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  • The Things That Aren't There

    by Peter W. J. Hayes
  • Goodnight Sweetheart

    David and Ronald are a match made in heaven, but their idyllic life quickly takes a turn for the worse, when David takes his own life. After losing his talented husband, Ronald’s life quickly begins to fall apart. When the local church violently pickets David's funeral, the depths of Ronald’s grief only grows. Searching for solace and answers to his husband’s mental illness and subsequent death, Ronald finds hope in the words of a psychic. But the psychic has motives of his own. Closure, ... more
  • The Brink

    by James B. McPike
    THE WORLD IS ON ... THE BRINK When a young archaeologist discovers the earliest known cave painting hidden deep within the heart of Africa, she suddenly becomes the target of a sinister organization. They will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden, knowing it could shatter the fabric of religious order worldwide and rewrite history as we know it. In comes Vince Ramsey, Israel’s top investigator and biblical scholar for matters like these. He must not only protect the archaeologist as they ... more
  • The Unveiling of Polly Forrest: A Mystery

    by Charlotte Whitney
    Rural Michigan, 1934. During the throes of the Great Depression Polly marries for money. After her husband Sam dies in a bizarre farm accident, new bride Polly assumes she is set to pursue her dream of opening a hat-making business. Instead, she becomes the prime suspect in Sam’s murder. Secrets abound and even Polly’s family can’t figure out the truth.
  • The Sacrificial Deal

    by Teri Harmon
    Dr. Sarah Stevens had the perfect Santa Barbara Beach lifestyle, a loving family and successful career – until she found herself at the wrong place and wrong time as a witness to a Russian mob hit. While she managed to escape into the protection of the FBI, she is now being pressured to testify against a notorious crime family; a sure way to end up dead! Under unimaginable stress, Sarah comes up with a secret plan to sacrifice herself to protect those she loves with only her FBI handler the w... more
  • Woman on Fire: A Novel by Lisa Barr

    by Lisa Barr
    This is a must read novel that has received many rave reviews!! “An exuberant and propulsive thriller laced with sex, art, and history. Lisa Barr has created an unforgettable story that forces readers to question where the line should be drawn between the pursuit of justice and the hunt for revenge.”—Alyson Richman, bestselling author of The Secret of Clouds From the author of the award-winning Fugitive Colors and The Unbreakables, a gripping tale of a young, ambitious journalist embroiled... more
  • The Twelve Murders of Christmas

    by Jane Bennett Munro
    Pathologist Toni Day and her husband, Hal, are mystified when she starts receiving grisly Christmas cards depicting murders, each accompanied by a twisted verse from The Twelve Days of Christmas, and she and her partners are suddenly inundated with autopsies on the corresponding bodies. The victims are members of a jury that convicted Toni’s old boyfriend Robbie of kidnapping and sent him to prison. Robbie is now out on parole and is presumably systematically killing off the jury that put him th... more
  • The Temperature of Blood at Night

    by Grant Dwyer
    Noelia Santos, a student-debt ridden Assistant Public Defender, has never defended a murder case before and is not sure she wants one. Especially not one as gruesome and media-saturated as the lobbyist found mutilated in his beachside condo. When a DNA trail implicates an Internet porn sensation as the killer, the young lawyer must decide once and for all whether she believes in innocence. In a city like Miami, is anyone innocent?
  • Diluted

    by WSR Jake King
    Perhaps a distraction to the dedicated reader of today’s scripted novel, this author pens a channel surfing, thumb swiping, squirrel!, commentary on today’s over-saturated society. It reads like a series of short stories loosely bound by a single plot line. Only upon completion do we learn that it is an introduction to a series of novellas that dive deeper into each of the subplots and characters. (Available on Amazon in Spring of 2023.) If a novel could be judged solely upon the two dozen or so... more

    In the deep, shadowy forest of New York's Adirondack mountains, CIA Agent Dave McClure will meet his most horrific nightmare and face his greatest challenge ever! The CIA and its top agent, Dave McClure, have their hands perilously full. Franz Altmann, a vicious killer and a member of the German terror group, Red Storm Movement, has slipped unseen into America. He intends to bring the U.S., the world's epicenter of capitalism and finance, to its knees in the most horrendous attack possible. ... more
  • Better Days

    by Len Joy
    When you achieve your life’s ambition at eighteen, what do you do with the rest of your life? For Darwin Burr, a cushy job working for his boyhood friend fits the bill. Coasting through his grown-up years on the fading memory of a long-ago high school basketball championship, Darwin isn't looking for much. He's happy right where he is coaching high school basketball. But when his friend vanishes trying to elude the FBI, Darwin's loyalty is tested beyond anything he could have imagined. Now... more
  • The Poachers of Immortality

    by Ron Lamberson
    Stuart Mancini finds his life upended again when Bailey Honeybourne arrives with news that their dear friend, Parnell Sumner, has disappeared in the wilds of China. Still recovering from his maiden expedition with The Kilimanjaro Club—the exclusive and eccentric adventurers’ society—and hesitant to leave his girlfriend, Prima, behind, Stuart and Bailey head to Beijing in search of Parnell. Meanwhile, a black market for an extraordinary drug rendered from the near-extinct South China tiger is bei... more

    by Howard Seaborne
    The eighth DIVISIBLE MAN novel. Will’s encounter with a deadly sniper on a serial killing rampage sends him deeper into the FBI’s hands with costly consequences for Andy. And when billionaire Spiro Lewko returns to the picture, Will and Andy’s future takes a dark turn. The stakes could not be higher when the sniper’s true target is revealed and Will's ability to vanish may not be enough to avert disaster.

    by Howard Seaborne

    The seventh novel in the DIVISIBLE MAN series. A mysterious mission request from Earl Jackson sends Will into the sphere of a troubled celebrity. A meeting with the Deputy Director of the FBI at which Will reveals his ability to vanish goes terribly wrong. Will and Andy find themselves on the run from Federal authorities, infiltrating a notorious cartel, and racing to prevent what might prove to be the crime of the century.


    by Howard Seaborne
    The sixth DIVISIBLE MAN novel. Caught up in a series of hideous crimes that generate national headlines, Will faces the critical question of whether to reveal his ability to vanish or allow innocent lives to be lost. The stakes go higher than ever when Andy uncovers the real reason behind a celebrity athlete’s assault on an underaged girl. And Will discovers that the limits of his ability can lead to disaster.

    by Howard Seaborne

    The fifth DIVISIBLE MAN novel. An unexpected visit from the FBI threatens Will Stewart’s secret and sends Detective Andy Stewart on a collision course with her darkest impulses. A twisted road reveals how a long-buried Cold War secret has been weaponized by a malevolent political movement. And hotshot pilot Pidge shows a daring side of herself that could cost her dearly. It all unfolds as Will races to obtain a clue to his vanishing ability before it falls into dangerous hands... more