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  • Tomorrowville

    by David T. Isaak

    Toby Simmons has a silly—and self-induced—accident in 2008. He wakes up in 2088.

    The skies are clean, but the rich-poor social gulf has widened. The biggest industries are entertainment and the prison system. Taxes have been cut — because the main source of government revenue is the confiscation of property. Many new, designer recreational drugs are legal, and many other drugs are mandatory. And while the US leads the world in cosmetic surgery, in most technologies Ame... more

  • Qualia Nous, Vol. 2

    by Michael Bailey
    A literary blend of science fiction and horror edited by Michael Bailey. This second volume of the award-winning Qualia Nous series contains short stories, novelettes, and poetry from established authors and newcomers from around the world. Featuring the imaginations of Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, Eugen Bacon, Josh Malerman, Cynthia Pelayo, Lee Murray, Eric LaRocca, Gabino Iglesias, Linda D. Addison, Zoje Stage, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, Gary A. Braunbeck, and more, with artwork throughout ... more
  • Ritual Income

    by B. L. Brown
    Grieving the loss of her mentor, formerly wicked witch Milla retreats to St. Augustine, Florida to run her antique store in peace. But the Coven for the Regulation and Oversight of Witches has other plans for the Witch of the Demesne. Saddled with a new apprentice, and a witch sent to investigate her, Milla must defend St. Augustine from a horde of MLM Huns and life-force-sucking magickal threat while avoiding grudges from her past life that refuse to die.
  • The Obsidian Dragon

    by Angel G.T.
    Aribeth Mitchell is an ordinary student at Cambridge University, or so she thought. From the charming old villages, nestled in the Japanese Alps, to the mystical Egyptian Desert, Aribeth will have to deal with a world wrapped up in greed, wrath, lust and hypocrisy, where love is stained in blood and lies, and where evil also might have a beating heart. Mighty fights, mythical and mystical creatures and entwining loves await her in an adventure that will change her life forever. "To thee, I give... more
  • GAWAIN: A Year To Live

    by W Ryan Kaufman
    At Christmas, young Gawain suddenly finds his world rocked to the core, as the ghostly Green Knight condemns him to die in one year. After giving his solemn vow to fulfill this sentence, desperate young Gawain sets out to make the most of the short time he has left... But how do you live when a death sentence hangs over your head? This bold new interpretation of the Green Knight poem remixes well-known Arthurian legends to tell a surprising story. If you like old tales with new twists... more
  • The Echo of Stars in Water

    by Claire E. Jones
    “Like the ocean, her feelings were temperamental, vast, and overwhelming at times…” After losing her mother, her powers, and her left arm in a devastating storm four years ago, our grieving heroine has been struggling to find stability for herself. Her blessing was miraculously restored a few months ago, yet she still feels consumed by the weight of her heartache. Join her in this gripping story where she is sent on a harrowing journey to another kingdom, encounters enemies from a hostile ... more
  • Legends of Andolin: Rising Tides

    by A. M. Portman


    With the Heart of the World safe at the Capital, Lady Adella Grimless and her friends turn their attention to the looming war with Sornia. Pressed by the increasing threat in the Campos, Adella, Kol and Armand each part ways to face dangers from both land and sea on their own.


    Kol embarks on a perilous mission across the frontier, and learns the truth about his tragic past. Meanwhile, Armand heads to Raymouth to deliver a message,... more

  • Elemental: Forgotten Heritage

    by C.G. Macington
    18-year-old orphan Noah lives a simple life in poverty with his grandmother. This changes overnight, as he comes into an elemental inheritance with god-imbued powers and learns he is the last descendant of an ancient line of royal magic. Noah is swept into a journey fleeing from a corrupted ruler hellbent on destroying the last remnants of Noah's lineage. His journey is filled with magic, danger, and a forbidden love with a man from his dreams. Now Noah's choices will save - or destroy - the Kin... more
  • Bonds

    by Drew Goodman
    Phaidros and Charon, sons of a respected member of The Order of The Ignited, find their lives forever altered when tragedy strikes. As the threat of exile looms and avenging their father's death becomes their desperate mission, the brothers embark on divergent paths. Phaidros, determined to protect his cindered brother, reluctantly joins the Order. Bound by loyalty and a ticking clock, he navigates the treacherous path of following in the footsteps of his father, risking his life and soul in ... more
  • Imago: A Dystopian Gothic

    by Matthew Zakharuk

    Forsake the world that hates you. Embrace its monster.

