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  • The Easter Confession

    by Charles Monagan
    On Easter Eve 1955, young Connecticut priest Father Hugh Osgood gets a disturbing visit to his confessional and soon finds himself plunging into a world of high-end art thievery and murders - as well as a mystery that only he can solve. He sets out to piece together the deadly puzzle, but just as he begins, the strangest thing happens - the stolen paintings, a Manet, then a Monet, then a Degas, start coming back. From there, it becomes a fast-paced race to the finish as Father Osgood balances hi... more
  • Child of Sorrow

    by Melinda Clayton
    When fourteen-year-old foster child Johnathan Thomas Woods is suspected of murder, an old letter and a tacky billboard advertisement lead him to the office of attorney Brian Stone. Recognizing the sense of hopelessness lurking under John’s angry façade, Stone is soon convinced of his innocence. When John offers up his lawn-mowing money as payment, Stone realizes this is a case he can’t refuse. In the face of overwhelming evidence assembled by the prosecution, Stone and his team find themselve... more
  • The Ancestor

    by Lee Matthew Goldberg
    A man wakes up in present-day Alaskan wilderness with no idea who he is, nothing on him save an empty journal with the date 1898 and a mirror. He sees another man hunting nearby, astounded that they look exactly alike except for his own beard. After following this other man home, he witnesses a wife and child that brings forth a rush of memories of his own wife and child, except he's certain they do not exist in modern times-but from his life in the late 1800s. After recalling his name is Wyatt... more
  • Indirect Objects

    by David Allen Edmonds


    As Joe Lehrer accepts an award from the Stradford Schools PTA, a Russian drug gang fire-bombs a house in his neighborhood. Joe doesn’t realize the house was a drug distribution site, but does know he earned the award for exposing a prostitution ring that preyed on high school girls.

    Back at Stradford High School, Joe gets ribbed about the award by his fellow teachers. Beneath the mirth, the teachers are stressed their salary may depend upon State Test results. A rumor... more

  • The Girl Behind the Wall--Edgar Allan Poe, the Girl, and the Mysterious Raven Murders

    by Bruce Wetterau
    Did Edgar Allan Poe know more about murder than he revealed in his bizarre stories of murder and mayhem? Was he in fact guilty of killing a girlfriend in a fit of rage many years before he became famous? Bruce Wetterau’s taut thriller weaves a murder mystery worthy of Poe himself as it follows Poe through actual events in the last months of his life. The year 1849 saw the real-life Poe dealing with his alcoholism, failing health, poverty, and painful memories of his recently deceased child-bri... more
  • Bishop's Law

    by Rafael Amadeus Hines
    In his debut novel, Bishop’s War, author Rafael Amadeus Hines delivered a knock-out punch! The international bestselling action-thriller introduced us to former US Special Forces Sgt. John Bishop, his Spec Ops team, and John’s crime boss uncle, Gonzalo Valdez, as they united to take on terrorists, contract killers, a psychotic billionaire, and Afghan warlords. In the eagerly anticipated sequel, Bishop’s Law, the nonstop action continues with Bishop and his team battling against ISIS terror cells... more
  • Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones

    by Chris Reynolds

    The Pharaohs of Egypt, Plato, Aristotle, Sir Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, and the late Stephen Hawking, have all sought to learn the secret of the ancient ones. A secret so powerful it can change the world. Sprinkled throughout the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, are references to the mysterious essence of the Philosophers Stone. Has quantum physicist Dr. Alex Harrington unraveled the mystery? Missing for more than three months, powerful forces are desperate to... more

  • Stolen Portrait Stolen Soul

    by Nellie H. Steele
    With a centuries-old mystical painting missing, unease pervades the mood at the Buckley manor. The painting is crucial to protecting the residents of the household from supernatural harm. The investigation takes an odd turn when it’s discovered the painting may have gone missing long before anyone realized. As the household scrambles to locate the painting, Celine Buckley begins to experience concerning physical symptoms for which a cause cannot be identified. Worried her attacks are cau... more
  • Murder at Dunhaven Castle

    by Nellie H. Steele
    After a recent dramatic change in her life with a surprise inheritance of a castle in the Scottish countryside, Dr. Catherine Kensie, now a Countess, and her beloved pup, Riley, are still settling into their new home, complete with its own quirks. Cate plans a quiet life, intending to pen a book about the castle’s history and its inhabitants. Relying on information from the local historical society, who has persuaded introverted Cate to host a Halloween ball fundraiser at the castle, Cate stum... more
  • Shadows of the Past

    by Nellie H. Steele
    This is a twisty, turn suspense. It begins with a young woman suffering from nightmares. She searches for the reason, finding nothing. A mysterious stranger turns up claiming to have all the answers. Despite her better judgement, she's drawn to him and seeks the answers he promises. What Josie finds as the truth may be more shocking than her strange nightmares!
  • The Fires Above

    by Che Geofroy

    "If the Flame dies, we all die."
    The world after The Draining abides by new rules. The Flame is God now, and all who defy it bring the world closer to its doom. Churches spread across the globe share a common purpose - keep the Original Flame burning. To that end, believers must devote their entire being to the Flame, even if that means giving their own lives for it.
    With the religion of the Flame spreading its influence to all avenues of life, everyone must decide how the... more

  • Island of Secrets: Expedition Inc. Book 1

    by J. Beckett

    Jason Kincaid started Expedition Inc. after he struck it rich with a few treasure dives that paid off handsomely.

    He has an ex-Marine, a computer expert, and an archeologist on payroll and they go where they’re paid to go whether that’s the seafloor or Mayan ruins. Expedition Inc. hunts treasure wherever it is.

    Asako Yamamoto is an Asian studies professor at the University of Vancouver and while reviewing seemingly innocuous documents from World War Two stumbles on som... more

  • A Nest for Lalita

    by Ken Langer
    MEENA KAUL is riding high in her position as director of Behera House, a safe haven in India for women who have survived domestic violence. But when the stock market crashes, Behera House loses its funding to expand. The right-wing Hindu Democratic Party (HDP), seeing an opportunity to win women’s votes before a national election, steps in with a multimillion-dollar grant. While Meena is reluctant to accept the offer, it is the only way for the project to proceed. Her worst fears come to pass wh... more
  • Charlotte's Website

    by Linda M. Au
    Proofreader Maggie Velam finds herself in the middle of murder and mayhem... again. This time she's wrapped up in the death of a client, famed horror writer Charlotte Collins. Strange online messages and offline clues abound but never seem to add up. Will Maggie be able to figure out what's really going on? Or will Charlotte's online presence haunt everyone from beyond the grave?
  • The Tell-Tale Heart Attack

    by Linda M. Au
    Who knew a friendly game of baseball could be so deadly? When a member of the Raging Avocados has a heart attack in the middle of a game, the police determine foul play. They think they’re batting a thousand when they make Maggie’s son, Seth, the prime suspect. Can Maggie get to the bottom of it? A widow, a secretive boyfriend, and a theory-filled best friend keep Maggie swinging at this case. One more miss and she’ll strike out. Can she prove her son is innocent? Join Maggie to s... more
  • The Scarlet Letter Opener

    by Linda M. Au
    A proofreading sleuth. One dead newspaper editor. Will finding the killer be too much for Maggie to handle? Who would kill a small-town newspaper editor? Besides everyone, since nobody liked the man anyway. The suspect list keeps shifting. The police don’t have a clue. So, it’s up to proofreader Maggie Velam to read between the lines. She enlists the help of her son, Seth, and a friend, but she just might be in over her head. Can Maggie’s attention to detail help them before someone els... more