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  • The Boy in the Barn

    by Ciana Stone
    Their childhood was dominated by pain and fear. They escaped the darkness at first chance, but darkness is a beast that doesn't let go easily, and now it's found them. It will be a battle that will threaten their lives and souls. The time to fight is almost at hand and this time, they can't run.
  • The Long Shadow on the Stage

    by Nichole Heydenburg

    Jackson Birkman has the perfect life: the lead role on the popular detective show "Dispatching David," millions of adoring fans, celebrity status, and a beautiful girlfriend. After five seasons, "Dispatching David" has just been canceled. With the final episode quickly approaching, Jackson is worried about more than just his future acting career. His... more

  • The Opus Dictum

    by Gary McAvoy
    In 1982, Roberto Calvi, known as “God’s Banker,” was discovered hanging under London’s Blackfriars Bridge. What wasn’t found was the briefcase he was known to have had with him the night before, reportedly stuffed with explosive documents blackmailing some of the most powerful people in Italy, and perhaps more. When the briefcase mysteriously reappears in the Vatican Archives, Father Michael Dominic and his team—Hana, Marco, Karl, Lukas, the feisty Pauline nun Sister Teri, and Dominic’s new... more
  • China Invades Taiwan

    by Ted Halstead
    After China launches its attack on Taiwan, America will respond. But how far will the US go to keep Taiwan out of Beijing’s control? America will have to use its bases in Japan. Will Japan be ready for involvement in combat for the first time since WWII? Russia wants to make money selling equipment, weapons and fuel to the Chinese war machine. But if China wins in Taiwan, will it stop there? Or will it begin to eye the over 4,000 kilometer long border it shares with Russia? China’s invasion o... more
  • The DrugTech Trilogy

    by Marcel Victor Sahade
    Book 1: Spellbound - The Workings of DrugTech A clandestine pharmaceutical company will stop at nothing in its quest for power and profit. When Benjamin Jones, an average university science student with girl-problems, is secretly given access to the breathtaking breakthroughs of DrugTech by his parents, his life will never be the same. Meanwhile, William Hunter Barrister-at-Law has never lost a case in his 15 years of practice. But things are not as they seem as his work-experience stud... more
  • Star Revelations

    by Steven Terry

    Get their attention before it's too late... The Quiet War has begun...

    In this explosive thriller that resonates with today’s news, we follow Diana Willis, acclaimed journalist and media celebrity, on her quest for truth after a mysterious helicopter crash sends her down a maze of misdirection and murderous intrigue. Surviving the crash, she awakens from a coma to be haunted by recurring dreams that reveal a strange past life and repressed memories from a... more

  • Murder in Santa Barbara

    by Dean C. Ferraro
    One of the top trial attorneys in the state, Deputy District Attorney Joshua Rizzetti prosecutes crime in the scenic, coastal town of Santa Barbara. He's successfully tried several murder cases, all without a scratch. Suddenly, in preparing a simple misdemeanor case for trial, everything changes. At the eleventh hour, the defendant's trial date gets postponed by a murder, seemingly unrelated to the case. Or is it? After Josh suspects there is a connection between his case and the murder, he d... more
  • The Death of Me

    by Carolyn M Bowen

    The Death of Me

    By Carolyn M. Bowen


    The protagonist has a family history of secrets and espionage from their part in taking down corrupt companies and individuals. He leaves their haven to keep his ventures from leading tracks to them. His passion was research and the funding of initiatives to combat climate change and nuclear war, two of the reasons the dooms day clock registered seconds to midnight.

    The Italian family estate h... more

  • Finding Faith

    by Claudia Terry Pemberton
    Raised by devoted and loving parents, Faith Fanelli has been a devout Christian for all of her twenty-eight years. Trusting God is not only a concept for her, but also a way of life. But Faith is about to learn how profoundly life can change in the blink of an eye. One cold January night after she is abducted by a stranger in the dark parking lot outside a hair salon, Faith is subjected to living a fifty-hour nightmare. Never has she dreamed that such evil existed in the worl... more
  • Angel Boy

    by Kelly Jones
    Dana Pierson has invited Mia Antonelli, the grand-niece of her friend Father Giovanni Borelli, to stay with her while the girl attends high school in Boston. As Dana, a reporter for the Globe, settles the Italian teen into her new life, she is caught up in the excitement and horror of a potential story after a series of fires in local Catholic churches. Joining forces with the State Fire Marshal, Ryan Kelly, Dana sets out to determine who is responsible, unaware that Mia and her new friend, Meag... more
  • The Kindred

    by J.M. Wright

    How far would you go to steal a new life? Unwanted and unloved from the moment of her birth, Jody's childhood was mired in horrific abuse and neglect. And after she finally snaps, she finds herself thrust into a dangerous new world that forces her to do whatever it takes to survive. Longing for freedom and a way to escape her dying marriage, when Rose is offered a job at the Kendrick State Sanitarium, she jumps at the chance. But after she's brought face-to-face with South Carolina... more

  • Searching For Truth: A Jake Scott Mystery

    by Barry Finlay
    Former Ottawa journalist Jake Scott is bored and lonely, having lost his wife to illness, his job to technology and his daughter to a boyfriend in another city. All that keeps him going is a weekly breakfast gathering with friends and a temperamental overweight cat named Oliver. Things change when one of the breakfast attendees, a beautiful and tenacious homicide detective with a troubled teenage daughter, has an idea for a book for Jake. When he takes her advice and researches a convicted murde... more
  • The Deadly Game

    by Lynn Sheft
    As Lauren and Michael Casey bicycle through Miami’s Coconut Grove, Michael races off while his wife is preoccupied with changing gears. When she gets up to speed, Michael is out of sight. She anticipates he will surprise her by coming up from behind and tapping her on the shoulder. It doesn’t happen. After a fruitless search, she reports him missing. Later that evening, she is mortified when she learns he was murdered. After the tragedy is broadcast, she is contacted by a man who claims to be... more
  • Alejandro's Lie

    by Bob Van Laerhoven
    Terreno, 1983, Latin America. After a dictatorship of ten years, the brutal junta, led by general Pelarón, seems to waver. Alejandro Juron, the guitarist of the famous poet and folk singer Victor Pérez who's been executed by the junta, is released from the infamous prison "The Last Supper." The underground resistance wants Alejandro to participate in its fight again. But Alejandro has changed. Consumed with guilt by the death of his friend Victor, whom he betrayed to his tormentors, Alejandro ... more
  • Chaos Above the Sand

    by Bruce Thomas
    Iran 2010. The Iranian High Council has decided that today is the day that their fighter pilots will attack. With a large group of fighter aircraft poised to cross the border into Iraq, the only thing standing in the Iranians' way is Wild Bill Eddy's four F-15C aircraft. With lighting speed, the battle rages in the sky above Iraq. Iran's desire to control the Middle East sets this fast-paced, multi-layer story in motion. Germany, May 1944. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel has s... more
  • Smoke over Owl Creek

    by Caren Hahn
    Valerie Fisher came to Owl Creek looking for a fresh beginning. What she finds could tear the small town apart. After her husband's tragic death, Val returns to her childhood home with her seven-year old daughter, hoping to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. But the sleepy logging community isn't as safe as it once was. Wildfires rage in the hills and Val is convinced that someone is prowling around her property. She looks for help from Joel, an old high school friend who's distinguish... more