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  • Beyond the Creek

    by Nico Bell
    When Alex Foster accepted the caregiver position with the eccentric Nox family, she was issued a single rule. Don’t wander past the creek. Alex isn’t interested in exploring the Nox’s vast wooded property. After escaping an abusive past, her sole focus is building a safe future for herself and her unborn baby. Except, a series of chilling events threatens her happily-ever-after. Now, she must fight to survive an ancient evil before all hope is lost. There’s something beyond the creek, and it’... more
  • No Heart for a Thief

    by James Lloyd Dulin
    We are the stories we tell ourselves...even the lies. The Thief, a great spirit, and her descendants have abused their ability to steal magic for centuries. When Kaylo starts to hear the song of other people’s magic, he must learn to hide from his people as well as the invaders. A gift or a curse, Kaylo may be able to save his people from the Gousht Empire that claimed their land with this stolen magic. Eighteen years later, Kaylo still prays to the spirits, but not out of loyalty or love.... more

    by Bill Harvey
    One day every psychic on Earth receives the same message—but who sent it? The US Theta Force and the Russian Psychotronic Division both want to find them first. Whoever has that much psychic energy will be an invincible ally. West Point career officer Martin Williams had led a team of US special forces when the ISIS-Taliban civil war erupted in Afghanistan, forcing the US to send troops in yet again to protect the already nearly-decimated civilian population. Williams had been disparaged for... more
  • The Genesis Backup

    by Dale Harwin

    William Ell is a mathematics professor living a quiet life—until his father, a successful IT entrepreneur, is murdered. Was his father’s last project his undoing? What exactly was this project that cost him his entire fortune? Ell begins to investigate and soon becomes a target himself. Someone’s trying, by any means necessary, to take away his father's only legacy: a green gemstone that contains an unknown technology. Only a mysterious woman named Allison seems to know ... more

  • Evasive Winds (The Legend of the Downdraft Book 1)

    by A.R. Shellnut
    An act of kindness leaves blood on Samantha's hands. She faces an impossible ultimatum: become the first mate to the violent captain Bloody Anne, or be framed for murder. Meanwhile, Anne seeks revenge against the traitorous crew that left her stranded and dying. Options limited, Sam follows Anne across flying islands and criminal cities on a quest to reclaim the most feared pirate ship on the horizon: The Red Nightmare.
  • Between the Android and Me

    by Michael Kan
    What happens when. your girlfriend is the most advanced android in the galaxy? Captain Julian Nverson finds out the hard way in this space opera packed with action, a military conspiracy, and the secret truth behind the universe.
  • Fangs and Paws

    by Andalee Brooke
    Crystal Fox is new to Riverstone Academy. She lives alone, has purple eyes, is half human and half.. vampire?! Conan Knight is the son of an Alpha werewolf who is determined to chase her away so that he can keep the humans of his school safe. After learning of her past, he just might change his mind on how he's viewed vampires his entire life...
  • The Book of Shadow: The First Book in the Curse of the Unnamed Epic Fantasy Series

    by Bruce Blake
    Llyris Fildarae is an outcast tainted by a sliver of magic in a world terrified of the supernatural. Loathed and distrusted, she uses her ability to control a magical Unnamed to survive. Caedric Carpera is desperate to save his son from a deadly illness. He enlists Llyris to locate a lost tome containing secrets capable of healing him, but its location is a mystery that’s already claimed lives. Thrust into a hostile world, Llyris and her companions risk everything to find the relic and return... more
  • Cutthroat Express

    by Bryan Cassiday
    A motley team of warriors on a secret mission organized by the president of the United States take on infected flesh eaters in a nuclear wasteland, risking their lives in a convoy of three specially armored black Chevy Suburbans to obtain a vaccine against the apocalyptic zombie plague that is wiping out the human race. In exchange for presidential pardons a serial killer, a cannibal, a cop killer, and a murderer volunteer to go on a suicide mission spearheaded by an elite cadre of Special Forc... more
  • The Maddening

    by Paul Thaler

    The Maddening resides on the dark edges between gothic horror and the psychological thriller, a chilling tale that intersects the lives of three characters bound by murder, madness and fate. Foremost is “Poe” a serial killer who sees himself as a living manifestation of the famous writer. He is born Daemon Ultrecht, a troubled child who later transforms to “Poe,” penning stories born from his murderous exploits. PJ Bones, a disgraced former NY... more

  • A Whisper In The Dark

    by Guy Quintero
    The U.S.A. (Unholy Slaying Agency) are hunting a powerful voodoo priest who is performing dark rituals, leaving a gaping wound in the etheric layers. The agents must rely on their combat training, knowledge of the occult and one another as they are led into a dangerous trap. Ghost Team spearheads the operation, led by Emmerich Steiner. What was meant to be an investigation leads them into a web of terror run by demonically possessed individuals and their willing servants. Em, along with his bro... more
  • Suburban Monsters

    by Christopher Hawkins

    The house at the end of the block with the overgrown lawn. The darkened store window in a forgotten corner of the shopping mall. The colorful characters of a children's TV show. What dark secrets do they hide?

    From award-winning author Christopher Hawkins come thirteen tales of the horrors lurking right next door.

    • A shut-in sets out to make a new life for himself by losing weight at the point of a scalpel.
    • A store clerk with a mannequin obsession hides a macabre a... more
  • The Devil Pulls the Strings

    by J. W. Zarek
    Set in modern-day Wentzville, MO, New York City, and 1813 Genoa, Italy, where time travel, Slavic mythology, secret societies, Paganini's music and one haunted hero collide. Twenty two year old Boone Daniels has problems, debilitating panic attack, gut-wrenching guilt, a wendigo haunting him since age six, and now he almost killed his best friend in a joust. But when he fills in for his injured friend at a New York gig, he goes to meet the gig's contact at his NYC brownstone. A body falls fro... more
  • Love Stories

    by Katherine Villyard
    What is love? What can love drive us to do? In these stories, love pushes us to revenge, to reach beyond the boundaries of life and death. To rescue a family member. To fight the good fight without even knowing it, or to risk everyone and everything to save someone who may or may not be worthy. To make the wrong decisions and walk into hell. To transcend who we are. Love can make us both the best and worst versions of ourselves Love Stories is a collection of seven previously published ... more
  • Dream of Writing: An Original Screenplay

    by Gregory L Fischer
    College English senior Ramen Noodle (Ray) wants to make a name for himself as a screenwriter more than anything in the world. Unfortunately, he's got a long way to go. He gave up a football scholarship and decided to support himself and his education at Orleans University by working as a bartender in the French Quarter. Not to mention he's failing his capstone screenwriting course. But after enduring a recurring nightmare about a possessed, murdering cannibal who dresses like an alligator and te... more
  • The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten: Prize Play

    by D. E. Wyatt

    A glorious contest of arms awaits in the City of Ain.

    Seeing an opportunity long denied her to demonstrate her mettle, Elsabeth has been drawn to Ain by a gathering of the most celebrated masters of arms from across Navarre and Boehm, summoned to a conference on their art by Sir Stemham Crosseby, Master of the Longsword. The foremost attraction of the event is the Playings — A testing of his students before the eyes of the Count of Ain himself.

    Elsabeth seeks the unthinkable... more