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  • The Mystery of Ruby's Smoke

    by Rose Donovan
    Someone is a spy. Someone is a thief. Someone is about to become a murderer. Autumn in Oxford, 1935. Passing exams is the least of Ruby and Fina’s worries as they return to their beloved Quenby College. A thief lurks amongst the students and faculty, and when an infamous guest lecturer keels over at the Dean’s sherry party, Fina is shocked to find herself the prime suspect. Determined to clear her friend’s name, Ruby launches into a hunt for a murderer that takes her to secret college... more
  • Found in Time

    by JK Kelly
    A select group of U.S. Marines set off to test time travel technology. Where they go and what they do becomes a roller coaster ride of emotions but even more so when they must go back in time to find a miracle worker. Political intrigue at the Pentagon and White House are the backdrop for this action-packed thriller that the Midwest Book Review gave an unreserved recommendation.
  • Kalorama Road

    by E. Denise Billups
    There’s something Allie can’t remember, hidden memories bordering consciousness that refuse to surface until one day someone, something ignites horrifying images of a forgotten night. A year after graduating from Emsworth University, a mysterious email appears asking Allie one single question. What happened at 1414 Kalorama Road? Allie has no memory of that night and has tried to recapture what happened when a classmate went missing at an off-campus party. Someone wants her to remember, and are ... more
  • Convergence

    by Scott Gulyas
    Convergence is centered around three high school friends – Nick Hammond, John Tyler, and Mary Johnson. They’re no different from the typical high school teenagers growing up in the small town of Danville, Ohio, until the boys stumble upon a cave in the woods behind their houses. The three friends embark on the adventure of exploring the cave system and make a discovery that has far reaching implications beyond their small town. The discovery changes their lives and the lives of everyone in Danvi... more

    by Thomas Neviaser
    Two strangers meet while seated together on a long distance air flight. The more seasoned of the two creates a game to pass the time. They choose seven passengers and proceed to guess their names, age, occupation, marital status, and personality. Later, they are informed of severe mechanical problems disabling the plane, leading to a crash into the sea. They survive along with only seven other passengers, incredibly the seven people from their game. The subsequent prolonged and horrifying adven... more
  • The Obituary: R.I.P.

    by Bill Reedy
  • Curses and Cupcakes: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (The Happily Everlasting Series Book 6)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    From NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, a Cozy Mystery Paranormal Romantic Comedy. Part of the USA TODAY bestselling series: Happily Everlasting!

    Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there's no such thing as normal.

    Marcy Lewis is cursed (honestly and truly) which makes dating very interesting. With a string of loser boyfriends behind her, she’s done looking for love in all the wrong places. That is until the new firefighter arrives in... more

  • Fooled Around and Spelled in Love: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (The Happily Everlasting Series Book 3)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author
    A Cozy Mystery Paranormal Romantic Comedy

    Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there's no such thing as normal.

    Anna Crawford is well aware her town is filled with supernaturals, but she isn't exactly willing to embrace her paranormal gifts. Her aunt says she's a witch-in-denial. All Anna wants is to live a quiet "normal" life and run her business, Witch's Brew Coffee Shop and Bakery. But everything i... more

  • Lost Dogs of Rome

    by Patsy Hand
    International art courier Francesca Baltimore is beaten and robbed of a case holding Victorian jewelry in Heathrow. As she heals she is desperate to regain the trust of her old clients. Late one night, she is offered a job that comes with far more dangerous ramifications than anything she has ever attempted. She has five days to rescue an idealistic boy who has fled to Rome and is now trapped in a looming battle between a radical animal rights group and a brutal Italian businessman with a hist... more
  • The Science of Paul

    by Aaron Philip Clark
    Ex-convict Paul Little has just walked out on the only woman who has ever loved him to return to a life of crime in Philadelphia. But when Paul gets involved with a petty thug who is later murdered, he finds himself pinned between the volatile gangster accused of the crime and the straight-laced detective who put Paul away years ago. Realizing the city may be the death of him, Paul looks to escape to North Carolina and live alone on a farm left to him by his recently deceased grandfather. Ca... more
  • Bitter Truth: A Beacon Falls Mystery Featuring Lucy Guardino

    by CJ Lyons
    From New York Times bestselling author CJ Lyons: Former FBI Special Agent Lucy Guardino faces what may be her greatest challenge: turning forty. It’s been some birthday, filled with black balloons and gag gifts, a visit to her surgeon who isn’t happy with the way her leg has healed and suggests amputation as an option “before she gets too old,” and now a missed message from an old friend, a sheriff in a remote region of Idaho’s Bitterroot mountains, who needs her help. Lucy calls back onl... more
  • Divine Intervention

    by S.R. Claridge
    Some might say Angel has it all. Power. Money. Love. But she’s lacking the one thing she needs now more than ever… Loyalty. When a simple favor to Olga lands Angel in the middle of a shootout which almost costs her, her life; there are questions. When the man who has always protected her now stands against her; there are doubts. And when a search for answers reveals the players involved in an assassination attempt against His Eminence; there is panic. Shot, kidnapped, drugged and betrayed, Angel... more
  • Loose Ends

    by S.R. Claridge
    It’s been a year since Angel discovered her true identity in the Mafia world and being the first female boss has had its challenges. She’s been kidnapped, shot at, Tasered, blown up and thrown out of a plane. Not many women can say that. Through it all she has learned that family loyalty means everything, traitors are not tolerated and love can be deadly. Tragedy strikes on the eve of a Maratinzano celebration when a nerve gas attack renders several Bosses dangerously exposed. Racing to secure h... more
  • Death Trap

    by S.R. Claridge
    When Giovanni’s private jet explodes with Angel presumably on board, the family is thrust into crisis, and Angel is forced into hiding. She watches in horror as her men are lured one by one into a trap of death, with their only chance for survival falling on the shoulders of a stranger with an unstable past. Tempers flare and bullets fly as the lines of family loyalty blur into a melting pot of Mafia destruction, where Angel must face the suffocating reality that her only hope of staying alive i... more
  • Russian Uprising

    by S.R.Claridge
    Angel knows the brutal attack on Tetterbaum’s Pub didn’t come from one of the Chicago Five, but convincing Giovanni is another story. When he orders a hit on her most trusted men, she must walk a fine line between compassion and rage to flush out the infiltrators before it’s too late. In a world where traitors are friends and friends become enemies, Angel’s only hope of stopping the Russian uprising is to turn against her own blood.