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  • Dead Cell

    by Chris Johnson
    Craig Ramsey is unlike most private detectives. He's psychic; a real one. With a simple touch from his hand, he knows you, your secrets, and sometimes your thoughts. But he's more than a psychic investigator. He's also an adoptive uncle to his late friend's children. When one dies inexplicably in a run-of-the-mill car accident, one that should have proven non-fatal, he smells a rat. A paranormal one. And nothing will stop him hunting it down, dead or not.
  • The Birth of Tomorrow

    by Matteo Cristoforo Metallo
    With the discovery of a new element, and resulting fusion technology, a terrifying global conflict unfolds bringing with it many years of war and the creation of new world alliances. Amidst the carnage a powerful secret society with access to the latest and most sophisticated weapons emerges from the shadows to force the warring parties into capitulation and establish a unity government among the nations. Promising peace and life-saving technology, the revolutionary force unleashes four scientif... more
  • The Optimal State: Live Backwards

    by Alfred Stewart
    The Barrier- an impenetrable wall – separates the Suburban citizens from the degenerates of the crime-ridden Inner City. But teenage girls begin to disappear from Suburbia. A government agent tasked with piecing together the events of the high-profile case, inadvertently comes across Kade Sparks. The college dropout, Kade, drifts aimlessly toward adulthood, when he receives a mysterious speaker box in the mail. Demanding compliance, the speaker forces Kade into submission in deadly ways. H... more
  • Outbound: A Time Travel Adventure

    by John Maffia
    Dr. Laura Petrone has a big problem. Something has gone wrong during a routine test of a secret government project. Dubbed, Orion, it’s a device capable of generating unimaginable energy on a planetary scale by producing wormholes in spacetime. When an overload occurs, Laura attempts a manual shutdown. She succeeds, but at a price. Laura vanishes and the two remaining scientists can’t determine if she is dead, or lost somewhere in time. In an effort to find the answer, they seek the assistance o... more
  • STINGERS: A Story 65 Million Years In The Making

    by John Maffia
    If you were to ask Dr. Gene Feldman why he wasn’t working, he would tell you he was on a sabbatical. In reality, they suspended him from the Emergency Department because someone died while in his care. When he discovers that his patient was one of many who recently succumbed to killer bee stings, it could be his salvation. As he begins a study to clear his name, deaths from bee stings continue to increase. During his investigation, Gene teams up with entomologist Dr. Lucy Benton, where togeth... more
  • Magnum's Electric Book II

    by Christopher Barnes
    DANIEL MAGNUM as a Special Security Agent of the City Mayor continued solving the City Mayors crime problem adventures disguised as an invulnerable crime fighter by the named of CIRCUIT BREAKER. His cousin, the City Mayor never knew that he is invulnerable. The success of the adventures are credited to the City Mayor and the City Chief of Police.
  • Blue

    by Lare'va Lemorte
    During World War One, an Italian fishing boat pulls a young girl out of the water. The sailors believe the child is a mermaid. From the shock and trauma she has endured, the girl has lost her memory, and with it, her power to transform and kill them. Most of the fishermen want to throw her back. One of them, Emilio, had been wanting to have a family but was unable to. He takes the child to his wife just before he is issued off to war. Because of the war Emilio dies, causing further af... more
  • The Magic Book (Atlantic Island: Divided 1)

    by Fredric Shernoff
    The last of a race of immortals finds a Magic Book that calls into question everything he's ever known. He will journey to a world mysteriously like our own and risk everything for the truth.
  • The Fall of Arcades

    by Azriel Hope
    The Fall of Arcades is a dark fantasy romance novel about the prince of fallen angels who falls in love with his fairy-mortal captive. Loving anyone is forbidden a fallen angel and he risks his life to change his dark and depraved world so that she won't perish in it. The Fall of Arcades is an engaging love story that considers the roots of good and evil. A lot of the characters are sexually fluid and there is some violence as well as sexual situations.
  • The Fiery Eye Beast: Rolling Calf by Roland Brown

    by Roland Brown
    SYNOPSIS: The Fiery Eye Beast THE FIERY EYES BEAST (26.04.19) Author Name: Roland S. Brown. LOGLINE: In the past a demonic beast with chains haunt a local Jamaican village. Characters include: Hades King- A retired US Navy Seal who hunt down the demon based on hearings that the demonic kill his beloved daughter Adrienna. He served in the Persian Gulf War being through alot his MO is to find happiness after his retirement. But life have other plans for him. Rollin Taur - A hun... more
  • The Awakening

    by Dirk Patton
    Katarina Daniels is an up and coming FBI agent with the perfect life. But when she discovers her husband has spent them into financial ruin, things quickly begin to spiral out of control. Desperation growing, she questions her sanity when she starts having visions of an apocalyptic world inhabited by hideous creatures. As her marriage disintegrates, she hatches a desperate scheme to steal drug money, but unwittingly sets a cascade of tragic events into motion. With her life in tatters and a ruth... more
  • Window Shopping

    by Dachri Chanelle

    Some say the window to the soul is through your eyes. Growing up, La'Elle was always was told by the wise old women and the dirty old men that it looks like there's a wicked story behing those eyes.  Window Shopping is the journey she takes deep into her soul to find out why she ended up where she is in life and the desperate battle to climb out and move on to to be the queen she is meant to be.

  • Fugitive Planet

    by Shane Greenburg
    A sun dies and a highly-advanced alien race faces extinction. Escape with their planet is their only option for survival. They look to a new solar system to call home: ours. ​​After traveling for thousands of years through space, the fugitive aliens begin intercepting broadcasts from the third planet of their target sun. They witness the wars, the genocides, the poverty, and the mistreatment of the planet by the species that calls themselves "human". The aliens face a moral dilemma. T... more
  • The Seven Faces of Ambiguity

    by billy ovid boyles
    A mentally ill man discovers that his alternate identities have obtained a corporeal existence. He then learns that one of his alters has become involved with a group of mad scientists preparing to destroy the human race. It is up to him and the other alters to mount a mission to rescue the alter with the mad scientists and stop their evil plan before it can end the world.
  • The Evolutionite Chronicles Book One: Dagger and Shadow Ninja

    by Timothy P. Callahan

    Haven, Pennsylvania is a place brimming with strangeness and wonder, a city under the constant threat of destruction from its own fantastically powered inhabitants and threats from the world outside its borders.

    Dagger and Shadow Ninja are brothers, and former Protectors, who have gone into business for themselves. They'll deliver your packages and save your behind, if the price is right. When Lancaster Jones, a time traveler from the future, arrives asking for help it sets off an a... more

  • The Evolutionite Chronicles Book Four: The Honor System

    by Timothy P. Callahan

    Tanaka, AKA Dagger, never misses a chance to make money. When a rival member of a vigilante team comes to him to help rescue her father, he sees a chance to cash in and maybe bring a family together.

    Daniel, AKA Shadow Ninja, feels his life as one of the city's protectors is coming to an end. With a fiancé and a thriving business, spending the night patrolling the streets with Tanaka doesn’t have the same appeal as it did before.

    Both brothers feel their time toge... more