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    by Randy Overbeck
    Wilshire, Maryland seems like the perfect shore town on the Chesapeake Bay—quiet, scenic, charming—and promises Darrell Henshaw a new start in life and a second chance at love. That is, until he learns the town hides an ugly secret. A thirty-year-old murder in the high school. And a frightening ghost stalking his new office. Burned by an earlier encounter with the spirit world—with the OCD scars to prove it—he does NOT want to get involved. But when the desperate ghost hounds him, Darrell conced... more

    Bridge Across the Ocean, set in 2011-12, is the story of four MIT grads and entrepreneurs in their mid-thirties who founded Smithworks, a high-end custom bicycle maker, a decade earlier. Now Jedediah Smith, Shieh-Seng "Luke" Lin, David Bondsman and Rick Saundersson have invented the most innovative bicycle drive in history, the Spinner. A week before they are to leave for Taipei, Taiwan, to discuss a licensing agreement with Joyful Bike, the world's largest bicycle maker, Luke is killed by a... more
  • A Basket Full Of Hands

    by ram daryanani

    There are crime books, and then there are serious books about crime – major crime; global, world-changing crime, the kind that we know goes on behind the scenes and is responsible for the ills in the world.  This book is about that, and offers an insight that very few books have the confidence, work ethic and subject expertise required to assume.  From a destitute African boy, Kalenga becomes an international arch-criminal – a genius supervillain who would catc... more

  • The Canary Room

    by darrin lane
    A budding journalist (Marcus Baez) is convicted of double homicide; homicides he was investigating. Sentenced to life, his journey to prison takes a sick and unexpected turn between injustice, human nature and truth before coming to rest in the abomination known only as "The Canary Room".
  • Texas Dead: A Mackenzie Michaels Mystery

    by William Gensburger
    A series of murders in Corpus Christi—all the victims shot in the back of the head. When a prominent financial genius is also found murdered, and not in the same way, celebrity detective Mackenzie ‘Maxie’ Michaels and her partner Kobe Jameson, must race to find the person responsible before more murders and a full-on gang war occurs. “Mystery & Crime lovers, I suggest you don't miss this one. I got hooked within the first few pages. There are more twists and turns than in a corkscrew right to ... more
  • Fair Game: A Jackson Flint mystery, Yellow Springs, Ohio

    by Scott Geisel
    Who is the girl in the rain? And where is the woman who disappeared twenty years ago? Jackson Flint must find them and discover why the mysterious strangers are on their trail. Jackson Flint is hired to find a daughter who disappeared twenty years ago. A teenage runaway and mysterious strangers complicate the case. Someone is not telling the truth. Jackson navigates his role as a single parent while he follows the trail through back alleys and empty warehouses in Dayton, Ohio. When a ranso... more
  • The Dark Side of Blue

    by Colin Doyle
    The glamorous heiress to one of London’s wealthiest fortunes is reported missing. Her desperate parents haven’t heard from her since she attended a high-society function at the Dorchester. Case-hardened pragmatist, DCI Trent Chambers, is less convinced her disappearance is cause for concern. But then the body of a young woman is discovered. Bound. Gagged. Tortured. Murdered. Media speculation grows frenzied. Powerful political interests pile impossible pressure on an already stretched Me... more
  • Adventures of the Moment: Collector's Edition

    by Golden November
    After Gannon meets Electra by chance, they spontaneously go on a mystery trip together. This original page-turner is an adventure of the moment with many laugh-out-loud moments. Their journey is just beginning.
  • The Characters of Milestoneville: The Finale

    by Golden November
    his book series is a thrill ride to read. It has non-stop action drama with witty dialogue. It's a fast-paced page-turner with a plethora of laugh-out-loud moments. Each book in this series has an original storyline and rare books you can't put down.
  • The Characters of Milestoneville: The Thrill Ride

    by Golden November
    This book is an exciting action-drama page-turner. It's the fourth book in the Characters of Milestoneville Series that explores the earlier years of the characters and how they ended up where they are in the present day. The story is intriguing, and each character is well developed. The Characters of Milestoneville book series is like a movie that you read.
  • The Characters of Milestoneville: It's a Nice Day

    by Golden November
    Reading this book is like watching an action-drama movie. There is a unique balance between drama, action, and comedy; the best way to read any Golden November books is to get into character. This action-packed drama-thriller is the third book in The Characters of Milestoneville Book Series. The story continues where The Characters of Milestoneville: Moments of Time leaves off. Whether you read the series or an individual book, it's a page-turner with plenty of nuggets. The Characters of Milesto... more
  • The Characters of Milestoneville: Moments of Time

    by Golden November
    This book is like watching an action-drama movie. This fascinating novel is a page-turner with clever dialogue. The best way to read this book is to get into character. The storyline will take you on an intriguing adventure into the depths of each character and the circumstances they encounter. There is a unique balance between action, mystery, thriller, and drama in this original fiction story.
  • No Main Character: Collector's Edition

    by Golden November
    The No Main Character Collector's Edition is an original page-turner, This unique story appears like a TV series. Each of the many characters quickly becomes familiar. There is an intriguing balance between drama, comedy, and action. Each character is well-developed and interesting to follow their paths in this exciting novel.
  • The Characters of Milestoneville

    by Golden November

    The fictional city of Milestoneville is an incredible place to live. There is a lot to do in this city. Milestoneville Beach has cafes overlooking the ocean. The sound of the waves set the mood. Downtown Milestoneville is artsy, with retail stores and great restaurants. Flower Rose owns a used bookstore; she sells hard-to-find books. JBT and his business partner own a service that specializes in recovering lost valuables and books. This action-adventure begins when they get hired to track dow... more

  • Fildena

    by Jontis Johnson
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  • Ophelia's Room

    by Michael Scott Garvin
    2021 International Book Awards - Two-time Finalist "Garvin has delivered one of the most well-crafted stories of the year. A five-star page-turner..."                                    San Francisco Book Review - Five Stars "Nothing in Garvin's previous novels will prepare readers for Ophelia's Room...This genre-bending novel is both a riveting psychological thriller and an in-depth character study." "Ophelia's Room straddles genres...equal parts, an honest examinatio... more