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  • Six Bullets to a Man

    by Jethro Wegener
    A riveting new mystery that is a must read for fans of Lee Child and Walter Mosley! A dark conspiracy. A terrified town. One avenger. One unputdownable, action-packed thriller. 1971. Mississippi. A black man is dead. Others are missing. Those in power don’t care, and those that do care are too scared to do anything about it. Until Vietnam veteran Duke Gibbs comes into town to fulfill his buddy’s dying wish. What he finds is a town full of danger and a dark secret that threatens to destroy ... more
  • For Dear Life

    by Michael Biehl
    Noah Baker is a young, smart corporate lawyer with a bright future and a dry sense of humor. His biggest problems in life are negotiating his contentious divorce settlement, competing to make partner at his law firm and fighting boredom at his job. Then one day a strange, disturbing man from Noah's past appears in his office, seeking to hire Noah to bring a lawsuit against the CIA. Noah believes the man is a paranoid schizophrenic, and does his best to distance himself from the man and his del... more
  • Judge Not

    by Nikki Stern

    Someone is murdering cops. Detectives, deputies, state troopers, investigators: Anyone who once worked a serial killer case is fair game. The method is diabolical, the motive unclear. 

    Sam Tate, former sheriff of Pickett County, Tennessee, has an unusual resume that includes three high-profile serial cases. That makes her a valuable FBI asset. It also makes her a potential target for the killer known as the Judge.

    When the Judge reaches out to her, the stakes get higher.... more

  • The Restoration Program

    by Mary Dublin
    Nicole’s tragic death was only the beginning. Against all odds, Nicole Zhou wakes up from a fatal car accident to find that she is a beneficiary of a cutting-edge procedure: the Restoration Program. By transferring her consciousness into a new body, her life has been saved. The only problem? Her new body is merely ten inches tall. As she tries to continue building a life with her boyfriend, Ryan Northe, she struggles to grapple with the strange world developing around her. With each passing d... more
  • Please Don't Push Up the Daisies

    by Diane Vallere
    Interior decorator Madison Night has her hands full when her police captain boyfriend's family comes to visit. His sister is on the verge of a divorce, but when her botanist ex-husband is found dead in his research lab, things get messy. Madison’s tries to dig up the secrets that led to his murder — but if she’s not careful, the dirt she uncovers could fill her grave instead.
  • The Things That Stay True

    by Peter W. J. Hayes
    Finally accustomed to his new job with the Allegheny County Police, Detective Vic Lenoski is asked to solve the high-profile murder of the Pittsburgh Symphony’s beloved president. Very quickly, Vic and his partner, Liz Timmons, identify two likely suspects. But, unknown to Vic, a detective from China—Chen Yun—has surreptitiously arrived in Pittsburgh, sent to target one of the symphony’s violin players. Vic then learns that his lead suspects aren’t who they seem, and worse, that he’s the targ... more
  • Full-Tilt Boogie (A Jade Hui Mystery)

    by Robb T. White
    Something’s going on in Youngstown, Ohio—and it isn’t pretty. Newly assigned to the field office, Special Agent Jade Hui is stumped by her predecessor’s do-nothing record when there’s every indication something big is going to happen. An Aryan Brotherhood convict tells her a new designer drug from Europe is about to hit the streets of the Midwest and Youngstown will be the launching pad. Next, a female prizefighter winds up dead in a dumpster behind a bar with a shady reputation. That’s only the... more
  • 979-8-9887749-2-1

    by Sandy Hanley

    A double murder, disguised as a boating accident, claims the lives of two cousins, leaving an immense fortune hanging in the balance. Haunted by a past tragedy, Detective Sean Lloyd travels from London to Halifax Manor to investigate.
    While there, Lloyd is drawn into a dark web of household secrets, implicating the remaining four cousins. When Lloyd becomes attached to one of the cousins, Evie Osborne, he is forced to confront his demons. As Lloyd probes the girl's mind for clues, he... more

  • Bombmaker

    by Daniel J Davies
    When interrogator Emma Ripley learns of an imminent attack on US soil, she is not surprised. What does shock her is when the most valuable prisoner ever to arrive in custody is handed to her. Georges Subdallah is a US citizen, long ago radicalized, and the most skilled bombmaker in the world. He is a man long thought dead – the famous architect of his own horrific suicide bombing years ago. In him, Emma faces her most complex and urgent counterintelligence order: to extract key intel to s... more
  • 978-1-38762-764-6

    by Morgan Sancova
  • Deadly Repercussions

    by Karen Black
    Raised in crime-ridden streets of Mexico, Juan he believes in the rule of justice, more than the rule of law. While operating a sporting goods shop, he also provides information, or retribution, for a price. Assassination within Juan’s family triggers an investigation that sets off a chain of events leading to betrayal, kidnapping, and murder. When Juan disappears during his own search for the assassin, his granddaughter deciphers details that could lead her to him. Hesitant to share the informa... more
  • The Shakespeare Killer

    by Douglas Wood
    The first victim is Jacob Schneider- a prominent criminal defense attorney. His death is ruled a suicide by authorities, just like all the other defense attorneys who have died recently. However, when Special Agent Chris DiMeglio gets on the case, he receives a tip from a local reporter who suspects these deaths are connected. Between the victim profiles, the suicide notes, and the unusual methods of death, it soon becomes obvious the FBI has yet another serial killer on their hands. The Shak... more
  • Betrayal in the Casbah

    by Ted Kissel
    It's the early 2000's in the U.S. Embassy, Algiers. U.S. military attaché and decorated fighter pilot Colonel Mitch Ross needs a dose of reality and relief from the constraints of the diplomatic life. He catches a break of sorts when he survives a brutal knife attack one evening after attending a diplomatic reception. Nursed to health by the beautiful and mysterious Abella, Mitch returns to duty and is approached by the CIA with a covert mission: to rescue and bring home a downed American pilo... more
  • Bad Vibrations

    by Glenn Eric
    Sometimes a house IS NOT a home. Inspired by real events, in this gripping novel of suspense, a struggling midlist romance writer and his frustrated-sculptor wife leave NYC for the North Carolina mountains. Desperate to complete his latest novel, Arlo and Joanna Priestley take his literary agent’s advice and pack up for the mountains. Their temporary home is the empty cabin belonging to Colm Finn, a successful and reclusive romance author. While Arlo attempts to write and Joanna attempts to s... more
  • Tropic Heat

    by Parker T. Mattson
    Det. John Adriani is the only ALMOST honest cop in a corrupt south Miami precinct suddenly under full investigation. Pressured by two fellow officers to commit one last crime while a Category 4 hurricane comes ashore, he realizes it’s just as likely to get them all killed. But it’s when inexperienced yet headstrong I.A. investigator Christine Parks (with secrets of her own) shows up that everything REALLY goes haywire...