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  • The Scalp Collector

    by Suzanne Smith
    Detective Sammy Stone and his partner Will Getz arrive at the scene of the crime to find the gutted and scalped corpse of twenty-one year old Marci Levelle. This is the third gutting/scalping case in three nearby counties in Illinois in three months. Sammy and Will know they have a serial killer on their hands. When Sammy snaps at both Will and the forensic technician Laverne for no reason, Will suggests he take a short break to get his volatile, stressed to the limit temper under control. S... more
  • The Warrior Gene

    by Neil Staley
    Hand-picked to work on a classified military project at the government's most secret laboratory, Dr. Alex Bishop has no idea that he is about to hold the fate of mankind in his shirt pocket. When he is attacked in his lab, Alex barely escapes with the only copy of the most powerful DNA code in history. He is unaware that he holds the key to a two-thousand-year-old prophecy that will determine the fate of every soul on earth, but others know what he carries. Along with his only friend and ally... more
  • A Week's Worth

    by J. And
  • Black Iris

    by Linda Keith

    To save her drug-addict brother, Jules Morrissey invents the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme: she becomes an underground artist named Black Iris who destroys her paintings live on the internet. Easy, right? Well, yes … until a stolen painting and a brutal attack derails her careful planning and leaves her with only seventy-two hours to fix everything before it all goes up in smoke. The countdown is on.

  • Murder for Liar

    About Murder for Liar: Private investigator-turned-psychotherapist Tom Dashiel doesn’t know it yet, but he’s hurtling towards discovering where his threshold lies—the point of no return for his sanity. So begins a surreal spiral when George Arundel enters Tom’s Santa Cruz office on a Tuesday afternoon in April. To say George Arundel is a puzzle is an understatement: the local psychiatrist who referred Arundel to Tom described him—rather astutely—as “a substantial challenge.” Working to t... more
  • UNDERCOVER AGAIN - Fighting Human Trafficking

    by Bob Ojala
    Why would a young, middle-class woman with a law degree, having a great job as an Assistant District Attorney decide to place her life in danger by going undercover against a ring of human traffickers? Liz Trent is obsessed about young kids being lured into sex-for-hire “stables” using offers of extra money for modeling careers, and she can’t let the traffickers get away with destroying a young girl’s life. Liz’s investigations then find evidence of Asian and Eastern European children, even p... more
  • sentencechecker

    by Charlene Ringo
  • Wicked Bleu

    by E. Denise Billups
    Adversity, murder, and death won't defeat her heart's desire. An intoxicatingly haunting ghost mystery. A 103-year-old murder mystery. An amateur sleuth. Can a wrong be rectified in death? Eight months ago, Simone experienced her first spectral encounter. It awakened a dormant second sight and opened a chasm to the afterlife. Now, another spirit from 1917 New Orleans has wandered through that passage, haunting her with an intoxicating jasmine fragrance and wicked antics. To escape th... more
  • The Blackout of Markus Moore: A Debut Psychological Thriller

    by Dan Grylles
    Is he a victim, a suspect, or a target? A Knoxville psychologist awakens on a bar room floor with his memory gone. Pursuers land him in hospital where he learns his name and that his wife is dead, but nothing about why he is in a dangerous and murderous game. Keeping his memory loss private, he risks his vocation, his freedom, and his life to find the killer of his wife and the secret to his identity. A propulsive thriller to the shocking end!
  • Summer Rental

    by Rektok Ross
    Bestselling author Rektok Ross returns with this heart-pounding psychological thriller that combines Mean Girls with Scream about a group of friends stranded on an island with a serial killer on the loose. Riley March and her friends are headed to ritzy, remote Palm Key Island for one last blow-out party weekend before college. It’s the vacation of a lifetime: beautiful beaches, epic nightlife, and hot guys. There’s just one catch. Everyone on this trip is hiding something. Things take a dark tu... more

    by Douglass K. Davies
  • 979-8390247730

    by E.C. Saulness
    Burned-out private detective, Frank Shepard, has a dangerous secret that has followed him for nearly a century. He’s a werewolf. A curse that has cost him everyone he loves. In another life he was a soldier, a brother, and a husband. Now he lives in a run-down trailer on the edge of town and drowns decades of traumatic memories in alcohol and opiates. That is, until his old partner—the only one who knows about Frank’s werewolf nature—calls in old debts for help on a missing person’s case. Una... more
  • Far Sight

    by Rich Hosek
    Detective Nate Raney and Dr. Jennifer Daye assist the San Francisco Police Department in a case that delves into the world of remote viewing.
  • The Tenth Ride

    by Rich Hosek
    Trying to make a few extra bucks for his family after being laid off, Dave Fields tries his had at being an Uber driver. But a friendly rider offers him an amazing opportunity. Work for a new service and get $100 guaranteed for each of your first 10 rides. At first he's skeptical, but as circumstances around his person finances grow more dire, he gives it a try. Each ride takes him deeper into a conspiracy that makes him wonder if the Tenth Ride will be his last...