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  • Saints and Cynics

    by Chris Bonici
    A gripping conspiracy thriller that takes archaeologist Tom Kettering on a journey of discovery from his home on the sweltering island of Malta to the dreaming spires of Oxford and the burning sands of the Egyptian desert. Tom has unearthed a bizarre shaped skull, similar to those previously exhibited in Valletta’s Archaeological museum, until 1985, when suddenly and without explanation, they were removed from public display and never seen again. Tom is determined his skull will not face the sa... more
  • The Jade Tiger

    by E.W. Cooper
    1928 New York dazzles with extravagant parties and illegal liquor. But beyond the flow of champagne, a murderer waits, with all clues leading back to the Jade Tiger. Can Penelope Harris find the killer before her past catches up to put a noose around her neck?
  • Quick Read

    by Bill Thesken
    Someone stole something from a research facility in Palo Alto. Something that makes people do things they wouldn't normally do. The CIA enlists Badger to help them find the device, but there's a conspiracy in the agency, a mole who's teamed up with a ruthless black ops security firm who want to use the device for their own agenda. With his innate ability as a tracker, Badger goes underground and peels back the layers of deceit, revealing a conspiracy that could trigger a nuclear war. From San Fr... more
  • Magic Once Removed

    by James Kirst

    Uncover a mystery over three centuries in the making...

    Down on his luck former police detective turned private investigator Peter Cunningham thought the beautiful Abigail Mitchell was just another crazy client. Now he’s entangled in an ancient conspiracy that dates back to the Salem Witch Trials, a far cry from the simple assault case the woman wanted him to solve.

    His budding romance with the witch Abigail will have to be put aside as he travels the Pacific Northwest with ... more

  • Love Power - A Crescent City New Orleans Mystery

    by Martha Reed
    Disgraced ex-police detective Jane Byrne is on the run. After surviving a brutal excessive force civil lawsuit that scarred her with PTSD, Jane blows into New Orleans’ The Bywater District on her Ducati motorcycle looking for a fresh start. The last thing she expects to find is a hate crime serial killer targeting NOLA’s inclusive LGBTQ community.
  • Mind in the Clouds

    by Bruce M. Perrin
    A suspenseful whodunit, where not all the suspects are human. Recently graduated Ruger-Phillips employee, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price, is looking forward to his new project—evaluating training for a team. But it’s a team like no other because only one of the team members is human. The other is one of the most intelligent and lethal systems ever built by man – the Joint Aerial Combat Capability (JACC). Loaded with the latest in detection and threat assessment technology, JACC is a silent, deadly mili... more
  • Whispering Remorse: A Dana Greer Series

    by Delphine Boswell
    When thirteen people arrive at the St. Ignatius Retreat Center, a luxurious retreat house that rivals a four-star resort, they soon find out that in their midst is an adulterer, a pedophile, and a murderer. Shortly after their arrival, they learn no one is going anywhere. As is typical this time of year, the Copper Canyon Train has ceased operations due to wintry blizzard conditions. When Dana Greer, PI, arrives on the last train, she senses there's something about the holy place, isolated... more
  • A Story of Bad

    by Edward M. Krauss

    A Story Of Bad features a woman and a man, both intelligent with strong personalities.

    She is June Replyn, a city reporter working the business side of the fashion world. June is asked to write a story about how a small company, a clothing factory, survives the death - by murder - of its inspirational leader.

    He is Detective Terry Stans. Reviewing clues and interviews, Detective Stans comes away with the impression that the dead man knew his assailant, and his dedicated workers an... more

  • Killing Ground

    by Phil Bowie
    Pilot Zeke Blades learns that his friend and former flight instructor Ben Stone has gone missing while flying humanitarian missions in Africa for Global Health Resources. Zeke travels there in search of Ben. He meets enigmatic Tanzanian beauty Liana Sekibo and a cadre of anti-poaching vigilantes known as the Mambas. Zeke is drawn into a fight against a gang of poachers led by the outlaw Muhammadu Raza, who feeds profits from illegal ivory to al-Isra, a radical Islamist group plotting to seiz... more
  • Suzie Ivy Case Files

    by Suzie Ivy
    Like many people, middle age hit me hard. As a bookstore owner and amateur sleuth, I favored Agatha Christie and Dorothy Gilman novels over most others. I will not lie; I loved my bookstore. It represented years of hard work that carried sweat, tears, and happiness. The quirky customers kept things interesting. The biggest problem I faced for the first time in twenty years—boredom. It ate at me and I started looking at careers for my older self that could give me a sense of belonging li... more
  • Make It Wright

    by Dr. Willie Mae Jackson
    A serial killer is loose in Chicago. She’s also the city’s top forensic psychiatrist. An expert on criminal deviance, Donovan Montgomery has given testimony that locked up the city’s worst gangsters. Yet this brilliant, beautiful African-American woman is losing the war against her inner psychological demons. Increasingly, she perceives a universe gone crazy, especially the insane breakdown of the justice system she’s sworn to uphold. She begins to see it as her mission to set things right—e... more
  • The World Beneath the Surface

    by Kukhanya Chikomo
    Marvin Phakathi is an employee at Xabali Logistics whose life takes a dangerous turn after he decides to become carefree for a change and entertain an emotional connection with his boss Mbali Xaba. His pro activeness in the office brings him closer to Mbali who had always had a secret crush on him even though she was a substantial number of years older than him. Mbali had recently got into a third-party contract with Dynasty Airlines and Efris Dynamic at the behest of Ousofia Amwe the owner of... more
  • buy online medicines

    by olexii prokopa124

    Everything considered during the restriction of blending acceptance, a man's body discharges nitric oxide which prompts the creation of cGMP. In truth, a significant part of the possible suddenness is gone from sentimental experiences by taking the pill before movement. Right when a great deal of cGMP amasses in the corpus cavernosum of the private bits of the male, by then it broadens the veins over yonder. Vidalista 20mg is mind blowing solution for treating erectile dysfunction. The im... more

  • Express Intent (Gold and Courage Series Book 3)

    by Karen S. Gordon
    Ex-cop Vance Courage is holed-up at a luxury ranch when 15-year-old Caitlin Fleming goes for an early morning run and vanishes in the desert. His partner Lauren Gold fears the teenager was taken by the cartels operating on the US-Mexico border. But Vance is baffled by the crime scene: Why do the girl's footprints suddenly stop and why are there no tire tracks or signs of a struggle? Vance thinks he saw a UFO at the time the teen disappeared. But that's crazy. Or is it? Southwest Texas is, aft... more
  • Remember The Monsters

    by William Neal

    Chicago homicide detective Abby Kendall is tough, resolute, and emotionally vulnerable. She’s also running on empty. Her marriage to NHL mega-star, Shane Donnelly, is unraveling and she’s chasing shadows in a high stakes cat and mouse game with a cunning serial killer. As Remember The Monsters barrels forward Abby is forced to face her personal demons while her hunt for the elusive predator leads her down a path far darker and more sinister than anything she thought imagi... more

  • Death in the Holler

    by John G. Bluck

    Kentucky Game Warden Luke Ryder is an alcoholic, and his boss intends to fire him. On the first day of muzzle-loader hunting season someone shoots a Latino man dead on a farm's food plot. Why did the murdered man, a Louisville gangster, come to the remote holler? Who slew him? County Sheriff Jim Pike, Ryder's only friend, asks him to help find the answers. Ryder believes solving this crime may save his job. And Pike offers to hire him as a deputy, if he can quit drinking.