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  • The Evolutionite Chronicles Book Four: The Honor System

    by Timothy P. Callahan

    Tanaka, AKA Dagger, never misses a chance to make money. When a rival member of a vigilante team comes to him to help rescue her father, he sees a chance to cash in and maybe bring a family together.

    Daniel, AKA Shadow Ninja, feels his life as one of the city's protectors is coming to an end. With a fiancé and a thriving business, spending the night patrolling the streets with Tanaka doesn’t have the same appeal as it did before.

    Both brothers feel their time toge... more

  • The Evolutioinite Chronicals book 3: Infinity Rises

    by Timothy P. Callahan

    Damien Simen is a man on a mission: Steal 100 suits of armor transferred from a secret location. Once activated, the suits could finally give the terrorist group Infinity a chance against the cities high powered Evolutionites.

    Leonard Banks is the new leader of the Protectors, a group of elite Evolutionites formed to handle the unique challenges of Haven. He is determined to prove himself worthy of the mantle of leadership.

    Bryn Keefe is the most dangerous man alive. Leader of Inf... more

  • The Evolutionite Chronicles book 2: Dagger and Shadow Ninja in: Welcome to Las Vegas

    by Timothy P. Callahan

    Tanaka and Daniel have many identities: Brothers, Evolutionites, business owners, and former Protectors known as Dagger and Shadow Ninja. Fighters of crime and keepers of the peace, the brothers go where they are needed to help those in need.

    A call for help from Tanaka’s ex-girlfriend Nancy sends the brothers to the city of sin: Las Vegas. While in Vegas, Tanaka and Daniel discover Nancy caught up in a plot by an evil robot named Destructo who wants to replace all humans with rob... more

  • Sun & Moon Academy Book One: Fall Semester

    by Tish Thawer
    Ten paranormal tales and one page-turning supernatural academy story in this spinoff from the award-winning Havenwood Falls universe. The brand new Sun & Moon Academy College of Supernatural Guardians is an elite training program for a covert army that protects the supernatural community around the world. After a series of grueling trials to test their worthiness, only the top tier of applicants are admitted to the hidden college under the mountain. We are ten of those students. We’re a p... more
  • TS901: Dominion: Command Control (TS901 Chronicles Book 2)

    by Tish Thawer
    Risen from their literal hole in the ground, Thia, Lance, and her ‘Maly’ brethren have escaped The Hive and now face a full-on war. Welcoming the distraction from her abysmal love life, Thia throws herself into training the troops and claiming Nary bases. Grateful to be of service again, Evan focuses on maneuvering their forces while fighting to break the icy bonds of betrayal still clutching Thia’s heart. After a startling vision by his mother, Lance learns that Gigi is alive and trapped ... more
  • Holli's Hellfire (The Women of Purgatory Book 3)

    by Tish Thawer
    Will she choose to stay the Reaper she is, or become the Goddess she was? Holli's memories of her life as the Goddess Hel are starting to resurface, and the timing can't be a coincidence. Her father's quest continues to threaten Purgatory, and her decision to embrace her past has the potential to save or destroy it all.
  • Flying Pythons: A Novella

    by Victoria Ifeolu
    Nicola and Stacie are the two charmingly beautiful daughters of Mr. Rally Stevens, hence, their beauty is bait for the Brothers of Darkness. The Brothers of Darkness would grant Mr. Rally Stevens stupendous wealth in the event his daughters are ready to get sexy. The girls set out on the ultimate mission to weaken the Heart of the Almighty by seducing Priests in the Temple of Light. While Stacie is assigned to Father Jeremiah, the new handsome young Priest, Nicola is assigned to Father John, the... more
  • Human Nature: Seven Suns

    by Joseph R Bristol
    Ares is an adolescent boy struggling to control his emotions. His obsession he confuses for love, takes him on a dangerous emotional rollercoaster. His therapy sessions at The Left Hand organizations building no longer seem to help. Doctor Duenna struggles to help Ares control himself while trying to find out who the girl he is obsessed with is.
  • The Björkchork

    by Cori H. Spenzich

    West Seattle is ground zero for a dance that could bring humanity to an end. Is anyone capable of stopping The Björkchork?

    This short story double feature includes two dark and humorous narratives by Cori H. Spenzich:

    A Cute Trauma

    A man can't help but document the mental collapse of his daughter. Though, his thoughts quickly show something very different is going on.

    The Björkchork... more

  • Random Walk

    by Rachel Lulich

    Three Astronauts. One Impossible Journey.

    Derek Williams, Jacob Mendez, and Vicky Abrams have trained for years to helm the first manned spaceflight launched by US Air Force Space Command. The Pioneer’s mission is simple – test the experimental new Hawking Engine, designed to take them to Mars faster than any manned craft has traveled before. But when the engine reaches full capacity, the craft unexpectedly hurtles into the unknown.

    ​With power le... more

  • The Cardinal Gate (An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 1)

    by Amy Cissell
    Eleanor Morgan had never heard of the Fae until the man she thought was her best friend revealed her destiny – to open the gates preventing free and easy passage between the land of the Fae and the human realm. Now Eleanor is faced with an impossible choice: destroy the world of her birth or the world in which she was raised...
  • Theocrates and the Crystal Cavern

    by Bryan DeWeese
    One day, out of the blue, Theocrates began hearing voices. The “voices” wanted him to go to the Crystal Cavern. No one had been to the Crystal Cavern in over seventy years! But the Fate of Terexia was in the balance and Theo knew, somehow, that the voices were correct. He had to go. He had to find a way to repair the Rift that had formed between his world and the planet Tera, in a far off galaxy. The first step was to get permission, but even asking could be viewed as a criminal offense. Little ... more
  • Wyrde and Wayward (House of Werth Book 1)

    by Charlotte E. English
    ‘If you had not already realised it, this is a very strange house you are come to.’ The Scions of the House of Werth are all born normal. It is what happens afterwards that sets them apart. It is not easy being the most supernatural family in England. Nell talks to the dead; Lord Werth is too often to be found out in the churchyard at the dead of night; and the less said about Lord Bedgberry, the better. Only Miss Gussie Werth has missed out on the family curse. She sups on chocolate, n... more
  • Betera's Factor

    by T.J. Sachs
    Freedom comes with its own burdens; truth can be as deadly as lies. No one is immune to treachery and anyone can be weaponized. Friend. Foe. Family.
  • Zero Percenters

    by Scott T. Grusky

    Would you sacrifice your humanity to live free from pain and suffering?

    Conservationist Anja Lapin always stood firm against her father’s profiteering. But in her wildest dreams, she never guessed his tech company would stumble on an algorithm enabling humans to digitize their bodies and secure artificial immortality.

    Before Anja can stage a protest, terrorists take out the research team, along with her father. Billions adopt the new technology in recor... more

  • The Well

    by Duane E. Coffill
    An old well is found by a boy and his dog in a field behind their newly bought house. With its' cracked sides and rusted top, it was a curious find until something lurches out and mauls the dog and terrifies the boy. His family is told by what happened, but nobody believes him until his father discovers the truth and he and his son, Norman must find out what lurks within the embodiment of the old well.