. However, there is one being of great power and importance to her clan who has always believed in her, telling her she is destined for greatness. And now that she is to undergo her coming-of-age tes... more
  • Reborn

    by Shannon Pemrick
    Freedom is everything. I should know, I finally have it. After fighting for my deepest desires for so long, it feels more like a dream than reality. But when I start to get comfortable, I’m reminded of one last task that needs to be done. Only, things don’t go according to plan. From the shadows, old and new enemies spring forth, bent on destroying what I worked so hard to create. It’ll take everything I have, and my unbreakable bond with my life mate, to keep everything from falling ap... more
  • Surrendered

    by Shannon Pemrick
    Everyone wants to be free. I’m no exception. I dream of the day when I no longer answer to anyone else. But to achieve that dream, I have to kill another. And we’re running out of time. Despite the support of countless new allies, things aren’t going according to plan. We’re waging a war with impossible odds. I’m falling for a dragon who’s promised to someone else. And the voice I’m hearing? She’s more important than I first thought. I’m losing track of what I’m fighting for. With... more
  • Exposed

    by Shannon Pemrick
    Emotions suck. Before he came along, I never knew what it meant to belong. I walked the thin line between life and death. There was no middle-ground. This dragon taught me more than I imagined was possible. With him by my side, everything was right. And then it all fell apart. To keep him safe, I let go of the most important thing to me. It hurt—a lot. I can't dwell on what could have been, when our freedom is on the line. Going back to my old ways proves more difficult than I imagined.... more
  • Secrets

    by Shannon Pemrick
    Fear is natural. But not for me. I was designed not to feel emotion. It kept me controlled. It made me a monster. Until I got a taste of what I was missing. Tortured and plagued by my bloody past, I can't let anyone in. They don't want to see the monster lurking inside. The darkness that gnaws at my mind, threatening to consume me. But the past has a way of creeping in when you least expect. When that happens, I find myself turning to the infuriating dragon I've sworn to keep at a... more
  • Pieces

    by Shannon Pemrick
    Most people know where they belong. As an outcast, even among misfits, I'm not that lucky. It's fine. I don't need them. These walls I've built keep me safe. Until they don't anymore. With the rebellion under way, I have enough on my hands gaining my freedom. So when a dragon cracks the shield I've built around me, it brings forth the darkness contained within and awakens sensations I thought long dead. I do the only thing I know how—fight back. I don't know if it'll be enough this t... more
  • Free Dive

    by Emma Shelford
    Sea monsters have no place in modern science. Try telling them that. Corrie loves being a marine biologist, even if research money is a constant struggle. But studying sea anemones isn’t as ground-breaking as the mermaid she saw. She can’t tell anyone—one slip of her overactive tongue, and Corrie’s career would tank faster than a submarine. When mysterious free diver Zeballos offers her his ship to collect samples, cash-strapped Corrie eagerly sets sail. A bizarre fish jumps over the bow, ... more
  • Dawn of the Sphere

    by Jay S. Willis
    Thousands of years ago, magic ruled their land. When the mightiest among them rise up, will they bring peace… or rain down destruction? Axamar Sulvastra discovered his powers on the day his brother died. Instead of saving a life, his accidental outburst robbed him of something truly precious. And now he fears the Red Rage pumping through his veins could either free the world or send it to its doom. Working hard to control his abilities at the Academy of Arcane Studies, Axamar quickly bonds w... more
  • Destiny

    by Shannon Pemrick
    For a relic of war, death is my inevitable release. Most people can’t kill without regret, but I don’t have that luxury. I am a tank-created nu-human, and my sole purpose hinges on the whims of my tyrannical maniac creator. Town annihilations to political assassinations—I never disobey. Until I want more. When I escape beyond the realm of my former master, my only goal is safety—freedom—a life I always wanted. I should have known my creator would send deadly pursuers. He wants to remind... more
  • Dream of the Sphere

    by Jay S. Willis
    Three thousand years of tradition torn asunder. When the truth comes out, will a hero emerge to pick up the pieces? Dashira Eisenheart takes ultimate comfort in her community. So she’s thrilled when her brother ascends to the coveted order chosen to protect the world from safely sealed-away, millennia-old, dangerous magic. But her faith in her beloved parents’ loyalty cracks after she spies her mother sneaking about town to meet with the enemy. Striving to stay focused on her own academic ... more
  • Missing on Orbital 4

    by Cory Wilcox
    Jake Hemlock was bounced out of the Bureau of Investigations on Earth so hard he ended up in orbit. Now aboard space station Orbital 4 he makes his living as a private investigator finding lost things and helping those who have nowhere else to turn. A beautiful woman hired Jake and his side kick Maud a centuries old digital construct to find her little sister, an easy case. But before he knows it Jake is in trouble with the mob, the cops and is chasing down the bad guys through the guts of ... more
  • The Conquest of Kiynan

    by Eric P. Caillibot
    Masc Blackheart, a bloodthirsty warlord, invades Kiynan. The only person standing in his way is Hendrik Stoneworth, a young naïve King. Will he be shrewd enough to repel the attack and save his kingdom? Meanwhile Daimin the Mauve, an ancient Conjurer, escapes from his imprisonment in the spirit world. He raises an army with the intention of taking revenge and conquering the people of Ornland. In a desperate bid to defeat their enemy, the magic Houses of Ornland seek help from their alienat... more
  • The Heart of the Bloodstone

    by Philinna Wood
    Avalan is a hunter in a cage. In the village of Hydrus, a fastness secluded from the Stone Lands, Avalan was born. He swam its warm waters, hunted through its blackwood forest, played the goat games on its white shore. Now, he watches the chief erect a mighty palisade to keep his tribe contained, forbid the magic of the birthstones, exile his childhood friend, and punish the tribe of Hydrus for daring to love, hope, dream … As the chief’s madness grows, so does Avalan’s longing to lead the... more
  • Twiceborn: Six Stories from the Future

    by C. L. Kagmi
    We all evolve. Our abilities, our bodies, and our opinions change. For the people in these stories, some changes are more radical than others. Would you end one life to make way for another? Would you leave the world you know for one more beautiful and dangerous? If you could give humans immortality—and the dangerous powers that go with it—would you? This collection of six stories spans three fictional universes whose citizens have solved the problem of mortality in different ways. ... more
  • Girl Malfunctioned

    by Dustin Holloway
    Krista Kinsley is a girl genius. Abused by her family. Subjected to experimental surgery. Locked up for defending herself. The computer implanted in her mind is starting to malfunction, and Krista discovers that she has frightening abilities that make her a danger to herself and to the people trying to exploit her. Can she control her own mind before it destroys her? Girl Malfunctioned is a stunning techno and medical thriller that weaves together the latest advancements in artificial in... more
  • Unsettling Fragments

    by C. S. Jones
    These fragments from oblivion pry open perspective, interrupt imagination, and rearrange reasoning, all to twist the very idea of what fictional stories can evolve from and ultimately be reborn into. From inner turmoil to outer circumstance; from wild beasts to untamed emotions; from mind expanding experiments to mind altering mishaps; these unsettling tales come to life by expressing the rarely explained but often understood chronicles of one’s own conscious, while letting it all bleed out onto... more