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  • Scoop of the Century: The Fateful Odyssey of Reporter Stella Weiss

    by Michael Brian Schiffer
    AN UNPOPULAR, AUTHORITARIAN PRESIDENT IS KILLED in the crash of Marine One. The NTSB, CIA, and FBI prove he was assassinated and strive to identify the perpetrator. Three months later, the crime remains unsolved, but a Los Angeles Times reporter receives a tip from the killers. An ambitious and daring reporter, Stella Weiss, meets them in an exotic country and learns the truth about the crime. Protecting her sources, she writes about the perpetrators’ backgrounds, surprising motivations, and how... more
  • A Slow Ruin

    by Pamela Crane

    April 1910. Women’s rights activist Alvera Fields mysteriously vanishes from her home one night, leaving her newborn baby and husband behind, the case never solved.

    April 2021. On the anniversary of her great-great-grandmother’s disappearance, Alvera’s namesake Vera Portman vanishes in an eerily similar manner.

    Six months later, the police recover a girl’s body. While the family waits in the horror of finding out if it&... more

  • Broken Promises

    by Lorhainne Eckhart
    A newly-released prisoner who wants her daughter back. An adopted little girl suddenly in jeopardy. Will the battle over her fate be more costly than anyone can imagine?
  • Twenty-Twenty Hindsight

    by Tim Hind
    Recruited solely for his reputation in cyber intelligence, Luke Frankland is meant to lend his name to a cyber start-up venture, host clients and build up the sales value of the fledgling company. However, when he is targeted by a new type of social engineering he quickly realises that all is not as it seems in the high-tech world of commercial intelligence gathering. Thrust into an environment where corporate advantage means multi-million dollar contracts, he discovers that some within the firm... more
  • Electric Green Mambas

    by Bryan Cassiday
    In this terrifying psychological thriller with occult overtones, Scott Brody, a Los Angeles PI, is hired by Evelyn Martin to find her missing brother Tyler Keogh, a well-to-do aeronautical engineer and a member of the local Mensa board of directors. As Brody conducts his search, he keeps discovering victims of a serial killer who leaves clues connecting the murders to a hopped-up cult that collects Nazi SS Totenkopf memorabilia and worships Li Grande Zombi, a voodoo snake god. Fearing Keogh mi... more
  • The Prophet Paradox

    by Danny Tuttle
    Is anyone free? Or do we see only what we want to see? And than how can love be stronger than destiny? Biblical scholar Anne Hart is lost. Again. In a rural Egyptian village, she tries to save a woman from a public lashing ordered by a local sharia tribunal of elders. The police chief orders Anne to be abandoned in the Qattara Depression, the worst hell hole in the Sahara Desert. With no food or water and weeks of desert in every direction, Anne makes a discovery that can change the world. Bu... more
  • The Devil's Shadow

    by BJ Edwards
    In a vault beneath the Mediterranean Sea, a creature from myth and folklore sleeps. Government agents David Coswell and Hannah Martin join forces to find and study the creature with the hopes of harnessing its power for their country’s good. Accidentally, they release the creature and London is plunged into chaos. Lawlessness and hedonism spread as Lord of the Flies regains his strength and uses violence and fear to build his new kingdom. David Coswell, along with his ‘handler’ Sentinel Nutbeam,... more
  • The Devil's Heart

    by Robert Rapoza
    In a remote section of Argentinian jungle, an archeological team searching for an ancient, mysterious relic vanishes without a trace. With nowhere else to turn, a colleague seeks the help of his dead father’s protégé, Dr. Nick Randall and his daughter Samantha to help find the missing team…and the relic. Randall and Sam travel through miles of jungle searching for the missing scientists, but soon find themselves in a nightmare of unimaginable terror. The chilling legends surrounding the mysterio... more
  • Mrs Saville

    by Ted Morrissey
    Margaret Saville’s husband has been away on business for weeks and has stopped replying to her letters. Her brother, Robert Walton, has suddenly returned after three years at sea, having barely survived his exploratory voyage to the northern pole. She still grieves the death of her youngest child as she does her best to raise her surviving children, Felix and Agatha. The depth of her brother’s trauma becomes clear, so that she must add his health and sanity to her list of cares. A bright spot se... more
  • Iconoclast: A Sean McPherson Novel, Book Two

    by Laurie Buchanan
    Burdened by the pressing weight of survivor’s guilt, Sean McPherson, an ex-cop, is desperate for redemption. At Pines & Quill, a writer’s retreat in the Pacific Northwest, he and his fiancée, Emma Benton, are planning their lives together. He wants to go back into law enforcement. She plans to walk again. Georgio “The Bull” Gambino, head of a Seattle-based crime family, has a long reach. Like cockroaches, his minions infiltrate the most inaccessible places to do his bidding. With Seattle... more
  • Now Say You're Sorry: A Reese Clayton and Emerson Lake Novel

    by Barbara Fournier
  • The Virtuous Con

    by Maren Foster
    What would you do if the unspeakable happened to you? This is the question that haunts Wyn Laurent after something precious is taken from her in a most unforgiveable way. Years before the #MeToo movement gained momentum and the unravelling of a Hollywood mogul, Wyn Laurent—a teenaged Millennial from the Chicago suburbs raised by her single mom and older sister—faces a difficult choice: take her chances on the criminal justice system, or take matters into her own hands. Married and living in a we... more
  • A Death Most Quiet

    by Jeff Hahn
    A Death Most Quiet details the riveting criminal investigations of Captain Edward McCuen as he leads the NYPD’s Crime Scene Unit on a relentless pursuit of three elusive serial killers. With the help of his team, McCuen follows a trail of mysterious murders alongside an eccentric mathematician named Anselm Winterbottom, who McCuen has secretly leveraged as an investigatory consultant. The two men have a turbulent friendship, and it soon becomes clear that Winterbottom’s ultimate aim is far from ... more
  • Iceapelago 2091

    by Peter Brennan
    It’s thirty years since the collapse of the Gulf Stream and the arrival of the tsunamis from La Palma and the Eriador Ridge off Ireland’s Continental Shelf that created Iceapelago; thirty islands that were once Ireland. The survivors struggle in pre-medieval conditions to secure food and medicines ahead of Winter Day when tundra conditions lock down Iceapelago for months on end. The Commander, the titular head of Iceapelago, tries his best to manage rising dissent and dissatisfaction. He is supp... more
  • Unravelling

    by Helen Forbes

    Incarcerated in the gloom of a Highland asylum, a young mother finds illicit love. And death.

    Kate Sharp’s family is a mystery. Her mother, Ellen, disappeared into the shadows of Craig Dunain psychiatric hospital when Kate was a child. When her grandmother dies, Kate is desperate for answers. What were the circumstances of her mother’s life and death? Who is her father?

    Kate’s not the only one trying to uncover ... more

  • Lover Girl

    by Stephen Kronwith
    In a novel filled with comedy, romance and edge-of-your-seat suspense, a legendary, retired hitman and a younger, ambivalent assassin who has just discovered a long-buried family secret, join forces to rescue a kidnapped child, while they, themselves, are being hunted by a third, sadistic predator––with orders to kill them both.