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  • Children of the Web: Book 3 of the Webworld Trilogy

    by Ben Johnson
    The Eagle has put a bounty on the heads of Buddy Figgins and his cohorts. Detective Clementine is falsely accused of murder, landing her in jail and away from her son, who escapes with the help of Abraham Blackwing and his granddaughter Pearl through the strange and dazzling worlds of the Web. As the tale of the Webs draws to a conclusion, the machines built into the old buildings of San Diego awaken, using their myriad powers to change everything we see and perceive.
  • Blood Silver: Book 2 in the Webworld Trilogy

    by Ben Johnson
    Buddy Figgins runs the canyons, setting off a chain of events that spirals out of control. A monster hunts for knives, spurred on by the Raven Master, Abraham Blackwing. The trail of carnage catches the attention of Golden John, the Lord of the Council of Webs, and the call of the Blood Silver leads them all to a showdown in the caves beneath the roads.
  • A Shadow Cast in Dust: Book 1 of the Webworld Trilogy

    by Ben Johnson
    A boy escapes from a life of imprisonment and is tutored in the ways of the Web; how to control the strands of the Web of Life to create illusion and magic. Aided by a dog that can distort reality and a ragtag group, he confronts his former jailers. A bartender is given a strange knife which leads him back to his old life, now full of wonder and intrigue. A police detective uncovers a nest of deceit and horror, leading her to tie the stories all together.
  • Amidst The Heavens: Stories of the Fantastic and Strange

    by Carmenn Alexander King Kocznur

    Part I - Science-Fiction A lonely space miner with the antidote for a plague sweeping the galaxy must reach the last outpost-world before humanity becomes extinct. An alien creature experiences a terrifying vision of impending doom for her species. The cosmos sing a collective lament for a weeping star. Part II - Speculative A newly engaged couple are horrified to learn nuclear war is on the horizon. Two outlaws and a talking coyote encounter a mysterious stranger in tatters. A boy runs ... more

  • S.E.T. The Earth on Fire

    by Kyle Noland
    It’s the summer of 3129, one thousand years after meteors destroyed most of life on Earth. The city of Akhet endures in the barren desert landscape of what remains. Ethos, an artist living in poverty within the gilded city, renders commission work for the families of missing girls. When his best friend reveals she and the vanishing citizens are all witches, they discover the horrifying link between the disappearances and a godlike elite named Ra. Their investigation abruptly ends in the tragic d... more
  • The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice

    by Fred Yu
    The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice is a plot driven Asian fantasy, Martial Arts epic, taking place in ancient China, about Feng, a spoiled son of a general still realizing his own military genius, suddenly hunted by the entire world because of a symbol on his body, known as the Red Crest. Feng is chased from his home, his sister is abducted, his friends are slaughtered, and there’s a huge reward out there for his head. Feng learns that civil war is imminent in Ancient China. The enemy, only known as... more
  • Origin Journey

    by Scot Simpson
    The Hyper Web ensnarls the Empyramis on its ten-year interstellar journey. Psozela and Mrik use their priboards and weave between the webs to secure explosives that releases them. A challenge to their mutual way of life is averted as Psozela, Mrik and their friends battle to maintain their millennium old social order. These are just a few of many encounters they face, against powers within their ship and from external life-threatening forces. The exciting adventures and romantic... more
  • The Littlest Devil

    by Richard Ahearn
    A naive little devil travels Time and Space asking unwelcome questions on behalf of Mankind.
  • Seraphim Falls

    by T.R. Toth
    How many times do we drive through small towns? We pass through, stay a few nights at a hotel, eat at a restaurant, or visit a local tourist destination. We take them at face value because we want to find the next small town that is a true hidden gem. Their beautiful lampposts and perfectly potted flowers don't give a true picture the residents either want to keep quiet or don't know themselves. After all, we are just guests. However, we trust these towns to be safe and enjoyable. We trust the p... more
  • Secrets and Truths (Otherside Heat 1)

    by Whitney Hill
    Book 1 of Otherside Heat, the paranormal romance spin-off to the Shadows of Otherside series. Sparks fly when the hunter becomes the hunted. Half-elven bounty hunter Lya Desmarais is living in exile in North Carolina after getting into trouble back home. When her boss makes it clear he's got a target on her back, she seeks dangerous allies to regain control of her future. Vampire vagabond Cade is running from his past and thirsty for more powerful blood than mundanes can offer. Most of Others... more
  • Eternal Huntress: Shadows of Otherside Book 5

    by Whitney Hill
    The gods are ready to ride. As Arden Finch races to fulfill the prophecy that will enable her to stop the Wild Hunt, a new clue leads her down a desperate path. Her search for answers takes her somewhere no mortal should go: the gods’ plane, where more than one danger awaits. With treacherous gods on one side and rioting mundanes on the other, there’s plenty to deal with already. But old enemies and new have plans that will test the fragile alliance, and this time it’s not just Arden in th... more
  • Ebon Rebellion: Shadows of Otherside Book 4

    by Whitney Hill
    Power always has a price. Arden Finch has claimed her place in North Carolina's Otherside community, but not everyone is happy about it. The elves can't allow an elemental to rule as Arbiter and they'll stop at nothing to take Arden down. To make matters worse, an old flame is back in town with big ambitions and bigger demands. The mundane police departments are reviewing unusual cases in light of the Reveal, adding even more problems. And with the Darkwatch after her as well, Arden must m... more
  • The Outworlds: Resurgence

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    In Resurgence, while on a mission of discovery about an extinct reptilian alien species at the fringe of human existence, Second Lieutenant Jerod Eastaway confronts his inexperience and insecurities when he battles a horrible foe with traumatic ties to his family and childhood. On a deadly collision course with destiny, Eastaway struggles to survive and prevent evil’s power and strength from advancing against humanity.
  • The Outworlds: War Torrent

    by Daniel P. Douglas

    Early in the twenty-fourth century, human pioneers on the fringe of Earth’s interstellar colonial frontier make a profound discovery: The first evidence of intelligent alien life. Although the explorers judge the ancient alien species of space-faring reptilians, known as Angorgals, to be extinct, they also find evidence the Angorgals had reached Earth many centuries ago and were far more than mere visitors…

    When a surprise Sekkalan attack in the distant Sceytera System agai... more

  • Richter's War: Case of the Japanese Alien

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    In this sci-fi thriller short story, a World War II battle engulfs Los Angeles and sweeps a hard-boiled detective and Nazi spies into dangerous and out-of-this-world action and intrigue.
  • Glimpse

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    In 1950 New Mexico, a small group of agents who will become known as the "Men in Black" deploy in response to an event that will provide a harrowing glimpse into humanity's apocalyptic future.