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  • Unsettled States

    by Tom Casey
    Unsettled States is a page-turning whodunit infused with heady notes of existential thought and carnal desire. Tom Casey’s unconventional exploration of voyeurism, infidelity, murder, and spiritual corruption is shot through with flashes of social commentary and humor. When a small Connecticut coastal town is rocked by a set of seemingly random tragedies, a gripping investigation of facts and fabrications ensues. The cast of characters includes a troubled Peeping Tom, an unconventional psychoth... more
  • Mendacity

    by Bryan Clark
    Corruption was expected from drug cartels, but was it possible that it ran deeper? Mendacity takes readers on a suspenseful journey as Brayden faces moral dilemmas and dangers that challenge his perceptions and threaten his life. Amidst the drama, the novel is punctuated with moments of humor, providing a respite and a human touch to the intense narrative. Brayden's journey is not just a battle against external enemies but an internal struggle to reconcile his ideals with the reality that sur... more

    by Sarah Denning
    Charlotte Baxter is eager for the circus to come through her dusty Texas town on the railroad, but the exciting event turns deadly when a star performer dies in the center ring. After Charlotte discovers a devastating secret at home, she takes her son and escapes her dangerous husband by jumping on the circus train. Jay Edwards manages logistics for the traveling circus, but challenges arise as the circus faces a financial crisis while his personal life goes off the rails. Jay finds someone ... more
  • The Invitation

    by Patrick MacDonald
    A woman receives an invitation to her own funeral. Uncertain as to whether it’s a hoax or something more sinister, she begins to search for answers. Then her son, Toby, is abducted from his nursery….
  • Rem's Chance

    by Dave J. Andrae

    Rem Bruxvoort is forty-six and not getting any younger. The former guitarist of The Bubbling Samovars—an obscure nineties punk band—is still feeling fallout from the pandemic. It’s October of 2021 in southwest Florida and he’s stuck living under the same roof as his ex-fiancée, who hates his guts. As they sell off the bungalow they bought together before everything between them went up in smoke, Rem seeks a way forward to better days.

    A chance encounter re... more

  • The Nine Minute Diner

    by Grzegorz Kunowski
    Embark on a gripping journey through a 48,000-word narrative woven from diverse threads of drama, mystery, and human connection. From a web of small-town secrets to a chaotic diner robbery, the text explores the profound impacts of choices on sixteen compelling characters. The Nine Minute Diner captures the haunting reverberations of their decisions, revealing the intricate dance between fate and human agency. Suspenseful twists and poignant reflections unravel a rich tapestry of lives colliding... more
  • The Daughter Between Them

    by Alretha Thomas
    Two mothers. One missing daughter. One life-changing secret. In 2019, Leslie Graham is within arm’s reach of her goal to become the news editor at the Dancing Hills Times. At thirty-five, she has it all—a promising career and a close relationship with her two teenage girls, Rhonda and Jillian. But when an old enemy from her past resurfaces, threatening to reveal life-changing information about one of her daughters, Leslie does everything in her power to keep her world from crashing down. A... more
  • One Night Only

    by Shelby Knudsen
    Sky Black has dedicated her life to making music. Through her difficult childhood and struggle with addiction, her band was the only thing that brought her joy. And Joe, the man she’s loved since she was a teenager. But addiction has a way of stealing everything you care about, and just when her dream of playing to thousands of screaming fans might become a reality, Sky is dealt some devastating news. Everyone in her life tells her she has to quit, but she’s come this far, and she won’t give up ... more
  • Missed Connection

    by Michael Laimo
    New York City Fashion Executive Peter Delmonico has had a rough life. Physically abused by his father as a child, and mentally abused by his wife as an adult, he sees no choice but to let his inner demons guide him through life. Obsessed with photography for as long as he can remember, he takes a detour one afternoon into NYC’s Bryant Park, where he snaps a photo of a beautiful woman who bumps into him, and then kisses him, only to vanish into the crowd as mysteriously as she appeared. Determine... more
  • An Ocean Life

    by T.R. Cotwell
    Following years of grappling with financial challenges, Mark at last secures the vital funding required to sustain his ailing company. Filled with a profound sense of relief and newfound optimism, Mark decides to celebrate by treating his family to a long-awaited vacation—a chance to temporarily escape the pressures that have weighed heavily on them for so long. He also yearns to reignite the spark in his marriage. However, their peaceful retreat is abruptly shattered when fate intervenes, thru... more
  • Thorn City

    by Pamela Statz
    Dressed to kill and ready to make rent, best friends Lisa and Jamie work as “paid to party” girls at the Rose City Ripe for Disruption gala, a gathering of Portland's elite. Their evening is derailed when Lisa stumbles across Ellen, a ruthless politician and Lisa’s estranged mother. And to make matters worse, Lisa’s boyfriend, Patrick, crashes the party to meet his new boss, Portland's food cart drug kingpin. Lisa makes a fateful choice that traps her, Jamie, and Patrick in Ellen’s web. In this ... more

    by Kip Cassino
    To the reader of this letter: I write to volunteer for any assignment your organization needs done. These words begin one man’s effort to stop a catastrophe planned to kill thousands. A horrifying plot begins in central Asia, moves quickly to Cyprus, then on to Colombia. Finally, the beaches of Cancun and Miami fall under its terrible shadow. In the meantime, budget cuts and burgeoning world hot spots force the CIA to make an unprecedented decision: requests from older volun... more
  • The Narrow Man

    by Kip Cassino
    It’s 1986, a decade after the anguish of Vietnam. Karl Thibault is a war hero. He’s also a psychopath, sealed in an asylum after the brutal murder of his wife’s lover. Karl escapes. He hunts the lovers his beautiful, unattainable Marianne has had since his imprisonment. The way lures them to their deaths, the way he slays them are all products of South Vietnam’s madness. A smart young cop and a dedicated F.B.I. agent stalk Karl on his murderous quest. He’s trying to find money to escape with ... more
  • The Girl No One Loved

    by S.C. Shannon
    All she wanted was revenge—until she got it.   After a string of heartbreaks, Savannah abandons her old life for a fresh start—new name, new town; she’s an entirely new person. Swearing everything would be different this time, Savannah watches her drinking, seeks therapy, and works on herself. But when her dreams of a “perfect” new life don’t come to fruition, she started falling back into the old, destructive behaviors. As she begins to spiral, a mysterious book wrapped in brown paper arrives... more
  • The Luckiest Man Alive

    by Iain Ronayne

    One man's catastrophic downfall marks the beginning of a relentless quest for truth that could alter the fate of nations.When Mike Anderson is humiliatingly removed from an international flight, little does he know that this stroke of apparent misfortune saves him from an imminent disaster.