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  • The Singing Shore I: Sea and Song

    by E.P. Clark
    All magical gifts are wild. The seer’s gift is the wildest of all. Dasha, Tsarinovna of all of Zem’, was expected to have great magical gifts. Why else would the gods have arranged her conception? But instead of anything useful, Dasha’s gifts first manifested themselves as visions of terror and destruction. Then, just when it seemed she might be gaining some control over them, they abandoned her entirely. That’s unfortunate, because Dasha could really use some guidance right now. She’s vo... more
  • Babouc's Vision

    by Glenn Searfoss
    The year is 2041 - and the gods are angry. While Carissa scours the city garbage for food and pretty things to show her grandfather, Tom and April strive to prove themselves genetically suitable to conceive a child. Luis fights to protect his unborn son from the gangs. Nora sits alone in her dark apartment, old, tired, and waiting to die. And Izzy, how did he end up on the street? In the backroom of his appliance repair shop, Harl Babouc putters at his workbench unaware the Gods have chosen him ... more
  • Balloon: Altitude

    by Christopher Keith

    Great things never come from comfort zones. In an era of exploration like never before, they must rise to the challenge. And dare to fall. Fable Sky, the world’s largest zero-pressure helium balloon, embarks on its inaugural flight into the stratosphere. The space tourism project has taken many years, the assembly of a highly trained crew and a small fortune to get off the ground. If everything goes well, it will be a flight of discovery and transformation, a triumph of the human imagin... more

  • The Cupid Chronicles


    A social worker and angel-in-training in heaven is assigned to advocate for an unruly Cupid's assistant and keep him from being "flushed" to the lower regions for violations of the Cupid's Oath. This is a Fix-up novel that contains short stories, which are thematically connected.

  • The Sight

    by V. H. Mizzell

    What if in the near future a thousand people worldwide spontaneously developed the ability to see the future?What if they began crashing financial markets, winning lotteries, bankrupting casinos?What if the governments of the World blamed the phenomenon on each other? Claiming cyber attacks?And the result - worldwide nuclear war! Then three hundred years later .....

    Rion of the Free State - a young warrior living in a Post-Apocalyptic world three hundred years in the future - has a recu... more

  • Afflicted

    by H.D.Cyr
    Samantha Sinclair has had visions her entire life. And for most of her life, she has kept the visions to herself. Until recently. At the beginning of the Fall semester Sam’s colleague, Dr. Susan Epstein, went missing. A few days ago, she showed up at the community college where they both work, missing a shoe and half of her face. Sam is the only one who can see Dr. Epstein’s decomposing corpse wandering the halls, and it is wreaking havoc on her appetite – and her sleep. She has infor... more
  • De Cineribus: From the Ashes

    by Thomas Vaccaro
    When your greatest dream is born from spite, will it make you truly happy? Over half a century of strife has passed since the Revelation, where magic was revealed to the world. Now in 2116, humans and sorcerers—referred to by humanity as magi—are engaged in a quiet struggle for global dominance. Though many magi live safely within the walls of the mysterious Medeian Empire, uncounted more live beyond its enchanted isles at the mercy of human fear, suspicion, and scorn, including one Felix Bra... more
  • Nahar

    by Kirk Templeton
    Nahar is the beautiful young queen of Samandal. Timur is the paramount warlord of the Mrrrg, a semi-human race of ferocious and savage conquerors. He conquers her city and wins her heart. Meanwhile, the powerful matriarchs who rule Samandal’s Great Houses move in secret to foment revolt and free their city from the Mrrrg. Within this swirling maelstrom of war and intrigue, passion and desire, Nahar must find her way not only to the perfection of love with Timur, but to her own self-realization.... more
  • Coligo

    by Lee S. Hannon
    In The City, Governor Colin O'Connor and his counterpart, The Supreme, attempt to unify a tense society while competing for power. While contemplating his next move, Colin is drawn to Dr. Julie Walsh, the inventor of a life-saving antidote. When Colin offers Julie his help to bring her discovery before The City's most innovative biotech company, COLI*GO, she can't say no. But Julie soon discovers Colin has his own dark secret: he and his accomplice will do anything to protect The City, inclu... more
  • Lunar Fire

    by Tamara Rendell
    An epic saga of the savage innocence and power of ancient druidism, elemental magic, and the battle between the ancient forces of enslavement and freedom. A standalone historical fantasy set in a dangerous yet vibrant ancient world of complex characters, self-discovery and redemption.
  • The Stones of Valtara

    by Christopher Clargo



    It is said the Goddess Enora set fire to the Void the day she defeated Velak in the great war of the gods. Yet even as the ancients slipped into the shadows of myth, the dark god’s disciples never forgot, never surrendered, and never stopped waging war against those that followed the goddess.

    And so it would be for a thousand years u... more

  • A Buzz Volume 1

    by Jacob Lightman
    In an ancient alternate history, four distinct regions of South America have merged to form one technologically advanced nation called The Land. Twenty-one-year-old Commander Jaway Barbour leads his young crew on military missions against the final remaining holdouts against the empire—the exploited tribes of the Wild Territory. When a bomb explodes, damaging their ship, it sends the crew on unexpected adventures. How will Jaway and the other youthful risk-takers navigate life and love in... more
  • Homecoming (The Faction War Chronicels #4)

    by Nadine Little

    War took everything from Anita Carmichael. But it gave her the one person she needed. Now, the civilised world threatens to take him away.

    England is a little more battered than Anita remembers, recovering from an environmental emergency and nuclear warfare. Her war and their war were not so different. Though they had the sense to stop theirs.

    She settles in to an austere New London, replacing guns and violence for media attention and social etiquette. A normal li... more

  • The Grim

    by K. H. Nelson
    Sólan the Grim is dead. He was murdered by the Duke of the tundra—his father. No, he was beheaded by the forest's Prince for his failure to swear the Oath of Light. Actually, he was strangled by an infamous drug smuggler of the tropics. Tortured and killed at the hands of the desert's mortal King for his crimes. Perhaps he is not dead at all. The half-mortal bastard son of an Elf Duke, Sólan de Ciudelago learned to cheat death as a child. His mere existence has tumbled the Eastern Lands... more
  • One Winter's Kiss: A Beautiful Nightmare Story

    by L.C. Son
    This Christmas get lost in the grandeur of Elysian Manor. It's Elysian Manor's turn to host the Supernatural Regency for their annual cotillion. The one time of year where a faction of human nobles, vampires, wolves and more collide to share in one common goal, civility. But that goal of civility will be tested when the forbidden love of a dutiful daughter and a hybrid wolf reveals a new and dangerous threat.