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  • Hell Cat

    by Yvonne Rediger
    For shapeshifter Helly Cooper, blood is blood. She is returning to Vancouver Island to find her brother’s killer. Yes, she has unfinished business, personal business with her old boss, Will Conall. But right now, Will can either help or get the hell out of her way. Especially after she discovers an even deadlier plot involving pack politics, revenge, and twisted magic.
  • The Shape of Us

    by Yvonne Rediger
    After years of keeping their secrect, someone knows about the Pack and that someone is after the kids. Jess Raiway, the pack mage, has been forced out by her Alpha Lasha. The Alpha blames Jess for the death of her mate Julian Cooper. But then werewolves are emotional creatures and not always logical. Emotions run high when Lasha asks Jess to work with Iain Trennor, the VIC’s head of security to find out why her son Dylan has fallen ill. Shapeshifters rarely get sick; it could be the same thing t... more
  • Confessions of the Second Born

    by Kastie L Pavlik
    As salvation sinks into darkness and blood . . . Sin preys upon the Sinner. With Jonathan tethered to Lucien's side seeking a penitent heart, Death stalks those closest to Eric and the Vampiric Nation edges closer to civil war. Paresh's blood is out, and so are the emotions that come with it, further cracking an already splintered High Council, and unleashing a murderous rogue upon Orison Crossing. The bloody crusts on the victim's throat turn narrowed eyes and poisoned tongues on Eric,... more
  • The Arrival

    by Kastie Pavlik

    Humans. Vampires. God. Lucifer. One woman stands between them . . . And they all want her dead. Paresh Hawthorne returns to her childhood home never expecting to learn that her guardian uncle actually kidnapped her, or that the man who should have raised her, attorney Eric Ravenscroft, is an ageless Civil War veteran. Perhaps even more alarming is how Paresh affects Eric—her very essence both tames the vampiric beast within his heart . . . and calls to it. As Eric grapples with desire a... more

  • Fauna/198376504X/978-1983765049

    by David Benton
    In the depths of the Amazon rainforest a shaman utters a dire warning foretelling the string of grisly and seemingly unconnected animal attacks that become more and more common around the globe. In a few days time the attacks become a massacre and all life on Earth moves toward a single purpose: the culling of the human race.
  • Opposable- The Halteres Chronicles- Book One

    by Kirk E. Hammond
    Enter a world filled with copious debauchery, rampant mayhem, and spectacular gore. It all has something to do with mutant, telepathic cats, a multi-species contingent of warring aliens, and a severed head. Aliens two billion light years away implanted Sparks in Dr. Vanderbilt’s mind. They search the cosmos for habitable planets. Once the Sparks rooted, they created Spires granting them instant access to Earth. The first Spark told Dr. Vanderbilt to document every detail of the messenger’... more
  • Portents of Chaos: Book I of The Drinnglennin Chronicles

    by K.C. Julius
    Step into an epic world of sword and sorcery, intrigue and betrayal... ​ The realm of Drinnglennin hangs poised on the cusp of chaos, for Urlion Konigur, the High King, is dying and has yet to name an heir. Rumors abound that the Helgrins, Drinnglennin’s bitterest foes, are preparing their longboats to raid the Isle’s shores, while the roving å Livåri folk, for whom the island kingdom is the last sanctuary, are strangely disappearing. And in distant Belestar, the fabled dragons are stirring from... more
  • Into the Mindsai

    by Nathaniel Ratcliff
    Memory…it is what makes us who we are—a collection of people, places, and events. But like people, memories only live as long as those who can remember them. At least, that was the scientific understanding until the research by Dr. Sebastian “Bash” Silva. A Nobel Prize-winning cyber psychologist, Bash is a man haunted by memories of the past…but they might not all be his own. He is certain that they are ancestral memories, passed down through successive generations. To test this hypothesis, he h... more
  • Chasing the Dead (A Soul Broker Short Story)

    by D.B. Sieders
    SHORT STORY OF THE SOUL BROKER SERIES The Reaper Hungers Like No Other. An old enemy from the other side of afterlife management cheated him out of his last soul. Now the Reaper seeks an ordinary meal of desperation, anguish, and despair from the next human on his docket. Unfortunately, interference in the way of a meddlesome mortal woman thwarts his plan. Naturally, this woman must pay. But Vivian Bedford is no ordinary mortal. Her interference in his reaping is decidedly supernatural.... more
  • Raising the Dead (Soul Broker Book 2)

    by D.B. Sieders
    Afterlife management is a tricky business, especially for a living soul broker. Juggling normal life with her otherworldly responsibilities—like helping departed souls cross to the other side while collecting grief from the living through her empathetic connection—just got a whole lot more complicated for Vivian Bedford. Her guardian spirit bosses, who make the mafia look tame, don’t like the side jobs she’s been taking to help living souls in peril. But they don’t know the half of it. Sh... more
  • Waking the Dead (Soul Broker Book 1)

    by D.B. Sieders
    Meet Vivian. What do you do when death calls? The road to hell begins when the reaper darkens her door. A chance encounter with a dying stranger opens an empathic connection between down-on-her-luck caregiver Vivian Bedford and the world of spirits. The supernatural seek her at every turn, and the cost of protection isn’t worth the price. When guardian spirits make an offer to help as long as she works on their side of afterlife management, she soon learns these guardians are no angels. W... more
  • A Darker Shade

    by Laura K. Curtis
    Molly Allworth takes a job in a remote house in Maine, caring for a little girl who swore she saw her mother’s ghost…before she stopped speaking entirely. The child’s father thinks any belief in the supernatural is absurdly credulous. Molly’s history and heritage, however, have given her a wider view. There’s a significant bonus for Molly if she lasts the year. But as winter closes in and mysterious, often creepy events begin to occur, even her growing affection for father and daughter may not b... more
  • The Iron Guerrillas

    by Dustin Lowe

    After losing his father to the Neminian Imperium, Ecelio and his mother joined the rebel army called the Iron Guerrillas. This group intends to take back their country from ... more

  • Canni

    by Daniel O'Connor
    Imagine if everyone in America wanted the same thing. Your plumber, the mail carrier, the folks next door, the girl at the coffee shop, firefighters, cops, those who worship in churches, synagogues, and mosques. Your best friend. The same exact thing. Your parents, your children, your lover. Every one of them wants only one thing. They want to kill you. And you, them. But not usually at the same time, or for longer than twenty minutes, at which point they will return to the... more
  • Hearing Voices, Marie Jenner Mystery #5

    by E.C. Bell
    Marie Jenner’s life has taken a bad turn. Marie’s shrink, Dr. Parkerson—who most definitely does not believe in ghosts—has committed her to a mental institution, deeming her a danger to herself and others. As Marie desperately tries to talk her way out of the institution, ghosts start showing up in her room. Most just want to chat, but some of them believe that one of the hospital staff is killing patients. They want Marie to investigate, and they don’t care that she’s on lockdown or that she... more
  • Dying on Second, Marie Jenner Mystery #4

    by E.C. Bell
    Marie Jenner’s past year has been tough. She lost her apartment and her mother, and she’s been beaten up more times than she cares to count. She decides—on the advice of her shrink—that exercise will help. So, she joins a softball team. But there’s a problem, of course. A dead girl is hanging around second base at Marie’s first game, and she won’t leave. She won’t even tell Marie her name. So Marie decides to do a little sleuthing, and what she finds out puts her in more danger than she’s ev... more