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  • The Russian Woman

    by Alex Lukeman
  • Achilles' Heel: A gripping thrill ride mystery

    by Luke Christodoulou
    100000 Greek murder/mystery books sold by the 'Greek James Patterson' 'Christodoulou doesn't pull his punches' - Publishers Weekly Everyone has a vulnerable point. A weakness rooted deep inside us that hinders and endangers us. Police Lieutenant Damien Levante cannot afford any missteps. He arrives at the horrendous murder scene and finds a massacre has taken place. In the mansion on the hill three fresh bodies and an old one lie. Running out toward him is the only survivor of the night. Z... more
  • The Psychs of Manhattan

    by Melissa Graziani
    Curtis Carter works for a high-profile psychologist in Manhattan, but his world turns upside down when he discovers the psychologist’s clients are ending up missing or dead. The NYPD offer Curtis reward money to go undercover and help catch a killer.

    by Greg Morse
    Why would billionaire, South Florida Mob Boss, Antonio “Magic Man” Barrera hire Jason Noble, a no-name, untested criminal defense lawyer to represent him in his federal death penalty trial? Jason Noble knows he can become a great lawyer, even if the rest of the world does not. All he needs is that one big case the media goes crazy for, and he is on his way to fame and fortune. He thought he landed the chance of a lifetime when Peter Cohen called him to take over representing Antonio Barre... more
  • Clifford's War: Without End

    by J. Denison Reed
    In this action-packed, twisty, and fast-paced continuation of the PI Clifford Dee crime/thriller series, private investigator Clifford Dee is back with his team, this time in Northern Virginia, working with his former Army commander, Doyle Hamilton, in Washington D.C. A U.S. Senator was murdered and Doyle has been chosen to run in a special election to fill his office. To qualify, Doyle has to step down from his army command and decides to hand the division over to a former military rival of Cli... more
  • First Friday

    by Eliza West
    When a client dies under sudden and suspicious circumstances at her clinic's open house, Agatha Maguire turns her skills towards sleuthing. Hynogogic hallucinations, love triangles and financial deception abound as she unravels the ways in which her clients' secrets intertwine.
  • Treachery in Tabari

    by Dirk Marks
    Secret Service agent Oliver Hamilton is in charge of the security of Prime Minister Hasani Baharia from the tiny African Kingdom of Tabari when he visits New York for the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations. But there’s an assassination attempt, and they rush the Prime Minister to the hospital. Will he survive? NYPD detective Jonathan Martin tries to track down the gunman. After the FBI gets involved and the Tabari Ambassador at the United Nations disappears, Ranita Rao of the Departmen... more
  • The Panacea Project

    by Greenleaf Book Group
  • Unmasked

    by Howard Pollack
    When the wife of a shady Florida businessman is shot in bed in their exclusive home, all signs point to a senseless robbery. Detectives are on the case, but it's the dead woman's high school sweetheart, now a high-powered attorney, who discovers a web of intrigue tied to China, a deadly weaponized virus, a beautiful young heiress, and even, perhaps, the U.S. government. With a plot that never fails to surprise, UNMASKED is full of details pulled straight from today's news about viruses, violence... more
  • Ashes of Despair

    by Mary Schaller
    The sequel to Deadly Distrust occurs three years later during the AIDS crisis in San Francisco. The morals of sex are changing, and the LGBT community is in turmoil. Our heroine, Elinor DeMartini, inherits a large estate. However, the board of directors doesn’t want her knowing about their corruption, and they don’t want to stop the flow of money. When Elly tries to learn about her inheritance, one of the board members is killed. And so starts an action-packed struggle to survive the many danger... more
  • Jaykyll's Joust

    by R.H. Peake
    John Jaykyll, professor at a small college in southern Appalachia, is having a mid-life crisis resulting from his conflict with the new college president, who hates his mountain origins, and dislikes Jaykyll because he is defending mountain literature and culture and the young professor in charge of this program who is accused by a crazy French professor of having an affair with his wife. His jealousy leads his to seek the murder of his neighbor, the young English professor. The French progessor... more
  • Silent Slipper

    by Patricia Peterson
    Julia and her sister Carly find a young girl dead on a lonely beach. A beautiful necklace and a slipper lie nearby. A pirate movie being filmed nearby features more than a B grade director and handsome actors. Will the sisters find the murderer before they end up dead themselves?
  • West Wind Clear

    by Vicky Knox
    The fourth in the Clement Wisdom Series In late 1941, the Pacific is a very different place from only one year earlier. Japan threatens and vast numbers of Imperial Army spies have infiltrated throughout the Pacific Islands in readiness for conflict. Just as he is preparing to leave Australia and return to Britain, Major Clement Wisdom is seconded to lead a small guerrilla force. Their mission: to secure a vitally important person in Singapore and take him, and the secret he carries, back ... more
  • More Blood Than Flesh

    by Matthew Keller
    More Blood Than Flesh follows siblings Mae, Tenn, and Bird Ellis who, after discovering their mother has been murdered by their father, must escape the lawless community they’ve called home all their lives. A horrifying level of violence awaits the siblings as they confront drug dealers, a mysterious lady who offers to help get them out, and most of all themselves as they make their way toward safety. Six years later the choices they made as they fled their home still haunt them. But when a s... more
  • Once Is Never Enough: Revenge Never Sleeps

    by Monique Gliozzi
    Larissa La Roche, heiress to a multimillion-dollar wine production empire in Napa County, has led a privileged life. Married, living a life of luxury and loving work as a flight attendant with a major airline, she seems destined for success. One day that all changes. Tragedy strikes, leading her down a path of deception and destruction. When her dormant, tragic past returns to haunt her and revenge never sleeps, is anyone safe? Isabella Ashford returns as Special FBI Agent Ashford to hunt dow... more
  • Father's Day: Part III - Fulfillment

    by Gary Kyriazi
    This is the final volume of the Father's Day Trilogy. For the third time in a row, on Father's Day, a body is discovered at the bottom of the cliffs of La Sangre, on the Northern California coast. "This has got to stop!" the Governor declares. But, how does one stop insanity?