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  • Whispers in the Attic: A Magical Papillon Mystery

    by Sabine Frisch
    Unravel the mysteries hidden within the shadows of a quaint Victorian house in Whispers in the Attic. Join Sarah, a determined single mother, and her children, Emma and Cory, as they embark on a spine-tingling adventure fueled by secrets, magic, and unexpected joy in this cozy mystery. When the Anderson family moves into their new home in the picturesque village of Rosewood Hollow, they discover more than just creaky floorboards and old wallpaper. With the arrival of Pixie, their magical Papi... more
  • Seat 3A

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    When Redemption Becomes Obsession Delaware restaurateur and crime-fiction-fanatic Christian Stone isn't generally superstitious, but a simple ritual has helped him overcome his fear of flying: he has to sit in seat 3A. He's traveling from Philadelphia to Miami when, during takeoff, he looks out the window and spots what appears to be a dead body lying on the banks of the Schuylkill River. A childhood memory resurfaces: when Christian was eleven years old, his best friend was murdered, and the k... more
  • Imaginary Dragons: Book Three of the American Nomads

    by N.L. McLaughlin

    This is a story about redemption; about love, family and forgiveness.

    Sometimes people must walk through fire.

    With Cash recovering from his injury, Teague and Zac have no other choice than to set out on their own.

    Luckily for them, the rest of their Nomad family lends their time and talents to the desperate search for Finn.

    Unknown to the Nomads, Shane is also on a mission to find his son. Well known among outlaws and vagabonds, he calls in every favor to assist in th... more

  • The King Street Affair

    by Jon Sealy
    A dead lawyer, half a million dollars, and half a lifetime of keeping it a secret in the Holy City. CHARLESTON, SC—Wyatt Brewer has a respectable life as a newspaper reporter in the Holy City. One winter morning, he is assigned to cover the death of a mysterious Estonian who washed up on Folly Beach. When intelligence agents Bert Wilson and Penelope Lowe pick him up for interrogation, Wyatt understands he’s stumbled into an underground world of crime and corruption. The agents give him a c... more
  • Draw A Hard Line

    by Micheal E. Jimerson

    A racist killer uses the resources of his Aryan gang to falsify an innocence claim, intending to use fraudulent evidence to gain his release from prison. Only the original trial team, cowboy detective E.J. Kane and his former prosecutor ex-wife Rebecca Johnson, refuse to surrender to injustice. An unrelated suicide holds the key to unraveling a massive conundrum of DNA evidence. \tMeanwhile, their daughter faces the stark consequences of drug addiction and continued victimization from sex tra... more

  • Mrs

    by Lou Eade
    Molly Chapman, a mother of three, finds her once-loving marriage falling apart. Struggling with her mental health and neurodivergence, she seeks support from her psychiatrist. To escape her troubled home life, Molly walks her puppy along the beach, where she encounters a handsome stranger. One night, after another fight with her husband, Molly contemplates taking her own life but falls from the sea wall under mysterious circumstances. Injured and in a coma, Molly wakes up ... more
  • Humphrey Bogart and Hell Spit Corner

    by Christopher P Tobin
    When Herb Buck returns to his hometown after many years away, he is at a low point in his life. The supposed main reason for his return is an inheritance, but is it more than that? Mysterious encounters in an old movie theatre drag him back to the nostalgia of his youth, forcing him to make life changing decisions and confront a horrifying tragedy from his past. This timeless, magic realistic story tells of love, repentance, self-forgiveness, and acquiring the resolve to go on to achieve y... more
  • Poisonade

    by Joseph Nalven
    Dive into Poisonade: A Riveting Blend of Mystery, Forensic Intrigue, and Cultural Tapestry in the Heart of Los Angeles. In the pulsating heart of Los Angeles, Poisonade unfolds a thrilling tapestry of mystery, forensic science, and a deep dive into cultural identities. This gripping detective novel by Joseph Nalven is a masterful blend of suspense, emotion, and intellectual intrigue, perfect for readers seeking an absorbing journey through the complexities of modern society. When a series ... more
  • Little Boy Blue

    by Daniel Conrad Rose
    Little Boy Blue is an intense psychological thriller revolving around the genesis of Little Leo, a murderous sexual predator. It pits a fiendish sociopath against a dedicated, small town police chief providing the reader with gruesome awareness and nail-biting suspense. The book establishes a unique precedent by bringing the victims, particularly women and children to light. In their darkest hour, these heroic women show desperate strength and ingenuity as they fight for their lives. This Littl... more
  • Las palabras que no existen

    ¿Que secretos esconde un cuadro de Antoni Tàpies? Una novela negra en laBarcelona actual
  • She Thought I Knew

    by C.S.Cowan

    Criminologist,Maeve Rosetti, returns home to aid in the search for her missing teenage niece while navigating a complicated relationship with the girl's mother, the sister she left behind. The process unearths old wounds from their childhood, especially the unsolved disappearance of their father. As time wears on with no sign of Jessica, a couple of off- the-grid inhabitants, as well as Maeve's own brother-in-law, raise suspicion .Then Maeve, herself, becomes the target of d... more

  • Rhapsody in Black: An Elena del Carral Mystery

    by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
    A different kind of cozy… Elena del Carral has been invited to dance in a Gala Performance by none other than Derek Michaels, founder of the world-renowned Terpsichore Ballet in New York City. She’s also been invited to audition for Black Rhapsody, the unfinished ballet from the late choreographic master, René Fauchier. Delighted, Elena accepts the invitation, knowing this performance will enhance her career, not only as a principal dancer, but also as an up-and-coming choreographer, as well.... more
  • The Loon's Song: A Wynter Island Mystery

    by Kim Herdman Shapiro
    Beautiful actress, Rosalie Morgann, returns home to Wynter Island seventeen years after she fled because of her romantic liaisons with numerous island husbands. Not many islanders are pleased to see her return, and even fewer are interested in hearing what she has to say for herself. Rosalie manages to convince Kate Zöe Thomas - manager of the local community television station - to allow her on their inaugural broadcast from the newly redesigned studio. When Rosalie dies, live on-air, the... more
  • Seeker of Justice

    by B.J. Woster
    From the author of 36 Hours, comes the second book in the Detective Hardwick series. The last thing Detective Hardwick, and his fellow detectives, needed so soon after closing the book on the Christian Price case, was another psychopathic killer determined to mete justice on their own terms but that's precisely what they got. Now it isn't just a race against the clock, but also a race against one of the most intelligent killers they've ever encountered. Will the detectives from the Atlanta polic... more
  • Every Bird That Falls (two sparrows for a penny Book 3)

    by Sara Davison
    Bomb squad leader Tag Monroe’s world is shattered when his sister and her foster sister are abducted by a human trafficker. Eight years later, the two of them have been miraculously freed. As thrilled as he is to be reunited with his sister, Tag has lingering questions. How did Jae-won Lin, the third foster sister, elude capture that night? Why didn’t she call the police or Tag to let them know what happened? And where has she been for the last eight years? He loved Jae once, but he can’t let h... more
  • An American Tragedy

    by Dan Flanigan
    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished In the scorching summer of 1988, amidst the frenzy of the Satanic Panic gripping the nation, private detective O’Keefe finds himself thrust into a trial like no other. As he strives to establish his fledgling agency, the last thing he anticipates is being drawn into a harrowing legal battle. But when Virginia Montrose, “Miss Ginny” to her students and his daughter Kelly’s most beloved teacher, is accused of heinous crimes against her current and former students, O... more