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  • La Vampira: In Search of Lost Time

    by Madonna de la Noche
    I’ve been bit. I was a little Mexican girl and now I'm a cosmopolitan, Manhattanite vampire. A naïve little girl became a brutal vampire but now that little girl haunts me. I’ve written other vampire books, but this is the first truthful one. My previous books made lots of money, lying about what we are, what we do. But I’ve become ashamed of the lies. I'm writing something truthful. That’s why I went back to learn about my human self before the bite. I wanted to write something with just... more
  • Five Demons: An Occult Detective Novel

    by Marc Layton
    You’re right to be scared of the dark… Professor Aldous Crane, paranormal expert and ghost hunter, knows all too well the things that lurk beyond the thin veil of our reality. Dark spirits hide just beyond our reach, waiting for their chance to strike – and when disturbed, vengeful ghosts will stop at nothing to exact their revenge on the living. In these five haunting and horrifying tales, you’ll delve into the darkest depths of the supernatural, discovering the shocking and macabre cases th... more
  • Deadly Memory

    by David Walton
    THE PAST TURNS DEADLY in this sequel to the globe-spanning paleontology thriller Living Memory. Ancient genetic technology drives world politics as China and the US vie for the power contained in Thailand’s fossil deposits. Deep in an underground CIA facility, Samira studies an unprecedented find but fears her discoveries will be used as a weapon. Meanwhile, from the depths of the ocean, a killer organism surfaces that hasn’t been seen in two hundred and fifty million years. Will world powers sh... more
  • Silhouettes and Shadows

    by James R. Martin
    Moving beyond rocket propulsion while defying world powers, a private corporation secretly builds ships to explore Mars and the Solar System. To survive, they must initially defend their discoveries and goals against a right-wing government, corporate competitors, and foreign countries. The story starts today, quickly moving into a dangerous future. A host of characters teams up to make a dream come true. Will they complete their quest before Homo sapiens destroy Earth? Each of the many charac... more
  • Edge of the Cosmos (Cosmos Saga Book 1)

    by Dex Devlyn
    One day, seven stars will rise up, unify all mankind, and bring peace to the universe. Today is not that day. Today, these seven strangers barely survived the crash of the last starliner, found themselves marooned, and managed to narrowly avoid murdering each other over a shiny stone. Not their best day, but certainly not their worst. So begins their unlikely tale of survival as they make their way across the universe, from a remote outpost to a shining city of light to its seedy shadowed ... more
  • Raven’s Creek

    by David-Jack Fletcher
    Michael and Geoff, a married couple, stop for the night in a dilapidated motel, pursuing their runaway surrogate. Little do they know, the owners are preparing for their annual "show" Financed by the wealthy elite, who support genetic research beneath the motel. Among them is a young woman named Adelaide, intent on exposing the cruelties that lurk beneath the depths of the Raven's Creek motel. The trio are forced to participate in a battle for survival. One that wills them to dig into the dar... more
  • Stranger in the Twisted Realm

    by Kay Kenyon
    Yevliesza, a modern woman of earth, has at last gained acceptance in the closed medieval kingdom of Numinat. She has won the love of a high lord, gathered the first friends of her young life—and uncovered a rare power she never wanted and cannot control. When she is sent on a diplomatic mission into warlike Volkia she finds herself trapped by the cunning ruler, Prince Albrecht. He suspects that she is linked to a power he can harness for war. Determined to bend her to his will, he is willing ... more
  • A Flock of Vampires

    by Everlyn C Thompson
    As an elite warrior for the Vampire King, Stu's only mission in life is to wipe out the Rebels' Army, and maybe destroy a few Soul Eaters along the way. That all changes the night a Witch stumbles into the crossfire, using her healing powers to save one of his warriors. Keltti, a lone witch in the big city, is elated to start working as a healer for the King's Army. While using her magic for a good cause, she has finally found the sense of belonging that has been eluding her for years. Workin... more
  • The Nameless Restaurant

    by Tao Wong

    There is a restaurant in Toronto.

