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  • Unleashed

    by E. L. Jefferson

    In a wooded suburb of Southern Maryland, the victim of a drunken midnight hit-and-run accident is left to die on the side of the road, his body horribly shattered. His unconscious form, on the brink of death, is transported to one of the best trauma hospitals in the state, where he is cared for by one of the nation's leading surgeons, Dr. Paul Laden. The doctor observes something astounding about his patient, which contradicts everything he knows about medicine. This leads Dr. Laden down a da... more

  • Blood of the Prince: Omnibus

    by R.L. Dean

    An orphan discovers he can wield ancient, mysterious technology but will pay a terrible price if he uses his wondrous skills to fight for his benefactor.

    As winter settles in an old man sits down to pen the tale of his youth. A sense of melancholy, of love lost, and the disappointment of labors performed in vain cloak his shoulders as he leans forward, the quill in the weathered knuckles of his hand hovering over parchment. Asking himself where it all began was unnecessary ... time coul... more

  • Something in the Middle: Black & White Edition: Small Stories from the Far Side of Consciousness

    by A.I. Wand
    A first-time author. A hotshot book editor. A whirlwind romance and a runaway bestseller nobody saw coming. The meteoric rise and sudden collapse of a cross-platform media empire. All of this — plus a basement full of undiscovered treasures left by former tenants — is thoughtfully unpacked and dusted off in this sideways collection of small, strange fictions. SITM is a light-hearted 44-story collection of mostly free-standing stories surrounding a framed narrative that explores how these tales w... more
  • The Lonely Vampire

    by Ann Greyson

    After fleeing from a vampire witch hunt in Transylvania hundreds of years earlier, vampire Ileana Vladislava lives out a lonely existence in Wightwick Hall, a castle in the Jesmond Dene area of Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in Tyne and Wear, England. Still bearing the scars of her past, she avoids relationships with people. The likelihood of the vengeful werewolf, Claymor, finding her also keeps her in a state of solitary. Myrna Ivester lacks confidence and is often unsure about her decisions. ... more

  • Divine Summons (The Windrider Saga, Book 1)

    by Rebecca P. Minor
    When Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast, an officer in the elven cavalry, narrowly escapes a devastating scouting mission, he discovers a new calling to establish and command an airborne unit of mounted warriors. Joined by an enigmatic half-elven prophetess and a silver dragon, Vinyanel struggles to come to grips with this responsibility, while mourning the recent loss of his unit and only friends.

 A subversive plot emerges within the walls of the elven capital city, one that threatens to provide ... more
  • Hemispheres

    by Mark Everglade
    Light is currency, light is big business on Gliese 581g, the last remaining colony of the human race. Severum Rivenshear hunts those who steal it in the form of fireflies, just to have enough light to live by. He works in the icy, eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt, the sun an absent deity. The rest of the world pursues every pleasure beneath a sun that never sleeps. Thalassa Latimer will rotate the tidal-locked planet faster, or die trying. Dedicated to bringing light to everyone, rich ... more
  • Dominion

    by John Ford
    When self-aware Artificial Intelligence is finally achieved, will we even know we have succeeded? Technology researchers attempt ever-more sophisticated realizations of AI. Bold in the conceit of modernism, what is the goal? Is it self-awareness, or merely form and function, where archetypes in interacting jargon become so polished there can be no distinction between genuine and ingenuity? Throughout history, amazing discoveries have precipitated, often unintentionally, less than favorable cons... more
  • Song of the Vampire

    by K. M. McFarland

    In 1989, successful rock star Quinn Forrester’s life turned upside down the night he was ripped from the mortal world and transformed into a vampire. Ageless, immortal, and forced to live in secret, he mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind his wife and baby daughter, Nadia. Eighteen years later, his now grown-up daughter, Nadia Forrester, is playing a deadly game with alcohol, promiscuity, and an abusive relationship. Their lives change drastically when their worlds collide the night... more

  • The First of The Bitter Suites: Year One Edition

    by B.C. Battle
    In Earth's alternate timeline, Aleksander Sevik chooses to run away from Earth when his grandfather dies of cancer. Joining a Russian Space Program, he leaves with his friends and enters the cosmos, only to become separated from them when the station is attacked by aliens. The First of The Bitter Suites gives an account of Alek and his attempt to find his friends again. Stuck between the moon and Earth, he discovers that there is more to history than what the world had thought. As self-proclaime... more
  • Owl Manor - the Dawning

    by Zita Harrison
    A tale of unspeakable murder, a doomed alliance, and retribution from the beyond Sometimes the tide sweeps us into a fog where dark forces are at work…suddenly good and evil become blurred. Powerless and defenseless, we swim toward it, and wonder if we’re going mad. Eva is born in the wrong era. In 1800s America, women are required to obey their husbands without question and to submit to their presumed superiority. But Eva wants more. Willful and ambitious, she considers herself equal to men... more
  • Cycles of the Phoenix: The Whole Interlaced Souls Series

    by C.A. Nicholas
    C.A. Nicholas's magnum opus symphony is about to begin and he's reserved a seat for you. So come on in and I'll lead you to your place of honour as the house lights dim. Yes, your spot is beside the maestro as he teleports you and he through various worlds to befriend diverse souls who'll reveal the beauty of your life through their stories.
  • Suicide Door

    by Bethany Lauer
    What would you do if you believed that your dreams were being edited? In my science fiction novel Suicide Door, the telepath Luka Talman believes precisely this. Her loyalties are swiftly divided when she suspects that her superior, a man she’s long considered an ally, has been editing her memories and concealing the truth from her. Ankeny Serra is safe on a world where he is comfortably anonymous when an old friend turned nemesis pulls him back onto a distant colony he’d hoped he’d left behind... more
  • Owl Manor - Abigail

    by Zita Harrison
    14 years ago, Owl Manor trembled with echoes of madness, mysterious deaths and marauding owls. In 1870, Abigail fled the horror of Owl Manor with her fiancé, Peter. But she carried with her the terrible notion that she is unworthy of love, instilled by her reluctant mother. If her own mother could not love her, how would anyone else? She trusts no one and keeps herself buried in a crypt of churning emotions, away from the world. Deep inside, her soul screams at the thought of dying alone a... more
  • Maiden Hills

    by N. L. Estrada
    In the 15th century in the kingdom of Yorkford, 12-year-old Princess Juliana learns her dying mother’s secret—that she is a descendant of magic practicing people, called Majians, massacred twenty-two years ago in Maiden Hills, and she begs her to help save the survivors. Juliana writes off her mother’s story as the delusional words of a dying woman and doesn’t think about them again—until six years later. After Juliana’s 18th birthday, she enters into an arranged marriage with Prince Edmund, h... more
  • A Soul's Journey

    by Michele Hinton and Christopher Novander
    A Soul’s Journey is the fantastical story of one good Soul’s struggle making it’s way through the Soul Lines. There are a lot of “what ifs” in the world. It is believed that all creatures on Earth have a Soul. So, what if a Soul existed in a world of its own before being paired with the creatures of Earth? There are choices to be made and rules to follow, and just like the people of Earth, if rules are broken, unintentionally or not, there are consequences that follow, judgments to be rendered a... more
  • Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn

    by Michael J. Brooks


    Book #1 of the Wars of the New Humanity Series


    What happens to your psychological state if you're Linked (joined in mental communion) with your mother as she's atomized from existence? Not too many people get to find out. Randal Scott is one of the unfortunate few, and he wouldn't wish that hell upon anyone. Who would?

    Randy enlists into the Commonwealth Defense Force (CDF) t... more