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  • White Rain

    by Joel Canfield
    “Where the Hell is Max Bowman?” That’s what people have been asking for almost a year. What no one knows is Max has been locked away in the Community — a “retirement” home for former CIA spooks with secrets too scary to share with the world. But, after engineering a daring and almost deadly escape, Max is back — or, at least, what’s left of him. He’s lost his love, his home, his money and most of his memories, while being haunted by a Russian Rat Pack that’s out to kill him, a talking dog ... more

    by Charlotte Stuart
    SURVIVAL CAN BE DEADLY is a lighthearted mystery about a discount detective agency located in a mall – Vigilance You Can Afford. It is also the story of one woman’s struggle to find new direction after the death of her husband and a lengthy period of unemployment. Although Cameron Chandler’s PhD is in liberal arts, she can’t resist a “help wanted” sign she sees in the window of Penny-wise Investigations. She not only lands a job but gets a chance to reinvent herself. Although her mother and ... more
  • Death in Paraiso

    by Jack Polo
    Private detectives Matt Singer and Jamal Wade’s plan to sell real estate as a side business explodes into murder when their client is brutally slain in a house they’ve listed for sale. In their search to find the real killer, Matt and Jamal are trapped in a Chinese puzzle box of cover-ups and corruption that goes to the very top of the southern California beach town known as Paradise. Before this case comes to its shattering conclusion they will uncover a man’s crushed skull and shattered ... more

    by J P Davis

    Avinash is the global asset governments call upon to eliminate problems. He is a master at his craft and leads an idyllic life, for an assassin, until Rachael Lopez, a trigger happy detective with a checkered past investigates one of his perfect murders. Doing what she does best, Rachael digs until she is fired, giving her time to follow up on her hunch. She tracks leads to the Cayman Islands to a hedge fund. Posing as an employee, she gets caught and now knows too much about too many powerfu... more

  • Another Five Patients

    by Melissa Crickard
    Another Five Patients tells the story of a team of house officers in a modern hospital, and the five patients they must save. When one of the resident physicians, Dr. Kip Paiva, becomes a critically ill patient herself, the team is forever changed. This suspenseful story of medical fiction traces foreign medical graduate Dr. Kip Paiva, an emigrant and survivor of human trafficking in post-apartheid South Africa. Her refuge from a Zulu militant captor comes to an end, as his brutal violence has f... more
  • Seven Shadows

    by V.S. Kemanis

    A criminal prosecutor is bound to make a few enemies over a decades-long career, and Dana Hargrove is no exception. Who has it in for her?

    In 2015, the former prosecutor is in her second year as a trial judge in Manhattan. It’s a new world. Dana cut her baby teeth in the DA’s office during the crack epidemic, the ’80s and early ’90s. Now, the murder rate is a fraction of what it was, and public opinion about incarceration is softening. So is Dana. As a judge, she... more

  • One Gray Day: A Supernatural Crime Thriller (The Parker Trilogy Book 3)

    by Tony Faggioli
    Detective Evan Parker. Father Bernardino. Gang leader Hector Villarosa. All coming to the end of their stories in ways that you will never see coming. Because at any second? The good cop can kill, the violent gangster can hope and the godly priest can sin.
  • One Way or Another: A Supernatural Crime Thriller (The Parker Trilogy Book 2)

    by Tony Faggioli
    A priest dying of cancer, about to make his final stand against evil. A detective, at war with himself, about to learn that the past is no place to fight your battles. A gangster, out of jail and free at last, about to find out that the greatest prison of all is a broken heart. As the second book in The Parker Trilogy unfolds, it’s about to become apparent that angels and demons not only walk the streets of East Los Angeles…but the back alleys of our hearts and minds as well.
  • One Plus One: A Supernatural Crime Thriller (The Fasano Trilogy Book 3)

    by Tony Faggioli
    How much will one man give to save his family and the woman he loves? More than anyone could ever imagine in Book 3 of The Fasano Trilogy.
  • A Million to One: A Supernatural Crime Thriller (The Fasano Trilogy Book 2)

    by Tony Faggioli
    There's hell and there's hell on earth. Kyle Fasano is about to experience both in Book 2 of The Fasano Trilogy.
  • A Repo Girl Christmas (Repo Girl Series Book 2)

    by Jane Fenton
    She never imagined her part-time job would be so dangerous! Life was going well for twenty-five-year-old Repo Agent Andrea Sloan. She hadn’t stumbled across any more naked dead guys at work, and her love life was pretty much wonderful. Her biggest problems were keeping warm in a car with a heater that’s on the fritz and figuring out what to get her boyfriend for Christmas. When she picked up a part-time job working at the mall for some extra cash as an elf, she never imagined she’d witness... more
  • Repo Girl: A Fun Action Adventure Romance (Repo Girl Series Book 1)

    by Jane Fenton
    Twenty-five-year-old rookie Repo Agent, Andrea Sloan, doesn’t like accepting help from anyone – especially not arrogant musicians who are too charming for their own good. Even though she swore off men years ago, Andi finds herself drawn to handsome rockstar, Cooper Barnett, as he continually pops up in her life when she least expects it. Their budding relationship becomes even more complicated when Cooper talks Andi into letting him ride-along on one of her repos, and they come across a very ... more
  • Inherent Truth

    by Alicia Anthony

    A woman with buried secrets...
    An agent with an impossible mission...
    An inheritance that will destroy them both...

    When Liv Sullivan’s grandmother beckons for help from beyond the grave, the reluctant psychic returns to her small Ohio hometown. Scrambling to make sense of the clues left by the vision, Liv finds herself face to face with undercover Agent Ridge McCaffrey.

    Assigned to protect the woman whose gifts unnerve him, for a co... more

  • The Blood Mark

    by Anthony Uzzo
    The Blood Mark is a compelling story, of an Army veteran’s family that must overcome incredible danger and personal tragedies, in order to survive. Our story takes place and in the turbulent tornado ally of central Oklahoma. John Cloud is a decorated Army veteran who is debilitated by PTSD from his experiences in Iraq. His extended absences have alienated him from his wife and two daughters. ISIS has taken control of a large swath of Iraq and Syria. Mohammad Rafta a ruthless ISIS command... more
  • Ascending Power

    by Malcolm Gibson
    When a rare mineral discovery pits a small west Texas tribe against Big Oil, it turns into a battle for survival that will leave the world changed forever. NFL star quarterback Billy Strikeleather is living the dream—he has a beautiful wife, adoring fans, and a multi-million-dollar mansion. But when an injury sidelines him permanently, he turns to the bottle for solace. With the DWIs piling up, his marriage hits the rocks and his self-confidence is shaken. Feeling unmoored, Billy warily respo... more
  • The Brotherhood

    by Tejas Desai

    Enter a sinister, exotic world of danger, surprise and suspense: the first volume of Tejas Desai's international crime trilogy The Brotherhood Chronicle. Niral Solanke, a down on his luck private investigator living in New York City during The Great Recession, is trying to redeem himself from a life of sin by rejoining a conservative Hindu religious organization called The Brotherhood. But when his childhood friend Priya Mehta dies mysteriously, he is tasked with investigating her demise.... more