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  • Deadly Legacy

    by Heather Gallagher
    James Rossiter is the illegitimate son of Cherry Grove's wealthiest resident Col. Alston. James has always lived a privileged life and has never met his Father. When a chance encounter leads him to Cherry Grove, he becomes the victim of his half- brother vengeful tactics and embroiled in a case that will split the town apart, unless the truth comes out. No matter how damaging it might be.
  • Some, A FEW MURDERS,in the, MY neighborhood

    April September, a struggling mystery writer can't get a publisher. At 36, April's temporary bank job is metastasizing into a career. At 38, police academy reject Preston Tremlock has an obsession that keeps him jobless. Currently, Tremlock is "investigating" a few murders in the neighborhood and annoying the holy hell out of the police. Oh, did we mention he has a 148 IQ? The something wonderful happens. April's bank gets robbed. The bank thieves are cornered by the police and find...n... more
  • Killing the Chorister

    by Joseph James Walcroft
    When Stephen Shepherd, an elderly former police detective, is interrogated in connection with a reopened murder case, it forces him to recount emotional and traumatic experiences from his long life. A deeply-held prejudice is then revealed that leads to him becoming a prime suspect. But was he really involved? And can he find peace from having held onto his hatred for so long?
  • Murder Can Be Fatal

    by Kevin Scott Allen
    IGNACIO PIUS DOWNS, better known as IGG, is down on his luck. Once a busy private eye, he’s now nearly broke. After hooking up with the ex-wife of an abusive homicide detective, JAKE GARCIA, the cop smeared Igg’s name and business. Now Igg’s now living in a rundown Airbnb in Koreatown in Los Angeles, with an old woman and her demonic dog, OSCAR, who hates Igg. The woman dies, leaving the house to the dog. If Igg wants a place to live, he has to be nice to the dog, whom he renames GARBAGE. It’s a... more
  • Whispers Dancing in the Dark Winds

    by Demario Tyson
    The City of Carlsbad, California is rattled to its core when the death of a local, young woman hits the airwaves. Detective Leo Shanks, a self-loathing, alcoholic father takes the case and starts them on the path of finding a psychotic killer with his unique investigative skills. But what starts out as one case turns into a pandemic of increasing violent murders within the local communities. Shanks and the local team are at their wit's end trying to stop the massacre of their young women. Just w... more
  • The Calling: A Supernatural Faith-Based Suspense Thriller

    by Regional Cook
    What if I told you there are supernatural forces in the universe resisting your God-given gifts and purpose? On the same morning, without warning, seven individuals from different walks of life receive an amazing ability. Because of it they battle through intense human drama and spiritual warfare, catapulting them through a gauntlet of debilitating, bone crushing defeats and astounding miraculous victories – in a struggle to fulfill an ultimate purpose bigger and more powerful than they ever ima... more
  • Advance to Contact: 1980

    by Alex Aaronson
    The Cold War threatens to go hot… …when American hostages are taken in Iran. Where will this conflict lead? The Soviets invade Afghanistan, and the governments of Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev jockey for position on the international stage. CIA operative Fred Poole races against the clock to decode the pieces of a Soviet puzzle that could lead to war. Will he be too late? US Marines and Soviet paratroopers advance to contact with the enemy on battlefields across the globe, from... more
  • Poison Parcheesi and Wine

    by Jane Elzey
    Four friends are steeped in the secrets of the wine country . . . and another husband dies. (The husband always dies.) A wasbund, his wine, and the Big European Tour of Arkansas make for a triangle and a tricky state of affairs. When our four friends embark on a political stump tour, they're looking for a good time in the Arkansas wine country. When a husband is found dead, Amy wonders if she's been railroaded into a black widow society. Is it deja vu? Or has her snippet come true?. Amy n... more
  • Dice On A Deadly Sea

    by Jane Elzey
    Meet four adventurous friends who dive into murder while celebrating the big Five-O … and another husband dies trying. (The husband always dies.) Zelda birthday cruise in the Galapagos Islands is anything but a smooth sail. Plans go off the rails after she and her three best friends bump into a dead man on deck. If there is no body, there is no crime to ruin their fun, so they hide him and hope no one will notice he’s missing. When their reckless deed lands them in peril, they charm their... more
  • Dying for Dominoes

    by Jane Elzey
    Meet four friends who risk it all to win... while the husband dies trying. (The husband always dies.) It’s all fun and games until Amy’s best friend wants her husband gone and now he’s dead. Now Amy fears a not-so-innocent game of dominoes has turned into premeditated murder with a little help from her friends. Scrambled evidence and sketchy alibis compel Amy to uncover the truth before they all land in jail for murder. How does a game of dominoes turn so deadly? And who killed the husban... more
  • Code Crisis

    by Joseph M. Purpura
    This fast-paced thriller that follows a lonely gynecologist who risks everything for love and his country will engage you until its final, explosive scene. Dr. Vince DeLuca would normally take a Tito’s straight up with two olives after a ruptured ectopic pregnancy nearly flatlined a patient. Maybe follow it up with a one-night stand to chase away memories of the trauma that’s kept his life stagnant for so long. But when he overhears one of his recovering patients—married to the CEO of a d... more
  • Double Dose

    by Gretchen Archer
    Davis Way Cole, undercover security operative for a luxurious beachfront casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, tries to keep her toddlers in preschool and find the person responsible for the synthetic nerve agents unleashed in the casino in the eleventh installment of the Davis Way Crime Capers.
  • Street Siren

    by Tom Batt
    London, 1988 Young prostitute, Devlin Hunter is distraught when her best friend Roxy is found murdered, pushing her back into drug addiction. After a snuff film is uncovered depicting Roxy’s death by a masked killer, the police struggle for leads. Devlin stumbles upon a connection between the snuff film and a local adult entertainment studio and infiltrates the company by going undercover as an actress. She tracks down those responsible and seduces each of them before exacting her brutal ... more
  • My Neighbour Osama Bin Laden

    by Yslar Tatuky
    Agents of the world’s most influential special services, American CIA and British MI16, suddenly show up in a foreign country town. After several months of their intensive activities, the main subject of their concern turns up as well – a very wealthy and suspicious foreigner. The peaceful and measured life of the town sees radical changes...
  • Unblinded

    by D. Michael Hallman
    Paul Lazarus has created a miracle: a drug that restores sight to blind animals. In a clinical trial to test its safety in humans, it works spectacularly in two patients. Or does it? Kathy Wright is depressed to find her eyes can now perceive images, but her brain can make no sense of them; her vision is all but useless. What’s more, she’s not the same Kathy; she’s become impulsive and unpredictable. Unlike Kathy, Trey Osborne now sees perfectly. But instead of being happy, he’s grown unacco... more
  • Pittwater

    by Kevin E M Clark
    Two teenage girls, Paula and Lindsay, are about to go to college. They skip school to go to an ABC concert at the Sydney Concert Arena. In the crowded arena the young girls dance, sing and move to the rhythm of their parents’ music they grew up with. As they hide in the toilets to smoke a joint, Lindsay’s eyes are attracted by a drawing and a note scrawled in lipstick on the wall. When the Monster enters my Brain, I will never know, but it’s here to stay. Catch me before I do more! There’s a p... more