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  • Things Worth Fearing

    by Anthony Ross Davies
    Claire Astrom hasn’t left her apartment in months. After a devastating trauma, she’s developed blinding panic attacks, which have cut her off from the outside world. With the help of her closest friend, Steven, she’s been fighting to free herself from her illness, struggling back to health one day at a time. When an old friend invites her to a remote cabin to spend a weekend with her and her new partner, Claire accepts it as a challenge to move forward and throw off the shackles of self-isolati... more
  • Rebels in Pisa

    by Ken Tentarelli
    Renaissance Italy 1465: After six decades of domination by Florence, agitators in Pisa are impatient to regain the freedom of their past when Pisa was an independent State. Rumors of insurrection in Pisa spur Florentine authorities to send young lawyer Nico Argenti and his team to investigate and stop the agitators. In Pisa, the team confronts more than they expected: smuggling, abduction, and murder.
  • Carmel Conundrum

    by Stacy Wilder
    Stolen identities, a cult, a kidnapping, an attempted murder, and a budding romance . . . Join Private Investigator Liz Adams, and her lie-detecting Labrador, Duke, in the scenic town of Carmel By-the-Sea, as the pair investigate the mystery of stolen identities. Complications arise when Liz becomes romantically entangled with her hot new client, Brad. Enter Apollo, a charismatic cult leader, whose mission to save the homeless has a dark twist. Why does he continue to trespass on Liz’s pr... more
  • The Night of the Burning Car

    by Rob Lubitz

    Driving late at night on a rural road in North Carolina, Billy Dalton sees a fiery car in the distance. He brakes, sprints to the burning vehicle, and rescues a beaten woman and a rope-bound little girl just as the gas tank explodes.

    Later, awakening in the hospital and covered with burns, the sheriff tells Billy there was no woman, no child, and no other vehicle found at the scene—only the scorched wreckage of Billy’s own car. Gradually and reluctantly, Billy accepts t... more

  • Blood Letters

    by Joshua Martin
    The novella takes place in the city of Greenville where a heinous murder occurs. The killer leaves messages for the police written in her victim's blood, maybe to annoy the police or maybe to leave a clue about the next murder. The point of views interchange betwixt the protagonist, Detective Lynn Pocker, and the serial killer. Here is a brief excerpt from the book: "Well, Eric, do you recognize me now? No? Well, let me refresh your memory. My name isn't Barbra. My name is Selena, Selena Miller... more
  • The Nine Lives of Felix the Tomcat

    by M.P. Frank
    The Nine Lives of Felix the Tomcat Felix takes you on a rollicking ride through his journey from the cruel alleys of Pittsburg to his cushified life in the rich guppified suburps. This Indiana-Jones clone, stand-alone Tomcat is blessed with high intelligence and a hyperthymesified (photographic) memory… there is nothing he won’t tackle… including stand-up comedy, battling coyotes and being shot out of a volcano. Ultimately, Felix and his rag-tag band of brother cats and humans arrive at H... more
  • Rendevous at the Wild Onion: A Sis Steele Mystery

    by A. Wayne Ross
    Alan Armstrong is the newest best-selling author. Sis Steele is the new chief of detectives for the city of Pittsburgh. The two cross paths when the murder Sis Steele is investigating is identical to the one in Armstrong's best-selling book. As the pieces come together author Armstrong becomes a prime suspect. Then a second murder from the book happens things really heat up. When the hunter becomes the hunted and you are up against the devil it's good to have a a guardian angel on your side.
  • Even Climate Change Can't Stop Love And Murder

    by AES O'Neill
    Crossing the United States to relocate to their new witness protection home in Arizona, Ginger and Alby’s search for love is marred by violent interludes with insurrectionists, white supremacists, and jihadists. Yet the worse threat of all is the fury of climate chaos-- storms beyond measure, a bitter fact of life in 2026. And as our characters soon discover, these storms’ death and destruction becomes very personal. Even Climate Change Can't Stop Love and Murder: Paying the Price is the sec... more
  • Boxes - The Trappings of Society and Relationships

    by Thomas DeSanto

    Feeling trapped by corporate corruption at work, marital strife at home, and America's festering social problems, Tim Adams launches his secret escape plan. He disappears into the night with his three-year-old daughter. As Tim brilliantly evades a private detective and the FBI, all hell breaks loose. A tangle of lies, betrayal, revenge, and murder jolt people from hopeless boxed-in lives to new beginnings. This twisting and turning mystery meets social injustice head on.

