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  • Little Loose Ends: A Psychological Thriller (Hudson Valley Series)

    by Bonnie Traymore
    A stand-alone sequel to the hit page-turner Killer Motives: A Hudson Valley Mystery. After a year that turned her world upside down, Victoria Mancusio’s seemingly perfect life is back intact—except for one looming loose end. And Victoria doesn’t like loose ends. After a series of events that would have put anyone over the edge, all Victoria wants is for her life to go back to normal. In the aftermath of her husband’s infidelity, his lover’s murder, and the harrowing moments when her life f... more
  • The Midnight Secret of the Mullahs

    by Soheil Rohani
    An anonymous tip by an Iranian prostitute about a Pakistani general prompts a CIA officer to team up with her and go to Iran to prevent the Iranian mullahs from nuking Israel. Nika, an Iranian trafficked woman who is tortured by a sadistic Pakistani general, fabricates a story that he sold Iran a nuclear bomb to motivate Americans to kill him. She does not realize, however, that her fabricated story is actually true. George Morgan, a CIA operations officer, rescues Nika and goes to Iran, under ... more
  • Richter The Mighty

    by J.B. Manning
    Cody and her brother Billy are on the run, hunted by their father—President Wilhelm Hickory Richter. A corrupt septuagenarian from Jacksonville with erectile dysfunction and a young, contemptuous, cat-collecting wife, Richter is facing financial ruin and prison. Cody, a pistol-savvy motorcyclist, and Billy, a tech wizard at 13, are about to finger Richter for the murder of his first wife, Lulubelle, while bickering thieves have decapitated his lawyer and fled with his fortune. Sniffing coke and ... more

    by Howard Seaborne
    This short story collection features characters from the DIVISIBLE MAN series’ preceding books, some of whom headline their own tales. The opening story, “Andy,” for example, tells of Will’s first encounter with the titular woman he one day marries—a savvy local patrol sergeant in their Wisconsin town. Most of those who surround Will are people he works with at Essex County Air Service. His boss, Earl Jackson, revisits his own past in “Earl Jackson’s Last Mission,” a time when he smuggled drugs,... more

    by Howard Seaborne
    The boss of Wisconsin flight instructor and air charter pilot Will Stewart needs a favor. It’s no trouble for Will, especially since it gets him out of a dinner with his parents-in-law. All he’s doing is flying to a Montana ranch to look in on Tammy Day; her brother was an officer in Vietnam with Will’s boss and went missing in action. But things quickly escalate when, at the ranch, Will spots strangers chasing a man and pushing him off a cliff. This is where Will’s ability proves advantageous—h... more
  • Murder In Spades (A Fitzjohn Mystery Book 9)

    by Jill Paterson
    The Ashgrove Bridge Club did not expect their newly elected president, Leonard Delaney, to be murdered on the day of his successful election, or did they? Could it have been a conspiracy to get rid of Leonard? After all, he was a man of insufferable superiority, his victory being achieved primarily through fear of reprisals in the event he failed to win. Meanwhile, recently retired DCI Alistair Fitzjohn, returns to Sydney after working on a case as a police consultant. He is looking forward to ... more
  • Murder at Amapas Beach

    by james gilbert
    Trouble always seems to find Amanda Pennyworth, the American consul to the resort city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. On a romantic outing to a secluded cove along the Mexican coast, where the beautiful Danielle Maglin is found bludgeoned to death and the at an elegant dinner party thousands of miles away only days later with the killer surely present, Amanda finds herself drawn into the search to find the culprit's identity. When Danielle's close friend, Terrence Blanchard is found de... more
  • The Empty Calling

    by Maren Cliff
    Dr. Rivien Gilrie had given much of her life to the practice of medicine until one day, a violent incursion extinguishes any remaining joy in her calling. To support her young daughter, she takes a short locum in a largely deserted northern Canadian mining town. When a patient casualty is compounded by further death and intrigue, Rivien joins the local Mountie to try to uncover secrets forged by the bond of isolation. But in this remote land, who defines justice?
  • Due Recompense: Justice In Its Rawest Form

