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    by Howard Seaborne

    The second DIVISIBLE MAN novel in a series. When the Essex County “Wedding of the Century” erupts in gunfire, Will and Andy Stewart confront a criminal element no one could have foreseen. Will tests the extraordinary after-effect of surviving a devastating airplane crash -- his newfound ability to vanish -- while Andy, a police officer, works a case obstructed by powerful people wielding the sinister influence of unlimited money in politics.

  • The File on Thomas Marks

    by Bentley Turner
    Thomas Marks, a young, intelligent man, admits to being with two women just before they were murdered. Though detectives don't believe him, he claims to be innocent. The only problem is none of the evidence corroborates his story nor confirms the guilt of someone else. When another suspect finally surfaces, Thomas thinks he's in the clear, but appearances can't always be trusted. Will an arrest stick?

    by Howard Seaborne

    The media calls it a “miracle” when air charter pilot Will Stewart survives an aircraft in-flight breakup. Still strapped to the pilot's seat after falling 500 feet at 140 mph, Will is discovered unconscious and nearly unharmed, except for a broken pelvis. Will has no memory of the accident or its cause, but discovers that his "miracle" pales beside the stunning after-effect of the accident -- when he awakes floating six feet above his hospital bed, and his body has ... more

  • The Fifth Day Lady: Can She Make it Work?

    by L.J. Golicz
    The Fifth Day Lady: Can She Make It Work? by L.J. Golicz is a crime novel with a badass protagonist and a thrill-inducing story. Josephine, a DEA Agent, is on a new mission. Pretending to be a married, rich woman on a vacation without her husband in Siesta Key, Florida, her target is dentist Julio Juan Verelez de la Vega. Julio came under the DEA’s radar for being insanely rich enough to own a million-dollar polo team while remaining a humble doctor. It is Josephine’s job to figure out how a den... more
  • You Have The Right to Remain Silent

    by Mark M. Bello
    Conservative talk-show host Mia Folger is in therapy with Dr. Harold Rothenberg. Mia and her husband, progressive Congressman Bradley Crawford, are not getting along these days, personally or politically. When Crawford is found brutally dismembered and murdered, the evidence points to Mia as his killer. While the prosecutor pushes for a murder indictment, Dr. Rothenberg, convinced of his patient’s innocence, turns to an old friend—high profile attorney Zachary Blake, Detroit’s self-proclaimed... more
  • Just One More

    by Tamara Merrill
    For precocious, self-reliant, ten-year-old Harriet Blimm, life is complicated. An absent father and a negligent mother have placed Harriet in an untenable situation. She never planned to murder anyone, but things changed one ugly afternoon when Harriet kills to protect herself. Excelling in school helps Harriet thrive until she finds herself frightened and living alone in the family home at age eleven. As the situation deteriorates, she befriends two crows, who become her companions. Fear ca... more
  • Mile High Lab Rat

    by Ann Payton
    Coordinating a college science lab seems a terrific job for this fledgling graduate. The instructors are fun and appreciative. Maci loves helping with field trips and magic shows, and the intrigues of science are endlessly fascinating. Except, why all the secrets? The dean orders Maci to say nothing about finding a bleeding man in the parking lot. Reporting missing lab equipment is also taboo. Her efforts to investigate apparent thefts are thwarted with ever more menace as she grapples to salvag... more
  • Jungle Heist

    by Rob Phayre
    International Runner Up - Best Thriller 2021 - Indies Today. "Jungle Heist. An action-packed thriller that keeps you hooked from start to finish." – 5 Stars! – Readers Favourite "A tight, heart pounding, page turner." - 5 Stars! - Jennifer Jackson, Indies Today. Deep in the jungles of Ghana lies one of the largest gold mines in the world. It’s well protected, but perhaps not well enough. Drone technology, so out of place it’s almost alien, crushes the hardened defences. What follows i... more
  • Dream Detective

    by Lucy Weaver
    Everyone said my brother died from an accidental heroin overdose—and I believed them. For a while. My life was pretty normal until Dex left me. But then suddenly, I was having weird dreams about other people who had died—and not the ones who passed from natural causes. I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first, but then I met Jude, the sexy, ice-blue-eyed private investigator who rescued me when I was abandoned in Vegas by my best friend. Now, he’s offering to train me up and be... more
  • Missing in Miami

    by Kathryn Lane
    A woman is dead, a teenager is missing, and the partners of a vacation stem cell travel agency in Miami are suspects. One partner is the father of the missing girl and the other one is the husband of the murdered woman. The widower is unreachable, having taken clients on a stem cell therapy trip to the Caribbean.
  • Who Killed Coriolanus?

    by Ron Fritsch
    Who Killed Coriolanus? is a sequel to Helen’s Orphans. Both novels can be read on their own, but (spoiler alert) Who Killed Coriolanus? gives away the ending of Helen’s Orphans. Timon, who grows to adulthood in a Greek orphanage after the Trojan War, learns he’s the sole surviving member of the Trojan royal family. He and his Greek companion Lukas receive an invitation to visit republican Rome, the city the Trojan survivors of the war have founded. Charmed by their prospective host’s son Marco, ... more
  • A Portrait of Death

    by Rhen Garland
    A Victorian house party, a supernatural mystery, and two very special investigators. England 1899 Immortal detectives Elliott Caine and Abernathy Thorne have spent centuries searching through time for the reincarnations of their murdered wives. As their quest continues, they use their many lifetimes of knowledge to solve Gothic mysteries that can be unsettling, and sometimes terrifying. Never before have they been faced with a case like this. The great and the good are gathered for the soci... more
  • Neighborhood Watch

    by Kevin Kenealy
    Living in the most perfect town in America should be everything the Casey family had hoped for. The schools are top-notched, there's no crime, and the activities are first-rate. Yet, there is something strange about the missing person cases over the years and the neighborhood kids are about to undercover some dirty truths that the adults have been hiding for some time. That is, unless, the Neighborhood Watch Committee has anything to say about it.
  • Death of a Bad Neighbour - Revenge is Criminal

    by Jack Calverley
    From the rock star in his fairytale Gothic mansion in Central London whose neighbour plans a double basement excavation, to the retiree in a fisherman's cottage in the northeast of England whose neighbour tells lies to a court to acquire the back garden that is not theirs: we are plagued by bad neighbours. It does not take a crime writer to know that a plague of bottom-feeders calls for an exterminator. But it does take the creatively criminal-minded to come up with the bestest plan ever... ... more
  • THE RIGHT REGRETS-An Oliver Turns Mystery

    by Michael Cahlin
    At fifteen, Oliver Turns dedicated his life to helping at-risk teens after a drunken car crash he doesn’t remember killed his best friend. Emily Domench, his ex-girlfriend, became a cop to find out why her fraternal twin was dealing drugs and murdered. Jim and Lori Williams created Recovery University, a treatment facility for teenagers to honor their son, destroyed by drugs. Unable to forget and struggling to forgive, their shattered lives are built on lies and explosive secrets that threaten t... more
  • Crime Writer

    by Dime Sheppard

    Evie Howland has problems.
    Guns. Bombs. Murderers.
    And that's just on the page...

    In real life she's meant to be planning a wedding to adorable billionaire Daniel Bradley, but Evie is seriously snarled in the sixteenth book of her successful crime series. In fact, her protagonists are becoming almost impossible to wrangle: NYPD detective Carolyn Harding is volatile after a messy divorce, and Detective Jay Ryan has that heated look in his blue eyes again. They'... more