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  • Alt Nation

    by AnnaLisa Grant
    Emma Faraday’s sleep is haunted by grisly nightmares. The college student is convinced her over-active imagination is to blame. That is, until her father, an African American research scientist, discovers her journal and reveals Emma’s dreams are repressed memories. When her mother was alive, they traveled with Emma to an alternate universe, where they helped create antidotes to chemical weapons used to experiment on minority citizens. In that alien realm, every human has an identical counter... more
  • American Vampires

    by Nick Totem
    One day, Leland Slade, an emergency room doctor, saw a man lying on the sidewalk. The man might need help. Despite having a daughter with terminal cancer waiting for him at home, he stopped to see if he could help. Unbeknown to him, the man was a vampire, Count Heideker, who had fallen out of an airplane after a fight with his arch enemy Baron Havenstein. \tHis act of kindness led Leland Slade and his daughter, Julia, into the world of the vampires, a world that possessed incred... more
  • Child of Fire

    by Austin Colton
    There was no blood, only smoke and cinder. For eight years Caden has been in hiding. Haunted by his past and a promise to never use magic again, he has turned to the sword to make a living. As a mercenary in the mountain city of Kings Keep, he puts his talents to use hunting down the vile monsters that lurk in the shadows. No matter how much time passes, the fire continues to call out to him, urging him to take up his pyromancy once more. When a group of bandits attack the city, murder a h... more
  • The Four Swords: A Parable of Leadership, Video Games, and Dead Dragons

    by Paul Tozour
    Four friends meet a mysterious stranger with a robotic voice . . . that will change their lives forever. It shows the critical role of leadership and values, the way seemingly trivial mistakes can snowball into serious problems, and insights into what it takes to change things for the better.
  • Arsalan the Magnificent

    by JE Tolbert
    Arsalan the Magnificent is a lighthearted but poignant novel of historical fantasy fiction. In Europe and the Ottoman Empire of the early 19th century, a profession of wizards known as magical architects have achieved wealth and fame as builders of fantastical structures. Facing disgrace after his newest and greatest work collapses, Arsalan Ozdikmen, a renowned Ottoman magical architect in the prime of his career, is exiled to the Balkans. There, he undergoes a journey of reckoning and recovery,... more
  • Six Moons, Seven Gods

    by Robert A. Walker
    Six Moons, Seven Gods is a fantasy tale of revenge with cross-over appeal for adults and young adults alike. Assassins and thieves conspire to kill two kings, while a retired royal guard seeks vengeance. Yes, there is a bit of violence, and folks do die, but it is largely character-driven with a feisty young heroine and romantic subplot. Six Moons relies more on emotion and dialogue than it does action to tell the story.
  • He Who Shall Remain Shameless

    by David Ewald
    Salvation lies in the Internet. Will the ghosts of the long-dead—and newly passed—take their place on social media, allowing them to remain in contact with the world? Can these ghosts be convinced to do the unthinkable? One man searches the world, driven by a compulsion: to convince the dead to release their secrets. Clouding his way: The Meritocrat, an arrogant otherworldly being whose goal is to reign supreme as the sole determiner of who is remembered and who is forgotten, who dies o... more
  • Altered Evolution: The Book of Margaret by Paul A Brooks

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews & Marketing
    THEY FOUND US… A race of ancient reptilian aliens searching the universe for a life form strong enough to be their saviors and warriors find us in this action-packed epic story of rebellion and survival. When the Szateth invades, humans are simple hunter-gatherers, perfect for their needs. The ruling sisters of the Szateth council begin the systematic abduction of humans for warrior conversion and embryo implantation. The conversion process is violent and cruel, altering male DNA to mak... more
  • Static Screams

    by Nico Bell
    Carmen Franco’s untethered mind twists reality into a nightmare filled with relentless hallucinations. Carmen’s greatest desire is a peaceful life, but despite countless doctors and swallowing a pharmacy’s worth of pills, Carmen can’t escape her disturbing delusions brought forth from a past tragedy. Enter Dr. Barbara MacDonald, a brilliant psychologist proposing an innovative and experimental treatment program. Barbara ignites a flicker of hope, but Carmen quickly realizes the doctor’s mo... more
  • Custodians of the Future

    by X. Ho Yen

    “You are a vital component of Global Waste”
    went the company motivational email…

    Irena wants to fit in, and she needs the job, so she tries not to rock the boat.

    But discovering something strange and potentially deadly in Stockholm's wastewater sends her fellow janitor squad members off the rails. Their hare-brained assumptions and accusations, fueled by the web site 'Syllojizm,' drive them to ever more dangerous mayhem. Irena i... more

  • Ignite Earth Red Giant

    by Wanda Vargas
    Set millions of years from now, Earth's inhabitants found a way to fuse its radiation source with machinery to help ignite and push the planet out of its orbit from the sun to alleviate the earth’s temperature as the sun increases in diameter, thus increasing in energy. An event known as the Great Flare is about to repeat itself where a giant, catastrophic flare is emitted from the sun capable of scorching the surface of the earth. The creators of IGNITE and leader of the world believe now is th... more
  • Arc

    by M. E. Lange
    Will the technological advances of the New Eden, a mysterious, government-funded, science vessel, be enough to save Eva when the arc of civilization takes a sharp turn? In the new novel, Arc, by debut author, M.E. Lange, the year is 2032 and Eva, a brilliant but angst-ridden 18-year-old, is frustrated by the insanity she sees everywhere she turns. Incivility in Politics. Gun violence. Climate change. Wars. Pollution. Greed. Power. Injustice. It all seems too much for her, and she feels powerl... more
  • Everything Is Temporary

    by Jon Cohn
    Jump into the gripping world of "Everything Is Temporary," where the Barnes family's peaceful life takes a surprising turn after a tragic event rocks their world. As you read, you'll be drawn into the suspense, wondering how well you really know the people closest to you. The suspenseful journey begins when Sarah's husband, Tom, starts acting strangely. His mood swings create chaos, leading to unfounded accusations against their thirteen-year-old daughter. But hang on tight, because the tensi... more
  • The Diner at the Dawn of the Universe

    by David Bonn
    Having fun with philosophy in an omnipotence-free environment. Follow me on a quest to find a kinder and gentler theory of everything.
  • The Pollutant Speaks

    by Alex Cochran

    A stagnating humanity is crushed onto seven small worlds, while the enigmatic union of alien life seems to set impossible goals to qualify for contact. When a discharged mental patient finds himself bankrupt, his only escape is to venture further into the cosmos than he ever dreamed.

    Do his inner demons hold the secret to peace with our stellar neighbours? Or will a fanatical leader and his cult return humanity to the dark ages?

    The Pollutant Speaks guides the reader through a fut... more

  • Ark of the Apocalypse

    by Tobin Marks
    Earth is on the verge of becoming a dead planet. The polar ice caps melted long ago, and it's been decades since the last raindrop fell. Ocean levels rise a dozen meters, and forest fires rage on a global scale. Eleven billion people dying of thirst wage water wars against each other as extinction looms. Humanity needs a new planet. As Earth deteriorates, the nation states desperately work together to build a mechanism for recolonization. And so the Magellan II is born, the first starship capa... more