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  • The 107th Street Murder

    by L. D. Barnes
    In mid-October of 1978, the body of a young blonde tumbles from a garbage truck parked at the edge of the landfill know as Mt. Trashmore on Chicago's southeast side. Newly paired partners, Rachael Culpepper and Tony Breese of the Chicago Police Detective Unit are assigned the case. They must navigate the twists, turns and lies of 107th Street to find her murderer. This 70's era Chicago murder mystery presents a realistic portrait of the south side communities of Beverly and Mt. Greenwood with th... more
  • West of Famous

    by Joni M Fisher
    A young woman plays the role of her life when kidnappers mistake her for a celebrity. Those who know where she is don’t value her life. Those who do, don’t know she’s missing.
  • The Scribe's Deceit

    by Michael Berens
    Unaware that she has stumbled upon what may be the key to the greatest archaeological discovery of the century, up-and-coming D.C. interior designer Nan Jeffries comes across a mysterious fragment whose possible connection to an ancient scroll leads her to a surprising discovery about her own past that draws she and her archaeologist mother into a search for a lost treasure in the Judean desert.
  • Satoshi's Fortune: A Novel

    by Alastair Mitchell
    London, England, 2011: A conference is held on a controversial new technology called Bitcoin, which attracts all manner of cypherpunks, crypto-anarchists, and scammers. While in attendance, a young banker named Henry Hawke is told an unbelievable tale of an international conspiracy and a fortune so great its very existence could shape the future of the world economy. After stumbling upon a key that could unlock the mystery behind the fortune, he’s relentlessly pursued by a shadowy government ... more
  • To Paint A Murder

    by E. J. Gandolfo
    Veronica Howard has it all. She's an intelligent woman with a great sense of style, a quirky sense of humor, and the confidence to walk her own path. She fulfills her dream of opening a vintage clothing and jewelry store and quickly finds herself involved in an international art theft ring and two murders. And as if that isn't enough, Veronica's boyfriend, an art benefactor from an old Boston society family, becomes the prime suspect.
  • Honey Homicide

    by Vikki Walton
    A series of arsons has the small mountain town of Carolan Springs on edge. When drug dealer, Ray Lawrence is found dead all signs lead to someone called The Bull. A mysterious woman has arrived in town and Anne suspects that she and Deputy Ruiz are hiding something. When Sheriff Carson is arrested for arson, Anne must determine if he’s guilty or innocent. But will Anne’s meddling cause more harm than good?
  • Cordial Killing

    by Vikki Walton
    Anne is excited for the opening of the Brandywine Inn. Kandi and Hope are her partners in the bed and breakfast in Carolan Springs, Colorado, where they also provide homesteading classes and workshops for guests. As soon as the first guests arrive, it's plain to see that the old college chums have bad blood between them. Then a guest is found dead. At first, the death appears natural but suspicions grow. When a blizzard threatens the Inn, will it trap them all with a killer and no way out?
  • Desperation Rules the Day

    by Colin Guest
    Nathan, the captain of a cargo ship, finds himself in serious trouble. Unless he can pay off his gambling debts, he is liable to lose his fingers. Given this, when offered a large sum of money to accept two containers on his ship, Nathan is only too willing to agree. To his shock and horror, he later finds he has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. He has become the unwilling accomplice in a terrorist plot targeting America. After the authorities learn and foil the plot, Nathan makes a bid... more
  • The Last Caliph

    by T.L. Williams
    CIA officer, Logan Alexander, discovers that ISIS, back on its heels in Syria and Iraq, has turned to Al Qaeda's playbook, using the internet to recruit aspiring jihadists to conduct terrorist attacks in the U.S. Working with the CIA, Special Operations personnel and law enforcement agencies, Logan contrives a plan to penetrate the terrorist organization. He travels to Syria where he confronts one of the most challenging foes in the war on terror. His very life and the security of the U.S. are ... more
  • The Girl with 39 Graves

    by Michael Beres
    Rose Buckles, murdered near the Wyoming-Utah line in 1939, isn't quite buried. Decades later, men from an FDR CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) camp cling to strands of hair. Legends surrounding Rose’s death surface in, of all places, Ukraine during the Chernobyl disaster’s 25th anniversary. Deaths of old men and relatives researching what happened in 1939 have bizarre connections: Murder-suicides in retirement communities, so-called single vehicle accidents, a Chernobyl serial killer, a safe de... more
  • BarCats

    by Douglas Keil
    During the spontaneous act of saving cats from certain death, Ethan meets and falls for Annie, a mysterious woman who is sentenced to prison while trying to protect her Mafia uncle. Ethan finds himself in the crosshairs of the Feds and the mob as he risks all to obtain the release of Annie, now his wife. Along the way he inherits responsibility for a behemoth Sicilian bodyguard, learns some hard lessons from a dying con man, becomes entangled with a sleazy real estate agent, and seeks assistance... more
  • My Cursed Heart

    by Steve Zimcosky
    A witch curses the male descendants of a man with whom she fell in love, but he turned her down after he discovered her secret .She was eventually burned at the stake because of him. The man's male descendants mysteriously die on their 65th birthday of a heart attack. A possible end to the curse plays out in a city known for its burning river and how a woman's fate, a descendant of the cursed lover, may put an end to centuries of suffering! Her rare form of heart disease may be the key to liftin... more
  • Punishment & Good Deeds

    by Andrew C McDonald
    Recently retired Air Force commando Thomas Mazuko was looking forward to a quiet future spent teaching karate in his small Tampa, Florida, studio. His dreams were of little more than days on the sandy beaches and nights in the company of his wife and children. Little did he know that his instinctive reaction to witnessing the mugging of an elderly woman would set in motion a chain of events that would drastically alter the course of his life. By sheer accident, Mazuko becomes a primary target fo... more
  • Tumbling Down

    by Walter Marks
    A homicide in the LGBTQ community of East Hampton draws Detective Jericho into a world that feels foreign and unfamiliar to him. As he begins to understand the complexities of lives that redefine gender and sexuality, the solution to this murder mystery becomes more and more elusive. And when he finally finds the killer, he’s faced with decisions that force him to reexamine his sense of what is right and what is wrong.
  • Halo of Power

    by Jeremy D. Holden

    What if ten unelected people controlled the destiny of all of us? What if they already do?


    Since Jeremy D. Holden introduced readers to one of contemporary fiction’s most charismatic new protagonists in his 2016 novel Sea of Doubt, advertising executive Mal Thomas has been t... more

  • Achilles Heel - Your Stalker Solution

    by E J Phillips
    Colleen has an unremitting stalker. “Achilles Heel” is a clandestine organisation existing in the shadows of society, well financed and expertly organised with the mission to get stalkers to desist or face stark and embarrassing consequences. Colleen has had “Achilles Heel” involved but as he clearly is incapable of getting the message, they set up a “sting” operation which publicly exposes him, makes him the subject of Social Media viral posts and also of a major TV channel. He appears to be sh... more