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  • Unsettling Thoughts

    by Erik Dean
    DID SOMETHING FOLLOW THEM BACK? A relaxing antique shopping trip with friends turns sinister for Tina. What begins as a yearly tradition - scouring small towns for vintage treasures - takes a chilling turn. This year, a ghost tour adds an unsettling layer to their adventure. Among her eclectic finds, Tina buys a coveted reading chair, but bringing it home unlocks a Pandora's box. Her cheerful disposition darkens, replaced by irritability and unfounded jealousy. Forgetfulness and sleepwalki... more
  • Found

    by Lesli Weber
    Mars colonist Michelle Arensen, suddenly lost in deep space, finds herself in the custody of an intimidating alien race. As the odds of returning to her home and family dwindle, Michelle unexpectedly finds that she’s slowly begun creating a new place for herself among her alien hosts. But not all Vinyi embrace the idea of a human living among them, and Michelle’s hope of returning to her home and family dims with each passing day. To survive, she will have to determine when to fight, when to let... more
  • The Discovery of Magic

    by L. J. Evias
    Transported to an ancient realm of magic and mystery, can a young woman survive scheming royals, shifting alliances, and impending war? Alice Harper yearns to determine her own fate. Desperate to change her parents’ minds about moving away from everything she knows, the gifted archer sets out to win a coveted scholarship. But the seventeen-year-old feels completely out of control when she and her friends stumble through a strange portal to a mysterious world. Separated from the others, the... more
  • Deathly Alive

    by Lauren Bradley
    Madeliene Cross was a teenager from the small Ozark town of River Rock, Missouri. She died unexpectedly in 1961, but according to local lore, rose from the dead before vanishing into the autumn night, never to be seen again...until six decades later. On April 1st, 2022, under the new spring moon, Madeliene returned. This time, she reached out to four area high school seniors to help unravel the missing pieces of her disturbed life and death, purpose of her dark turning, and to hopefully destroy ... more
  • Planet

    by Paul Garmisch
    Garmisch guides the reader through a satirical journey through space in this tale of adventure, war, and the divine.
  • Sinister Stories & Twisted Tales

    by Anthony L. Abraham

    An anthology of Sci-Fi and Cosmic Horror, each story interlinked with the next. Follow Shiea as she navigates the Amalgam Engineers who can manipulate destiny. Watch a mother's desperate attempt to protect her son, leading to unforeseen consequences. And, follow a man's chilling pursuit of forbidden technology to save his daughter. 

  • The Autobiography of an Infinite Being or How I Turned into a Bird on My 80th Birthday

    by Adrienne H. Lee
    Ailith wakes up on her 80th birthday to find that her right foot is now a bird’s foot when it was a human foot the night before. However, she is not human - she just looks like one. In truth, Ailith is an Infinite Being who has spent her entire existence doing her best to blend in with the humans and trying not to draw too much attention to herself. In a race to tell her story before she changes into a bird completely, she documents the fantastic events of a strange and magical life, including t... more
  • Soulkeeper's Bargain

    by Krista Fazendin
    Fleur Harkyn is not a thief. At least that’s what she tells herself. She’s just completing the quest her mother left her and finding—or stealing, when the situation calls for it—one magical relic at a time, until she stumbles on the spirit of Birdy, an estranged childhood friend in need of her help. Lenora Khade has spent the last month in the Inbetween learning the history of the realms, and she’s sick of it. She misses her life, her family, even Fleur. When the opportunity to help Fleur pr... more
  • Moths and Moonlight

    by Krista Fazendin
    A ghost with no memory. Lenora Khade is dead. As her spirit rises, her memories are replaced with those of a reluctant spiritualist. To find her killer, Lenora must first find the woman in her head. A medium trying to forget her past. Fleur Harkyn has better things to do than help the desperate spirit haunting her—she's been down that road and no good came from it, until Lenora possesses the body of a fake spiritualist at a séance, revealing secrets Fleur buried long ago. Hunted by s... more
  • The Aurora Revelations

    by Michael F. Walker
    Paranormal investigator Kevin Starkly disappears mysteriously in the haunted Pine Barrens of New Jersey right at the start of a much-publicized road trip promoting his podcast—and soon after hinting he’s uncovered key evidence proving a UFO crashed in Aurora, Texas in 1897 and the alien pilot is buried in the local cemetery. What secrets did he uncover about the Aurora crash, and has he paid a terrible price for his curiosity? A quartet of his twenty-something friends, a self-styled “Nerd Legi... more
  • Children of Madness

    by Jarrett Brandon Early

    The Imperator of Quaan restlessly awaits the centennial arrival of the Snail-Gods to cure the Gloomtide, a shadow of melancholy blanketing the Titian Empire. But when the Supreme Helices finally make landfall, they do so out of reach of the distressed monarch, beyond a poisonous grove that separates man from messiah.

    Fincher Bugg leads the Sour Flower Gang, the preeminent child harvesters of the Stenches, a town of outcasts condemned to diminished lives in toxic conditions. As Fincher a... more

  • Fallen Spirits

    by Diane Hatz
    Spirits materializing from another dimension. A ruthless billionaire trying to take over the world. And one woman searching for redemption in all the wrong places. Meet Alex Scott, unemployed and heartbroken—again. Through despair and bottles of vodka, she finds herself part of a cross-country car chase, connected with an underground network trying to rescue spirits and save the world, and falling into the hands of ruthless tyrant JT Wilson. Alex has a choice: hide in materialism or have ... more
  • The Ship

    by C.E. Ricketts
    Sam, a spaceship captain who is grieving the loss of her crew, decides to retire and sell her ship. But instead she ends up rescuing a stranger, Kate, and being dragged into a job for a criminal. With a ragtag new crew, they set about completing the job and taking down the bad guy at the same time.
  • Blackcloak: A Man of His Sword

    by W. James Chan
    Blackcloak is the disturbing tale of a fractured, damaged personality set in a land not unlike ancient China. Here, elemental forces are real, dreams can reshape a lifetime and the night is owned by horrifying yet revered entities. Here, two very different halves of the same man are teased out, tempted, examined, cross-examined and eventually reconstructed to form a whole of unprecedented power. Two ambitious women vie for control over this potential weapon: Dhiana, who took his memories in the... more
  • The Death of Clara Willenheim

    by Charlotte Lesemann
    Surrounded by family secrets, suspicious deaths, and her own repressed memories, fifteen-year-old Clara Willenheim lives as a prisoner in her ancestral estate in 1860s Bavaria. Her only chance of escape is to journey through the castle’s secret passages, unraveling her family’s dark history and its place at the center of a vast web of crime. Driven by the capricious and vengeful ghost of her long-dead aunt, Clara opens doors that threaten powerful enemies and force her to choose between righting... more
  • Journey to 2125: One Century, One Family, Rising to Challenges

    by Gary F. Bengier

    Journey to 2125 is a speculative fiction novel of one hundred thousand words. It might be found on a bookstore shelf between The Martian by Andy Weir and The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. But uniquely, it is a family story, describing our shared future from a personal perspective, bringing it to life. So it is also action & adventure and family fiction, a cross-genre journey.

    Journey to 2125: One Century, One Fam... more