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  • The Borderland

    by Steven E. De La Pena
    In the summer of 1958, ten-year-old Adam de la Cruz makes a startling discovery: he is from a family of powerful sorcerers, Mexican brujos. After the sudden death of his mother, his father leaves him and his older sister, Maria, with their grandmother in the barrio of East Los Angeles. As the summer wanes, Adam watches in horror as that power – called El Regalo, or The Gift – tears his family apart. Betrayed and terrorized, he eventually flees. Thirteen years later he surfaces in San Francisc... more
  • The Heretic's Guide to Homecoming (Book One: Theory)

    by Sienna Tristen

    “Life is transformation. You change or you die.”

    Ashamed of his past and overwhelmed by his future, Ronoah Genoveffa Elizzi-denna Pilanovani feels too small for his own name. After a graceless exit from his homeland in the Acharrioni desert, his anxiety has sabotaged every attempt at redemption. Asides from a fiery devotion to his godling, the one piece of home he brought with him, he has nothing.

    That is, until he meets Reilin. Beguiling, bewildering Reilin, ... more

  • The Pre-programming (Circo del Herrero)

    by G.B. Gabbler
    [The crippled god of metallurgy, fire, and alchemy has many names and many faces—sometimes Hephaestus, Ptah, or Vulcan. He changes to suit his needs. And just like his names, his creations have gone through countless revisions. This time, he’s finally onto something—his Automata have turned the heads of other gods. They’ve noticed their pre-programmed potential. There’s a reason Vulcan didn’t scrap the Automata—a reason he left them in the care of humans all this time. They were just the beta te... more
  • Dookie

    by Jesse Gordon
    Their property manager is a creep. The plumbing is barely up to code. Their next door neighbors are a very loud horny couple and a bodybuilding painter with bad digestion. The maintenance dude has just turned up dead in what appears to be a freak bathroom accident. Something sinister lurks in the pipes beneath Lovéren, and brothers Noah and Kayleb Padalecki are about to learn the hard way that it can take more than one flush to get rid of a bad turd.
  • Project Tau

    by Jude Austin
    Kalin Taylor is on the path to success. He's just won a scholarship to the prestigious Sanderson College of Arts and Science to study medicine. He's also about to do something very, very stupid in the name of becoming one of the 'in' kids at college. It sounded simple at the time. Sneak into a branch of the top-secret, interstellar scientific company GenTech, take a photo of the genetically engineered creature Project Tau that's supposedly inside, and sneak back out again. Cue membership of ... more
  • The Madness of Robin Randle

    by Wood Dickinson

    Robin Randle grew up in a violent home. One night she watched as her father shot her mother to death. Then he turned his rage against her. At the hospital she was pronounced brain dead. Kept alive by machines she slept and dreamed for seven months. Dreamed of traveling in a land called The Region. To escape she had to find a place called the Palace of Starlight. There she’d find a star that was hers. She took her star and woke up. When her coma ended her memories of The... more

  • Myrrendryl

    by Kirby Lord
    The curtain, the veil, the void, the abyss. So many names for the mystery of the beyond. People spend a good part of their lives just wanting to lift the heavy canvas of the circus tent and take a peek inside. Eventually they’ll know, in the end, we all know, but mankind is an impatient beast. Sadly, for most, if they ever could pull aside that curtain, they would spend the rest of their lives trying to forget that they ever had. Myrrendryl tells the tale of four seemingly unconnected youth b... more
  • Abendau's Heir (The Inheritance Trilogy Book 1)

    by Jo Zebedee
    Kare's been hunted all his life. His mother, the cruel Empress, demands that he accept his place as her heir. His father's rebellion want him to stand as a figurehead for their insurgency. When he refuses his mother's demands, she turns her wrath on those he loves. Kare knows he must face her. He returns to Abendau, his mother's city, to confront her. If he defeats her, he can reshape his future; if he fails, he'll face the horror of her vengeance. A far-reaching Space Opera with strong ... more
  • A Game of Survival

    by T. R. Tells
    A GAME OF SURVIVAL is the first book in a series of sin, destruction, and negativity. In the Fractured Realm, evil and discrimination plague the land and sin harbors and festers into the hearts of Mundanes. The darkness returns when the King of Middilgard is told of a vision that will end him and his reign. In King Godfrey's state of fear, he rids the city of all Magi to protect his kingdom. One of the last surviving Magi, Thea must survive in a world where right and wrong don't exist and mag... more
  • Sanclem

    by Richard Rice

    A century from now, the California Republic creates a lifetime penal colony for hardened criminals on San Clemente Island, sixty miles off the southern coast. Jesse Long, a dedicated Frisco cop, finds himself exiled to the colony, for daring to take on corruption and misconduct traced to the highest levels of California law enforcement. But Jesse, aided by friends, does the impossible…he escapes from Sanclem and starts a war with the evil establishment. Only two outcomes are possible: ... more

  • Solomon's Exile

    by James Maxstadt
    When an ancient evil arises on Earth, it’s up to Solomon to protect his friends and defeat the enemy. The problem is that Solomon isn’t from this world and has no memories of where he came from. But when an attack causes him to recover some of his memories, he recalls the Greenweald, and his friends and loved ones there. Now, the same evil has arisen in the Greenweald as well, but in much greater force. Solomon’s friends try to hold it at bay, while at the same time having to work around the ma... more
  • Rejected Worlds: A Short-story Anthology

    by James Maxstadt
    What if a hotel opened that allowed you access to a thousand different worlds? What if a rider went seeking vengeance for a horrible murder in a wild west that had never known guns? Or if you woke up in Heaven, and found it not at all to your satisfaction? Perhaps the world ends, but you’re left to care for the one person you truly love. Or maybe, you’re the last of your kind, hunted as you try to find others like you. Here are twelve separate worlds. Worlds where danger lurks, magic happens... more
  • Exodus From Orion

    by Bill Thesken
    It’s not an alien invasion, if you’re invited. Bob’s having a bad day. Dumped by his girlfriend, fired from his job, evicted from his apartment, and beaten by an old lady in a bar, things couldn’t possibly get worse. But when he travels high into the Sierra Mountains to get away from his troubles, he hears a voice coming from a star hundreds of light years away, what happens next could determine the future of life on Earth, and the fate of humanity itself. Six hundred and fifty light years... more
  • Redlands

    by Leonardo D'0nofrio
    The Shining meets 2001 in this tense, psychological thriller. An archaeological discovery in a remote African cave has seismic implications on the origins of man and becomes the catalyst to a manned mission to Mars. But when the crew finally enters the orbit of the mysterious Red Planet a journey of hope and discovery soon dissolves into one of terror and despair. Are the crew simply descending into madness brought on by the crushing isolation of deep space, or are more sinister and cosmic force... more
  • Special

    by Sean Gerace
    Chris Murphy has never been considered special. Certainly not by his father, an abusive alcoholic who makes life at home an endless cycle of cruelty and terror—nor at school, where Chris is just another face in the crowd, without friends or a promising future. When a newly discovered gift for working on car gives him the opportunity to escape his living hell, he takes it, figuring things couldn’t get any worse. He was wrong.
  • Lanshoud

    by Rosemary Showell
    Erica Vansterdam, a young widow, living in Lanarkshire, still grieving for her husband and with no other family to turn to, bafflingly inherits an estate from an unknown benefactor: It is a fortune and utterly life-changing. The Estate lies in the vast and magical Fetteresso Forest of rural Aberdeenshire on the East Coast of Scotland. The details of the will force Erica to leave her home and live on the estate for a year. Unwillingly she leaves Lanarkshire and moves north to the house called Lan... more