    Its entrance is announced only by a simple, unadorned wooden door, varnished to a beautiful shine but without paint, hidden beside dumpsters and a fire escape. There is no sign, no indication of what lies behind the door.

    If you do manage to find the restaurant, the décor is dated and worn. Homey, if one were to be generous.

    The service is atrocious, the proprietor a grouch. The regulars are worse: silent, brooding, a... more

  • Life is in the Blood

    by Daniel Bautz
    Three strangers moving in very different directions find themselves pulled to a small town in the middle of Ohio. A force is reeling them in. Like a needle drawn North on a compass, powerless to stray from this impending convergence, they must take their stand in the battle of good and evil. But what happens when the worst evil wears the face of good? Life is in the Blood is the macabre tale of what it is to long for freedom, love, and to be human.
  • Artefactum

    by J.E. Tobal

    "Sam was only seven-years old when he destroyed his first universe. He didn't do it on purpose, though. In fact, he had no idea what he was doing."

    So begins the story of Sam, a sarcastic bartender who one day accidentally stumbles upon the means to travel to alternate realities by way of an Aboriginal fertility sculpture. But after the sudden and untimely death of his girlfriend, Una, Sam's sanity becomes a wobbling tightrope act as he convinces himself that Una ... more

  • In the End, Nothing: A Short Story Collection

    by Michael Patrick Hicks
    “Undeniably talented, Michael Patrick Hicks shows evidence of a rather deliciously depraved mind." (SciFi & Scary) With In the End, Nothing, Michael Patrick Hicks has brought together a number of dark, strange and moving short stories, collected here for the first time. Join six guests for a remarkably disturbing twelve-course meal. Venture into the far reaches of space where, aboard an abandoned mining station, a team of scientists make a surprising discovery about the origin of life. Wat... more
  • The Cemetery 6: Festival of Fear

    by David B Bond
    Death wanders among the graveyard and each soul has a story to tell. The ‘Cemetery 6’ find themselves curiously drawn to these spirits unresolved stories in hopes that they can bring them the peace that they seek. Preparing for another night of telling spooky stories, a spirit named Kit appears before the ‘Cemetery 6’. Despite Kit’s confusion on the group’s ability to see him when no one else can, he is reluctant to share his problems with them. He doesn’t want their pity and he doesn’t truly be... more
  • The Perpetual Now

    by Jerome J Bourgault
    Ferguston, Ontario, is an angry little town full of dark secrets, a place where keeping your head down is never a bad idea. That’s fine with Justin Lambert, an introverted, biracial 12-year-old who generally prefers books to people anyway. Against all odds, Justin has found a new friend. Her name is Billie. She’s sweet, precocious, and a bit feisty. She also isn’t human. David Raymond, on the other hand, is all too human. A brutal, volatile thug and celebrated public nuisance, he was the o... more
  • Grave-Reaping Hermit

    by Everlyn C Thompson
    When self-professed hermit Theodora Edwards is attacked by a dark fae and infected with his magic, she finds herself thrust into the supernatural spotlight as the first possible changeling in centuries. As if surviving the transition isn’t hard enough, Theo has to deal with an attempted abduction by her newly turned vampire ex-husband, unwanted courting offers from salacious fae suitors, and her growing attraction to the guardian of the gate to Fairie. Caught in a cruel tug of war between the q... more
  • Three Grams of Elsewhere

    by Andy Giesler

    Fifty years ago, a new civil war fractured the United States into a mosaic of polarized nations. Ever since, Harmony “Bibi” Cain has isolated himself: from society, from technology, from family. A powerful empath weary from the constant intrusion of others’ emotions, he’s finally cloistered in his rural Wisconsin retirement community. He hopes to find, if not peace, then at least a little quiet.

    But when four impossible-seeming killings shake North America, Bibi ... more