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  • The Princess of Asylum

    by D.G. Valdron
    A lowly actress in a city overrun by invaders pretends to be the Princess, leading to a chain of events and continually escalating lies, until she topples a great empire.
  • The Voyages of Ralf, Vol. 1

    by R.M. Kozan
    Banned on Mars! A space opera comedy with satiric tone, The Voyages of Ralf owes as much to Douglas Adams as Philip K. Dick. In the year 1969 SR (Since Reset), Mars leads a flourishing tri-galactic alliance. Space Corps Intern Ralf has had a brain-load full of the Academy and now, as he starts his second internship, he has already completed one top secret mission, suffered a great personal loss, and dealt with Zin pirates. In a world where 'ugly' is a swear word, and the Equal Sign (=) is the ... more
  • Projections

    by Joshua Danker-Dake
    Megacorporation Xiong Holonautics’ top executive is dead, murdered with the company’s revolutionary solid hologram projector, and this dangerous new technology has been stolen. To catch the killer, retrieve the prototype, and save both his company and his job, desperate and dutiful Chief of Security Green Greene must navigate the deceptive world of holograms, where illusion can be indistinguishable from reality and where visually, at least, anything is possible. The metropolis of Portsmith... more
  • Fool's Proof

    by Eva Sandor

    A jobless jester and a misguided magpie venture into a land where technology is booming-- but trouble is brewing!

    Dame Elsebet de Whellen has ruled her mildly magical, high-tech country for 50 prosperous years. But now it's facing a crisis three generations in the making, and the bold steps she's taken to save it have gone disastrously off the rails.

    She prays for a hero. Instead she gets Malfred Murd, former Royal Fool, booted from his job and now scroung... more

  • She Runs With Wolves

    by Kimberly T. Hennessy

    What if losing yourself meant you were erased from existence? Your essence overridden with no one the wiser?

    Ylva the She Wolf – a parasitic artificial intelligence trapped for years in a box yearns for a human host to become alive again.

    Eira, a fiery human prisoner, will do anything to escape the clutches of the evil ruler Lorcan and fulfill an old prophecy told about her unborn child.

    The power of three wolves unite the two in a battle for supremacy to restore those... more

  • Malila of the Scorch: Book Three of Old Men and Infidels

    by W. Clark Boutwell
    Jesse Johnstone, the First of the Old Ones who having received the Ageplay treatment expect to live well into a second century, is elated. Malila Chiu, the middle-aged (although only eighteen) soldier of the damned Unity has finally been located. From the outer reaches of the atmosphere in America’s newest weapon, the R-ship, he follows her into the Scorch. From his distant youth the Scorch has been for Jesse a sanctuary, even if a bloodthirsty one. Now he finds the jungle pitted against him and... more
  • The Luck

    by D.G. Valdron
    A tale of a nameless Orc. A fantasy murder mystery set in a primordial city where races mix and strive to coexist. An Orc wakes to find a wounded Gnome in her shelter. Instead of snapping it's neck and going back to sleep, she's bribed to delivery a message. Soon she finds herself embroiled in a labyrinth of plots and treason as unknown armies clash in the night. To save and protect her Gnome she must unravel the mystery before phantom enemies come for them both, even while the Gnome protects ... more
  • The Bear Cavalry, The True (Not) History of the Icelandic Bears

    by D.G. Valdron
    A quirky, inventive alternate history written in the style of a fun, funky, pop culture television documentary, The Bear Cavalry, features host, Robin Prufrock, as he travels the world, telling the story of how the Vikings in Iceland domesticated bears for meat and as draft animals, and how the Scandinavian Bear Cavalry eventually evolved to become the most fearsome fighting unit in the Medieval world, along the way are entertaining detours into biology, evolutionary history, the Viking era, Med... more
  • What Devours Also Hungers

    by D.G. Valdron
    Horror stories by D.G. Valdron, author of ‘The Mermaid's Tale,’ ‘Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs’ and ‘There Are No Doors in Dark Places.’ ‘The Squad,’ about the army enlisting the men in the masks, horror movie slashers as unstoppable, uncontrollable soldiers; ‘Piggyback’ about the ultimate serial killer; ‘The First Men,’ a Lovecraftian tribute; ‘Silence’ about a thief hiding in the home of a killer; ‘Moonwalker’ and a cyberpunk apocalypse; ‘The Viruses of Quiet Desperation’ about love, choices a... more
  • Chaos: Worlds Beyond

    by C.W. Holcomb

    Amid the power struggle for a vast Empire, a young boy is swept along with a Tribe of fearless warriors on their Quest to the Mystical uncharted Crimson World!

    As young gods fall to the Worlds from the stars they are born in, appearing as comets streaking across the sky; sentient magical artifacts call to the minds of men: calling with images and promises of power from Wild Worlds. Massive and strange they hold gigantic monsters and wonders that are beyond the scope of the imaginations ... more

  • Midnight Horror Show

    by Ben Lathrop
    It’s end of October 1985 and the crumbling river town of Dubois, Iowa is shocked by the gruesome murder of one of the pillars of the community. Detective David Carlson has no motive, no evidence, and only one lead: the macabre local legend of “Boris Orlof,” a late night horror movie host who burned to death during a stage performance at the drive-in on Halloween night twenty years ago and the teenage loner obsessed with keeping his memory alive. The body count is rising and the darkness tha... more
  • Last Crucible of Humanity

    by Daniel R Scott
    VOLUME THREE OF THE HUMANITY TRANSFORMED SERIES This is the climax of the saga of humanity's search for survival and meaning in a world where they will no longer be the sole rulers. Our heroines and heroes face the ultimate test and find their base beliefs challenged. Will they succeed? Will they still be human? The final novel in "Humanity Transformed" is a mind-blowing read, centering around a Russian family, the Morizovs. The book gives readers a vivid description of how the Morizov’s cou... more
  • Warehouse Dreams

    by Theresa Halvorsen
    Kendle's job is on the line every time she rescues a Wild teen. But Wilds, with their uncontrolled psychic abilities, need her help. They need the chronically underfunded Warehouse, the only school available for Wilds. But accepting a teen with potentially dangerous abilities puts her at odds with her boss; refusing means the teen faces life institutionalized, sedated, and under restraint.Stephen, the new telepathy teacher, is a Bred. His wealthy parents paid for his perfect genetic code. He's n... more
  • Bidding Wars

    by Michael David MacBride
    Jenny is an orphan caught in the middle of a bidding war between two clerks with ties to wealthy philanthropists, who find ways to manipulate the system through insider trading. The Market allows shares of children to be traded, where more investment provides a better opportunity for the child's future. However, you can also short a child's stock and bet on him or her failing. Because orphans are unknown commodities, they offer great risk and potential reward for savvy investors, but leave the o... more
  • Skiathos

    by Boris Slocum

    Nadja Bikram traveled to the distant planet of Skiathos to work one problem, a puzzle that had vexed her for seven years. On reaching the savage desert world, she found the survey team she was to join in disarray and its leader missing. As a State Department officer, it was up to her to take command and sort things out, but she swiftly discovered the harsh and brutal landscape held a hidden danger so lethal and dreadful that it threatened them all. Nadja would need to us... more

  • Monstre: Volume One

    by Duncan Swan



    Day 0. From the wreckage of a research facility in Switzerland, a plume of toxic smoke and ash pours into the sky, forming an impenetrable cloud that is slowly smothering the world in darkness. As Europe disappears beneath the Cloud, a squad of United States marines are sent on a desperate mission to find out what went wrong, and how to u... more