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  • Ark of the Apocalypse

    by Tobin Marks
    Earth is on the verge of becoming a dead planet. The polar ice caps melted long ago, and it's been decades since the last raindrop fell. Ocean levels rise a dozen meters, and forest fires rage on a global scale. Eleven billion people dying of thirst wage water wars against each other as extinction looms. Humanity needs a new planet. As Earth deteriorates, the nation states desperately work together to build a mechanism for recolonization. And so the Magellan II is born, the first starship capa... more
  • Cities in Orbit and the End is Near

    by Ronald J. Fischer
    In the late twenty-first century, the world had neglected to pay enough attention to climate change and was in bad shape. The temperature of the earth and the oceans was high and rising fast. The ocean levels were rising; tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding were increasing. The world population had reached ten billion and was overcrowded. The crime rate in the United States was very high. One result of this was the construction of cities in orbit, which were very large cylinders that rotated abo... more
  • Eternally Mortal

    by Tom Cobey

    Eternally Mortal is a fantasy about second chances.

    Darcey convinces her childhood friend, Joanne, to move in with her, all in an effort to escape Joanne’s abusive husband, Michael. The plan goes awry when Michael learns of the plan and kills Darcy and seriously wounds Joanne.

    Tabatha, Darcy’s wife, sets her mind to changing her life and positioning herself next to Joanne in the event Michael tries to return and finish the job he started. Joanne has not met Taba... more

  • Deadfall Mall

    by Michael Nohe
    Thirteen people were in the Deadfall Mall, a soon-to-be-razed mall in rural Minnesota, on the evening of October 31, 2024. Ten of them were out for an early evening walk in the warm and secure but rundown mall. Two were self-proclaimed ghost hunters on a mission. The last was the mall’s security guard. Most of them would never leave—alive. The next morning, the police recovered nine bodies. Evil isn’t always what or where you expect.
  • Hail Infernal World: The Hellfire Saga Book 1

    by Rick Ferguson

    A haunted deserter. A child possessed by a devil. Can a shattered soldier face the fires of Hell to save an innocent soul?

    Erich Von Beck—a drunk, a murderer, a deserter from the Union Army during the Civil war—teeters on the edge of oblivion. But fate intervenes when a mysterious stranger offers him a lifeline: The chance to enter Hell and save Beatrice Mabry, a young girl possessed by a devil. Driven by a newfound purpose, Von Beck must confront his own d... more

  • Ethos of Cain

    by Seth W. James
    The perfection of cold fusion and CasiDrive propulsion had lifted humanity into the wider solar system—and widened the gulf between the nameless masses and the sovereign-class wealthy. Into the grey between corporate and criminal walked Cain, a soldat de fortune, who, for the last twenty years, had taken scores and completed contracts for the elites of any world, impenetrable, abstruse, and solitary. All of that changed one year ago when, after a triste with a former client turned into a rom... more
  • How to Fix a Flubbed Summon

    by L. N. Clarke

    Making friends as an adult can be difficult.

    Summoning one can be a disaster.


    When apothecary Growina Crowe receives a witch’s grimoire as collateral, she attempts to summon an otherworldly companion. In the process, she forgets a boiling teapot, topples candles, and sets her herb garden ablaze. The next morning, a magic-eating monster besets her town, prompting a bounty hunt.


    Growina fears she may be responsible, but there are only two ways t... more

  • Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One

    by Michael J. Brooks

    This collection comprises books one and two of the Wars of the New Humanity series.

    Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn (book #1)

    Eden, the utopian motherworld of humanity's Commonwealth, is a haven of luxury and prosperity. Its inferior counterpart, the planet designated Satellite One, offers only mediocrity to its people, despite the Commonwealth Government's promises of equality.

    Now war erupts between humanity's t... more

  • The Flaming Cats of Sohan

    by Mark William Hammond & Hilary Gardner Wright
    All Life on Earth is Going to be Destroyed when it becomes an Action Park for Aliens! It's up to spiritual entrepreneur, Swami Rohnko and his junior achievers to Save Absolutely Everything!
  • Strange And Twisted Things

    by Holly Payne-Strange
    In a quiet village nestled deep within the heart of Italy, an elderly woman finds herself abandoned by her family, the depth of her loneliness almost overwhelming. Seeking solace in a decaying house, Greta clings onto the memories of her estranged husband, whose absence haunts her every waking moment. As she steps over the threshold of her new home, the house awakens with an ominous energy, enveloping her in its unsettling embrace. Strange occurrences plague Greta's days, while chilling whisp... more
  • The Wizard Within

    by Debra Borys
    No demons. No angels. No fairies or mythical beasts of the forest. The only fantastical element in The Wizard Within is Magic itself, a sentient being that lives within all of creation. This truth has been hidden from Eli Stone his whole life, leaving him unprepared to transition from homeless addict to becoming The Red, a leader intended to Pair with his counterpart Thorne Rios and Awaken the magic that has been suppressed in Seattle for over twenty years. Thorne and her friends, who call thems... more
  • Burn Hot Burn Long

    by Bryan Cassiday

    Phoebe is running for her life after discovering a dark secret about the police. She saw them murder individuals suspected of being infected with the lethal Novamors virus. Not only are the cops after her, but a sociopathic hit man hired by her vindictive wealthy father-in-law is hot on her trail. Meanwhile, infected maniacs are overrunning the city and cannibalizing citizens. The governor has locked down the city and ordered all comms with the outside world jammed while police are ... more

  • The Gods Who Want To Die

    by Luke McCamley
    A devoted mother is torn between love of family, and loyalty to a religious cult leader whose demands become increasingly bizarre-and deadly. To all appearances, Shelly Grinstead is a happily married woman with three children. But appearances can be deceiving. There's a dark past behind her, and a greater darkness looms ahead. Shelly is a firm believer in Necrotheism, a religious cult that helps immortal gods end their lives through the ceremonial mock-deaths of cult members. The only problem i... more
  • Tiger Eyes and Dragon Teeth

    by Alikai Bronach
    A young man bonds with an icetiger and becomes a shapechanger. Because of this he finds an earring that helps him becomes a psion with more telepathic powers than his people usually have. The Zeikas are aware of his burgeoning power and come after him, wanting to twist it for their own purposes.
  • Liberation

    by R. M. Krogman
    A prisoner scarred by his past, a prince bound by his family's tragedy, and a princess demoted and shamed. All must shed their shackles, but their battles are only beginning. A violent madness has seized those of common blood, and enemies wreak death and destruction on the borders. Those gifted with power must face the oncoming darkness, and decide how to use their live, or to kill?
  • Unknown Legacy: Secrets of The Divine

    by Tiffany Kahapea
    Orchard Landing, where magic intertwines seamlessly with the everyday, Lucy leads a life she never thought possible. As a devoted soldier in the magical army, she, alongside her closest friend Danielle, works tirelessly to apprehend their own kind and safeguard the delicate balance between the Mutane Sihiri and humans. Lucy finds solace in her chosen family, her unwavering loyalty to the cause, and the comforting embrace of friendship. With her heart filled with contentment, she couldn't ha... more