    by Jason Trevor
    Businessman Joe Danton finds his daily grind suddenly interrupted by the death of a dear friend at the hands of a carjacker. Joe, a boring suburbanite with a long-since buried monster inside, turns vigilante and seeks out the vicious inner-city gang who is responsible. Meanwhile, a talented but hapless police detective musters his experience and resources to stop the bloodshed before the city streets are turned into a war zone. It might well have been an easy mission for a man such as Joe until ... more

    by Carol Chen
    In the midst of a TV interview, Public Safety Officer Jane Roberts comes face to face with a man whose head looks as if it were pulsed on high in a Cuisinart. How could such an attack happen on beautiful St. Frewin’s Island off the coast of Maine? On the hunt for her perp, Officer Jane enthusiastically plunges into the local holiday punchbowl, which is brimming with tight lips and deceit. Saucy, defiant, and laser-focused (Ha ha!!), Jane will somehow manage to barge through a mound of hors d'oe... more
  • The Killing of Faith: "An Incredible Suspense Thriller With A Mind-Blowing Ending." (The Killing of Faith Series Book 1)

    by William Holms
    The Killing of Faith is book one in the award-winning, riveting suspense/thriller series told by Faith, a mother of three children, caught in an unhappy marriage. After swearing off love, she finally meets the man of her dreams and finds love again. We've all read a similar tale. What sets this story apart is the dark turn it takes. Faith is plunged into a living nightmare beyond anything you can imagine. Faith has always used her good looks to get everything she wants, but her looks can’t save ... more
  • The Jackson Jinx

    by Vincent Armstrong
    When a sensational murder happens that galvanizes the entire country, a troubled family becomes drawn into the center of this major nationwide media scandal when one of their family members gets accused of the heinous murder. The sensational scandal threatens to tear apart this downtrodden family. The matriarch of this troubled, beleaguered family, who happens to be a fierce, strong-willed woman, is determined to save her family from total destruction. When the pressure against her family bec... more
  • Montana Blues

    by Ray Ring
    A determined Black man lands in the least-Black state. A spirited White woman welcomes him. Their friendship triggers racial violence on a spectacular landscape. Dawson Koloko grew up playing football in a rough neighborhood of Long Beach, California. It helped him cope with a family tragedy and he’s tough enough to be recruited for the Montana State University team. He has culture shock landing in a place that’s very White and still wild. Rose Fontaine grew up in Montana oilfields and, as... more
  • The Body Among The Pines

    by Esther P. Goodwin

    "The Body Among The Pines," a heart-pounding thriller and suspense novel by author Esther P. Goodwin, introduces Kacy Roe, a successful YouTuber who's obsession with abandoned places takes her on an emotional journey that she will never forget.

    Kacy Roe's life consists of two things: being in front of a camera and trespassing. As a YouTube sensation, she shows the world what it's like to remember the places that were left behind. However, she never... more

  • Sazerac, Sleuth & Slay

    by Mary Cunningham
    It’s gonna be a great day! Or, so she thought. Andi Anna Jones, so-so travel agent, amateur sleuth, doesn’t suspect her least favorite client, Stewart (The Pain) Payne, will set off circumstances that lead to disappearance and death. After his wife is a no-show for a convention in New Orleans, his threat to sue Graves Travel for “ten times more than it’s worth”, and Andi’s wish to honor one of her late dad's requests, leads her to The Big Easy in search of Grace Payne. Five unsolved mur... more
  • Dangerous vibrations

    by Radović Vido
    Secret agent Ted Miller is vacationing with his wife Amber in the Mediterranean. A chance encounter with an arms dealer will turn a vacation into a dangerous mission. Accompanying trader Ted will soon witness a secret weapon test. Convinced of this enormous destructive power , the agent fears that the weapon could pose a threat to the social order . After successful testing , the trader is ready for the act of revenge that he has been planning to perform for a long time. The President of... more