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  • The Deathly Portent (Lady Fan Mystery Book 2)

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    When a young woman predicts a murder, she finds herself the centre of a witch hunt…1790, England: When Lord Francis and Lady Ottilia Fanshawe’s coach breaks down they find themselves stranded in the village of Witherley. But Ottilia, the intrepid ‘Lady Fan’, finds her curiosity piqued when she hears of a local murder. A young woman predicted the gruesome death of the village blacksmith. And he was killed exactly as described… Is the young woman predicting the future? Are the villagers right to... more
  • Flow Like a River by Mark Guillerman

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion
    A bloody feud, brewing for seventy-five years, finally comes to its explosive end. A wily Texas sheriff and a mythical Indian Chief are all that stands between the good people of a hill country community and a ruthless sociopathic killer and his gang. William (aka the Prince) Laveaux leads his gang to Gary, Texas–a sleepy hill country town on the banks of the Guadalupe River–to exact a brutal revenge on Chief Running Wolf and his grandson Billy Cross. Wise-cracking Sheriff Bud Thomas (a fo... more
  • DIE FOR ME: A gripping psychological suspense set in New England

    by Diane Hester
    On a wintry New England morning an innocent short-cut turns to disaster when the snow-covered field Lauren Donnelly crosses turns out to be a not-so-solidly-frozen stream. A passing stranger comes to her aid only to fall through the ice himself and drown. Struggling to come to terms with the tragedy, Lauren reaches out to the man's only daughter and long-time care-giver. But Ada Phelps is not the devoted, grief-stricken offspring she pretends. And making people pay for their crimes is the one th... more
  • Into the Suffering City: A Novel of Baltimore

    by Bill LeFurgy
    1909 Baltimore is jumping with new thrills—cocaine, ragtime music, moving pictures. But a showgirl’s murder reveals the city’s sinister underbelly, including prostitution, corrupt cops, and powerful men who relish violence. An unlikely pair team up to investigate the murder. Sarah Kennecott is a young doctor on the autism spectrum who struggles with contempt from her male colleagues. Jack Harden is a down-on-his luck private detective with traumatic memories of an army massacre. When Sarah and J... more
  • The Poinciana Tree

    by Rita Lee Chapman
    This story is set around the beautiful Poinciana tree, with its amazing red flowers. Suzanne Matthews arrives home from work to find the kitchen in disarray and her daughter missing. After searching the house, her eyes turn towards the garden, drawn to the Poinciana tree. Underneath its canopy she sees her daughter, slumped against its trunk.
  • The Truth That Lies Between

    by W. D. McComb
    When he’s not busy trying to win over the girl of his dreams, Case Reynolds fishes, camps, and races three-wheelers on a local farm with his best friends, the carefree Jack Masterson and brilliant Jet Townsend. But Case’s life changes forever when he finds the murdered remains of a local drifter in a barn, the beloved farm comes up for sale, and Jack’s abusive stepfather Stone disappears without a trace. The evidence points to all three events being connected. And when the boys discover that ... more
  • The False Favorite

    by Josh Boldt

    Millionaires, mansions, soirees, romance, high-stakes gambling, horse-racing...and a corpse. A murder mystery set at the Kentucky Derby.

    One month before the Kentucky Derby, a wealthy thoroughbred owner turns up dead. Can his widow solve the crime in time to save her prized racehorse? When she hires private detective Cal Tyson to investigate, they find big money holds a strong influence on the horse-racing industry. Several key players may have wanted Sterling Halcott d... more

  • Undetected

    by Jeffrey Marshall
    Suzy Perry, a lovely, sophisticated older woman, marries into a new family in Westchester County, NY. Little do they imagine that she's a black widow who has murdered two husbands and abandoned her only daughter. Can they unearth her past before she strikes again?
  • Golden Cord of Arram: First of the Golden Cord Triilogy

    by Walt Runkis
    The Golden Cord Trilogy is a metaphysical, murder mystery, cast four decades into the future when it is estimated the Earth’s human population will surpass ten billion people. The plot is based upon a set of scientific assumptions that are uniquely rooted in the author’s experience as a biomedical research scientist and inventor with five patents issued in the fields of immunochemistry and dispersed network cryptography. It also relies on the author’s fifty-year study and practice of esoteric sp... more
  • Hate's Recompense

    by Joseph Gibson
    A true conflict of ideologies spawns a new civil war in the United States. President Ronald Kahn faces a stiff reelection and moves to usurp the democratic process by executing cyber and bioterrorism attacks on his own country. Blaming Iran for the violence, Kahn declares a State of Emergency and fabricates a second more lethal attack by Iran which he himself plans to execute through a revolutionary new technology named, Athena, that will give him the power to decide who lives and dies in the n... more
  • The Girl on the Roof

    by Debra Moffitt

    As the people of Annecy in the French Alps meet the Gestapo’s brutality with surprising resistance, a teen-aged girl cannot rest until she solves the mystery of a death in her family. Aurelie watches as her father places a shrouded body on the North side of the roof of the family home. It’s winter, under a Nazi-declared state of siege, and they must wait until the spring thaw for the burial. But who died? And why is no one speaking to her anymore? Aurelie cannot rest until she dis... more

  • The Adults in the Room: A Tim Hall Mystery

    by Jeffrey Mechling

    Retired CIA officer Tim Hall drinks heavily to forget the few troubles he can actually remember. Still suffering from the car crash that killed his wife and stole his memories, he volunteers for a medical trial to recover the mysteries of his past. But after he wakes from a blackout lasting days, he’s convinced two sinister men are hunting him down…

    Relieved by the familiar face of his biker girlfriend, he’s shocked to learn her true identity and the devastating secre... more

  • The Will to Die

    by Joe Pulizzi
    The story of death in a small town, the lies that covered them up, and a conspiracy that brought one man to his knees... Will Pollitt just successfully delivered the business pitch of his life -- a win he desperately needs. At the same moment 50 miles away, Will’s father is found dead. Coming home gives Will a chance to reconnect with his father’s life and work. Yet digging into the past, Will makes a shocking discovery: His hometown neighbors are turning up dead at alarming rates. His fat... more
  • Murder of a Judge

    by Gopal Ramanan
    Fans of mystery novels will love this intelligent, literate murder mystery that rises above the ordinary. Set in southern India, the author uses his keen eye for detail and finely crafted prose to make the atmosphere of that colorful land come alive. Filled with twists and turns, and characters that feel genuine, this is an entertaining and deeply satisfying addition to the mystery genre.
  • the gilded shroud

    by Elizabeth Bailey

    When a murder is committed a lady’s companion finds herself as an amateur sleuth… 1789, London: When Emily Fanshawe, Marchioness of Polbrook, is found strangled in her bedchamber, suspicion immediately falls on those residing in the grand house in Hanover Square. Emily’s husband - Randal Fanshawe, Lord Polbrook - fled in the night and is chief suspect – much to the dismay of his family. Ottilia Draycott is brought in as the new lady’s companion to Sybilla, Dowag... more