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    by ML Biddison
    Dell grew up feral on the streets of Chicago. Now she's a Deputy Sheriff in a small South Dakota county. Her uncanny street fighting skills are what brought her to the sheriff's attention. He's come to rely on her. She believes her friends count on her as well. When her friend Vicky is kidnapped by fanatics, Dell rushes into the remote compound where she's held. But Vicky refuses rescue and Dell is at a loss--until an FBI agent helps her unravel the puzzle. They find another reason to go after ... more
  • Ghosts and Shadows

    by H. Max Hiller
    Detective Holland is asked to help investigate a baffling series of arson fires. He quickly determines that the fires are part of a shadowy government contractor's elaborate attempt to provoke a fight between a Mexican drug cartel and local heroin dealers to help a rogue Homeland Security deputy director cancel a deal he once made with the cartel. The plot threatens to bring violence and mayhem to New Orleans just as Mardi Gras gets started and the Saints head to their first Super Bowl. The case... more
  • The Blue Garou

    by H. Max Hiller
    Detective Holland's first murder investigation isn't meant to lead to an arrest. Nobody is sorry that New Orleans' most notorious felon is dead, but the Chief of Detectives would like to know if the pit bull that mauled Biggie Charles Lynley was the killer or the murder weapon. The detective uncovers far more than a plot to kill a bad man, including men far worse than the victim and others who would be victimized by the exposure of their connections to the case. It is up to Detective Holland to ... more
  • Blowback: A Detective "Cadillac" Holland Mystery

    by H. Max Hiller
    Louisiana State Police Detective Cooter Holland has worn out his welcome with the New Orleans Police Department in almost record time. NOPD's Chief of Detectives cannot fire him, so he gives him one of the used Cadillacs the department appropriated from a local dealership during Hurricane Katrina and sends him looking for a murder suspect the District Attorney released by accident. Holland becomes reluctant to find his quarry until he solves the crime the man is suspected of committing, and what... more
  • Cant Stop The Funk

    by H. Max Hiller
    Bill Avery, NOPD's Chief of Detectives, is willing to risk the unintended consequences of having Detective "Cadillac" Holland find out who is behind the offer to buy the home the Make It Right Foundation built for his favorite sous chef. Detective Holland roots out the corruption behind the multiple interests planning the displacement of the city's poorest residents in an election year through a combination of elaborate real estate development schemes, stealing a seat on the City Council, and b... more
  • Requiem For Thursday

    by Douglas Cockell
    Detective Eilert Weiss, haunted by his own demons, can’t ignore it: something supernatural appears to have happened in the little office where famous author A.L. Rouhl wrote his books. The cluttered shelves are filled with a lifetime of secrets, but there a few secrets Detective Weiss must uncover—where is the missing bullet? Was this a suicide? An assisted death? Or was it murder? Carly, the great writer’s daughter finds herself a suspect, just as her own suspicions turn to a local nurse, Marc... more
  • Box Set

    by Elfrida
    Collection of Short Stories each one features a box. A mixture of mystery; romamce; pathos & comedy
  • The Man Who Changed His Name

    by Jessica Holt
    A young Jewish man struggles with his identity. He joins the British Army during WW2, marries an English woman and returns with her to England. His lie about who he really is and his ability to speak six languages gets the attention of MI5 and as a spy his ability for disguise and deceit becomes a liability in his personal relationships.
  • The Betrayal

    by Steven Bosworth
    Steven Bosworth’s ‘The Betrayal’ throws readers into the life of loose-ended Dean Nash, whose newfound opportunism is about to land him in crime, on the Government’s investigative radar and even into a dramatic shootout where his fate remains a mystery. It’s a novel that’s been two decades in the writing and now finally hits the shelves.

    by David Selcer
    Ex-Marine, Larry Ehrlich (Ehrlich), is back from Afghanistan working for his father’s company, Zenith Steel, and studying for a masters degree in criminology at a local municipal college, when he falls for Marty Mostov. Marty is the first female iron worker in the county. A blond bombshell, she owes her job to the affirmative action apprenticeship program of the United Steelworkers, and she’s a serious #Me Too advocate. The problem is Ehrlich and Marty consider each other to be from the “wron... more
  • Reserved For Murder: Book Two of The Ottawa Detective Series

    by Kevin Hopkins

    Everyone has a secret.
    And some people will go to any length to keep theirs.
    When the body of a teenage boy is found hanging from a homemade noose, deep in the woods outside of a First Nations reserve, it casts a dark shadow over the community during their annual harvest powwow. For the Ottawa Detectives, the evidence doesn’t add up. The deeper they delve into their investigation, the more questions they uncover.
    Was Jonny Two Bears’ death merely another tragedy in a ... more

  • A Striking Similarity: Book One of The Ottawa Detective Series

    by Kevin Hopkins

    The first murder was a tragedy.
    The second was a mystery.
    The third was an epiphany.
    Detective Terry Millar doesn't believe in coincidences. As a criminal profiler, he's built his reputation on identifying patterns and perpetrators. But he's never encountered a killer like this. Millar and his team are being led on a macabre treasure hunt around the city of Ottawa, and they're desperate to find a connection between the crimes before the killer strikes again.
    Th... more

  • The Ottoman Excursion

    by TIm Pelkey
    An American doctor travels to Izmir as part of a disaster relief team. A Russian major oversees extraction of plutonium from aging nuclear warheads. A Turkish researcher is asked to cure the incurable. A young jihadist works to restore the caliphate. In 1938, after a Turkish colonel hears a baby's cry and rushes into a burning mosque, four present-day storylines become entwined. Part political thriller and part medical mystery, The Ottoman Excursion tells the story of four men swept up in ... more
  • Under the Pale Moon Glow and other tales

    by Veronica Sheridan
    A man who stumbles blindly into a canyon fears it may devour him … a grief-stricken young woman seeks help for a dark secret that is gradually destroying her mind … a missionary stumbles haphazardly into a deserted village and learns of the ghastly secret that annihilated its population … a successful businessman begins to suspect that a madman’s delusions are the reason for his fairy-tale like existence … a man seeking counsel about a disturbing, recurring dream finds the truth more frightening... more
  • Bad Exposure

    by F. Edward Sullivan
    Roger Durette, the owner of a large commercial photography studio, is found murdered in a Chicago parking lot. Rick Peters, a photographer at the studio, had just argued violently with him about taking nude photos of Denise Straus, a young woman whom Peters had recently met and liked. Sergeant Matthews of the Chicago Police Department launches a tireless, sadistic pursuit of Peters to pin the murder on him. The two have a past. Matthews once attempted to arrest Peters for manslaughter in the dea... more
  • The Circle

    by Stephen J. Galgon
    IMAGINE YOU HAD ALL THE MONEY YOU EVER WANTED at the push of a button. The power to control law enforcement, politicians at the highest levels, the judicial system as a whole. To have what you want when you want it, whatever it is. All you have to do is kill someone . . . before someone kills you. MEMBERS of THE CIRCLE don’t have to imagine such a life. They live it. The liberation of being both hunter and hunted. The salvation that comes with such freedom. A chance to feel truly alive. A cha... more