    Tresor Institute accepts only the worthy, and Ada Călinescu is anything but. Intractable, mannish, a child of convicted terrorists, she can at best hope to be overlooked. Yet somehow the Institute accepts her application for transfer. Her ticket to the polar town of Heilung, home of the Institute, arrives free of charge.

    Her only chance to forge a brighter future.

    Except Heilung welcomes Ada with news of... more

  • Touch of Faete (Bradaís Pledge Book 1)

    by Ligia de Wit
    Ryanne Kelly’s fae gift of foresight makes her a target for bradaís or—as her pixie companion Bricius calls them—pirates. When bradaí Titus Doyle kidnaps her, Ryanne must face the truth of her power or lose it forever. Titus’s instincts tell him to kill fae and collect gold. Yet something deep inside muddles the darkness and yearns for more. Ryanne and Titus are fated to change the destiny of both races, whether that means destruction or salvation depends on their choices.
  • The Middle of the End

    by Melanie K. Moschella
    Her loyalties torn, Meera finds herself caught in the middle-the middle of the end. Meera has freed herself from her dungeon cell, but she has not quite freed herself from her grief and guilt. Desperate for atonement, she leads Kennick, Shael, and Linus to Harringbay to seek forgiveness from the duke's family for her part in his death. The duke's daughter, Emmaline, is sick-plagued by a lifetime illness that she fears will kill her. Emmaline requests Meera's assistance in reaching her ance... more
  • A Flight of Fancy

    by Melanie K. Moschella
    Meera is ready to fight. She's ready to stand up for humans everywhere and end the war. But a single moment could turn all of her plans to ash ... After fleeing an attack by the Queen's Council, Meera's safety and-more importantly-her relationship with Kennick are both up in the air. Kennick goes back to treating her like the night of the ball never happened, forcing Meera to decide what she wants and whether she's brave enough to ask for it. Meanwhile, the knell queen reveals herself as a... more
  • As Easy as Falling

    by Melanie K. Moschella
    Meera has it all figured out: she's a raek rider, she's going to end the war, and the man she loves might even love her back. She has everything under control ... until she bursts into flames. After Meera emerges from her magic-induced coma with a powerful knell body, she soon discovers that the wild raek has given her more than she'd bargained for: the horrifying ability to conjure raek fire. Unable to control her magic and afraid she will burn down everything she has built for herself, Meer... more
  • A Warrior at Heart

    by Melanie K. Moschella
    In this gripping sequel to Iron-Bound Flames, Meera faces an obstacle even more powerful than an iron-fisted king: love. She did it-she freed Shael and his raek and landed herself alone in a strange land in the process. Now, Shael offers to take her, and Meera is thrust into a society in which humans are detested and magic is commonplace. Finding her new home-and host-more seductive than she could have ever anticipated, Meera envisions a future for herself among the raek riders. However, a... more
  • Iron-Bound Flames

    by Melanie K. Moschella
    She will play many roles for her king: spy, interrogator, even weapon. But what if she wants to be a hero? Ordinary and lonely kitchen maid, Meera Hailship, volunteers to feed a dangerous creature imprisoned at the palace. Her impulsive decision could end in disembowelment, but against all odds, she survives, striking an unexpected bargain with the deadly creature and an even more unexpected friendship. Meera's fondness for the feathered, fire-breathing beast called a raek will force her to c... more