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  • A Brief History of Olivarra

    by James Stitt
    A Prince murdered, his death falsely attributed to Axis air raids, the royal family swallowed into the silent blackness of a snowstorm, seemingly plucked from a military convoy. Thirty four years later, the denizens of the once sovereign Principality of Olivarra struggle to maintain their individual and collective lies, as long believed and carefully crafted narratives begin to unravel. Michel and Josi Gruner, young Olivarran parents, host Michel’s sister at their riverfront cottage, once the r... more
  • Ancient as the Stars

    by Maya Darjani
    For fans of Lower Decks, the Expanse, and Firefly: a found family time travel adventure with humor, snark, and lots of heart. One kickass immortal sailship captain. Captain Karenna Yilmaz of the Earth Union Fleet has it all. Adoring husband? Check. The enduring loyalty of her crew? Check. Transformation into a beautiful ageless immortal? Check. Check. Check. But when a dimensional rift brings her low-down, dust-sniffing, no-good younger self hurtling into the present, Karenna's carefully-c... more
  • The Study of Magic

    by Maria V. Snyder
    As Chief of Ixia’s Security, Valek’s work is never done. After rescuing Commander Ambrose with, Yelena, his heartmate’s, help and seeing her off to Sitia, Valek discovers the nefarious scheme to overthrow their country is far more complex and far reaching than anyone could have guessed. Valek must discover who is continuing with Brazell and Mogkan’s conniving plans, all while dealing with a tense political situation. The Ixian generals are questioning his abilities to keep the Commander safe, ... more
  • Ropen Island

    by Lois Buchter
    Out in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, a research team is looking for rare bats in hopes they can find a cure for Diabetes, when they see something that shouldn't, couldn't be real, Pterodactyl's hunting in the night. The local's call them Ropen, or death-eaters, and now the team is after biologicals to confirm their identity for the scientific record. Can the team make it back to civilization? Or, will they become "lunch" in this mayhem, edge-of-your-seat action adventure?
  • 2084

    by John B. Dutton
    Worldwide fame and fortune beckon for sculptor Santiago Khan in a new North American megastate where a Board chosen by reality show viewers runs the country as a corporate paradise. But his life begins to derail after learning of a connection to purple-haired, sexually confident Mira Cool, who builds her online brand by disrupting major art installations similar to his. When Santi’s father is misdiagnosed and held captive by AI healthcare bots, Mira joins Santi on a fateful mission as they ri... more
  • Red Planet Lancers

    by Brian H. Roberts
    After sweeping Dallas Gordon and the American base from Earth’s moon, Emperor Zhang Aiguo launches an armada to conquer Ep City and control Mars. Ruthless Colonel Song Dajing leads his Emperor’s flotilla to defeat EPSILON’s isolated Mars colony. He brings the same armaments he used to defeat Dallas Gordon on the moon, plus a high yield missile to annihilate Ep City and its occupants. The US Space Force, occupied with plans to take back the moon, refuses to intervene. In a race against time, Da... more
  • Fragments of the Gods, Book One, Anaya Awakens

    by JCR Paulino
    Six-year-old Anaya lives with her family in a remote community in the mountains. A mysterious illness sweeps through the village, killing all the children under the age of seven except for Anaya. Following her recovery, Anaya develops supernatural powers, setting in motion the destinies of four people across two continents.
  • The Creative Machine

    by L Cooper
    Mosaic can feel her own brain in extreme detail. This includes the brainwaves, the blood flow, the veins and even the ventricles. This comes at a cost. She ends up on a hospital ward where there are dead wasps trapped in the windows. Mosaic wonders why this is and when a colony of wasps enter the building she fears for there safety. She tries to save the wasps and ends up in an unimaginable scenario. A mind-altering story.
  • The Sound of Light: The Age Of The Sonic Soldier

    by Robert Allen Miltenberg
    A WORD-SYMPHONY IN THREE MOVEMENTS COMPOSED FOR STRING THEORY ORCHESTRA: Here is a world where sound has physical power. Where music reigns supreme. Where the sky changes colors whenever it wants to. And the air is thick enough to walk on. -A world where you can actually hear The Sound of Light.
  • 2032

    by Stephen Comer
    It's the year 2032. Orwell's ominous forecasts regarding the dangers of big government and technology have become all too real. In the shadow of this frightening reality FBI agent Martin Kessler races to solver a murder investigation rapidly expanding into a crisis that threatens all humanity. In just four days events unfold that could change the world forever.
  • Immortal

    by Josiah Akhtab
    Ellie and Brandon are two detectives at the Porting City Detective and Vampire Hunting Agency who happen to run into Vanguard, an immortal and owner of the agency, one night while hunting a vampire. The three meet formally the next day and Ellie and Brandon's world change completely. Ellie finds out Brandon is not who she thinks and, hurt by his betrayal and lack of trust in her, seeks the truth which is far darker and uglier than she thinks. Brandon, a man bent on revenge for the death of... more
  • Rise of the Red Hand

    by Jason Lancour
    Lena Sullivan is a blade for hire making her way (as best as she can) in an unfriendly world of mercenaries, violence, blood, and betrayal. Working to put a difficult past behind her, she leads a solitary life with no permanent home and no prospects for the future. When she lands a high paying contract to work as a bodyguard for an elderly history professor, the job seemed too good to be true. And of course, when a job seems too good to be true…
  • Anomalous Events

    by Ross Myers

    Kansas City attorney Essie Kemp encounters an extraordinarily beautiful woman in the dairy aisle, who embarrasses him by reading his every thought. Later, hiking in a rural park, he has a stunning encounter with a silver flying saucer. His ordinary, humdrum life radically changes as he finds himself in the middle of a client's secret government anti-gravity research program and subsequently deals with Russian spies, UFOs, the Eleusinian Mysteries, hidden meanings in his dre... more

  • The Timeless Guardian

    by Kiel Barnekov
    THE TIMELESS GUARDIAN Synopsis As KRISTIAN BARNETT falls ill at thirty-three with ALS, Dr. SAVANNAH RICHARDS develops a means to preserve the brain of a patient whose body has been destroyed but whose brain is unharmed. Dr. ANSLEY BARNETT is developing a synthetic body indistinguishable from a human body for DARPA and the U.S. military. The doctors collaborate on the creation of three cyborgs: KRISTIAN BARNETT—billionaire afflicted with ALS, AARON ADAMS—software engineer also afflicted with ... more
  • With Love, From Planet B

    by Zaayin Salaam
    We ignored the climate deadlines. The bombs made it worse. Now it’s 2085, and the 6th extinction event is unfolding. Zara is a master lucid dreamer, training her team in this rare skill, so that one day, if a suitable earth-like exoplanet is found, they can safely teleport there. It seems her dreams are coming true when Lex, her girlfriend and team mathematician discovers Planet B. But Planet B won’t let anyone enter… Join Zara and Lex on their hero’s journey as they go within to find thei... more
  • The War for Reality

    by T. C. Weber
    The War for Reality trilogy is a science-fiction/techno-thriller series set in the near future. A giant media corporation (MediaCorp) has taken over the Internet, created an addictive virtual reality called BetterWorld, and controls nearly all information. Politicians do their bidding and a brainwashed humanity serves a privileged few. The first volume, Sleep State Interrupt, was a Compton Crook Award finalist for best first science fiction novel. Waylee Freid, an unemployed Baltimore journal... more