  • 979-8370227240

    by P. D. Fertitta
    Trinacria: The Blood Washes Blood Chronicles: Novella II is the exciting continuation of the Trinacria: The Blood Washes Blood Chronicles series. Follow the epic saga of the Messina-Balisteri Crime Family from their roots through their rise to wealth, power, and infamy. Two best friends get mixed up in the mob as they scheme to free their enclave of Little Italy from the brutal iron grip of the Bruno Crime Family. Along the way, Nino Messina and Carmine Balisteri, friends who were as close as fa... more
  • Trinacria: The Blood Washes Blood Chronicles: Novella I

    by P. D. Fertitta
    Trinacria: The Blood Washes Blood Chronicles follows the epic saga of the Messina-Balisteri Crime Family from their roots through their rise to wealth, power, and infamy. Two best friends get mixed up in the mob as they scheme to free their enclave of Little Italy from the brutal iron grip of the Bruno Crime Family. Along the way, Nino Messina and Carmine Balisteri, friends who were as close as family, become sworn enemies. Can love cover a multitude of sins? Is there hope for redemption and for... more
  • Murder at an Exhibition

    by Lisa M. Lane
    In 1863 London, a photographer is murdered, his body found at the Royal Academy Exhibition shortly after his assistant, Bridget, is locked in the dark-room at the studio. Then art expert Giovanni Morelli is attacked. With the police unable to see the connection, illustrator Jo Harris must help Bridget uncover the clues among wealthy art collectors and purveyors of photographic pornography, with help from the likes of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Sir Charles Eastlake
  • The Things We Keep

    by Janet Dawson
    TWO HUMAN SKULLS ON A PILE OF BONES. EMPTY EYE SOCKETS STARE UP AT JERI HOWARD. The Oakland PI is helping friends inventory the contents of an old house. Jeri finds a battered Navy footlocker hidden in the back of a dusty storeroom. When she pries open the lid, she’s shocked at what she finds. Human bones. Whose bones? How did they get there—and why? The elderly homeowner, now in a senior apartment, doesn’t want to talk. Does she have something to hide? Jeri investigates, determined... more
  • Never Met A Wolf

    by L. Silkebaekken
    Frankie Jameson has it all. The best friend. A crew. A flashy existence... And a staggering kill-count. Haunted by her childhood trauma, Frankie is set on avenging the death of her parents while fighting to maintain influence in the family business. But with a life that relies on societal blindness, is she about to discover that she herself has been blind?
  • Saltire Captured

    by Albert Marsolais
    The year is 1706, and the vote for union between Scotland and England is approaching. There are those supporting union and those opposed, and a secretive group set on stopping or destroying union at any cost. All are maneuvering for advantage, all are fighting for power, with considerable wealth at stake. Malcolm Forrester, physician, and adventurer has been called back to Edinburgh to help his wounded brother who supports union. Beset with inner demons, can he successfully overcome their foes ... more
  • The Plans They Made

    by Graciela Kenig

    Page Turner Awards 2022 Genre Winner. THE PLANS THEY MADE by Graciela Kenig —

    Her best friend is dead. A terrorist cell threatens to bomb London. Can an American journalist save hundreds of lives? Kate Brennan is devastated. After months of planning a reunion in London, the Chicago-based, award-winning investigative reporter turned novelist is shattered to learn that her dearest friend is dead. But when she realizes that the circumstances are suspicious-and t... more